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  1. Hmm Introducing more quest would be great too. Like rarer/tougher achievements requiring you to beat the map using only certain cards or without the usage of certain cards. This would make more sense to compare achievements
  2. Hi! Not sure if this has been suggested but I have a couple of suggestions relating to the card filter. 1. Spare cards Filter: The number one concern would be the constant scroll to check if I have any spare/duplicate cards that I either want to give away or put it on the auction house. I am not sure if its possible but i suggest doing a card filter for "Spare cards" this would mean the system will be able to detect if you have more than 4 of the same card (1 + 3 Upgrade charges). By enabling this card filter, you will only be shown the cards where you are sure to have no use of. This wo
  3. This actually helped. No more crashes and i could comfortably play the last 2 days and get some decent runs
  4. Nope it seems to be completely random. Happened at the start of the game ~5mins , Mid game as well 10~15 mins and late game ~25-35mins
  5. Nope theres no error message. My client will freeze and close thats all
  6. I can't save a replay when the game crashes. autosave only works after i successfully completed the match to post game statistics
  7. Haha i give up 90% of my game crashes and i don't know why. Always happens so randomly and i can't find a pattern to it Only happens when i play King's Ridge
  8. This is an interesting pve challenge concept haha. I can already see the time i need to plan which points to obtain and build my deck
  9. Hi! Someone has asked me to share my video tutorial on how to fix replays and i hope this will help each one of you to fix your broken replays to see beautiful old pve/pvp gameplays. Here is the link to download the BFantipatch program used to fix replays: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YGPsQbZK2goaQ2SEiZq1ARmh-nBIn3QW/view?usp=sharing
  10. Yes i would agree that having a different feature when you first create your account would be a solution to what you are facing. The only problem is that there might be some work to be done and this project only being on a group of volunteers would make it slightly difficult and they have to pick and choose which update has more priority.
  11. I would say i am a fan of both which makes this game so interesting. You can't just focus on the RTS aspect and neglect the card based aspect. Which is why i asked you to look at any other card based game and see if there are any games that does not involve RNG. And i think the combination of card base + RTS is the unique selling point in this game, the point of this game is not the usual RTS fixed strategy build game. And this combination of card based and RTS game is something I appreciate and most others would say the same as well. Thats how everyone starts. We only have a limi
  12. If you're tired of RNG i recommend selling your boosters and use the market to buy specific cards that you need. I think the fun and unique part of a card based game is to open boosters and RNG is inevitable. To me, the main problem you seem to lean towards is the toxicity of the market. allow me to make a simple rebuke to this statement. The market is only toxic with a couple of the more expensive cards (Especially Promo cards, they are just duplicates of regular cards which means you don't even need it unless you want the skins) and this only makes up a fraction of all cards available in the
  13. I did my first run on the map and crashed :/ Any idea what causes it?
  14. Well i'm not a streamer but i create battleforge content on my youtube channel. I focus more on PvE games instead of PvP so it will be a nice change (: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCq1aNVkU2mWysSdQZaIS4mw
  15. I think the skins, exclusive promo card is a better idea as not to disturb the market. One thing to note that, It would defeat the purpose if you're to be carried by your teamates by using the cheese strategies/speedruns. Another solution is to have the entire team only using specific faction cards in order for the achievement to be valid, OR limit these special achievements to single playered maps/whichever multiplayer maps.
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