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  1. Nick

    [Forum Game] Rate the song!

    11/10 It's like heaven condensed into 2:18 minutes.
  2. Nick

    [Forum Game] Rate the song!

    Sounds pretty good 8/10
  3. Nick

    Contest: New Logo

    Yeah I tried to sharpen it up but i've lost the file and I don't have much time
  4. Nick

    Contest: New Logo

    I had this posted already but here it is again, it's the no units version because I presume the units are copyrighted.
  5. Nick

    Tainted Words [Forum Game]

    When God was making Earth and he said "Let there be light", you blocked it all so he moved you to Alpha Centauri... Word: Water
  6. Nick

    Tainted Words [Forum Game]

    That's a good one You must be infested because your face makes the twilight minions look good. Word: Gun
  7. Nick

    Tainted Words [Forum Game]

    Rules: This is a game where someone comments a word and the next person has to use that word in an insult. The insult doesn't have to be for the person above. The word has to be used in a sentence or it can just be referenced. Example(Ik its a bad one): "Fish" "Your as dumb as a fish" "My word is XXX" I'll start with... fish
  8. Nick

    Meme Wars

    Look, if you had mom's watermeli, Would you capture it or just let it slip? Yo His palms watermeli, knees weak, arms watermeli There's vomit on his sweater watermeli, mom's watermeli He's nervous, but on the surface he looks calm watermeli to drop bombs, But he keeps on watermeli what he wrote down, The whole crowd goes watermeli He opens his mouth, but watermeli won't come out He's choking how, everybody's joking now watermeli run out, time's up, over, bloah! Snap back to watermeli, Oh there goes watermeli Oh, there goes watermeli, bloah He's so mad, but he won't give up watermeli, no.
  9. Nick

    [Forum Game] Rate the song!

    7.8 Sounds nice but not the best I've heard: This one sounds like a whole bunch of themes!
  10. Nick

    Your 100th Post

    100 post is bad, you lose your crusading rank!
  11. Nick

    The brain melting part of the internet

    Also found this video
  12. Thanks for all the feedback, I will try to adjust my guide. The real reason I made the guide is because I felt like I needed to write down what I gathered from other guides so I don't have to keep all my interpretations in my head(that is why it is so generalised). I thought that if I wrote it myself then I would reach a higher understanding. Now I need people that were good at the game to tell me if what i gathered was right or wrong. I'm just trying to make a guide that has most things that you need to be good.
  13. Nick

    The brain melting part of the internet

    I love Faceless but this video is brain melting:
  14. I want to add a section about what you should do in certain scenarios. How accurate is this statement?: "After the opening skirmish if you have a slight advantage then you should well up, if you have a slight disadvantage then you should wait for the opponent to well up and then attack, if you have a large disadvantage go on the defensive and wait for the best moment to go up a tier, if you have a great advantage you could either take a well and attack(more risky as if you fail the attack then the game might even out) or take a well and an orb." If you think something in this statement is wrong please tell me
  15. @anonyme0273 Thanks for all the great suggestions! I knew that the abilities return 100% power to the void I was trying to say that you, for example, shouldn't frenzy your forsaken unless they are being attacked. Also if the ability is expensive then you could be at a temporary disadvantage and give you enemy an opportunity to attack. Yeah this one was more of a personal point rather than a universal tip. I play on my bed on a tv that is about 1m away, so i also have my mouse and keyboard on my lap and on the bed. I have a habit of sitting awkwardly or I start going on my phone and other things, so I made that point to make sure I'm actually focused rather than doing something else. I'll make sure to rephrase my points, thanks for the help though it's very much appreciated Thanks for the feedback! I will try to organise it more. I wrote it in a text file first, so it was a bit unorganised so i will try to change it. Oh yeah... nice joke

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