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      [Important] Open Beta Delayed   01/21/18

      We made an important announcement about the open beta, please read it carefully : https://goo.gl/nnSfpN  


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  1. Lost Souls - Lost Shades were fan or rather are xD
  2. Opening Tournament

    a tournament at start would be interesting, all would have basic cards or a card or 2 from boster
  3. Skylords Reborn Traders Union

    "shamans" are for kids to play with. what I meant is that there is no other tip to give other than buy cheap, sell then with profit. but anyway the place to trade should be moved/created to the main discord of Skylords
  4. Skylords Reborn Traders Union

    Trade union... what to teach it is just buy-sell unless you want to teach them how to control something like frost mage or shaman. although a place to trade cards on discord would be nice. but I think it should stick with the main discord otherwise there will be very few pl around.
  5. the game market

    I think any ingerence in market is bad. it should stabilize itself. cards worth as much as people are willing to pay
  6. Closed Beta Access Giveaway #1

  7. Giveaways

    I was in last few giveaways and I did saw bots, for example, emote change 100-150 are always left in old one. bots are set to pick emote but can't change it, or at last, I think so. Out of those 150 most probably are bots. it can also be seen when a giveaway starts, in first 1-3 sec somehow suddenly there is too much emotes
  8. Giveaways

    emotes should change so bots are stopped.
  9. Opening Tournament

    so when tournament ? i mean we alredy have date of open beta
  10. 2 Years of skylords reborn!

    i guess?
  11. ADS ???

    i think it would be ok, if ads were add.
  12. soundtracks for playing

    thx finally somthing fresh to my playlist, got any more?
  13. soundtracks for playing

    ofc in heat of hard battle music is important, and i didn't mean forge thats why it is in off topic section
  14. soundtracks for playing

    What are your favorite soundtracks for playing? Recently I become bored with mine, and so that’s why I ask. I mostly listen to anime music