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  1. It definetely would be nice to have a questline in which boosters/cards (like legendaries)/gold, NO BFP can be earned. Questlines should focus on encouraging new decks and get people to do something than grinding same old maps. Maybe even include communitymaps in a way. It wouldnt widen the gaps in the long run because it would be a one-time reward. For the "play 100 different cards" Quest to make sense there would have to be Quests beforehand, that reward the player with new cards. It would be cool to have those boosters back from Battleforge where you had only commons/unc
  2. Hey there, thanks for doing this, takes me back to the old times where there were multiple megathreads like these with people shelling out commons and uncommons! Ingame Name is CrimeLime Wishes: 1. Frost Mage 2. Home Soil or Mine 3.Warriors Death Red 4.Fire Stalker 5.Lost Dancer Red 6.Northland Drake Blue 7. Tremor I don't need anymore I think, favourite card is lost warlord, hehe. Good luck and have fun
  3. well ... did u look in the booster tab
  4. The Issue is known. wait a minute max, then restart
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