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  1. Not quite. What I had in mind is to use that system only for entities that can attack multiple targets. Squads are still in essence single entity attacking single entity (only exception is multishot Windweavers). So they would not need changes. This system would only be avaible for, well, mostly the flying ships and the like. IE. Battleship - 2000 (4) DP20 (Single cannon can do 2000 DP20 to single target, but it does not reflect that 2 cannons can attack same target). Probably not great idea overall, but hey, I did try.
  2. First thing, kudos for taking the time and effort for these calculations. My only idea is perhaps to go the route AoE2 does it. Ie. for Tower, the attack value is let's say 10. For a Castle, which fires multiple arrows, the value is displayed as 10 (4). As such, for units with multiple turrets/attacks, we could go for the single target dmg value with (8) for the number of max stuff that can possibly attack (though this will not be consistent either, because some may all attack single target, some less so, some not at all).
  3. New featured community map is already half-step to new campaigns wooo!
  4. Lovely stuff. Really looking forward for the boosted T3 units especially, and of course, the new cards.
  5. Good idea, completely forgot they can do that.
  6. Thanks for this. Yesterday tried to do King of the Giants and came so close. Need better micro with LSS's.
  7. Luckily, doesn't seem to happen on Win 10 and/or ESET antivirus. Or at least I haven' had the displeasure yet.
  8. Awesome stuff, as always. It pleases me how well the project is evolving.
  9. Not a bad idea. Not sure how easy/tough is it to implement though.
  10. The question is, whether its actually possible, due to lack of source code.
  11. In the end, I only tried defending so far 😄 personally, I always enjoy that more, for whatever reason. Don't want to spoil the points, but I think I can go higher.
  12. I used Transcendence on my armies of Void Maws and/or Necrofuries. It works well there. Tranq, yeah, for PvE it is not that greatly useful, specifically for that lack of power units.
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