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  1. Just noticed this project is nearing it's 2nd birthday!

    Time flies for sure.

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    2. anonyme0273


      Long live BattleForge! <3 

    3. Sykole


      Hey Shalade,

      Long time no see :) 

    4. Shalade


      @Sykole I haven't posted much, but I've been on and off lately.

  2. 2400 + 3 posts
  3. 2376 posts and we aren't at 2400 yet
  4. 2345 is actually 12345 without the 1
  5. 2324, and now we need someone else for the 2325
  6. A test too simple for me, but that was fun ^^
  7. 2306 except persons would be correct in his sentence, even if it sounds weird.
  8. 2264, and remember what I said about double posting earlier please @Strek0za
  9. Welcome to the forums @Kugelsaat! 2239
  10. Grinder indeed. Used to represent a fundamental pillar to me in how BF was different from any other strategy game I've ever played. You don't get to see 10 m tall Axe-wielding stone giants nowadays in your average RTS game anymore.
  11. 2229!
  12. 2210 Please try not to double post
  13. No Lost without Souls