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  1. Update on the rPvE Map of the Month difficulty 9 record: 7:24.1
  2. In the German card description of the card Rioter‘s Retreat (Rückzug des Aufrührers) is a mistake. The word Gebäude is written as Gebäute. Greetings BlueBerryBoy
  3. Ideas for the fine tuning of the new BFP-System I. Introduction during the last few days since the new system has been available on the stress test server I started testing it and played for many hours, during this time I talked to players about their opinion. Since I played a lot (only worked 5h a day) I was able to get every daily boost, complete all quests and nearly drain the whole reserve one time. At the beginning I spent all my BFP (bought a 1k bfp booster … but lets talk about this later) and started from 0 to investigate following things: 1. am I feeling rewarded (for the time I played)? 2. what can I afford on each day/after all these days? 3. for how much can I sell a Booster that I bought with the daily discount? 1. On the first day I played something around 90/120 minutes time spent ingame, but somehow I didn’t feel rewarded at all. It took some time to find matches and after I had obtained the daily boost I did not really want to continue. Since a friend of mine wanted to test the update too I decided to play with him for some time. The reserve drained so slow, after 2/3 games I decided to let it rest for that day. The second day went kind of the same I played because it is a habit of mine and I wanted to gather further information. The third day I decided to play some more and talk to players I met in my games about their opinions. I played for 2 hours (time spent in matches) with friends, and for 1 of them it was his first impression of the update. He told me afterwards he didnt feel rewarded (but he played anyway since we grinded MotM otherwise he would have left earlier). Stretched out over the day I spent about 3 hours ingame with random mates and most of them probably didnt read the discussions in the Forums and just wanted the old System back. Overall I was online for about 7 hours that day and gained around 580 BFP. 2. I was able to gather an estimate of 1500 BFP over the course of three days. It was enough to give me my last disenchant charge so I am kind of happy with the result. But only kind of because had this been a normal work week I could have come out with way less. 3. you can sell your boosters you buy with the daily boost for 370-390 depends if you find someone who still wants to buy some. Now it is on us to find a way to tune the system so it rewards not so active players, daily casual players and daily hardcore players in a fair way so no one feels badly treated. And I guess PVP players are pretty happy they can play their decks with out a grind when the new changes arrive. Maybe a survey needs to be started on which playstyle was the most common while the “old system” was active: 1. only on weekends 2. 2-3 times a week + weekend 3. daily or at least 6 days for the daily booster and the quests 4. everyday multiple hours II. actual Ideas I think there is no question that the new faction boosters currently cost far too much to be considered as an alternative to the all-random boosters for most players at all. I think I saw Zyna on discord yesterday proposing the idea of having every booster for 450, that would be a good start. As I think a lower price for these boosters is a good idea I think they shouldnt be on the same level as the all-random booster. Lets take enlightenment as an example: it is needed by many players but there are only a few on the marke; with higher supply of this cards with the faction booster costing a little bit more than the standard booster, lets say 550, it will be available for way more players than it is right now, and will lead to a lower price of the card. Considering, faction boosters grant a higher probability for specific cards, they should definitely cost a certain amount of BFP more, than all-random-boosters. It will still be rare but not as exclusive as it is right now. The decreased availability of highly demanded ultra rare cards can lead to jumps in their price during a few days, and the card can only be found for a lot more than usual. That is kind of confusing for new players who dont really know the prices, atleast it is counteracted by the 2 day auctions. III. Discrepancy between high and low time-committing players I would like to discuss, whether players who