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  1. MrXLink

    Open Beta Information

    The aforementioned questions are important to have answered, and Kiwi has explained well how everyone in the team would answer them. I would like to add to your second point that alongside the programming department having issues with setting up realistic deadlines for the work they are doing (taking personal time into account), this is not your average game development process you're looking at. What we are doing is reviving a pre-existing game through the same game files and code. Now, normally programming is already an unpredictable task, in which bugs are like hydras; one gets fixed, 2 more appear. In this project, it's like fighting an army of hydras while having no idea where they come from. We did not write the code that our server code needs to interact with, and we do not know the game's code or files inside-out, no matter how much we figure out ourselves. Not only does this make coding highly difficult, but also extremely unpredictable. Where you may be able to expose patterns in your own code's flaws, BattleForge is a labyrinth, and bugs may take minutes to fix, or may take days, weeks or months to fix. That is the margin of error we work with here, and it's not pretty. Combine this with the fact that people have other duties, jobs, and lives to maintain, and there we get a massive uncertainty level for this project's level of progress. We do progress, but the speeds at which we do so varies depending on all these circumstances; it all adds up. You can't expect the team to work steadily and come across as little bugs as possible, you can't expect us to spend all the time we have on this project either. We're never getting paid for this, we don't always have time, and we're all not capable of working constantly. And as much as we all hate the wait, there is no other option than to progress in the way we currently do. If we were doing a complete remake of the game (which would definitely get the project killed), or if we would know every detail about the way the game was originally programmed, we would have a higher probability to make realistic deadlines, but the fact of the matter is that we don't. And with this absurdly high level of uncertainty, we stopped making deadlines, because we would only hurt the community by doing so for no good reason, and we do not want to disappoint you with yet another wrong prediction.
  2. MrXLink

    Peoples we need 1 mod form poland.

    We're not appointing a mod for a specific region nor translating the forums or news as we don't want to officially separate the community, as relatively small as it is now. Closing this as the topic has been dealt with and all that happened was off-topic banter. /closed
  3. MrXLink

    FIFA World Cup 2018

    Closed by request.
  4. MrXLink

    Closed Beta Applications

    Due to an overwhelming amount of responses and potential new testers, we will be closing this thread down at midnight! (13/06/18 - 0:00 AM CET) If you were holding back from applying and still want to join in, now is your time to shine!
  5. When/if we get to balancing (which might take a while and/or not be possible), I will make sure to be careful about metas and all that. However, with balancing come meta shifts. For some, this is a great thing, for others it's annoying, but it sure encourages trying out new things. The state that Phenomic left the balance of the game in is not fantastic in terms of PvP, but it was acceptable enough back in the day. If I were to touch PvP balance, I would do so through close community communication and take the time needed to come up with a reasonable solution for balancing problems. However, if we get to balancing, I would highly prioritise getting unused cards to be more viable in at the very least PvE. There are a lot of cards that have potential, but just don't make the cut for any deck, and I'd like to change that. It's the least impactful thing to do as compared to directly tweaking and balancing frequently used PvP cards and strategies, and it would allow us to see whether it works, as well as seeing how balancing affects the community. So, huge meta shifts will be unlikely for a while, but if possible I do intend to make the game better and more enjoyable for everyone. This might take quite a while though before we even get there, so don't worry about it for now
  6. MrXLink

    Important: Open Beta Status Announcement

    The GDPR exists to protect data and how we use the data we collect. Think about the recent facebook scandal, that sort of thing. From what I can gather, our project is quite far out of the danger zone. We don't collect user data without consent, nor do we use anything we log for any activities outside the game itself. We don't even store your credentials; we don't have a store and Patreon is responsible for our donation platform. We have basic information such as your IPs, email addresses, and so on, but those all are not private data that we are using without your consent (by creating an account) or sharing with third parties. Additionally, our rules are clear and we are able to provide the data collected if ultimately necessary. All in all, it's extremely unlikely that these GDPR changes will have any influence on us, since we already barely collect any data (especially not sensitive data) and we don't fiddle around with any of your data to third parties either. The minimal data we get is safe with us, and the project shouldn't be influenced by this.
  7. MrXLink

