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  1. Nikita-San

    your account is not activated yet

    Sameeee and it keeps saying it no matter if i keep hitting the button for half an hour
  2. Nikita-San

    Old name in Battleforge

    Eisgigant - no one will renember mine probably(although i played battleforge the last 3 years before shutdown). Was a little annoying child playing this:D
  3. Nikita-San

    [Giveaway] Tell us your story !

    Ok ill tell you my story. Before you think im a totally dumpass listen, i was a little child (around 11 years to this time). You probably know about the hint "Users who tell you the trade system is not working and you shouldnt trade with mail are lyers dont do that."Basicly i was one of the guys which cards was taken away with that. So i was trying to trade my whole lost souls deck to Mo. Later someone wanted to trade told me i should trade with e-mail and i lost everything. I was to little to understand this and even trusted him as he told me that he had sented me the card and it just didnt arrived. It was good to be a child:D. I played this game through my childhood and it was the first game where i learned trading hints and how to make profit(except that one thing) with just a little start capital. I just bought a starter pack and traded me through so i have very good decks. As the game was getting to close i litteratly was just sad as i just became my friends(after around 3 years) to start it too. So youre project was giving me hope to just start this game new with a lot of nostalgie and knowledge. I apologize for my bad english.

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