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  1. MrXLink

    unfortunate but reality

    Banning or punishing toxic players isn't anything new, really. Especially with the current gaming trends of MOBA and Battle Royale cultures, and with gaming getting bigger and bigger amongst everyone in general, toxicity needs to be taken seriously and is therefore against the rules. Anything that's against the rules is subject to their respective actions, penalties and/or bans depending on severity. As @Ultrakool stated, being toxic isn't the same as being unfriendly. If we would ban anyone for any remark we deem to be offensive, that would indeed be over the top. However, high levels of toxicity such as grave and/or repeated insults, obscenity, personal attacks, or anything in the rules that is deemed to be severe enough will be considered to be a threat against the community and/or the global experience of the game and its environment and will result in measures being taken as is stated in the global rules. We all know people can sometimes have bad days or suffer from bad sportsmanship, and while we encourage people to behave appropriately, have/learn proper manners, be friendly and supportive and keep their rage to themselves if needed, we do differentiate between unfriendliness and toxicity, and frankly that's not the hardest difference to spot.
  2. MrXLink


    PM stands for Private Message, which means you should not discuss these matters publicly. I've sorted things out though.
  3. MrXLink


    Please under no circumstances create an additional account. This is against the rules and may get you banned without being able to reverse it. Please PM me the email and username of the old account to delete the old one.
  4. help me plz

    I do not get battleforge point from watch list.


  5. edit

    1. Eddio


      Shouldn't this have been sent in a pm?

  6. MrXLink

    Will be accounts reseted?

    Yes. Direct quote from the topic you should read before installing/playing the game:
  7. MrXLink

    "Slow mode" for AH?

    I'm not too keen on having price ranges. This would manipulate a free market, and BattleForge has always been unique due to an unconstrained market. I would prefer to keep it this way. However, preventing new auction creations for an hour or two seems like a good solution. We would need to make the individual cards unauctionable though, we can look into the possibilities there. I do not want to restrict all trades, however. If you as a player feel the need to buy a card from AH to complete a direct trade deal with someone, this should be possible. If we leave cards tradeable, but restrict auctionable time, that would be a great solution to this problem.
  8. MrXLink

    Old EA Accounts

    It is also answered in the FAQ, the thread everyone should read before using the search function before making a new topic: /closed
  9. MrXLink

    Wipe after Open Stress Test?

    The answer is in the FAQ. Please read it before making topics, saves you a lot of time
  10. MrXLink

    Estimated time to release

    The project will be released when it gets released. Whenever it's done. We can't give any estimation, please stop asking for an estimation because we are unable to provide you with a satisfactory answer. Please read this thread thoroughly. /closed
  11. Hi xLink, i was banned and i was guilty for multiaccounting. i know i did wrong. but now im just tryin to play with one and only account and you guys banning my one account over and over. can you just let me play with this?

    1. fiki574


      Nope, you broke the rule about multiaccounting, you won't be able to play at all. You should have thought about this previously

    2. Xeapor


      Dude, read the rules before playing. Multiaccounting is explicitly against the rules.

      I am afraid this is your own fault and it is extremely unlikely that you can play again.