spend a lot of time ingame should be able to receive more rewards/bfp than players who spend less time ingame (~30 min a day), or not. The goal would be to achieve ‘fair rewards’ for every player, but what is fair? Does it mean, everybody gets the same amount of BFP per day, for a different amount of play time? Does it mean, someone with 6 hours a day should be able to earn respectively more BFP? In my opinion, the answer to both questions is a clear No. The goal of the new reward system should be, for low-commitment players to be able to earn a good daily amount of BFP, while still rewarding high-commitment players appropriately, without the discrepancy between them snowballing too much. In order to avoid a huge discrepancy, one should at least be able to earn an equivalent of a booster, BFP value-wise, throughout ~30-45 minutes of playtime. So the question is, how can we achieve further rewards for additional playtime a day in a fair way? Options: X BFP per minute of playtime X BFP per successfully completed map (higher/lower depending on the difficulty) Additional quests after X minutes of playtime (Let’s say an additional quest after every hour of playtime. Possible up to Y times a day. The number Y grows, if no additional quests were unlocked in the last Z days). In general more quests, which cannot be completed simultaneously Achievements triggered by a certain amount of successfully completed quests. For example: After 15 completed quests, an additional booster is rewarded. This would reward regular players as well as high commitment players. Damo, Niq and me made up our minds and thought through some approaches. We collected the ideas and listed them, of course we do not want everything to be implemented just like we proposed it, these ideas should be a new foundation for a discussion about the BFP sytem -Set a higher booster discount “150” -Make the daily boost available after 30/45 minutes this is good for casual players (either daily boost 30 minutes and booster discount 45 minutes or the other way around to make it counteract multi accounting) -Keep the catch-up mechanic as it is -Remove the reserve and just put BFP over time. 2 BFP per minute after the daily boost runs out for the first hour and beyond only 1 BFP per minute for the rest of the day this limits the BFP earned and we doubt it is abusable to a game- or economy breaking point) -(keep the reserve with 120 bfp but drain it with 2 BFP per minute, but additionally every 2 minute of playtime gives you 1 BFP all day long even when the daily boost is not active. The reserve is charged each hour by 20) -For every completed map you get awarded with an additional 10 bfp for every successfull match that lasted at least 6 minutes to counteract at least a little bit of speedrun farming -create new and more complex quests and set the quests to 3 instead of 2 the new 1 is the PvE map of the day -Add a map of the day: PVE campaign map of the day (for all players its the same map) which rewards bonus gold all day (dont know if it can be implemented) and a bonus of 75 BFP when played for the first time of the day (implemented through a quest) -Adjust the daily boost to give 250 BFP for the next day even if it is not fully drained on the day before. Award only 100 if the amount of the unused daily boost is 250 or above -Weekly quests which reward a booster, or adjust the achievement for completing quests with a linear increase so you get a booster every 15 quests. -Add daily booster quest back for the first 10-20 days -Add the old 1 bfp booster back into the game to prevent short pass of commons and uncommons in the first few weeks. Set a really low or no chance for uncommons (reintroduced as 5 bfp booster) -Change the rarity of some cards that are not used at all (sp there is a higher dropchance in the Boosters for useful cards) -Add small BFP rewards for fastest time at the end of a month and an EXP reward for the fastest time overall which is given out at the end of the month (BFP for PVP leaderboards) This is a completely different approach to the current system: -Have a Catch-up mechanic as it is now -3 quests per day -MotD -Reward of xxx BFP and Booster discount or booster after 30 minutes of playtime -Bfp per map depends on difficulty and map (to prevent speedrunfarming the bfp are only given out -2 times per map each day), for Battlegrounds smaller amount of BFP but earnable unlimited times, -BFP are only given out until the maximum of xxx a day is reached.
