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  1. You could check my playlist
  2. 2456 One day you'll achieve what you want or not lol
  3. 1 month till I finish school - 2437
  4. Greetings Skylords and Skyladies! Today I want to ask you about your old nickname in the original battleforge? It will be very nice if we can find some old friends so feel free to share it with us.
  5. I'm done! I haven't gone anywhere past month and I've been active almost every evening either on the forum or on discord. And you know what happens when you go out for one night? A giveaway of course! My luck is rocking it's over for me.

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. JangoXIII


      Im not a newb but im down with ya for my rotten luck, missed it by about a minute. Never had a chance to enter.


    3. BraderZ


      Yo buddy it's alright we're all waiting with you man we'll make it eventually you watch! :D

    4. imanewb13


      Yea im sure we will keep the hype up boyz  :hype:


  6. Happy birthday everyone!!! I know we will meet each other in forge soon!!!
  7. Thanks for all the replies! Ill definetely have the things you all said in mind when I have the chance to log in the forge once again.
  8. Hello friends! Today I want to ask you which do you think is the strongesh PvP deck and why? I was pretty little(11 years old) when I have been playing Battleforge and I dont remember much from my personal experience(apart from that I was something like 45-90 on ranked).
  9. Wow thats a really good guide! I love your videos! Keep up the good work and if possible make same guide for nature!
  10. some info about the discord chat?
  11. Pure frost or pure nature pvp
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