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  1. Converting cards

    Destruction happens when a battle is lost or when destruction effects happen ... so you could get rid of Avater easily in today's YuGiOh where you put cards in the hand or "send" to grave or banish, etc. For your interest, in the recent banlist they re-allowed playing many cards (3 times in a deck) that destroy like all monsters on the field >_< For the constructs, their long range destruction and long reload time shows by destroying during End Phase ... also I thought of having a secret weakness as in HAVING to destroy cards ... imagine if your opponent didn't have cards
  2. Converting cards

    inb4 BaFo TCG incoming
  3. Converting cards

  4. Converting cards

    Damn nice idea guys. SOme of your card-links dotn work anymore sadly. I really don't like hearthstone layout though, ^ This one is hella cool
  5. Battleforge soundtrack (spotify)

    ty so much meh i need spotify applications to hear the full songs. not gonna happen
  6. Opening Tournament

    i wanna do this
  7. Ultrakool is very cool or ultra kool?

    yeah but the questions still stands, just, you know, just how.. HOW kool is he then?
  8. Tutorial

    LMFAO @ the EA Tutorials
  9. Amii cards and Fire/Blue

    Essentially what I'm saying fam.
  10. The legendary forum game "count"

    Sorry 7
  11. The legendary forum game "count"

  12. Battleforge Lore Timeline

    I was about to ask everyone who gave sh*t about the story. IDK why it was unappealing to me and friends, maybe because you'd hear Viridya and co. repeat the same text a hundred times when playing the same map? LOL Thanx for the timeline tho.
  13. Amii cards and Fire/Blue

    Noo, what I meant is, if fire/frost was a new combination, you could have access to 3 colors starting from T3 AND 2-3 combinations, which gives you alot to pick from. For example fire/frost/nature: You'd have access to fre/frost/nature splashes AND fire/nature, fire/frost, frost/nature cards. I meantioned this because it would broaden the choices alot, which you ofc also have to factor in for balance. Aside from that, I think many creative minds would be able to produce cool combinations or new colors. OK. Yeah I remember about team phenomic. I just don't like people throwing tantrums or blame to soemone without actual reason. Thanks for your 2 cents. I can't say I'm happy with any decision big publishers do, now or back then. But money dictates the pace. At least we got greenlights for reborn ...
  14. TBH the amount of PvE maps and the size of the whole card pool disappoints me still today. And its more saddening that that pool probably won't be expanded. Like with many things in this branche, I feel a great lost potential on this game. Especially with its uniqueness. Remember, this game was the first to utilize dx10 too; this alone does not mean alot, I have some experience with dx - but this game seems quite optimized for its time to me
  15. Amii cards and Fire/Blue

    I don't think you can blame EA directly for every kind of issue, like the lack of expansions/content. ANd regarding fire/frost, it's hard to balance that combination into the rest of the color pool as both colors bring their respective spells etc. into the mix. And then there's new 3 color combinations too. Not saying its a bad thing, it's just hard to balance this out despite bringing up a reasonable unit design and models altogether