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  1. Hello, I have a proposition (i dont know if it was proposed early) about increasing the amount of time the card is in the auction house before it returns to you. Right now maximum time is 24h which is a little small and its annoying having to place the cards in AH every day. How about increasing the time for 1/3/7 days while also increasing the amount of gold to pay for it. Or when the card gets back to your mailbox add a function to place it at AH again. I know now the most important things are the game server stability, but for future maybe.
  2. Hello, two days ago i as able to play with my friends the 4 man map rpve missions with no problems. But yesterday and today when we start the game it loads up and the game stops on a loading screen with "waiting for other players" and it simply wont start. One of my friends(always the same person) says that he was able to connect to the game and play but we the others were stucked on the loading screen. We tried reloging and trying again few times but it doesnt work. Other 4 man maps doesnt work too (bad harvest etc) Also cant play 2 man maps. When i start it with a friend he gets into the game but I am stuck at waiting for other players too. How can I be waiting for other players if the other player is playing? Is there a way to fix it? We can play normal solo maps.
  3. After today reset the game keep discconnecting. Yesterday i played well. did something happen?
  4. Greatro

    Login fails

    Redownloading the game wont fix it. its a common bug that happens to all of us bc its only first beta stress test. Keep on trying and you will eventually be able to log in.
  5. Hello, so I was able to play the game before(with all the bugs but this one is new) My AV is deactivated ofc and the game files are not scanned etc. Normally I was able to play. But today something is wrong. This did not happen before. I can log in into the game normally(ofc it takes few tries as always but thats normal), be in forge, do auctions, build deck, see map. The problem starts when i try to play a map. I can lock my deck, start a game and then the loading screen pops up, loading bar goes to full and that is when the game stops. It wont start the map. I tried PVE for money and story quest and nothing starts. I wait 1 minute, 5, 10, 15~but the game wont start. No error messages appears and the game dont crash or freezes. It simply wont start a map.
  6. Sooo Two days ago I was able to play the game. With all the bugs but still, just wanna state that I was able to play,enter forge, do missions, get boosters etc. Today i tried to log in. And got this error too. After that BF lost connection to the server. So I tried to launch the game again by UAC.exe just like I always do and now when i do that i get this blach small window before the updater but nothing after that. The updater dont show up, The game is not in processes. My antyvirus is disabled and everything is as it was days ago when it worked. Now i try to start the game with skylordsrebornupdater and the patcher worked, the game launched but got Disconnected while trying to log in. (Usually either the message is there is too many players or I can log into the forge and then det discconnected) Ill try few more times now, just wanted to report. Ok and then i tried few times, was able to get the success in loggin in but then the same error appeared.
  7. Greatro


    yes, this is just a test. everything will be wiped (according to devs)
  8. nope. happens all the time to every one. just keep trying. its just first beta stress tests. Just managed to log in. game crash when i try to start a map and now i cant log in bc too many players xd When ill be able to log in ill probably get a disconnect. Dont worry. We are still super happy with the game !
  9. Greatro


    Same problem here, random freezes. Game crashes when i try to start a map randomly. Well thats only first open beta stress tests so dont worry guys. Keep trying
  10. Not an expert. But I belive its the servers. It hapens to lot of ppls, also to me. Guess its other way of saying that the servers are full/overloaded. For a whole day I was able to enter the game but a few times for a short amount of time.
  11. its normal and it happens to everyone. ofc its a bug and a problem but the Devs are working on it. Just be patient and try 100 times, u will eventually be able to play a little.
  12. This bug sometimes happens to me too. In forge or even on map. Crashes the game. Also i just experianced another bug/crash not related to this one. Whiledoing map soul tree. I almost done the mission and at the end right before i build 5th monument the game freezes. i can rotate the map. look at units, look at cards and they display but map freezes, units dont move, power dont flow. i can click on unit to see its stats and etc. I can even choose cards and try to place them on the ground but they dont summon. game been like this for 10 minutes, think ill restart it ;/ bc its not unfreezing. I can go into menu and options but the game wont move.
  13. I had the problem with minions 3d models when i played on high and in window mode. problem dissapeared when i turned graphics to low and started the game in full screen mode.
  14. I started yesterday. Did try for like 100-200~times in diffrent times of the day and sometimes it works like 2or 3 out of all. Only to play little in forge @ edit - my rl friend menaged to get into the game yesterday and even started a map so he was lucky af
  15. Ok I was actually able to overcome almost all of the issues by myself. I managed to log in into the forge without the disconnect and also all the monsters in forge did spawn correctly. with their images and stuff. I was able to summon my cards and also enemy twilight etc cards to fight and everything went smoothly. only that I have 0 gold, 0 bfp and no mails or whatever with additional points. Still the game freezes and crashes when i go into the map to pick a map/fight
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