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  1. I dont think its a good idea to put some cards in the ah, since many cards are useless and nobody will buy it, and others fill up a slot in almost every deck (For example T1 shaman in nature deck, or overlord in pure shadow deck, frost mage in frost.... etc), so the stock of that cards will be depleted in few days, then those players who bought it have the control of the market, i dont like how that sounds. Im up for the idea of giving for example 10 boosters to everyone who sign up beta, and luck will do the rest of the job. Someone can be very lucky and someone unlucky, but im sure in 10 boosters you will get something usefull for completing PVE maps and start saving bfp for buying pvp cards/whatever you want
  2. Gheist

    [Fanart] Drawings and their updates ✍

    Its not related to BF, but its related with BFR: 5 min melon lord:
  3. Gheist

    Minecraft server

    Im like dallarian, i dont have payed account. So if we can make server for the cracked client ill be happy to play in
  4. Gheist

    [Fanart] Drawings and their updates ✍

    Well done. Ill have apply shadows to all the yellow parts, just like the bot yellow part you made. But you got it mate Keep going
  5. Gheist

    [Fanart voting] Voting for my other thread

    @SilenceKiller99 Trust me, is not that hard to draw. It has a lot of lanes which makes easier to apply shadows. It just cost time for all the details. In my opinion the most difficult card to draw is dreadnought. Cause the human body doesnt have clearly lanes, its just all shadow effects.
  6. Gheist

    [Fanart voting] Voting for my other thread

    hahahahah 4 votes 1 for each xD @veryhasted you´ll see a shadow unit soon
  7. Gheist

    PvE groups

    ThomasMann: Melon deck
  8. Gheist

    PvE groups

    Gheist here Lost souls, pure dark and bandit decks, depend on map
  9. Gheist

    [Fanart] Drawings and their updates ✍

    Damn, i was thinking about drawing wrathgazer by myself... Would somebody mind if i take the wrathgazer suggestion?
  10. Gheist

    [Fanart] Drawings and their updates ✍

    @Lukaznid I dont know why my tablet trolls me, lets see if i can answer you: For shading the human body, the best thing you can do is to take a photograph at yourself with different angles and lights. So you can see how shadows change with light, but the best point is that you will see the shadows that are always there, even without light ( like the ¿visual holes? I mean the place around your eyes which is always darker than the rest of your face, for example. The neck and the lateral of the nose are more examples). Another tipo is to draw the parts in another paper. For example you want to draw an human face, you take a paper near and draw there an eye, an ear, mouth, nose.... Etc With this you learn how to apply shadows to each part, then when you draw the whole face, you know that eyes have shadow under it, one lip is bigger and darker than the other.... With a lot of practise, you will get this ínside your head and you automatically apply in your drawings and nevermore need to draw part by Part the human body Sure, send me a pm with your thoughts and dudes. When ill be in muy computer ill send you some vídeos and tricks for applying shadows and right proportions. P.S: srry for my english, this shit has the spanish corrector and it doesnt recognise english words.
  11. Gheist

    Let's play some games together until release!

    -Heroes of the storm -Minecraft -Borderlands 1/2/ Pre-sequel -Dota2 - ANY strategy game
  12. Gheist

    [Fanart] Drawings and their updates ✍

    Well, as @Kaliber84 said before, i was going to reccomend you to try on the aquarell pencils. It is a great way to put strong colour in your drawings. As an advice use 6b pencil for making surroundings, it isnt as strong as 4b. Its darker, but easier to delete, and it doesn´t make your paper touch like sandpapper. Want yo see the steps of your drawing. I try to explain what i said before with one of my drawings: This one was 5 years ago, when i was starting to draw. Look the surroundings, i had to made a really hard work to shade it. Also it looks bad in the places i couldnt do it. So if you do the surroundings with a 6b pencil, you can delete it later, or make it lighter, or just delete it completely when you are starting to put colour. http://imgur.com/46ZFcAu P.S: Note that every person has their own way of drawing, some of them see surroundigs, some just see shadows and reliefs. Some draw from inside to outside, and some backwards.... Drawing its all about being comfortable in your own way, test yourself in differents ways of drawing and take the one which you are at ease with. Keep drawing, you got talent mate Anything ask me P.S.2: I finished my exams, im gonna start drawing, i want a closed beta key
  13. Gheist

    The story behind your nick.

    First when i was 11\12 years, i used to have rabogordo as my nick. ( it means gross dick ). Then, forma obviously reasons i was banned from multiple games and had to change it. I played a tcg calles urban rivals in the browser. And my deck was full of gheist, a faction that uses poison and stuff like that. So i became gheist. Years later i met german people and they said gheist were pretty similar to a german word which means ghost. "Geist". So i kept the nick.

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