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  1. Just wanted to say that this was quite a fun map hope to see the results soon!
  2. Well, I think hearthstone goes by that logic. Legendaries can appear anywhere xD although you can hover on the card to have a peak on it's rarity Unless somehow we can hover onto the battleforge cards to have a glimpse of its rarity
  3. wow that is some good stuff Got to make opening every single card position to have a certain level of suspense. I think i open the bottom 4 (even the top right) so quickly because you know its just some lame commons haha
  4. As we all know, the positioning of booster cards in a pack indicates which cards you will get based on the rarity probability. e.g top left is always either a rare/ultra rare. For someone that finds opening boosters pretty fun, i think it would spice up the booster opening element if there was some way in the option to "Shuffle booster cards". Basically what this does is that the card positions that you get based on rarity can be moved randomly to any position. This would mean that the top left does not necessary equates to a rare/ultra rare and this position can appear in any of
  5. HAHA i didn't even realise what the ability icon looked like. From first glance looked like a wrecking ball.
  6. Solo every map on expert except empire xD. I'm missing bad harvest and figuring out the newly updated guns of lyr now
  7. I really like the thought process behind the proposed pve map changes. However, it is of course, still subjective depending on our views on which areas should be kept the same or not. I have my own views on it but would rather create a video to verbalize it instead of writing an entire chunk of words haha Anyway keep up the good work and am honored to be featured in part of the feedback form
  8. Hmm Introducing more quest would be great too. Like rarer/tougher achievements requiring you to beat the map using only certain cards or without the usage of certain cards. This would make more sense to compare achievements
  9. Hi! Not sure if this has been suggested but I have a couple of suggestions relating to the card filter. 1. Spare cards Filter: The number one concern would be the constant scroll to check if I have any spare/duplicate cards that I either want to give away or put it on the auction house. I am not sure if its possible but i suggest doing a card filter for "Spare cards" this would mean the system will be able to detect if you have more than 4 of the same card (1 + 3 Upgrade charges). By enabling this card filter, you will only be shown the cards where you are sure to have no use of. This wo
  10. This actually helped. No more crashes and i could comfortably play the last 2 days and get some decent runs
  11. Nope it seems to be completely random. Happened at the start of the game ~5mins , Mid game as well 10~15 mins and late game ~25-35mins
  12. Nope theres no error message. My client will freeze and close thats all
  13. I can't save a replay when the game crashes. autosave only works after i successfully completed the match to post game statistics
  14. Haha i give up 90% of my game crashes and i don't know why. Always happens so randomly and i can't find a pattern to it Only happens when i play King's Ridge
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