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    León, Spain
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    Strategy games, sci-fi and fantasy books/games/films, cold places, mountain climbing

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  1. Gheist

    The story behind your nick.

    First when i was 11\12 years, i used to have rabogordo as my nick. ( it means gross dick ). Then, forma obviously reasons i was banned from multiple games and had to change it. I played a tcg calles urban rivals in the browser. And my deck was full of gheist, a faction that uses poison and stuff like that. So i became gheist. Years later i met german people and they said gheist were pretty similar to a german word which means ghost. "Geist". So i kept the nick.
  2. Gheist


    Wish granted. A bear eats you while you are defending yourself with a spoon. I wish that every woman were redhead.
  3. Gheist

    Where are you from?

    Another spanish here ^^

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