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  1. Zwyrtek

    The story behind your nick.

    well, my was somehow spontaneously created about 12 or so years ago as a nickname and whats funny nowdays I sometimes see other players using it too. It is irritating knowing they all are copies... or similar names like zworock lol that one appeared even in my forge times.
  2. Zwyrtek

    Which was your favorite PvE map?

    Bad Harvest solo xD
  3. Zwyrtek

    Closed Beta Applications

    Hi, I am 22 I started playing BF shortly after beta ended so I have a lot exp in both pve and pvp. I have been on this forum since, I guess, the first steam “soon” and I have been observing forum since that time. To be honest I want to play more than do tests but I am willing to help. For example, in stress-tests, and any other required test. - I can participate at stress-tests at any time, if somehow I can’t I can always ask my brother, who is also a big fan of the forge, to do it for me. - The time: I am a student so not that much but at last 4 hours a day when I got a lot of work (probably 6-8 hours at weekends). - I was one of those players who did a lot of trade for fun so probably even if the server was to be reset. I would anyway do trade, this could I guess help in tests of function like the whisper, trade, market. edit: well I don't know how market look now if all testers still got all cards it might not be that useful. To do a real treading there must be somehow working economy. - I was in was in a few alpha and beta but mostly things like WOT or WT. I think I would be able to found a log of a crash on my pc if forge does create something like that when it crashes. - Discord name zwr#2666 what makes me special? I think a lot of players remember ZWYRTEK THE TRADER XD
  4. Zwyrtek

    r8 my pure nature deck

    comet catcher wasn't that strong, I think
  5. Zwyrtek

    Spectating for Tournaments. And Prizes

    after the game is up again, I think it is a good idea. but What we really need is a marketing, a way to get new pl coming to forge. old forge got players from adds on pages. but going back to topic promos could be used as a reward
  6. the best game ever, and important episode in my life
  7. Zwyrtek

    [Important] Open Beta Delayed

    no, it explains a bit but still, if things were close to finish a small confirmation would be appreciated, especially since I try invite a few friends to play bf( or rather SK?) once it starts...
  8. Zwyrtek

    [Important] Open Beta Delayed

    there is no hate in my words I just don't like count days waiting like a child on Christmas
  9. Zwyrtek

    [Important] Open Beta Delayed

    first of all, i really appreciate all your work, but counting days to a possible opening is irritating. can you, at last, let us know if it is this month? or next or even later
  10. Lost Souls - Lost Shades were fan or rather are xD
  11. Zwyrtek

    Opening Tournament

    a tournament at start would be interesting, all would have basic cards or a card or 2 from boster
  12. Zwyrtek

    Skylords Reborn Traders Union

    "shamans" are for kids to play with. what I meant is that there is no other tip to give other than buy cheap, sell then with profit. but anyway the place to trade should be moved/created to the main discord of Skylords
  13. Zwyrtek

    Skylords Reborn Traders Union

    Trade union... what to teach it is just buy-sell unless you want to teach them how to control something like frost mage or shaman. although a place to trade cards on discord would be nice. but I think it should stick with the main discord otherwise there will be very few pl around.

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