    3. TheSInEater


      those who cheat pay the price

  12. Greetings, Skylords, Skyladies and other Skythings, We would like to remind you all that we do not condone making multiple accounts in any way, be it for reward/progression system abuse in-game, shadowing your identity, circumventing penalties, or literally any other reason. Multiaccounting is strictly forbidden, and we are currently enforcing a zero-tolerance policy on this subject matter. In other words, those who have created multiple accounts will lose their game access without warning or negotiation, until the end of time. Please also note that these bans will affect you, but may also affect those around you, leaving you responsible for friends, family, roommates and so on, also losing access to the game. Accounts in households, shared computers, or shared dwellings should not affect our system, and if you stick by our regulations, you should all have nothing to worry about. Creating multiaccounts is especially pointless in this stage of the game, as anything you could possibly use them for, such as abusing our reward systems, will be completely wiped at the very least at the end of our testing phases, and all the time and effort you put into this abuse is lost forever, which is a shame and a true waste for yourself. Abusing the system only puts you at risk of never being able to play this game again, and we assume that that's the sole reason why you are here in the first place. Please take this into consideration, as these situations are dealt with mercilessly. We and our system are purging and permanently banning hundreds of accounts every single day. Thousands of accounts have already been compromised, and thousands of discrepancies have already been cleared. We advise those who have attempted to multiaccount to not risk being next. Please consider the pointlessness of your actions and realise that if you have any desire to play BattleForge again, play it fairly, play it normally, and play it the way it was meant to be played. Nobody likes a cheater, especially not if they put others at risk. If you have not been banned or purged by our systems yet, there is still time to redeem yourself! Multiaccounting regrets can be reported to me or the Moderation Team on any platform, and may allow you to retain your game access while we purge all your alternate accounts and reset your main account. Repeated offenses or lies will still result in penalties, but we highly assume that if you PM us, you have a sincere desire to keep playing the game rule-abidingly. To make sure everyone is aware of this, there are warnings in place on our forums as well as in-game, and additional clarification has been added to the Global Rules (Rule 3.1). Also be reminded that this specific rule is a part of our Terms of Service (ToS) and our Registration Policy, meaning that by creating your account, you agree with the risks of multiaccounting and accept the loss of your access must you infringe the rules. Please also note our main warning: https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/announcement/29-beware-multiaccounting-may-cause-permabans/ We apologise for our harsh approach towards this situation, but the huge increase of multiaccounting attempts as well as the hundreds of accounts being destroyed on a daily basis have forced us into this mentality. We hope you understand our concern and abide by the rules to make the forums as well as the game a safe, enjoyable, and wholesome place.
  13. MrXLink

    Next wipe

  14. MrXLink

    Skylords Reborn Official Loot List

    Here's an update: Lightblade (Shadow) was a typo and has been assigned to Blight Decomposer has been added to Convoy (all difficulties) Nox Carrier (Frost) was a typo and has been changed to Nox Carrier (Fire) Stone Tempest (Nature) was a typo and has been changed to Stone Tempest (Frost) Frost Shard U1 has been assigned to Oracle - Standard Lost Vigil (Shadow) U1 has been assigned to Blight - Standard Lost Spirit Ship (Nature) U1 has been assigned to Raven's End - Standard Sylvan Gate (Frost) U1 has been assigned to The Treasure Fleet - Standard Evocator's Woe (Shadow) U1 has been assigned to Nightmare's End - Standard Soulshatter U1 has been assigned to Nightmare Shard - Standard Grim Bahir (Fire) U1 has been assigned to Convoy - Standard Dying Breed (Nature) was a typo and has been assigned to Nightmare's End Loot list sheet has been updated accordingly.
  15. MrXLink

