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  1. My poor guy Rocket Tower getting shafted so hard. I personally find it good, though I get it can get outclassed by the Pyromaniac? Dunno, never used that one.
  2. When it's your first day at a new job, and you have no idea what you are doing. So you just stand there, menacingly.
  3. Just yesterday finished this map on Expert for the Pure Nature achievement, and gotta agree with the suggestions here. Never really realised how weird it is, that the top left and right bases are completely circumvented by walls. For me, it's more of an aesthethic oddity, but it can pose some problems when trying to click/attack specific units. Or when using attack move, units always jump on those tasty walls ignoring the spawner, more than often
  4. After some testing, I can safely say that Twilight actually feels playable now. Using army of Twilight minions with some other Nature/Fire units and transforming the Minions to itself for the 30% attack buff feels really good, almost like 50 power AoE buff spell.
  5. Looks amazing. New cards and changes to Twilight stuff means that maybe, MAYBE I will finally feel good playing Twilight deck. Tower buffs all around are nice to see as well, especially for me, who loves defensive play and throwing down buildings. Cannot wait to jump in and test it all out.
  6. Damn, I was THAT far from the top places cannot wait to see, what were the strategies used. Congratulations to everyone! Also, the madman with zero points clearly deserves a special golden Magma Hurler.
  7. Managed to greatly improve on my first run, not gonna lie, once I tried coming out of my 'heavy on buildings' shell. I urge people to give this challenge a try, it is a blast
  8. Really reminds me of the situation, where you are about to collide with person walking straight at you and you both move to the same side, so you want to correct it and you both go left... Happens more often than you think
  9. As I am being bored in work, I decided to lurk around the BF/SLR card wiki for a bit. Gathering up some insight, interesting statistics, and more of such, I decided to create a thread for such information. Enjoy reading these, or feel free to add your own. I will update the list with all the new additions. There is no Ultra-Rare Tier 1 card Fire has the most Ultra-Rare cards - 16 (different affinities count as different cards). Least amount (excluding Amii) has the Stonekin and Bandit factions - only 2 each Until recently, there were no T1 promo cards. The first one is SLR
  10. I stand by this. In the old days of BF, I don't think I ever ran a Twilight deck. Currently, I did tried to make one, as I do like the unit designs and some of the abilities (Hatecaster being my favorite of the bunch) but man, I just cannot justify it. There are simply way too many better options. At best, I have to force myself to include some Twilight creatures just because in my Fire/Nature deck. It's a shame.
  11. Interesting challenge, looking forward to try it. Might even throw in some Magma Hurlers as a prize ;^)
  12. Good news all around. The new card looks great! I know this is far down in line, but LS and Twilight could desperately use some spells as well. All in all, all aboard the Magma Hurler Hype train.
  13. Congratulations to everyone. Enjoy those Magma Hurlers as well ;>
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