  4. If you want to thank us that someone read your proposal and made the research that you obviously did not do, then you are welcome ... why would you propose something that you did not look into??? Are you for real?? Read this quote below again and pay attention (or were you not able to count to 2) why would shaman go up in price he is one of the cards thats worth the most even tho he is bad. Do you even have an idea how many cards are in the game and how much the top 20% priced cards cost? I guess you do not. Stop throwing random numbers and „facts“ around and defending this idea because its just bad. It is your own fault if you tell us you played 1 game each day and didn‘t progress: there ist the daily boost which requires 60 minutes of playtime (the daily booster before which required 30 minutes of ingame time) The start is boring and no one can really change that if the game wants to have a healthy economy over a long time. Another proposition where you have no idea what you are talking about. Thanks to Kubik i do not need to comment on this any further Just because the forum offers you a platform to make your absurd suggestions, doesn't mean that you should use this opportunity. And stop making up random numbers that support your argumentation in the situational context, which on closer inspection are completely valueless Regards BlueBerryBoy
  5. Irrelevant. Get down from your high horse. Don’t act like you are some kind of Messias every game needs to have. This is a terrible idea: 1. your math is wrong: 2+3+5=10 not 8 2. i think the devs have better stuff to do than implementing such a system that obviously won’ t work. As an Example: prices develop dynamically so after reset when the highly demanded t1 cards get sold for way more than most of the other cards, your idea sucks because the chance of these cards dropping in a booster will be even smaller than it is with the current booster system. To the PvP start idea: if you would have followed the recent events you would have noticed that there is an other idea which gives every player access to every PvP deck for ranked at deck level 120. Belongs to balance discord where such ideas are already discussed. Great idea! You can start by checking all seeds for battlegrounds for their "true" difficulty level yourself. conclusion: Don‘t act like you are able to fix problems of this game with 4 bad ideas in which you put no research in. Regards BlueBerryBoy
  6. You make good points right there. Of course i compare the "old system" to the new system because its the only comparision we got. My concern is that it wont be easy to get started, so we need to find a way to make that a little bit easier. In adittion we need too tune the times in which you are able to get your rewards and add something to them (maybe the achievements can help with this) to get a healthy economy started. I like the catchup mechanic but it feels like players who play alot are not getting the deserved lead. This may sound weird but if i want to grind the game after the reset in every free minute i got i should be able to reach more than there is currently possible. Thats just my opinion. I do not want to sit around and complain, i want to be part of the solution. I will put my mind into this and try to propose some possible changes soon. maybe you like some of it. I will keep in mind your reasoning behind the system.
  7. Personally i use infect with no charges at all, but i guess this is an other discussion.
  8. No! A different system is required than before the update, the idea to award players after the daily reward is a good one, but it needs to be further tuned maybe a new aproach for the daily boost is needed. The achievments are getting reworked anyways. And the Current achievment doesnt really matter it has no real impact after 50or 100 quests completed (dont have the numbers for the early steps right now). I am curious how many quests do you have completed @BoltOfZues
  9. I agree! 1 Thing i just want to mention. the game is super fun if you have all the cards you need for speedruns etc. but a grind is too. But with the current system i could make a super complex callculation if you want (It will take me some time and it will not be super accruate), to visualize how long it would take a player to even get to all the necessary cards for a bata deck (with current prices), if someone would be able to get the 880 bfp a day. I also would have to make some assumptions about how many of the ultra rare and necassary cards will be available in the market (Enlightment, infect, mine, nether warp). But as it is now the grind is way to long to even consider to play some of the hard 4p maps (Speedruns) within the first few months. For the BG Motm it would be quite funny to see how fast players can beat the maps with unoptimized decks and nearly no upgrades. My experinece since I started playing in April 2020. was that i was able to get the cards i wanted quite fast (there were already many cards available in the market) and i did not even sell more than 10 booster in the time which would have speed up my progress. I now have all cards i want for BG speedruns and i had to play 30 minutes a day for that. I can spare 30 minutes a day but i cant spare 2 hours+ for a little faster BFP gain when there is a non functioning market and the card supply is extremly low (after the reset i assume this will happen). Concluding: 1. the grind seems to be way to long and boring since you wont be able to beat fun maps or grind some speedruns to pass the time 2. The daily playtime is way to long for the amount of bfp you get 3. the new Boosters need some changes and there need to be adjustments so the market will still be supplied with cards (who plays 2+ hours to buy some overpriced cards or roll the dice and buy a booster) 4. Most players wont have the motivation to play each day since you need to beat too many maps too even get to your bfp (long times for team search not included) Possible Solutions need to be discussed with players who want to grind a lot if you are able to implement the PVP changes these players dont really need to be implemented in the discussion since fair PVP is available for everyone I like the idea for the catch up mechanic but with the predicted market after reset it will take months too even get a few important cards if some can maybe only play 1 or 2 times a week. i feel kind of sad since i have a lot of time right now but dont even have the motivation to play for so long even if i have all the cards i want. I think the daily Booster was just way too fun but spending the BFP earned over hours to open 1 or 2 is just not what i want to do with my time.
