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  1. i got the same error, it dosn't hapen alweys but i got it 2 times when i tryed play forge today
  2. NAME: TRADE doesn't work SEVERITY: 1 REPRODUCIBILITY: "ALWAYS" and all have it DESCRIPTION: all trade is done by mail atm. When trying to invite to trade player it opens and there is just a blank spot where the name should be. after that trade doesn't work and says a player is already in a trade. I thought the bug was so well known that doesn't need to be reported but from what I heard the situation is different.
  3. well, my was somehow spontaneously created about 12 or so years ago as a nickname and whats funny nowdays I sometimes see other players using it too. It is irritating knowing they all are copies... or similar names like zworock lol that one appeared even in my forge times.
  4. no, it explains a bit but still, if things were close to finish a small confirmation would be appreciated, especially since I try invite a few friends to play bf( or rather SK?) once it starts...
  5. there is no hate in my words I just don't like count days waiting like a child on Christmas
  6. first of all, i really appreciate all your work, but counting days to a possible opening is irritating. can you, at last, let us know if it is this month? or next or even later
  7. a tournament at start would be interesting, all would have basic cards or a card or 2 from boster
  8. I was in last few giveaways and I did saw bots, for example, emote change 100-150 are always left in old one. bots are set to pick emote but can't change it, or at last, I think so. Out of those 150 most probably are bots. it can also be seen when a giveaway starts, in first 1-3 sec somehow suddenly there is too much emotes
  9. emotes should change so bots are stopped.
  10. so when tournament ? i mean we alredy have date of open beta
  11. thx finally somthing fresh to my playlist, got any more?
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