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  1. xs0ulLess

    Launcher artwork

    Guys where can I find the full verison of those images that are shown when launching the game?
  2. xs0ulLess

    All-time fastest speedrun rankings

    Not bad, Sherlock, 'tis indeed right. However we haven't gotten involved with the BaFo Speedrun community at all. Does it even exist in some form? Looking at 'GDQ and all, Speedrun communities nowadays are pretty sophisticated and happy to work on strats
  3. xs0ulLess

    My Improved CardBase

    Guys we need a different Card Base, does somebody know of any?
  4. xs0ulLess

    All-time fastest speedrun rankings

    Holy smokes, 2 minute GoL is insane. We're breaking our heads about how that one was achieved
  5. xs0ulLess

    Let's Talk Shrine of Greed

    I can't test right now but I'd like to know whether SoM works for two. As for SoG, I hope it's well known across Devs or whoever makes decisions, so they can consider working on it or leaving it. Edit: Sorry for necroing, but I think the forum's gonna grow more active anyway
  6. xs0ulLess

    Converting cards

    Destruction happens when a battle is lost or when destruction effects happen ... so you could get rid of Avater easily in today's YuGiOh where you put cards in the hand or "send" to grave or banish, etc. For your interest, in the recent banlist they re-allowed playing many cards (3 times in a deck) that destroy like all monsters on the field >_< For the constructs, their long range destruction and long reload time shows by destroying during End Phase ... also I thought of having a secret weakness as in HAVING to destroy cards ... imagine if your opponent didn't have cards
  7. xs0ulLess

    Converting cards

    inb4 BaFo TCG incoming
  8. xs0ulLess

    Converting cards

  9. xs0ulLess

    Converting cards

    Damn nice idea guys. SOme of your card-links dotn work anymore sadly. I really don't like hearthstone layout though, ^ This one is hella cool
  10. xs0ulLess

    Battleforge soundtrack (spotify)

    ty so much meh i need spotify applications to hear the full songs. not gonna happen
  11. xs0ulLess

    Opening Tournament

    i wanna do this
  12. xs0ulLess

    Ultrakool is very cool or ultra kool?

    yeah but the questions still stands, just, you know, just how.. HOW kool is he then?
  13. xs0ulLess

    Brothers surprising Desktop

    Mozzarella Fox Fire lol

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