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  1. Nick

    [Forum Game] Rate the song!

    11/10 It's like heaven condensed into 2:18 minutes.
  2. Nick

    [Forum Game] Rate the song!

    Sounds pretty good 8/10
  3. Nick

    Sandbox for Reinforcement learning

    I guess that could work but weren't the cards untradable for everyone? For example was it possible to have lord Cyrian tradable on one account but not in another?
  4. Nick

    Sandbox for Reinforcement learning

    I presume you mean accounts where all cards are available for use? If so then I don't think it would be worth the time to make such accounts as it would probably be quite hard to control those accounts. If such accounts existed then you could probably just transfer all desired cards to your proper account so I don't think they could exist(too problematic).
  5. Nick


    Sounds like a cool mod
  6. Nick

    Fan Art: The sword of the Lost Warlord

    Sadly not made of steel , I made it out of multiple layers of foam board and and a lot of the details were rolled up newspaper parts and hot glue. It didn't take that long to create; 4-5 days. For the color I used a black spray paint as a primer and then silver spray paint on top.
  7. Nick

    Fan Art: The sword of the Lost Warlord

    Wow great work, looks awesome. You should definitely make more bf related weapons. I recently made frostmourne from WoW and after seeing your wrathblades and lost sword I might consider making something like this! Here's the frostmourne if your interested(skull's the wrong way around):
  8. Nick

    First 4 tier card

    Mine was a colossus too, I was so exited to get another XL card.
  9. Nick


    I think 3 would be the best Good luck with your logo
  10. Nick

    Contest: New Logo

    Yeah I tried to sharpen it up but i've lost the file and I don't have much time
  11. Nick

    Contest: New Logo

    I had this posted already but here it is again, it's the no units version because I presume the units are copyrighted.
  12. Nick

    Tainted Words [Forum Game]

    When God was making Earth and he said "Let there be light", you blocked it all so he moved you to Alpha Centauri... Word: Water
  13. Nick

    Tainted Words [Forum Game]

    That's a good one You must be infested because your face makes the twilight minions look good. Word: Gun
  14. Nick

    Tainted Words [Forum Game]

    Rules: This is a game where someone comments a word and the next person has to use that word in an insult. The insult doesn't have to be for the person above. The word has to be used in a sentence or it can just be referenced. Example(Ik its a bad one): "Fish" "Your as dumb as a fish" "My word is XXX" I'll start with... fish
  15. Nick

    Daily Card Discussion

    Shield of the martyrs (one of the cards I never knew existed): Activate to create protective shields with a total strength of 400% of the current void power which are applied to friendly units. Shields last for 30 seconds and absorb 50% of all damage. Has a 60 seconds cool-down after the building was built. Reusable every 60 seconds.

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