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  1. Iv4Ps

    Open Stress Test - All you need to know!

    I keep getting an error, can anybody help please ? TNF: ErrorInitializingDirectXFallback
  2. Iv4Ps

    Closed Beta Applications

    Hello everyone, my name is Gabriel, 20 years old, from Romania (here we have very fast internet). Right now it's summer vacation so I have a lot of free time in the next 3 months. I can put good hours into playing the game daily (up to 4 hours) !! I'd be thrilled to play this game for my entertainment and if I'd also be able to help with the testing, it'd be even better as you'd benefit as well. I will listen to any suggestions from you guys as to what I should be doing in the game and also respect the rules. I will make sure to indicate to a moderator every time I find a bug or a matter which should be put forward so that you will be aware of any possible problems with the server. I have played BF in 2013, for a few years, had 4 maxed out pure element decks and a few mixed. I put a lot of time into that account playing PvE and PvP often with friends and bought BFP as well. It would be some very exciting news for me to play the game again !! I hope you will consider my application and consider choosing me as part of the beta testing team as you will not regret it !! My Discord name is: Iv4Ps#1459
  3. Iv4Ps

    Who is around my age or older?

    20 years old
  4. Iv4Ps

    Stream Giveaway 15/06/17

    Little Lambs
  5. Iv4Ps

    What hypes you the most about BF?

    0OOO8080088888@880OC0GOOCOGCOGGOOOOOOOOOOOOOGCGGCGGGGGGGGOGG80888000888088880O088088888888@@8888000O088880888888888OGOGGOGGOCOOCOOOOOOOOOOOGGGCGCCCGGCCCC8@8088O00808880000088880808888888@8@@88OO0OO088880888888880OGOGGGOCOOCGGGOOOOOOOOOGGCCCGCCGCCCO888008O08@@0OO0088@8@8888888888888888888OOOOO0888800888888888G0CGOC0OCOOGGGOOOOOOGGGCO0CCCCCCCO8880O8O888808880808008G0@88@88888888@888@OOOOOO8880000808888880C8CGOGO8GCOOGCGOGGGGGO8800OOCCCC8880880888888@8888888800800888888888888888OOOOOO08800O00808888880G80GCGGG8OCOOOCGGGGO880O8O0GCC0888888888888808800G08800OO8G88888@88888000OOOOOO08880000008888888@OOOOOGCCGO80GOGCOGO80O8G0OOGC800OOG@008888880000088G800O08OO888888888000OOOOOO08800O0O00O0080888800OGOGCCGGGO0OOGCO80008O OCG O80O O8008888@0CO00O080O00OO08008888880880OOOOOO0880OO0GG0GO88088888808GOOGCGOOGCG80GCO800COOCGOCC00OGG00888CCCCGOOOOO0800OO00008888800888OOOOOO88O80CGGGGCGOOO08888@@8000OOGGOGG0OCOOGCC88808G @G 80OCC888GGCGCCGGGO80000008O0O8800000000OOOO000000OO0OCC CC GO08888888880O0GGOO0O08CCGGC CO8 O8O@ C8OG 0@0GGOCOGOOGGO800080008880800008COOOO08800O000OO00OCOGGO00088888888800OOOOOG88C O0 GOGO00 G0GG GG0O0O0OOOO0088008@0088800008CCOOOOOOOO0888000000008OOOO00008808888808OGOGGG080C0@G O80GGOC 8O0C G88000000088@8808808000880CGOOOOOOOOOOOOO0088888800080O0O0888888888888GGGGG880O0@0CCC@088OGOOCO80OCC0800008@888888O00000CG0G00OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO08808880088888888088088OOGOC88008@88GG8880@8008800OOGG8@@@8088O800@880CGCG00OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGGGGGGG880888@888888880888880OO0G8@8888888OOGO088888@OCGOG0C@@888@008CGG CCCG00OOOOOOOOOOOOOGGGGGGGGGGGGG0800088@@@8800888888800000@888O88888888888000O080O0O0GCCGO C 8COCO880000000OOOOOOGOGGGGGGGGGGGGOGO88088888@@88O880888800008@888@888888888000@000008OC CGCGO08GO@880000000OOO0OOOOOGGGGGGGGGGGGOOOO08808888@@888880800888888@88888888888@G888888OCCG0GC G CG0G08880000000000000OOOOOGGGGGGGGOOOOOOOOO8008008@@88888888808888@888888@8880C@0 O0OGCCCCG8CCC0@8OG88880000000000000OOOOOOOGGOGOOOOOO0OO00O00088088@8888888880888@80888@888@OOCCO0CCG008880888888OC88800000000000000OOOOOOO00OOOOOOOO00000000800080888@88888888888@8888888@0G@@8808@800008088O888GO00088888000000000000000000000000000O00O000888088888@@8888888@@88888888888C@8880880800O80880880G0800888880000000000000000000000000000000O00888880888088@@88888888888@8888OO@888880880GO8O88088OG800O88880008080000000000000000000000000000O80088880088@O8888888888888088@ 88880@8880O808080800G88G0888888000080000000000800000000000000000GCGO00888808888@8888888888808@@00008808088O88O80008O8GO8008888808808000008OGOOOOGO000000000000O000O088888888O@8@888888888888000GO0O00808O00008888008GGGO0088888888008888G8O00CCCGGO0080G800000OCCGOO0008888800@888888888888800808888OO0000088880O80000800O88888888808GCOOOGGOOGOGO800000O88GOO0000008888888880888888880C@8O8@@@G0@0@@80O8O0088O088880888000888888G08000O8808O0GG0O0800000OO0OOGOOGGOOO0888888888880088@888@8@@@@@@8@@@@800C8O0000800OO088888880G88OO80080@880OG888808808000880880O00888888888888880808088888@8@@@@8@@@@@80OO8888888888880O8880080000OO0088888O808088888088088880088888888888888888808O80880@@@@@@@@@@@8088G0O@88888@8@@@88800000088800088O08888888888888888880888888888888888888888O0OG00O88@88@@80088O8O00OO0888888888888008O0080008000000888888888888088888@80888888888888888888O80G0OO80000O8@88GO88GG08GOG@8888888888800000000080000O0000088880888888088@8880888@8888888888888O8O0@80O00008088C080COGO8OOO@888888888880000000O080000GOOO0000880888800888888888888888@0008@8880000088O8000OO088OOCG08OO0OO88888888888@800OO0000088000O00000888880880800888888888888800@880@8@88008O00000888OOGGC00@80OO0O0888888888008808800000088808O808888888888880008888088888808@880@88@88880808000O0OGOO08888880G0G088888888888808000O0000088888088000008888@88000888888888888808@8888888888008888808888888000OOOO08888888888888880000OO0888800OO0OO0OO888888888888808888888888@8@888@8808800000OO00888808000OOG0888888@8888888888000080088888000000000808888080080000088888@88@@@88880000000000000OO8088800O0O88888888888@@888888OOO00000888888808808000000880000080000888888888888800000000000000000808888O08888088888888@88888888880000O0088880000000880000000000088088888888880O0888000000008880888888@08@80888888808800880808888800080000888888888800000OOOO00800088800080808888888008888@8888888808800008888888880000000O800800800008808880888888808000000008888888888888888888888888888888@888888880008888088800880000OOO0O@8888000O0080088888888080000088888880888888888888888888888888888888@88888008888880OOO0888800OOOO8888000088000088888008880000088888888888888888888888888888888888888@88888888888800000008888800088880000888880000088088880000088888888888888888800008888888888888888888888888888888888@8@88888888 What does this look like ?
  6. Iv4Ps

