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  1. sidvicious64

    Maps not starting

    Is there a post where I can follow the update on this issue?
  2. sidvicious64

    I cant use any cards (cards bugged)

    I think it has to do with my mouse. I play on the laptop. I connect my Razer death adder. I logged on recently I was able to use it with my mousepad but as soon as I plugged my mouse it stopped working. Not sure if for some reason the game blocks my razer mouse.
  3. sidvicious64

    I cant use any cards (cards bugged)

    i also tried resetting all my settings to default just incase anything that might have accident changed but still did not work.
  4. sidvicious64

    I cant use any cards (cards bugged)

    yes this still reoccurs after restarting the game and also re-downloading the files.
  5. sidvicious64

    I cant use any cards (cards bugged)

    what is your ping? I think i am around 300ms. I tried to play cards every 30 seconds and nothing has happened (playying cards in the lobby test area if it matters to know)
  6. sidvicious64

    I cant use any cards (cards bugged)

    I have no idea what this bug is but I can't summon any of my cards. I can select the card and hover them on the field but I can't summon them at all. Edit: tested running the tutorial and I cant get passed the second step which is to click on open terrain to deselect the unit. For some reason, my left mouse click doesnt register. But strangely my left mouse click does register since I can select any cards I want

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