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  1. There is no "apparent" popularity, the Magma Hurlers are just that superior and popular ;^) Down with injustice! Magma Hurlers must be allowed into another CCC!
  2. Amazing stuff as always! Already looking forward to it, the new cosmetics are a great idea.
  3. Technically yeah, Hurler has a reskin. Then, I will not sleep, until we have a Magma Hurler for every faction! Just imagine the beauty - Ice Hurler, Twilight Hurler, Bomb Thrower (bandit), Fire Hurler... och wait.
  4. Let's be honest, we are all waiting for promo Magma Hurler
  5. Let's be honest, we all know what the two Fire Orbs REALLY represent ;^)
  6. Damn, this looks interesting. And prone to being completely failed by me
  7. Might as well create a composition masterpiece with Juice Tank, Mauler and Magma Hurler
  8. Nice! Think that could open some nice possibilities, especially for designing more squad-based units, small or bigger.
  9. Cannot wait for your take on the Magma Hurler :blobaww: Here I can show you my plan, how would such card look in a Promo version:
  10. Think this is a good idea. Not only for convenience, but also against the price spikes. I guess it could also be easily implemented, doesn't seem like anything complicated (don't hurt me devs!).
  11. Maybe there is also possibility of reducing the size of XL units down to L/M/S? I remember suggesting a squad of six S-size Juggernauts somewhere.
  12. Seems to be intended. I mean, you are paying power for the extra charges anyways, so guess it is kinda balanced.
  13. Any and every positive changes to buildings are welcomed. Cannot wait for it to be live.
  14. Lovely changes, whether present of future. I have yet to get lucky on that juicy Evil Eye, but any and all new cards are awesome. Also, the 'new' map is great idea, something that could much more easily satisfy player's thirst for new campaign without that much of a work (compared to creating new ones from scratch).
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