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  1. MrXLink

    [Official] My Improved CardBase

    Please don't refer to CardBase for map drops. The database loot lists can currently not be edited and the one in charge is unreachable right now. Sorry for that! Please refer to this instead:
  2. MrXLink

    Boosters for new players....

    The reason the startup time was implemented is due to drastic measures that needed to be taken against serious system and account abuse that came forth from Hawk's decision to give every account free boosters from the get-go. This issue was foreseen but we decided to find out how big abuse and it's effects would get, and the results have been overwhelmingly troubling. Just calling the issues and abuse the free boosters have caused "multiaccounting" really doesn't do it justice. From both a player experience and a programming point of view, untradeable cards is something we really want to avoid. Not only will this cause confusion among traders but it may also promote scamming and abuse, and we strive to keep these issues at a minimum and as easy to deal with as possible; having to do untradeability checks as a new user is one more step in trade complexity that we do not want our players to have to go through. During the closed test phases of the project we came to the conclusion that this "dead" time limit would be the least impactful on player experience as it would be a reasonable one-off gap to cross. Remember the original BattleForge did not even allow trades until a certain level in PvP or PvE was reached. However, we already have plans for future updates (determined far back into the alpha stages) that may make this start-up period more bearable for newcomers while not benefiting or promoting abuse: We will introduce a soft-cap BFP gain system that rewards BFP for playtime indefinitely (replacing the daily "play for X minutes" quest). This system will be focused around rewarding more BFP in your first few games, and less BFP the more you play, but a good BFP gain nonetheless to keep rewarding those who play a lot without dramatically hurting those with less time to spare. I am currently considering to have this system bypass the startup stage but having it completely capped at a lower rate by default until the account is fully unlocked. This way new accounts still have access to boosters and card variety while multiaccounting will net a significant disadvantage as opposed to playing on your main. New and themed boosters are in development. BFP earned will be able to be spent on these new types of booster. Due to possible differences in price we will leave this to be determined by the players spending BFP themselves so they can choose whether to go for more cheap boosters (e.g. bigger pools) or a few expensive boosters, whatever aligns to their tastes or spending habits. This exposes new players to the game's card variety and leaves them in control of what faction(s) they pursue. Hopefully these future changes will make the startup phase of accounts a more pleasant experience without exposing the project and community to abuse. We are not considering to decrease the startup time or implement untradeable cards anytime soon, but we do aim to make these measures as bearable as is feasible.
  3. MrXLink

    Open Stress Test - All you need to know!

    I would like to refer to what I wrote in the thread above as to why we give you no estimations or deadlines.
  4. MrXLink

    Estimated time for release?

    I don't mind the detail that this topic is getting into, but just for the sake of clarity and to give you a definitive answer to the topic's question: We can't give you any estimation time regarding our development progress due to the sheer uncertainty and unpredictable nature of this project and its development team. Considering BF is a complex and strange game when it comes to code, and due to us working in our spare time, we can't make any accurate prediction. Any ETAs made in the past that we were unable to abide by due to sudden bugs, sudden dev inactivity or development hindrances, have caused serious backlashes, flamewars, accusations and unnecessary conflict within the community. This in combination with development uncertainty sadly turns us to not be able to give you any semblance of an ETA for the sake of the game and community environment's health and atmosphere, and to not give you any sort of false expectations. Sorry about that, but we believe it's in everyone's best interest in the end to not set or announce any deadlines.
  5. Hello Sir,

    i Wrote a post at several bans. I would be thankful if you reply to it :/.


    Greetings :)

    1. BurningWorld


      I've made a mistake just ignore this message, thanks :D 


  6. MrXLink

    32 bit

    Yes, as Kubik just stated, Hawk or Aviat0r will be working on an update for the game updater that allows you to swap between 32 and 64-bit to support your system. The launcher already supports this, what's left to do is to make the updater apply it.
  7. MrXLink

    unfortunate but reality

    Banning or punishing toxic players isn't anything new, really. Especially with the current gaming trends of MOBA and Battle Royale cultures, and with gaming getting bigger and bigger amongst everyone in general, toxicity needs to be taken seriously and is therefore against the rules. Anything that's against the rules is subject to their respective actions, penalties and/or bans depending on severity. As @Ultrakool stated, being toxic isn't the same as being unfriendly. If we would ban anyone for any remark we deem to be offensive, that would indeed be over the top. However, high levels of toxicity such as grave and/or repeated insults, obscenity, personal attacks, or anything in the rules that is deemed to be severe enough will be considered to be a threat against the community and/or the global experience of the game and its environment and will result in measures being taken as is stated in the global rules. We all know people can sometimes have bad days or suffer from bad sportsmanship, and while we encourage people to behave appropriately, have/learn proper manners, be friendly and supportive and keep their rage to themselves if needed, we do differentiate between unfriendliness and toxicity, and frankly that's not the hardest difference to spot.
  8. MrXLink


    PM stands for Private Message, which means you should not discuss these matters publicly. I've sorted things out though.
  9. MrXLink


    Please under no circumstances create an additional account. This is against the rules and may get you banned without being able to reverse it. Please PM me the email and username of the old account to delete the old one.
  10. help me plz

    I do not get battleforge point from watch list.


  11. edit

    1. Eddio


      Shouldn't this have been sent in a pm?

  12. MrXLink

    Will be accounts reseted?

    Yes. Direct quote from the topic you should read before installing/playing the game:
  13. MrXLink

    "Slow mode" for AH?

    I'm not too keen on having price ranges. This would manipulate a free market, and BattleForge has always been unique due to an unconstrained market. I would prefer to keep it this way. However, preventing new auction creations for an hour or two seems like a good solution. We would need to make the individual cards unauctionable though, we can look into the possibilities there. I do not want to restrict all trades, however. If you as a player feel the need to buy a card from AH to complete a direct trade deal with someone, this should be possible. If we leave cards tradeable, but restrict auctionable time, that would be a great solution to this problem.
  14. MrXLink

    Old EA Accounts

    It is also answered in the FAQ, the thread everyone should read before using the search function before making a new topic: /closed
  15. MrXLink

    Wipe after Open Stress Test?

    The answer is in the FAQ. Please read it before making topics, saves you a lot of time

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