    Starter Deck

    As @Treim already stated, there has been a huge amount of thought and discussion regarding the starter decks behind the scenes already. There are many reasons, rules and thought processes to take into account for these starter decks, and they were mainly set to promote variety, introduce intriguing game mechanics (such as affinities and multi-coloured cards), and give a good impression of what each colour has to offer. A large influence is also to introduce existing players to niches and get people out of their standard comfort zone to create new strategies or perhaps see value in cards they would never have even considered buying or trying in the first place. The high amount of boosters and BFP available should swiftly help to get the Common card pool expanded regardless, and should not be hard to obtain and vary about at all. We would like users to be grateful and happy when they get Tremor or Lava Field in a booster, rather than looking at them as just another starter card copy. We have always been of mind to not give out all cards in the start to give a sense of progression. The "everyone gets all commons" suggestion would throw progression mechanics over so much, rendering half of a booster's content useless and limiting the card pool by hundreds of cards, that we would never think of that. Currently, starter cards are untradable unless you have obtained more copies of them. This should inherently solve multiaccounting problems. Starting boosters will also become untradable soon (or so we hope). A rash decision was made for the starter boosters without consulting design, and has now led to huge multiaccounting abuse. We intend to solve that as well, but I digress. In a short summary, these are the major points that were taken into consideration for creating each deck: Promote card variety at all costs and give people a new experience; try to divert from old starter cards as much as possible as per community and staff request Decks will be changed to frost/nature and fire/shadow as opposed to the original starter decks for this reason Increase starter deck size from 16 to 20 to give newcomers more immediate options and room to work with Provide 5 T1 cards of each colour to allow for multiple starting approaches All cards must be Common in order to prevent devaluation of cards of other rarities, inherently harder to get in boosters. All tiers of all cards in the deck (and T1 supplements) must contain the following: At least 2 Unit cards At least one ranged and one melee unit Preferably of different damage types At least 1 Spell card At least 1 Structure card All decks must at least have 3 dual-orb cards to introduce players to the concept of dual-orb benefits, strategies, and similarities All decks must have several different affinity varieties All decks must be able to have all cards usable at each tier (e.g. no T3 cards of which one requires 2 shadow orbs and the other 2 fire orbs) Chosen cards must show visual/mesh variety, preferably within their respective decks (e.g. Tempest/Stone Tempest as starter cards) Chosen cards must clearly reflect their colour's main purpose, without penalising too much for using cards wrongly (e.g. without much opportunity to fuck up as Shadow) Nature cards should focus on high Crowd Control and healing Frost cards should focus on defensive strategies, slows, and structures Fire cards should focus on aggression, high direct damage, besieging, and joint combat Shadow cards should focus on high buffs, corpse collection, and a little risk, but preferably not having too much impact if handled wrong (e.g.Mutating Frenzy, Stone of Torment, Knight of Chaos are all easy to greatly mess up with if not carefully handled) Stonekin cards should focus on high defense, but having a decent offensive incentive Bandit cards should focus on clever use of cards/abilities to regain health in combat through Lifestealer To aid progression and ease the annoyance that some players have with having to start all over, Offering (G) has been added to help take away frustration when it comes to lacking charges T4 cards can not be changed whatsoever due to the lack of usable T4 common cards As you can see, there's a lot of aspects that have been taken into account while making these decks. Certainly, this does not make them perfectly ideal for every situation, but it adds a blend to deck consistency, variety, mechanics introductions, and splashes. I do understand that both decks are quite extreme in their purpose, which provides a good main approach for multiplayer matches (having an aggressive and a supportive player/deck), and through the starting decks being 20 cards each, it is still possible (and encouraged) to make 17-card decks that blend these extremes together, and you'd still have 1 more card than the original game would set your decks up with (16). It is about experimentation and a clear significance of deck and colour purposes that should instil a mentality of experimentation, variation, and mixing things up, and these decks give a decent side of possibilities for each colour, exposing their risks and rewards more clearly. These decks are just as much focused on units as the original starting decks were. Frost/Nature has 8 units (imho justified by both factions being highly spell-based), Fire/Shadow has 9, whereas both starter decks in the original game had 9 each. Not too much of a difference there, and there is room for variety in card types. As far as complexity goes, especially on the shadow side of things, cards are less penalising than they were before. Blaster Cannon might be a bit tough to get at first (though the affinity was specifically selected so that this wouldn't be too harsh on players), but you really should not underestimate player capabilities. Cards like Spirit Hunters, Ravage, Necroblaster and Frost Bite may look complex at first glance, but are actually pretty straightforward. If people could handle cards like Mutating Frenzy, Stone of Torment (both with high risk and highly confusing effects) and Magma Spore (with its weird, specific targeting), the current starter cards should not be that overwhelming. They help with a lot of introductions the original starter decks couldn't give, like affinities, splashes, and even void power and cost reduction (Banner of Glory, Breeding Grounds). The affinity cards are important to have, as they do not only mark an important game feature that people need to know about, but also mark expansion cards, which have been a game-changing addition to BattleForge and should honestly be introduced very soon to get the full, developed experience of what BattleForge was after all its updates. Do remember that our progression is significantly increased compared to the old BF, and starter decks can be altered in a really low amount of time to suit everyone's needs. I just think that the current starter decks (and lots of discussion about if internally) should be sufficient to not prove to be too harsh of an introduction, yet bring way more mechanics, features, and variety to new and returning players alike than the old decks did. Unless there is a huge, major breaking point here that urgently needs to be changed, I am not utterly convinced that these decks need any heavy changes or changes at all, especially since the changes would require some coding changes as well as a possible loot list rewrite (which is currently adjusted to the starter decks), which does not seem to be as necessary a task to add to the list. We prefer to stick as closely to these decks as possible unless a truly big change needs to happen, which I don't currently deem to be the case. Feedback on these decks has been extremely varied, from this thread to very positive feedback from a lot of players, and I do try to take as many people into account as possible here, but so far the starter decks have been working well, players are not stuck too long with them if they don't agree, and overall they seem to be greatly appreciated. Hope that cleared things up a bit and gave you a more in-depth view on the thought process behind these decks.

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