  10. Hello there, pretty much has already been said by the 2. I would just tell you some more or less accurate numbers (As i understand it) and the way to achieve them. A daily player with the goal to get the maximum BFP would need to play 1hr for 250 bfp + 100 booster discount + probably both quests completed = 400 bfp and a booster would be only 350(since there is no real reson to buy the other boosters imo) but who would want to spend the 400 hard earned BFP on a booster? Even if it is only 350? The average Booster content is worth something like 200-250 (please correct me if i am wrong). After achieving the daily boost you got the reserve which contains 200 BFP and Drains pretty slow just by the feel of it. Lets say you are able to play each day right after the new daily boost Is available for 2 hours (which by the way is at midday and most of the players who play much right now still have a job and are not able to do so) but for the sake of the calculation: you get your daily boost after 1 hour And probably completed the quests (400 BFP) after that you drain your reserve completly (+200BFP) then after aprox 9 hours you can start draining your reserve again If that takes you 1 hour you get + 200 again. And the next time you get your daily boost you can drain it again. But for the raw calculation: 250 + 150 for the quests + 20 per hour on one day = 880 if your reserve never reaches its maximum. Thats doesent sound bad because in the old system if you sold your booster for 420 and completed both quest which was possible in 30 minutes you got 570 BFP. The problem in my Opinion is that i dont see a way to play so much at such wired times each day If i have my usual work week. Sure i get a few bfp more but the hours i need to invest are crazy high. Furthermore i know many players who during the week logged in just to play 30 minutes to get their booster and the quests. Maybe on 1 workday they would play for much more than the 30 minutes. And i think these players wont be as motivated to play for 1,5+ hour longer each day Just to get daily boost and drain the reserve once (old system 570 BFP in 30 minutes/ new system 600 BFP in 2h or more). A big part of my playing experience that motivated me to play every day was in fact the daily booster. Additionally if i remember correctly a big argument for the catch up mechanic and the slower progression was that the pvp players didnt want to be far behind if they couldnt play as much. Since you announced that you are planning to make pvp playable for everybody with equal decks without the much feared grind that argument about the catch up mechanic and the slower progression overall becomes worthless. You want slower progression to keep the game interesting for all players for many years. I understand that, but i feel kind of scammed now that i need to player several hours more each day just to progress a little faster than in the old system. New point: If you dont complete the daily boost to a certain point you only get 100BFP the following day. So thats pretty bad if you really cant play the 60 minutes! 60 minutes are pretty long since if you decent at the game most maps dont take you that long and to find players to play with also takes alot time. So the time to get the daily boost is more likley 75-90 minutes And i dont even want to talk about the economy after the reset because i cant look into the future but what i expect too happen doesnt make me happy. Lets hope to find a slollution that makes everyone happy. Have a good day everyone Regards, BlueBerryBoy
  11. So i ran in to this issue while creating a game for the ocean campaign map on standard difficulty. when i pressed the button to create the match it happend. My game froze and i couldn´t do anything. The background was still moving. I got it 2 times in a row. _launcher_log_2020.05.01_68.log _launcher_log_2020.05.01_69.log
  12. Hey there i got an idea: I know you don‘t tell us a date for the reset, obviously! But i asked myself if it would be helpfull to make a post with somekind of roadmap or todo-list of what things need to be done to make the reset happen! Dont add dates or estimated time for compeletion! Maybe some members of the community will contact you and say: Hey i have experience with this. I can do that! I guess many would love to help but dont have the qualification to be a dev. or know how since they dont know what needs to be done. I started playing again a week ago and roamed the discord and forum ever since, but couldnt find such a list, except 1 list Kubik created on trello a while ago. Maybe this could help you out to take some work from the shoulders of the team. And it will definitley put the minds of the players at ease. I appreciate all the great work you are doing and thank you for it. Have a great day everyone!
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