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      [Important] Open Beta Delayed   01/21/18

      We made an important announcement about the open beta, please read it carefully : https://goo.gl/nnSfpN  


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  1. [Important] Open Beta Delayed

    Just No
  2. [Important] Open Beta Delayed

    Maybe you got that wrong, but there is no Deadline. If everything goes perfect open beta starts with March, Gotta be patient
  3. Best Anime moment

    Gats vs 100 men
  4. Skylords Reborn Traders Union

    Already joined. Nice Idea Ultra, this might be really good for the community
  5. Hardreset after Beta

    Thanks Fiki. Makes more sense to reset imho
  6. Hardreset after Beta

    Well thats what the Beta is about. Test all the Stuff and tweak it for release. If you do not like that you might want to wait for release. But im not 100% sure if there will be a reset.
  7. Original Artworks

    A Friend of a Friend made some of the original Artworks of a BF Cards. Sent me this
  8. You're favorite type of deck

    Loved shadow and Nature, didnt play the rest as much. Shadow > all
  9. Minigames

    Whatever is fun, im in !
  10. ElementG's Battleforge Zergs

    When i saw the stream thought they upgraded the Graphics , couldnt imagine that it looked like that years ago
  11. Are towers underpowered?

    When i played alot which was way before shutdown, Cannon Tower was a must in every shadow/Frost Deck. Mortar was so awfully strong too :c
  12. Im looking forward into PvPing again too. Will be so much fun when everybody starts from Scratch
  13. Behold the Mighty White Juggernaut!

    Maybeee we need something with tentacles then
  14. What was your favourite expansion and why?

    Vanilla was the best
  15. ElementG's Battleforge Zergs

    I didnt even know there was a HD Version because i had to play with Low Settings:x