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  1. Your answer is huge, my friend. Ty so much, i'm still having a blast playing pure frost, definitly the most fun ive ever had while playing BF. I think i ll go Battleship over Chads but we ll see. All the best to you Sensei 🙂
  2. Man what a huge answer! Ty so much. I'm really hyped for going all in frost so every reply is really nice 🙂 have a nice day!
  3. Hey man, ty for you post. Since i want start investing in frost (my favorite faction) your post just came in to the right time for me. Could you explain your above posted deck a little bit more? Why did you pick Nothern Keep (r) over (b) ? Do you already play it on T1? Whats the general gameplan/playstyle and the core combos? Im open for any explanation since im really looking forward to play frost.
  4. Hey folks, since i have the biggest problems to go from T3 to T4 i started in the SkylordsReborn-Discord a discussion about competitive T3 units wich are able to carry you on every (or most) expert and high rpve maps. My first guess was Satanael since its a really cool looking card and i love shadow (but i hate Ashbone since they re boring af). Someone stated out that Aggressor and Magma Hurler are very capable if massed and supported by spells. So i tried to build a deck (see below) https://allcards.skylords.eu/cards.html?d=QmFsbFo+MTE5fDQ1MHw1MjF8NTI5fDR8NXw2MXwyMjd8MzU3fDUwMXwxMjJ8Mzk4fDQ1OHwyNzl8MzY3fDQzMXwzNjJ8Mjc3fDYwfDQ5fA== What are you thinking about it? Can you recommend any other T3 units wich can carry a whole deck without even needed t4 units?
  5. Ye i like the idea of necrofury as a huge bombardement squad, but they seem to slow for rpve 😞
  6. Ty for all the replies. I already moved forward today with my deck. I'm really undecided about the T4-unit of my choice (Shadow/Nature will stay as my main deck focus): - With q blue orb i can get LSS but they feel much weaker as i remember (got they nerfed?) - 3 shadow orbs death ray: sooooo slow till U3 but even then, are they THAT good? And they need really micromanagement - grim bahir: Really love that card visually but am i crippling myself because that card is much weaker as the other options? - 1 Red orb: bloodhorn. Would be a ground unit but its really strong. And with SoW id not need the FoF combo wich needs more micromanagement and get me one more card slot. Are they other options i dont think about atm? With the other options id take grimvine or overlord as t4 ground unit, but i really like grimvime since its a good meatshild and its cheaper.
  7. Hey folks, last time i ve played this game was in open-beta. Shadow-Nature was always my favorite combo, but i cant remember my deck anymore. I have to start over anyway, since the wipe already happened. Do you guys have any recommendations? After all those patches im feeling like im "out of time" :D Im looking for a good allround shadow/nature deck, but i ll playing rPVE 9-10 mostly. i want to start T1 as shadow. As far as i remember i started with this teleport tower, forsaken, motivate and this soul gathering tower. Is it still viable? Which cards are autoincludes? My t4 units were mainly Lost Ships. What has changed here? Im really open for any tips. Mainly about the most important autoinclude cards for shadow/nature. Ty in advance and have a nice day!
  8. Marvvster

    Trading Bug

    Many times, i get the message while trading "the Player canceled the Trade". If i ask the other player, i get the answer "you didn`t put your BFP in the trade window". Do you have the same experience?
  9. Hi, its me again :) I'm trying around few cards ans came to the card Fountain of Rebirth. my Plan is a short t1 and t2 in rpve. For that i would pick up my fountain to support my mass windweavers. Is the card "worth it" in your opinion?
  10. Ty again for you answers. I was lucky enought to pull a promo juggernaut If i ll selling him, i have enough BFP to buy some cards and build whatever i want There's a reset soon, so this "trying phase" is great to fresh up my knowledge about the game
  11. Maybe you could explain me, why is healing gardens a strong card. Most of time i dont use it... but many other players recommend me this card. Most heals are instant heals so it must be the regen aura, but 20m isnt't that far. Maybe it's good for sustaining fights?
  12. Did this deck, based on your recommendations. Maybe you can give me some input.. My goal is a deck for pve and rpve (i know for some maps i have to change few cards). Ty in advance
  13. Ty mate. Maybe the discussion in this thread could base on your deck recommendation. On the first (noobish) look by myself, i see many spells with less units (only 1 T3 unit?). I'm tending to deepcoil worm as another t3 unit. But i'll swap some of the cards on my preference (e.g. i love the Firestalker and i need for my own safety on t1 or t2 a tower for regular defending). I feel (again im a noob, no matter how many hours i played this game in the past) there are to many damaging spells. Wich one is core in your opinion? The simple tactical plan would be attack and support with the dmg spells, right?
  14. Ty again! I#ve drawn a Shaman, that's why i was asking. I'm tending to fire nature, for a aggressive start and t2 controlling options. So i would go first orb red, second orb green, third orb red and fourth green for abomination. I'm working towards the "must-have" cards and trying to balance my deck "around" them. If i go fire first, would you recommend to take ensnaring/hurrican for second orb phase?
  15. First of all, ty for your reply. I really appreciate it. @Treim rPvE = rated PvE? For the beginning a normal PvE deck, so i can play with some friends and just have a good time. It would be awesome, if the deck would be a good PvE deck and maybe at the same time a mediocre pvp deck, so i dont have to gather ressources to build 2 or more decks. @DerNewYork hey man, ty for your reply! that's the kind of input i am searching for. Ofc nearly all of the cards are saying nothing to me ^^ i added you as a friend, so maybe we can talk a little bit ingame wich T1 is stronger, red or green? I'm searching for a aggressive tactic, with controlling tools. I'm suprised not seeing a Shaman in your nature T1 recommandation. Could you explain this?
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