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  1. Ich persönlich spiele auch mit Amii Monument und benutze es um Stufe 4 Karten von komplett anderen Farben zu benutzen. Ich spiele Lost Souls und baue dann mit dem Amii Monument Natur um Heal und andere Zauber zu bekommen. Wenn du noch andere T4 Karten über hast, könntest du es ja ausprobieren.
  2. Hello community! Its been some time since the open stress started and I was able to play and open some boosters. So I am interested what you have packed so far! I packed myself following nice: 2x Lost Honor & 2x Spirit Ship & 2x Lost Dragon 2x Ensnaring Roots Soulhunter Inferno Amii Monument & Jorne Skycatcher Primeral Watcher and Firedancer omg Greetings Leo
  3. Leohausmaus


    I have the same problem, on the first 1player mission my game always freezes at the same point. Thats after you entry the first gate and walk down to the turret, where is also the 3rd monument and the gold chest
  4. Do you click the battleforge icon or the Skylords Reborn Updater?
  5. Yes i have the same problem, i´ve read here that the servers are currently down
  6. I have sometimes the same issue, i just typ in the same password and restart the launcher, it works then
  7. Unlucky I didnt get one of them, but awesome you give that many games for free.
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