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  1. Hey Volin, We originally planned to stream 19:00 CEST but out of personal reasons I sadly have to move the stream to Monday... I am currently not feeling that well and do not want to force a stream for you guys, because you deserve a fun stream like last time. I hope you guys can understand and sorry for moving the date, I will see you all on Monday 19:00 CEST. Because of this you will need to wait two more days to have the winners announced
  2. This was just to ensure, that you do not submit a loss. As on this map there is no clear win condition as in "kill the boss". We added this to have some kind of comparison, because this can be checked. I do not understand the confusion here, Life weaving targets your own unit and has the purpose to REDUCE the damage this unit gets. Sure some percentage of that dmg will get reflected to everything around it (thorn effect) but this is not the main effect of the card, its a side effect. Its "reduce incoming damage and reflect a percentage of it" not like in aura of pain "dea
  3. When judging replays, I will always give the participants the benefit of the doubt, idk like give a second chance or just ignore the mistake. When an enemy is exactly on the border I will not disqualify you because "the wrong side killed the unit" event when exactly on the border there is no wrong side. I will of course ignore some small things as, you errupted an already dieing unit that legitimately makes 0 difference. The rules are there to give some kind of guidance. The main reason why the border rule exist was, so that there will not be one player who carries the
  4. Life weaving is indeed a special case, but as the "main feature" is the damage reduction on that one unit you choose there is no restriction. I am well aware that it does reflect a lot of dmg and as we also could see in the last Community Award of LEBOVIN, it even can kill bosses. BUT I am not restricting it, because if you wan't to deal damage with this, you can not "just" do it. In conclusion: Not restricted. It is not impossible and I have a lot of time, sure you can just cast it at the same time but at some point I will see it and is it really worth it to get disquali
  5. I think the core confusion is: The side restrictions doesn't restrict the players from entering that site, they are not allowed to harm any units that are not standing on their own site, the reason why some spells are also forbidden and others allowed. So: The middle can be used by both. No they can't.
  6. Hey all, as requested, I will now upload all replays Official PvE Contest#1 Siege of Hope.zip I am sorry for the delay, have fun!
  7. I am sorry, of course I can do this. I will also upload the replays of the last tournament. I somehow forgot this. My intention never was to have more people win prizes, or to lower the quality of the runs. There are people who would disagree with you and actually like the fact that different decks aren't compared with each other. You still Can focus on one perfect run, because of the special award. The fastest of all submissions will receive a promo. I agree, that we went a bit overboard with the amount of possibilities and will defenitly tune this down. But for now
  8. I think there was a little misunderstanding with why I did this. The main reason, why I put these two together, was to prevent the possibilities that you participate for this challenge and there are not enough competitors to get a reward and therefore just wasted your time. My intention was not to combine them until the end of the event, maybe my disclaimer wasn't clear enough or not clear at all. I will split these two awards when there are enough participants for splitting. I will even split them more up (submission type oriented) if there are enough partic
  9. In this case,the sole purpose of this card is to deal damage, so an offensive spell.
  10. Hey all, I changed the Bonus awards a bit and bundled them together. We will try to reduce these kind of awards for the next events, I realised that with the Bonus awards added it just adds unnecessary focus prevention. We hope that you still have fun with this event, I am very eager to watch all your replays Currently we plan to only give the Bonus awards as a bundled(submission type) reward, but if there are enough participants, we will increase the prize for this.
  11. What is ment with this: The main feature of this part is, to act as a bonus reward. You will compete against all other (in the submission color you choose, as example with a fire deck against fire) from outside of the bonus awards. The bonus awards only compete with eatchother. If there are not enough participants for the bonus award "Duo" or "Solo" to compete with eachother. I am forced to put these two together and compare it with eachother, but if there are not even enough teams for this. It is so far planned, that you cannot achieve the awards for this. The bonus awar
  12. Hello Skylords, Skyladies and other Skybeings. We are back with yet another official PvE event since release. We hope you will have a lot of fun with this event! What kind of event will it be? PvE - Slave Master - Advanced Solo or with a teammate Slave Master on Advanced Difficulty with a twist! Follow all restrictions and requirements to finish this map as fast as possible. For example, one of the restrictions is you are only allowed to use cards from the First Edition. See below for more information and all restrictions. There are 5 different submission ty
  13. Thank you all for Joining todays stream. We had a lot of fun hosting and here are the Winner results: Thank you all for participating to this crazy idea of an event and we hope you enjoyed it. To many more events!
  14. Updated the post and added a streaming time, feel free to join everyone.
  15. Hello again Skylords, Skyladies and other Skybeings. You were waiting for this, the moment we will reveal who made it into which price class. Drumroll.... Expert Category: Xamos Donaar Slyer KserSke DraginMaster Pritstift Kapo undead4ever Vornskr arabikaa Novice Category: GevatterTODdy, Ultralord metagross31 DutchyDutchy Wanky LEBOVIM letho Blashyrkh bubixxl Keep in mind, that this is not the reveal of the winners. The placement of every
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