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  1. It could be considered as an option, but we can't really say anything for sure about what happens then. Depends on the circumstances and we'd discuss the options within the team. It could definitely be an option but we can't say for sure what we would decide.
  2. Sorry to hear you're upset and spreading "dead" messages. However, we'd like to tell you that the game's far from dead. There's background issues going on to do with the whole Ardent Peak situation, that we can't rush dealing with. In addition, this thread is dedicated to bugs that are still present, and the server architecture is not all that optimal at the moment, suspending Open Beta for a bit longer. You are more than welcome to not watch our streams if it makes your experience worse, but the project is very much alive and we as always strive to bring Open Beta and the game itself to the community as soon as we can. As with all game projects though, issues arise and problems get in the way of development sometimes, and we hope you are able to excuse us for this natural course of things. Apologies for the wait, and in the meantime I hope you can find it in you to stay hyped for the eventual release of this project, as it will be there. PS: This project and its hype haven't even existed for 2 full years yet, so I wonder where you're getting these numbers from. Regardless I hope you can see that we're working on this as best as we can.
  3. Necroing is not going to help you with that.
  4. Question answered, topic closed.
  5. No, this doesn't mean that once these bugs are resolved, you can play. There are many background issues that need to be addressed, as well as server stability still not being the greatest. We'll let you know when we get to an open beta state.
  6. BF works on Windows 10. /closed
  7. 8/10 can't really go wrong with Adrian von Ziegler. Simple yet emotional, I'm into it. I find this entire soundtrack very comforting to listen to. This is one of the more tense songs
  8. Aside from all the dragons, I'd go for Deepcoil Worm. It was my first expensive card, and it's just such an iconic and beautiful card for the game. Really suited it well, always gives me a lot of nostalgia. Northstar and Cluster Explosion do a lot for me, too.
  9. A lot of Twilight passive abilities only trigger when transformed, such as Mutating Maniac's Hex ability, or Vileblood's Liquids ability, which can actually impact a battle significantly if used correctly. Twilight Minions' Incentive ability can be a really great boost in case you have an army of Small units for example. You will then later be able to transform those small units into bigger, more useful units in later stages of the game. Twilight Transformation counts as a summon and does consume the charge, but reduces the power cost to summon said card by 15%. This means that it most potently saves you 39 power when transforming into a Nightshade Plant. This is especially useful if your army consists of small disposable units. Additionally, Transformation can be done in the heat of battle, without the spawned unit ever being dazed, and transfers health on a percentual basis. Transforming into a flying unit, although this is a one-way path, can save your units from being attacked by ground units as well. I must agree that the Twilight Transformation is a rather weak ability, and would prefer it to either not consume charges, or reduce the power cost a bit further than only 15%. But those are just wild ideas.
  10. Greetings Skylords, Skyladies, Skythings Ever wondered what kind of personality you truly have? In psychology, there's a general 16-category personality model called the Myers-Briggs model (MBTI). It consists of filling in a lot of questions that will determine your personality based on whether you're Introverted/Extraverted, Observant/Intuitive, Thinking/Feeling, and Prospecting/Judging. There's been a lot of research on this over the past few years. I personally did a test on this about 8 years ago, and another about 2 years ago for game audience research and player profiling. I've noticed that this test has become increasingly popular and there's quite a nice and descriptive website, https://www.16personalities.com/free-personality-test, that offers you a free test to see what profile you are. Just wondering what the community is up to personality-wise I am personally expecting a lot of INTP, ENTP and ISTJ kind of people around here, but that's just a wild guess from what I know and remember the community to behave like. You can find all types here: https://www.16personalities.com/personality-types Please do not judge people by their MBTI and keep discussions at a level that conforms with the forum rules. I'll just go ahead and get you guys up to speed by posting my own results right here. I'm quite clearly classified as INFP-T according to this test. It's funny to see how I've developed my personality across 8 years, as I used to be borderline INTP/INTJ, always sort of in the grey area. My current result, however, seems to be very clear and very expressive about me being INFP by heart. Things like "Never stop dreaming" and "Keep holding on" seem to pop up here, and I think it's pretty accurate of the kind of dwagin I am. Here's my percentage results: So what's your MBTI? I'm truly curious to see what personalities you all have within this test. It's always fascinating to see what kind of people you all are Feel free to post your results below, and discuss stuff
  11. I consider this as advertising, you're not removing formatting, telling anything about this, and it's not even about BattleForge. Therefore I'm closing this thread. /closed
  12. We have nothing to do with those discs or codes to redeem BFP, so even if we would have the possibility to have those codes redeemed, we couldn't as we don't have access to it. On top of that, BFP values will be different in Skylords Reborn. The discs and code system belong to EA/Phenomic, and won't work in Skylords Reborn.
  13. Hey MrXLink!

    I just wrote this post (Almost)

    Tell me what you think of it, i'm looking forward to your response :)



    1. anonyme0273


      As far as I know, moderators read most, if not all, posts by themselves. If they have something to say to them, or just want to join the discussion, they will do it with no need of a notice like this :)

  14. I mean, I wouldn't see why it would be a bad idea to pre-load the game (aka download the client) a bit before we release it. We'd keep the servers closed until release or at least inaccessible though, and as long as we announce that is the case until game release. Seems like a decent idea.
  15. Check if there is a DirectX 12 update available in Windows Update. If it is already up to date I am not sure what you can do, other than what you already tried :/