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  1. Its the final Countdown

    You're free to push the hype now that it's offtopic
  2. Its the final Countdown

    This is a countdown/spam thread and while you're free to count down to whatever related date, this topic belongs to off-topic and should not increment your post count. Also, please refrain from consecutively posting after yourself all the time.
  3. We're trying to avoid splitting the small active community up into different languages or servers to keep everyone together as a whole community. We're purposely making sure we can address the full community as a whole through the English language across out social platforms. We generally don't mind bad English either, just try to translate things to English if you can.

    This is copy/pasted from the FAQ. Please read it over here:
  5. happy birthday mister admin sir.



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      Thanks a lot for the well wishes guys, it's much appreciated ^_^ 

      Fun fact: we dragons tend to make a wish whenever the cake is blown out. It's kinda hard blowing out candles with fire, you know.

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      Wow, I missed THAT.

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      you only miss the "blown cake"

  6. Problems with the lovely "Tobbezockt" :)

    I'll just make sure this thread doesn't get revived anymore. I did warn you. /closed PS: Please don't make another thread about this. If I see one I'll have to take more permanent action.
  7. Problems with the lovely "Tobbezockt" :)

    Not sure what you're inferring there. My reasoning is quite simple; this is a tense atmosphere and I am noticing what exactly is aggravating people, and therefore I have to keep things in order. I'm speaking for all of you when I ask to keep the discussion at a civilised and understanding level, as you do, and pointing out what is causing trouble and against the rules. There have been rep issues in the past for exactly the same reasons, and that's not how the system is meant to be operated. There's no premature judgement here, just trying to keep the thread at ease. Additionally, regardless of context, there's no need to call people jerks or pinpoint anyone. This is one of the many reasons why topics like this should be discussed in PM. If you want to show your sympathy and understanding by calling others out for being jerks, stupid, childish or whatever, don't do so publicly as it's causing uproars and it breaks forum regulations. You need to potentially insult people to make your point? Keep your discretion and steer clear from public defamation. I hope we are clear.
  8. Problems with the lovely "Tobbezockt" :)

    Or maybe he is trying to help out by saying your position won't be any better by creating topics like this. I'm asking all of you to try and be a bit more understanding towards each other. Regardless of the situation, going on about downvoting and justifying it by saying they did the same or worse is not the way to go. If you have a problem with this, refrain from using up- and downvotes in the first place. Stop stirring up arguments, and for your own sake, stop being so aggressively defensive of your own opinion. Last warning until I will have to take measures.
  9. Problems with the lovely "Tobbezockt" :)

    Can we not start turning this into a downvote argument? Also, this is exactly what I mean with accepting criticism. Someone thinks your thread is not the right step to take and doesn't like the way this is going. Your response to it is to downvote them back repeatedly, whereas you can just take the downvote as an indication that some people may not like the way you're approaching this problem and may be trying to tell you something. By downvoting back you're not only acting as what some, including yourself, would consider to be childish, but you're also not really improving your "position" on the forums either. I'm not a fan of a topic like this either. It radiates a request for attention. I get you want to come to a point of understanding with people and I sincerely hope that you are doing that through mutual adaptation rather than convincing others your opinion is right, but a topic like this really comes across as attention-grabbing and really generally does not make the situation any better, let alone if you start discussing about why other people's criticism is not in accordance with what you consider to be right to do. This is really a topic that should be discussed with people individually through PM, rather than blowing it up to a forum-wide thread. It may just be making things worse for yourself that way. If you continue writing in this topic, which you all have the right to, please refrain from turning this into a rep slaughterhouse, and keep things civil and flame/troll-free. Try to understand each other, rather than to enforce opinions regarding why you have to be right and they have to be wrong. That's not the point of discussing something like this. You come to a point of understanding together, not by forcing someone to keep up with your behaviour. Rep abuse, name-calling, insulting and other targeting behaviour is punishable as stated in the forum rules. Steer clear from making us take measures.
  10. Greetings, Skylords, Skyladies, Skythings! Following our 28-10-17 stream regarding our open beta announcement, we have uploaded our stream to YouTube! If you have missed out on our stream, and want to catch up on all discussed topics and FAQ questions, you can find it here: Open beta release date has been set to January 2018! Thank you all so much for attending and for the support you've shown and are still showing today. Thanks so much for making the project the success it currently is. Stay awesome, stay hyped!
  11. Card Art Rework

