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  1. Feel the Burn Win the 2 player maps Crusade, Sunbridge and Insane God on expert with both players only using Magma Hurlers as their T3/T4 units. Using lower tiered units is fine (T1, T2). Reward: Magma Hurler portrait (promo).
  2. To be fair, as a Magma Hurler supremacist I gotta admit, both are really great. May the best choice win!
  3. It's been a while! Seeing the nice retexture of Vulcan for Twilight colors by our one and only Cat, decided to try and give the chap some stats. And yes, I am not giving up on Twilight T2 archer unit. Blight Funnel Uses Vulcan/Rageflame as a base. L unit, ranged. Abilities: Contagion Stream - Unit casts poisonous wave that deals 20 damage to enemies every second. Targets are embittered with a strong toxic substance that severely poisons them and slowly decreases its life points by 25 per second. Lasts for 4 seconds, attacks refresh the duration of poison. Toxic Transformation
  4. Would it be perhaps possible to make them be able attack from behind the walls? Maybe with an ability - if within 5m of a wall segment, it gains unrestricted line of sight and bonus attack range 🤔 Perhaps it would be too OP though, and it not working with the games wall mechanics is probably not a good way to go. Either way, I hope every color get its own Wormling unit one day 🤩
  5. My dreams are looking bright! Drop locations? WORM SQUAD? Screw the buggy animations, we need the wormlings now 🤑 In all seriousness, amazing work to everyone contributing. Great work!
  6. Hype! I can offer every participant a Magma Hurler :3 Also, just to be clear, my deck will only consist of Magma Hurlers and Regrowth, correct?
  7. Finally managed to do a succesful run yesterday. Okayish time, but we can go lower!
  8. Definitely hoped for a stream of Midwinters, I mean Battleships, to arrive as well O:)
  9. Last time we tested it was fun. If all the little problems are fixed (presume they are), looking forward to giving it another go!
  10. Some interesting thoughts. Cannot say I agree with everything, but the orb changes (especially) for healing spells could be nice to see, as it would promote some more interesting and original decks. Also, other spells with healing capabilities would get more spotlight. At the same time, I can see this being reeaaaally unpopular. As for the rarities, I generally agree that at least some seem off-place. Ice Fang Raptor, Forest's Vim, etc are on my mind the msot. Though, I think it might be a bit controversial if the rarities of original cards were to be changed. Personally, I would support
  11. Maybe it would help at least a little, if the Lost Wanderer didn't have to face the unit it shields? If I remember correctly, that is how it works.
  12. This is so well made... now I wish I had the drive to try PvP 😄
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