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  1. That deck is very specialized already, I wouldn't recommend it as general pve deck for a new player
  2. I don't see an imbalance, neither in playability nor in high price cards. Therefore the booster colours are quite balanced
  3. No, cost efficiency and fun is higher on campaign maps. You need to farm more gold for ultra rare cards
  4. Sub 5 minutes, woah there. Run seems pretty much fleshed out now? Great work
  5. another example, after opening a lobby, one wouldn't know how to advert in LFG, as the map name isn't available in English:
  6. Press Spacebar to jump to the ping It persists on the ground as a circle, until your friend sees it, so it's not short! On the minimap ,it's short
  7. You really think they're useless ? To me they're a spell/void power sink. I like it, don't see a problem Especially some cards have a great synergy like lost dancer - she dies inmidst of corpses to become a revenant and activate corpse explosion
  8. How is it mandatory? - you only make it mandatory if you give yourself a goal to achiev with the BFP. U can alos just play ... I am on @Bkingn opinion. You gotta do at least something to earn your free currency.
  9. Look up Treim's Battleground guide on the forums. You're getting paralyzed by: Meele M unit, looks like that nature guy with the Stick Bandit Dragon unit (try it in the forge, u can spawn it) Twilight paralyze tower - it looks like it has many eyes. Often at the edges of bases Those units? Kill, freeze, cc, focus Those buildings? Longrange - battleship/ construct or spells like matter mastery or earth shaker or just send a DECOY UNIT to tank the paralyze Anti Spell Zones? They're done by twilight and lost soul dragons, sometimes buildings with fancy effect
  10. Hm are you sure it's not intended? Observe the enemies, they have the same unit and only the ground attack is actually throwing something, the air was always a meele explosion Edit: Quote: '' 2. `Magma Blast` is an attack ablility. Melee units do not have their attacks described. '' It appears to have *SOME* range. Not sure if it's NOT meele because of this.
  11. Use [ALT] Key to PING the map, ping objectives or ping enemies try to communicate like that!
  12. Ugh! Shrine of war feels like cheating lmao My favorite cards are Morklay Trap, Spitfire, Rogan Kayle Promo (just look at theez shoes), Battleship Edit: WAIT? The lightblade is an ogre? ... Is that why he has voice lines about his .. overall posture?
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