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  1. ello, I think newbs are happy enough with all the boosters gotten by the achievments. They're quite alot. After that everyone gets booster pro portional to the time spent, e.g. one day, one booster. So people who play, get stuff . I think it's fine
  2. two fun 2v2 replays, they're sparring matches 20210118_204753_GeneratedMap.pmv 20210118_202142_12702_PvP_04p_Zahadune.pmv
  3. Sub 5 minutes, woah there. Run seems pretty much fleshed out now? Great work
  4. it's not upping the prizes, maybe you get the wrong idea because we started discounted. Economy has been tested before release
  5. Boosters are tradable. Buy in Shop for 250-500 BFP. No best booster - every booster seems balanced. Right click someone's name in Chat --> Request Trade You can ''drag and drop'' boosters to the trade window, just like cards.
  6. Just a reminder that, with balance changes, prior replays are said not to work anymore. Last balance change was on 01.01.2021 if I recall correctly
  7. I've encountered a crash on 'Kingdom' after playing that 1pve user generated map that features Viridya,.. I will search out it's name later. However, I guess that isn't all too important because the actual issue is that, seemingly, Unit data is 'overloaded' / 'overwritten' after playing said map. For example, my friend's Fathom Lords had a different description, different name etc. and no power costs displayed for me . It looked like an enemy card - in said user generated map you were able to play enemies' cards too. So.. just a heads up, to restart the game after playing a map of t
  8. Do replays actually break or do they just ' unsync ' ? In the case of looters , technically only the power amount would change. .. but then again, someone could play a card with said power and that'd break. Thanks for the fixes
  9. THIS It should be clear that the game dies again if there aren't any ads invested in, e.g.: buying Twitchers/Youtubers to create promotional videos. For example playing a few rounds and saying the game's good Or funding an artist to create a short '' release '' trailer, e.g. in SFM or similar Or why is the FB dead? How about twitter and co. it is possible to run these options non-profit, without advertising money to avoid said IP
  10. xs0ulLess

    rpve Twilight Deck

    I like the frost crystal, don't be discouraged LOL. It's much more affordable than Revenge for sure
  11. Wow, had I known you can dodge the waves instead of full force tackling them ... hahaha . I actually wasn't gonna look at any guides but I had to click this to see the pwoer of standard cards
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