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  1. Rly?? Is that important at all? Honestly, its not at all. And no one cares if its "Anmelden" or Login. Not at the current state and not in near Future. I do understand that this might be important for you, but pls also respect that i hate that stupid "everything needs to be correct and in MY language". Its like in the Google Play Store. 8 out of 10 negative comments have nothing to do with the quality of the game but the language. "Its an awesome Game, love the Graphics and all. 3/5 coz no German...WHO CARES.
  2. Hey @Fuzzythebeast , glad you like it so far. We might see us a few Times online As for the Game , the state is improving all the time, but there is no end date so far.
  3. Its the same bug it had before. Earlier this Day the Servers were super stable. Login worked instantly quite a few times. Could do Mssions too! Just be patient
  4. This is a known issue. Its the same for everybody. Just Gotta try it until it works
  5. I manage a cafe/ bar (around 50h) Got a little Daughter recently and still have time to play , or at least try to Login. But i get your point. It will become better. To be able to play a little is super nice! Try it until it works and dont get frustrated. It will be worth the wait
  6. Hi Moe, i do not have a Mac but i could help you by translating the things you might need. Another good way might be to ask in the Discord Chat. As i said i could help but i have never used a Mac.
  7. Its a common issue the Devs are aware of and working on. Its the same for everyone. Just wait or try again. If you want to stay updated either read the Forums before posting or just join the Discord servers. Greetings
  8. The Devs already stated that its not possible right now to add a queue. Why could this be unfair? Its the same chance for everyone? Just be patient. The Game is not finished right now. This is a stress test. If you do not want to play it or simply cant because of your schedule , the best might be to just wait until its finished. Greetings
  9. Its not impossible to play the Game. There are 300 Slots right now which are mostly full. You just have to try again and agian until it works. its the same for everyone. If you have more questions you should join the Skylords Reborn Discord Server. Hope i could help
  10. Or none. Yes. Same for everybody. This is no finished Game. I tried it quite often too. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt
  11. Thats the Plan. The Game is not finished. Right now is an Stress Test. Not more not less. As the Development progresses there will be more slots
  12. DominikS

    Answer me plz!

    Nobody knows that exactly. The Main Goal of the devs right now is exactly this. We just need to be patient . If you wanna follow the Development you should get Discord as some Infos are shared there. If you wanna support the Devs you can donate via Patreon. Greetings
  13. The recent Updates have been in Discord. There are two Developer Channels with actual News on Progress or on what they work right now.
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