    [Official] My Improved CardBase

    These are now fixed.
  8. MrXLink

    [Official] My Improved CardBase

    I have made a few major updates to the API and therefore Allcards: Fixed ALL missing information on promo cards Updated all promo cards' abilities to properly reflect their upgraded state, excluding ability power costs (uneditable/nonexistent in API) Updated all promo cards to list that they have no upgrades as they are fully upgraded by default Fixed missing orb info for Legendary cards Fixed missing orb info for several Twilight cards, Protector's Seal, and Sunken Temple Fixed missing ability name and description for Flame Crystal Fixed missing ability names and descriptions for Lord Cyrian Fixed Easter Egg's affinity Fixed invalid characters in the ability description of both Warden's Sigils Correctly updated Lyrish Knight and his Protector ability to include Steadfast as an ability unlisted on the card image Correctly updated Treespirit abilities to match their affinities and to be in their correct order Updated hidden information on Linked Fire, Egg Hunt and Rage (@gnomgrol you are more than welcome to include this info in Allcards!) Fixed some spelling and grammar errors on several card descriptions Please quote/contact me for additional ability/card description/API alterations, as I manage the database (to the extent I can).
  9. MrXLink

    [Official] My Improved CardBase

    Try changing one of the filters. They pop up for me if I do. I am able to edit orb information now, so please quote me if you see anything orb-related that needs fixing. I am currently aware that a lot of filters are messed up because the orb info has defaulted to zero on some cards.
  10. MrXLink

    [Official] My Improved CardBase

    If there is any wrong data (like descriptions, image, damage type, rarity) that does NOT include strange characters or the number or colour of orbs, it's likely an error in our API. If so, please quote me to fix it; Gnomgrol can't fix these issues. The number and individual colour of orbs is sadly currently not accessible to me.
  11. Mr Link, i can recall you posted something about battleforge cards that were real and physical, printed by some folks over in europe. do they still make them and if so could i have a link to by some from them?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. MrXLink


      You mean this thread: 

      You can still print them in nice quality at http://www.printerstudio.de/ provided you have the files.


    3. Yogababa


      thank you!!


    4. Fauchderial


      I'll check this when I'll be back ;)


  12. MrXLink

    Why isn't this already a thing?

    Are all those other methods even things anymore? I didn't recall this being editable since we went over to IPB, but things have changed since then. I have updated that with a plethora of contact methods and social media, it only makes sense. /locked
  13. MrXLink

    Important: Open Beta Status Announcement

    As @Skhan and others already noticed and pointed out, @fiki574 had made an edit to the first post in this topic with a different estimation. As you all know, Fiki is always hyped and invested in the project and really wants to give you all estimations of when he's done, often not foreseeing possible consequences and further postponing, and especially missing the impact this can cause for all of you Skylords. The edit was made without the team's consent or knowledge in an attempt to clear things up for you all; he meant well, but the way he handled the situation was no less than inappropriate and unacceptable behaviour towards the community. We deeply apologise for the conflict and confusion this has caused, and it has turned us to more strongly abide by the statements we made in the first post of this topic. We are no longer providing you with release dates. We truly are of mind that it upsets and overhypes more community members to an unhealthy extent, than it is actually helpful and supportive towards the community. While I admire your loyalty and steadfastness (I have seen absolutely no community with this much dedication), it is absolutely unfair to have to keep disappointing you, making promises the programmers can't adhere to, and getting you all ready and excited for something that might not even come at said date. I would like to reassure you all, Skylords, that we will never sneak edit something into an announcement to change something important or groundbreaking. We have taken measures to prevent this incident in the possible future, and we will always keep you updated on any definitive information on progression and release estimations as soon as we know it. There will be no estimated dates on the forums or on the devplatform unless we are utterly and absolutely sure we will be able to adhere by these dates, for example if everything runs well and is basically ready for testing, but there are still some tiny, not completely intrusive bugs we need to iron out. Once again, we deeply apologise for what happened here, and we have dealt with the situation. Please do not fret about the lack of release dates; we promise that Open Beta is well underway and we are working as hard and fast as we can to bring it to you as soon as possible. Our beta testers can confirm that we're actually progressing, and we will keep progressing for you all! Apologies, sincerely, and on behalf of the SR Team, MrXLink, Community Manager
  14. MrXLink

    Booster same card x2

    There used to be a bug that caused boosters not to be as random, and same cards/different affinities to appear more often, but as far as I recall this was fixed by Fiki a while ago.
  15. MrXLink

    Battleforge Esport scene

    We don't have the rights to the game, so this is a no-go in general with regards to sponsors and teams and such. However, we can do community tournaments and such, as long as that stays within the community.

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