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  1. Update on the rPvE Map of the Month difficulty 9 record: 7:24.1
  2. In the German card description of the card Rioter‘s Retreat (Rückzug des Aufrührers) is a mistake. The word Gebäude is written as Gebäute. Greetings BlueBerryBoy
  3. Ideas for the fine tuning of the new BFP-System I. Introduction during the last few days since the new system has been available on the stress test server I started testing it and played for many hours, during this time I talked to players about their opinion. Since I played a lot (only worked 5h a day) I was able to get every daily boost, complete all quests and nearly drain the whole reserve one time. At the beginning I spent all my BFP (bought a 1k bfp booster … but lets talk about this later) and started from 0 to investigate following things: 1. am I fe
  4. If you want to thank us that someone read your proposal and made the research that you obviously did not do, then you are welcome ... why would you propose something that you did not look into??? Are you for real?? Read this quote below again and pay attention (or were you not able to count to 2) why would shaman go up in price he is one of the cards thats worth the most even tho he is bad. Do you even have an idea how many cards are in the game and how much the top 20% priced cards cost? I guess you do not. Stop throwing random numbers and „facts“ around and defending this idea
  5. Irrelevant. Get down from your high horse. Don’t act like you are some kind of Messias every game needs to have. This is a terrible idea: 1. your math is wrong: 2+3+5=10 not 8 2. i think the devs have better stuff to do than implementing such a system that obviously won’ t work. As an Example: prices develop dynamically so after reset when the highly demanded t1 cards get sold for way more than most of the other cards, your idea sucks because the chance of these cards dropping in a booster will be even smaller than it is with the current booster system. To the PvP s
  6. You make good points right there. Of course i compare the "old system" to the new system because its the only comparision we got. My concern is that it wont be easy to get started, so we need to find a way to make that a little bit easier. In adittion we need too tune the times in which you are able to get your rewards and add something to them (maybe the achievements can help with this) to get a healthy economy started. I like the catchup mechanic but it feels like players who play alot are not getting the deserved lead. This may sound weird but if i want to grind the game after the reset in
  7. Personally i use infect with no charges at all, but i guess this is an other discussion.
  8. No! A different system is required than before the update, the idea to award players after the daily reward is a good one, but it needs to be further tuned maybe a new aproach for the daily boost is needed. The achievments are getting reworked anyways. And the Current achievment doesnt really matter it has no real impact after 50or 100 quests completed (dont have the numbers for the early steps right now). I am curious how many quests do you have completed @BoltOfZues
  9. I agree! 1 Thing i just want to mention. the game is super fun if you have all the cards you need for speedruns etc. but a grind is too. But with the current system i could make a super complex callculation if you want (It will take me some time and it will not be super accruate), to visualize how long it would take a player to even get to all the necessary cards for a bata deck (with current prices), if someone would be able to get the 880 bfp a day. I also would have to make some assumptions about how many of the ultra rare and necassary cards will be available in the market (Enlight
  10. Hello there, pretty much has already been said by the 2. I would just tell you some more or less accurate numbers (As i understand it) and the way to achieve them. A daily player with the goal to get the maximum BFP would need to play 1hr for 250 bfp + 100 booster discount + probably both quests completed = 400 bfp and a booster would be only 350(since there is no real reson to buy the other boosters imo) but who would want to spend the 400 hard earned BFP on a booster? Even if it is only 350? The average Booster content is worth something like 200-250 (please correct me if i am wrong)
  11. So i ran in to this issue while creating a game for the ocean campaign map on standard difficulty. when i pressed the button to create the match it happend. My game froze and i couldn´t do anything. The background was still moving. I got it 2 times in a row. _launcher_log_2020.05.01_68.log _launcher_log_2020.05.01_69.log
  12. Hey there i got an idea: I know you don‘t tell us a date for the reset, obviously! But i asked myself if it would be helpfull to make a post with somekind of roadmap or todo-list of what things need to be done to make the reset happen! Dont add dates or estimated time for compeletion! Maybe some members of the community will contact you and say: Hey i have experience with this. I can do that! I guess many would love to help but dont have the qualification to be a dev. or know how since they dont know what needs to be done. I started playing again a week ago and roamed the discord an
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