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  1. Hi guys, i heard from a lot of new player that they are no so happy about the booster price change on 18.01. I just wanne know if its possible for the new players, which have a lot more to grind afer the 18th, to give or let them the discount for boosters. A lot of new players are afraid of the change and thinking about to quiet the game and I think it is not the plan to scare new players away. Maybe they could get a small help for the first 14 days or something to keep the frustration level low. What are you think?
  2. Hi Guys, a few days ago I was asked, can you make a beginner guide for the new players. I thought this is a really good idea and i ended up uploading this Video last weekend. I´m rly sorry for those of you how don´t speak german but i can descripe best in my native language.
  3. Hello Ladys and Gentleman, my name is René and im 27 years old. I´m streaming Battleforge Pve and Pvp on Twitch. I also try to prove myself as a caster for the German community. I've been playing the game since it was released and I've been waiting longingly for the rerelease. I hope you just stop by and join me on my way to become a better caster. Twitch: twitch.tv/thepretez
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