    If this is just going to turn into an arguing war between someone criticising the criticism they get, and the critics and OP just fighting because it's seemingly impossible to calm down, accept what you asked for and not having to be right all the time, I'm going to have to remove this topic from existence. This is not an exchange of insults. This is not a discussion about what people infer as being constructive criticism. This is not a kindergarten-like arguing fest about having to be right. @YT Tobbezockt, it is already frowned upon that you have made an additional thread about essentially the same project you're working on of reworking card art (frame or artwork), but if you want criticism, please take the criticism and know what you can expect, rather than continuously bashing on the same issue you seem to have with either not understanding or disagreeing with posts made that are meant to help you create better work. No need to insult or apply sarcasm to other members, especially not for them agreeing on a topic you disagree with or vice versa. This is a forum, critique and opinions will come at you in all forms, and I'd suggest you take them. Agree or disagree, applying or not applying said critique in your final product, that's all your right, but no need to cause drama over it. And yes, I agree that the tone in your posts is rather aggressive, and if you want to make a better impression on people you should really do something about that. You use a lot of sarcasm, direct accusations and rebuttals, and seem to have some problems with taking criticism and/or admitting mistakes, and it comes across as aggressive and highly protective. In the past, you have also shown this kind of attitude, and it is generally frowned upon and not taken well by anyone. If this is not your intention, which I think it isn't, then you may want to look into toning things down a bit and replying in a calmer, different manner than you do now. @Everyone else: Calm down a bit and don't fuel the fire. You have stated your opinion on YT's work, and it is now up to him to decide what he does with it. If he sees your criticism as something not worth his time, let him be, you've stated your points and it's completely his responsibility and decision to go against that grain if he wants to. Please refrain from trolling/sarcasm like a few of you have and don't start any more arguments. This discussion has proven to be pointless so far as neither party believes they can get their point across, or thinks the other party listens, and there is no need to continue this quarrel for all eternity. If this does continue, I'm closing and/or deleting this thread and measures will be taken. Please continue this topic in a civilised manner, get back on topic and don't mess this up any further.
  12. Patreon Button

    Sadly this is currently not possible due to it not existing as a button yet in the software we use for them. As soon as it does, though, we will be able to add it. For now, there's been a donate link in the menu bar for a while
  13. Donations are back... on Patreon !

    Paypal sadly proved to be no longer a valid option. This has to do with some recent changes and the limitations paypal has on their accounts, and terms we currently cannot meet. I fully get that a subscription on Patreon isn't the most efficient or great-feeling thing for many, but Patreon's regulations are way more flexible, to the extent that we decided to use it over paypal. In our stream next week we will further cover why patreon is a thing and why paypal currently isn't. As for patrons, we do want to encourage people to donate, but we still treat the community equally no matter what. No in-game advantages will be given, but we will have to get some rewards in to make the system more appealing so we can keep servers and development up for longer. Also know that though it's a monthly thing, you can just donate and then unsubscribe so the monthly payment is not a must at all.
  14. Donations are back... on Patreon !

    @Kaliber84 of course we will keep doing what we already do! We will keep listening and talking to everyone, that was never the intention to set aside. The meeting is meant to be like being together with several devs talking live about SR or whatever, but it does not make said patrons have any more value in their opinions or suggestions. I'm so sorry my reply made you believe otherwise. We are and will always be a development team that listens to its community and their feedback and suggestions, and I try my best to take everyone into account and to make design and development decisions that are best for the community as a whole. We will never change our mentality on this and I will personally represent the entire community as best as I can towards the development team, and our Patreon programme will not at all influence the validity, value or meaning we derive from community members. Every voice matters: members, testers and patrons alike, and we will make sure to treat all opinions equally. Don't worry, we've got you, SR community! ^.=.^
  15. Donations are back... on Patreon !

    @LagOps If we end up being able to support more than 5 $50 tiers, we can always look into that later. It's not something that's forever set in stone, but it's the limit we're sticking to for now. If we require more high-value donation slots then we may add those in the future. The $25 tier calls for meetings that are intended to be private. Streaming said meeting would take away most of the privilege of being in said meeting. Also note that suggestions in said meeting will not at all be guaranteed implementation or increase authority in development discussions. As for your alpha/beta tester inquiry: Alpha and Beta testers have been willingly able to help our development of the server, in exchange for being able to play the game. This is the main reward that people were interested in, after all you'd get to play the game way before it would be released. This was at the condition of testing said game, and helping around. In addition to this, you will retain your forum ranks as well as your Discord ranks, and will be listed and thanked in the game credits. We understand and greatly value your commitment to the game and its development, and if you are an active and helpful member with Alpha and/or Beta experience, of course we will take this into account in development if the situation calls for it, but there will be no special meetings, no priority in developer decisions, and no additional benefits as what is already mentioned. We also mentioned in the start of the alpha phase that additional benefits would be unlikely as we simply can't offer a whole lot more. Any advantage over regular players would be out of the question; as would providing this through Patreon, for example. Your alpha/beta ranks bear quite the weight; it shows that you've been here from the get-go, from before the open beta even launched, and have served and supported this project massively to make it a reality. Without you alpha and beta testers the game would be way further away from the state it is in now, and that idea itself is quite an impressive and valuable trait to carry along into Skylords Reborn. You will reflect this on Discord as well as the forums, and even within the game itself. I understand your concern about this, I truly do, but for now this is the best we can do.