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  1. I thought you were using the same usual discord server. I am joining now, thanks!
  2. Newbie question: How do I activate the recording of replays? When I go to Documents>BattleForge>replays the only (visible) file is autosave.pmv and it is only 67KB. I just completed the challenge and wanted to send my game. EDIT: I just found the box in settings to enable saving all replays. I assume I lost all past replays but now it should record all replays right? __________________________________________________________ I did it at about 10 or 11 min. I had some problems getting to T3 and T4, hope I can improve before the 15th 😄
  3. I'm looking forward to participate! I have literally zero exp with PvP but imma give my best. Some question: Are there specific rules for the approaches to choose? Like e.g. ML reinforcement learning would be allowed? ML approaches most probably require CUDA and dedicated hardware, that could be a problem. The programs during the tournament will run locally in the competitor's machine or in your server?
  4. I have a similar issue. When I click the link to the installer to Google Drive I got the message in the image. It is in spanish, so it basically says that it contains virus and only the owner is able to download files marked as harmful. Any idea why this happens?
  5. That is actually an amazing idea. There is a new model that needs a voice sample of like 5 seconds and gives an almost perfect reproduction. Here is the link to the paper and a link to examples of what this does. I think this is the github repository of the implementation.
  6. Mine is the name of one of the greatest elves of the first age in the Tolkien's Legendarium. The only one in the history that married a Maia, a god-like creature.
  7. Hello, I am new here. All rewards will be given after the reset or just the Booster pack?
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