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  1. so i was digging my way through some topics to get the game going but i keep getting the message as stated in the title - i am curios if there is a solution to that yet
  2. Delok

    your account is not activated yet

    someone help us
  3. So i wanted to open Skylords Reborn after finally setting up all firewall rules and stuff like that because the game kept crashing. And i was in the Forge before - means i created an ingame account based on this forum account and set an icon etc. - now after a few hours of not being at my computer i wanted to see if everything fits now and whether i can play or not, sadly now when i want to login the game tells me that my account is not activated yet and i have been sent an email to activate my profile - i did not get an email whatsoever yet i am not online to login
  4. Delok

    Open Stress Test - All you need to know!

    i seem to be missing the launcher.exe programm to start the updater :(
  5. Delok


    if by any chance there will be new cards, i wish for amii and more nature shadow as mentioned above
  6. Delok

    Closed Beta Access Giveaway #2

    beta key lottery lets go
  7. for me it is definitely the idea of amii! the amii card looks so good and i love the idea of putting together the healing fraction and the dying fraction.
  8. Delok

    Opening Tournament

    i am in for 1v1
  9. Delok

    What hypes you the most about BF?

    the feeling of have control of your own litle army fightings against someone's litle army of really cool characters
  10. Delok

    English Grammar Test

    that was pretty easy to be fair. except the last question xD
  11. Delok

    When is your Birthday?

    i wanna see how many will congratulate you to your birthday haha
  12. Delok

    When is your Birthday?

    1st of january
  13. Delok

    [Giveaway] Tell us your story !

    so here is my story, of how i found my way back to battleforge after the shutdown.. a friend of mine (that i have known for about 2 years back then, so we never played any games before that year) and i spent my birthday together at last year's new eve and as the night progressed we started talking about old games we used to play and as it was my turn to tell them about a game i used to play a lot i started thinking for like 20minutes and then i suddenly jumped up and was like "fuck what was that game called..." i started to google 'forge' but couldn't find the game so i was like "man this game was incredible it was soo much about strategy... you had cards and stuff that you can actually summon" he was like "does it have something to do with that forge you just searched?" and i just nodded and then he started to google some stuff and suddenly screamed "i found it! the game was called BattleForge" we both were like "sigh what a good game it was until the shutdown" so i searched it in google to maybe find some pictures or footage and saw something called "BattleForgeReborn" and went nuts i hated the idea of someone creating a fanmade game that would destroy the reputation of such a game. But as it turned out after some research about this project we both got to love you guys' project and really want to play as soon as possible we check this website almost daily just to look for every small update-- that day we found you guys we took a look at all cards and stuff like that and told each other what deck we played and what our favourite cards were and we basically watch footage of the game for 6hours straight just being silent and enjoying our memories keep your work up! one day i want to enter the forge of dreams again! and thank you for trying your hardest to fullfill this dream of so many people. have a great day whoever read this..
  14. Delok

    BFR Minecraft Server!

    check out my attempt to build hyrule castle in the creative world it is straight ahead when you spawn tell me what you think
  15. Delok

    BFR Minecraft Server!

    i dont like this game but i have nice memories creating a house and a online life with a friend back in the days i might join and check out if i like mc on a long-term

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