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  1. xs0ulLess

    Closed Beta Applications

    Hello Team, I've heard about a week ago that we can apply publicly to test this new instance of BattleForge, awesome! My name is Phill, I went as xs0ulLess during past times. I am a student of Computer Science, currently on my Master's Degree and playing video games is one of my hobbies. I've played all kinds of genres, offline and online. Those include several RTS, MMORPGs, RPGs FPS, TPS, browser games, whatever. Experiences in these games include experiences to economy that establishes when combined with a good amount of active community. I have a long story connected to BattleForge. This game used to serve me and my best friend @chargeR as an equilibrium to other shooters that we play. We spent alot of time in this game, in different areas of gameplay. It started with basically one color, exploring most of the single player maps, getting comfortable with the mechanics. After some time we finished all single player/ co-op maps and started to mass a collection. I must say, back then BattleForge really broke the boundaries of games back then, not only graphics-wise, but also idea-wise. Eventually we'd figured out the best solution to most challenges, regularily defeated rPvE to max allthose cards and amassed a huge collection. We'd dive into PvP too, after we felt comfortable with our color choice. I say we gathered some quite good expierences in PvP, not only in card type vs card type battles but also with ressource management and similar. There is a slim chance you remember our forum card shop, it was called something like "chargeR's and s0ul's big BFP card shop". We sold cards of every range that we had duplicate. Generally, I tend to go deeper into the mechanics into a game beyond the surface. I have Beta-Experiences in LoL and Heroes of the Storm. I played both of those Betas, though I'm not interested in MOBAs anymore. Why should you choose me? I have experiences with every aspect of the game, am very interested to dive into the game and make it successfull again. Honestly, If I had even more time I'd apply for a developer position, but right now I can only assign my "free-time" for games to BattleForge. I am confident to my ability of understanding game mechanics well enough to be able to test them. I am also capable of writing test reports. As I stated, my best friend @chargeR is already testing this game. This means we both would be motivated to test the game together. My free-time of playing games consists of average 3 hours per day, more on the weekends. Edit: DISCORD: s0ul#6993 I'd be much obliged for being chosen to officially test BattleForge. Thanks in advance for any responses, Yours Truly.
  2. xs0ulLess

    New Element/faction in the game!!!

    You don't count the Amii Monument? :^)
  3. xs0ulLess

    How Should new Cards be Introduced?

    I think making new cards viable in PvE only wouldn't upset the game too much. There are already cards out like that, which are underpowered in PvP (point of view of meta). Either you'll have some 'meh' extra cards that can be played for fun's and look's sake, or some that may actually be frequented in rPvE for example. IMO it would be acceptable to speed up rPvE grind. I don't agree to this, by today's standards per se.
  4. ITT: No one really has an idea TBH whatever decision you will go down for, the community will accept it.
  5. I do, though ',:-) How'd you know I was going for that? ... impressive
  6. log in, play, never log off again :^)
  7. xs0ulLess

    Converting cards

    Destruction happens when a battle is lost or when destruction effects happen ... so you could get rid of Avater easily in today's YuGiOh where you put cards in the hand or "send" to grave or banish, etc. For your interest, in the recent banlist they re-allowed playing many cards (3 times in a deck) that destroy like all monsters on the field >_< For the constructs, their long range destruction and long reload time shows by destroying during End Phase ... also I thought of having a secret weakness as in HAVING to destroy cards ... imagine if your opponent didn't have cards
  8. xs0ulLess

    Converting cards

    inb4 BaFo TCG incoming
  9. xs0ulLess

    Converting cards

  10. xs0ulLess

    Converting cards

    Damn nice idea guys. SOme of your card-links dotn work anymore sadly. I really don't like hearthstone layout though, ^ This one is hella cool
  11. xs0ulLess

    Battleforge soundtrack (spotify)

    ty so much meh i need spotify applications to hear the full songs. not gonna happen
  12. xs0ulLess

    Opening Tournament

    i wanna do this
  13. xs0ulLess

    Ultrakool is very cool or ultra kool?

    yeah but the questions still stands, just, you know, just how.. HOW kool is he then?
  14. xs0ulLess


    LMFAO @ the EA Tutorials
  15. xs0ulLess

    Amii cards and Fire/Blue

    Essentially what I'm saying fam.

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