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  1. bobfrog

    Opening Tournament

    This tournament is for when the server is finished, not for when the open beta starts. After all it is a beta which is for testing and improving the servers. Maybe we can make one during the beta too (but not at the beginning / in the next months, as I barely have free time)
  2. bobfrog

    Juggernaut Figure

    @solcrow allready managed to export the animations, maybe he can help to get you a 3D model in an acceptable pose
  3. bobfrog

    Help Wanted: Making a BFCC for BFR

    this file could help with rendering the cards carddefinitions.xml
  4. bobfrog

    Wells new upgrade

    hmm regarding pvp i dont like the changes much (2. and 3.). the more defensive abilities you give the players, the slower the game will become, because more defenses are successfull. and what i really like about bf is that although it is a strategic game, the matches are quick and usually over after 15 minutes. maybe this could be interesting: 1. increase energy production rate 2. increase total power of a well (dont think that this would be usefull in pvp= 3. increase energy return rate from void 4. reduce the ammount of energy lost when a unit dies. for pve the other abilities could be fun though
  5. bobfrog

    Adjusting the value of BFP

    i like the idea. you couldnt buy eg masterarchers in the AH because the lowest possible value was still too much. simply increasing the reward you get after a quest would fix this. and i dont see any downsides.
  6. bobfrog

    How to get all card card. (SOLVED)

    and if thats not enough, it has been written on the forum how to extract images and stuff from the gamefiles (just search a bit) and the gamefiles also have been uploaded by someone in case you dont have them
  7. bobfrog

    The Clockwork (Presentation included)

    you can also maybe take some inspiration from LoLs Zilean: you can speed up units or pause them (aka stun them)
  8. bobfrog

    Map Editor [Activation Guide]

    I just had some trouble getting it to run. When starting it,i would get the error "side-by-side configuration invalid" To fix it I had to install the x86 version of this https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=26347 (if this doesnt fix it: the version you need is listed in Control Panel -> Event Log, there should be an entry for your error, in the details it shows what it is looking for (and cant find))
  9. bobfrog

    Export 3D Model / 3D Model Format

    will come "soon"
  10. bobfrog

    Export 3D Model / 3D Model Format

    I allready made a model viewer for the drs file + texture. Can share later, but kinda busy right now.
  11. bobfrog

    Export 3D Model / 3D Model Format

    Cool, so it was a problem of blender and not the converter?
  12. bobfrog

    Export 3D Model / 3D Model Format

    dk what went wrong there, maybe ill write a smd exporter somewhen
  13. bobfrog

    Export 3D Model / 3D Model Format

    i wrote you a short skript. every file in the same folder as the exe gets read and a new file with the names replaced by numbers gets output. its pretty slow for ~5mb files (20 seconds) and might give you a virus warning because of the language i chose. rename.exe
  14. bobfrog

    Export 3D Model / 3D Model Format

    i allready contacted him and i have info about that. just didnt have the time yet to work through it. but it doesnt look too complicated, i will give it a try later. what the creator of lightsong did was nothing else than the 010 script that i posted.
  15. bobfrog

    Export 3D Model / 3D Model Format

    did you read the .drs with blender or did you use lightsong to convert from drs and use the output with blender? if its the first case then im very interested in what you did exactly

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