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  1. Afaik, it's just purely random. So it might seem skewed sometimes.
  2. Map clear time may work as a tiebreaker. So if there are two same times for T4, then the fastest map clear wins, I believe.
  3. Happy for all the content and hard work 😇
  4. Happy for this, new card is always nice. And Stronghold is finally viable! Also, Stone Launcher is damn good now.
  5. Sounds great! Sadly, I will most likely not be avaible during that time yet. Good luck to all the other people
  6. Perhaps, for unskilled labourers like me, some basic concept could be provided, where we only copy/change some stuff to create the AIs 🧐
  7. I would personally shift away from the Critters. Yes, it's an unique mechanic for Deepfang, but seems it's more trouble than it's worth. Sometimes being unique is not an advantage, at all. Or, if we want to keep them, perhaps maybe they could spawn conditionally as Deepfang fights. Ie. units killed by DF will spawn a critter. Thus, the more you keep the unit alive, the more you can amass (with some limits in place).
  8. Hype! I do indeed like turtles!
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