    Who is happy?

  7. Iv4Ps


    So suppose they will start the open beta this year, at first there will surely be a lot of players on the server, which is great as we need players to make the game more enjoyable, but gradually the number of players will probably become steady, unchanging. What do you guys think that number will be ? How interested are people in the community ? Maybe let's say 30 players at any time of the day. I want to hear your opinions.
  8. Iv4Ps

    The legendary forum game "count"

  9. Iv4Ps

    The legendary forum game "count"

    ②③①⑧ (っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ 2318 ♥
  10. We'll stop using "Soon" as a deadline and start running with actual timelines. Can you at least say that in a month we will have a release date for open beta ??
  11. Iv4Ps

    [Giveaway] Tell us your story !

    how do i delete a post ? ( this one )
  12. Iv4Ps

    [Giveaway] Tell us your story !

    I started playing BattleForge exactly 6 years ago on February 2011. I was 13 back then. I remember it being a cold wintry day, after coming back from school, in the evening, I was browsing the internet for some games. I was looking at reviews or some top 10s. And I saw a trailer of this game, I thought 'Wow, this game has good graphics, it can potentially be fun.'. http://imgur.com/7sknQRI Then I got in and, I didn't know what to do of course, there were lots of menus, tabs, options, so I thought the forge was all there is to it. The next day I told my friend about it, he got on, and he figured it out quickly, he was more experienced in video games in general. So we started playing PvEs with starting decks, stupid mixture decks. After a while I got used to the trading system, auctions, upgrades and so on. Eventually I had 4 decks for PvP with pure Nature, Shadow, Fire and Frost and a few mixed. I was always trying to explore new strategies for 1v1 PvP by watching videos on youtube or trying out stuff on my own. When the game was closed in 2013, my friend called me and told me the news. I was really sad for the hours and money I invested and because I was really attached to the game. I realized that we become fully aware of how much we value something only once its gone... After a while, when I was thinking about all the good games that were closed because they were not making enough money, among which are Battle Froge, Fantasy Tennis 2 and I was feeling a bit nostalgic. Then I thought I should see whether there were any changes in their status. So I went on the web and saw a few forums, petitions on the matter, but there was one site that drew my attention with an interesting idea to bring back the game, called BfReborn at the time. Then I read more on what you were trying do accomplish and I thought it was an amazing idea, I am excited that it doesn't have to be over. 'If something is over, make it not be.' That is exactly what you guys are doing, I am very grateful to you for all the work you have done to bring this amazing game back and it would be the best if I could just experience it again, thank you !

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