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  1. Hey all, Thank you for participating at this event and here is one last time the top 19 in a beautiful graph Attached you can also find the replays of the matches! replays.rar
  2. Hey all, I needed to correct the streaming date, as I forgot I am returning from vacation on Monday night 😅. Stream will be rescheduled to Wednesday 🤧.
  3. There is a PvP Discord where you can get in touch with other PvP enthusiasts and probably will also find people who can introduce you into PvP. https://discord.gg/ZjSeh7HM I can also recommend you, to join the next season of the PvP League as this season sadly already starts on Monday
  4. Hey all, here are the long awaited results of this event! Top 22: The remaining participants will be able to draw random boosters out of following lottery: 10 x 2 general Booster (They will be drawn at the end of the stream) We will Stream the results of this Event on Wednesday, the 25th of May at 16:30 CEST Thank you for participating.
  5. I had some problems regarding my pc the last week. A follow up comment is on its way and will arrive today! I am sorry for the delay and therefore will already reveal the top 50% and what the other half will be able to earn randomly. Thank you all for your patience!
  6. Thanks for playing everyone who showed up. The people who didn't showed up had to be disqualified. Here is the Top 5
  7. We are sorry for the current trouble with the running event. As this event was originally planned in rpve 4 and tested in 5 it seemed too easy and therefore we increased it to 6 before publishing. As it turned out the camp developments between 5 and 6 were drastically different and made the T3 an insane job. So we decided, to turn this whole event a bit and hotfixed the whole situation: We changed the difficulty requirement to minimum 2, you can now compete with any difficulty BUT the higher the difficulty the more weight it has in the leaderboar
  8. Hello Skylords, Skyladies and other Skybeings. Welcome to the third official rPvE event! We hope you will have a lot of fun with this event! THE CONTEST HAS ENDED If you want to see the winners click here, the replays wil be cast on our twitch channel. Everything you need to know: Event - rPvE 2player, Map of the Month Difficulty - Choose your own! Date - 16.04.2022 - 30.04.2022 Rules - Only units allowed! (No Spells, Arcanes, Enchantments or Buildings) Prizes - Boosters for t
  9. How to Access Free PvP Decks: Every 24 hours, you can select up to two decks that are fully upgraded and can compete in the PvP meta. For our new players, here is a quick recap: - Select the sword on the top right of the menu to select your 2 free PvP decks. - Free PvP decks are fully upgraded decks, that can only be used in PvP. - You can select two new decks every week, if you want to switch things up. - You can freely swap around cards in those decks with cards in your collection to customize the decks to your liking. You can do this by clicking the tab in your invent
  10. Hello Skylords, Skyladies and other Skybeings. To prepare you for the upcoming PvP League, we bring you our second PvP Rookie Tournament! Everything you need to know: Event - PvP 1v1 Rookie Tournament, Best of 3, Double Elimination Date - 23.04.2022 13:30 Rules - Rookies only! (full rules below) Prizes - Boosters for top 50% players Event-Mods - Dallarian and Dutchy Streamers - Toggy and Hiko will be streaming the tournament on the offical Twitch channel Stream will start at 13:15 CE
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