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  1. Hey guys, so, after completing the Force of Nature achievement, I decided to do my own ranking of Nature cards. Rankings are made under a PvE perspective. I tried to order the cards within each tier so that the best ones are on the left side and the worse ones on the right side. For spacing purposes, I also avoided to rank each individual affinity if there's no substantial ranking difference in them. For example: Equilibrium G and F would both be in the same A-Tier, so I only ranked one of them. Conversely, there's a huge difference in Mumbo Jumbo's affinities, so you'll see them both.
  2. This is a more optimized version, I wonder where u got your list Here is instead a fun Pure Nature deck - it's slower but super fun: Here is replay of a Pure Nature duo run played with my buddy @gam3over. It's by no means an optimized run but it just shows the raw power of the root system. And I just wanted to show Gam3over stupid defense and fails at the end GoL Pure Nature Duo.pmv
  3. Hey @WindHunter, i'll answer you since you quoted my previous comment. So, just to summarize the most important points of your post: -Some expert maps are difficult to beat without NG and/or any other exploits -Players feel that maps are unfair -Players are therefore "forced" to use NG and other exploits to beat expert maps -Using NG/Exploits make a player win any map with ease, loosening the sense of accomplishment beating a hard map brings, and this leads to lower player retention So, as a consequence, it is better to nerf exploits (well, NG in this discussion) and change
  4. Ok well, Let's start from the beginning - that is - the underlying reason behind this proposal: "The reason for such a change is the desire to fix the current issues where units which are spawned via script have no orb or power costs attached to them. This allows units such as Nightguard to swap with any non-XL units, not just those which are T2 and cost 150p or less". Is that really an issue?? Ok, the fact that some units have to tier/power cost attached to them doesn't really make any sense. But, there are thousands of things (should I make the list?) that don't make any sense in t
  5. I improved my record for Insane God Solo- 8.30.4
  6. Hey guys, I got another Titans Solo P2 replay, since after the new patch old ones don't work anymore. I also improved the record by over a minute, optimizing a bit the second half of the run. See you in the Forge, Donaar Titans Solo P2 18.36.pmv
  7. Hello everyone, I am here to share my thoughts as well. First of all I would like to say that I love Battleforge/Skylords Reborn (mainly its PVE) for two main reasons: the uniqueness, as it presents many distinctive elements such as Power Wells/Orbs and the Void mechanism, and the versatility of the game, in the sense that it can be played in thousands different ways. Therefore, I agree with any change that increase the number of ways a map is played, both in a "casual-run" perspective (such as the extra bosses on Crusade and Passage to Darkness and the new Priests mechanics in Insane God
  8. Hey guys , Donaar here presenting you a fun and unusual run: Titans Expert Solo starting P2 (thanks to @Kapo for theorycrafting this challenge). Soloing this map is quite challenging since the player has to clear the way for Rogan and free the 12 civilians before Jorne spawns (which happens 13 minutes into the game). As showcased in this replay (all credits to Pritstift and RadicalX), Titans Solo runs always start on P4, since the way for Rogan is "automatically cleared" in order to get T2, T3 and T4. Corsair's Assistance ability is then used to open the gates for the civilians - th
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