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  1. Hey all, And at last the replays! LostSouls_Replays.zip (the folder structure is sorted by the order I received the replays and not by ranking) AAND Final Ranking reveal (as picture)
  2. I wanted to inform all participants, that I just have send out all rewards! Please notify me, if you think anything is missing.
  3. Hello There! We are ready to reveal all places under the top 5! Everyone under 50%: 45. BananaBadman, 46. Archmystic, 47. fatyy778, 48. Enginenilla, 49. Johaze, 50. Spizzy, 51. pandinjo, 52. AlexisVaunt, 53. Druffey, 54. Wotan, 55. Istis73, 56. IntetDerTraeumer, 57. Laertes, 58. itap, 59. Omnilisk924, 60. Temaktima, 61. Kserske, 62. Djaffahr, 63. LordVanDragon, 64. shaitzu, 65. JunVIII, 66. CrimeLime, 67. kamalon, 68. Majora, 69. Volin, 70. Laser, 71. Metagross31, 72. Devou, 73. Osteburger, 74. Junviper, 75. Anacord, 76. Fral, 77. Enraged, 78. Babonja, 79. mx-2, 80. Re
  4. Hey, A mixture of both actually.. One of my hobbies is to write poems for myself that have deeper meanings. I wrote the original version in German and used gpt 4 for Translation and then adjusted some words that didn't rhyme anymore. I am curious, why the question?
  5. Yes thats correct! You only need to stick to Lost Souls Units once you are T2, but as long as you have 1 Frost and 1 Shadow orb you are good to go (the order of these two orbs doesnt matter, you just need to have both of them once you are T2, in a nutshell: once you are T2 you have to be able to spawn Lost Souls units) *added to QnA
  6. Correct. Example: 1) T4 Timer: 10min and map clear: 20mins Vs 2) T4 Timer: 10min and map clear: 15 mins Entry 2) would win in this case.
  7. - Yes, but you still need to rebuild it before finishing map. - oh my bad, will adjust this for more clarity. I was referring to the finished map timer.
  8. As you have to complete all goals under the two restrictions, you are still restricted after reaching t4
  9. As this is sadly a singleplayer contest, you won't be able to participate with a team of 4 Yes, I corrected this in the goals. Theoretically yes, you would need to leave 1 enemy alive tho to build up your t4 as reaching t4 is one of the goals. There are 3 goals and you need to complete all 3: So, you would still need to win the map after reaching t4 and opening all chests
  10. Yes thats right, the clear time of the map is only looked at, when the finished construction time of the T4 monument is the same as another player. Adjusted the Post for clarity Yes thats right, you are not forced to instantly kill all your T1 units once you reache T2. You are just forbidden to spawn any extra T1 units
  11. until
    Disturb the balance of Nature with the Power of Lost Souls in this rPvE 1p Contest. The more participate, the more Soulstones we will Raffle! Click here for more information
  12. Future events If you are interested in helping with these kinds of events for the community, or want to host one yourself, don't be afraid and simply reach out! Send @Metagross31 or @Minashigo Hiko a PM on the forum, or direct message via Discord (metagross31, minashigohiko). We are happy to assist you with upcoming events and with sponsoring towards your prize pool! We hope you have a lot of fun with this event and are looking forward to seeing all your spooky replays! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.
  13. Hello Skyladies, Skylords and other Skybeings, Welcome to a Halloween-Season PvE event! I remember, long was it ago, When I vanished, beneath earth's solemn throw. An Event Manager once, lively and grand, Whose absence turned into legend, across the land. But now the Spooky Season calls my name, Awakening my spirit, rekindling my flame. A Lost Soul, rising from the earthly bed, With haunting ideas that fill the night with dread. No longer gone, I’ve returned to my post, To host a Skylord Reborn's event, let's raise a ghostly toast. For
  14. Hey everyone, prizes have been send out! @Little_birdd can you dm me your ingame name? I couldnt find you under that name.
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