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  1. When you receive an upgrade you already have, it's automatically disenchanted / converted in gold, you cannot have duplicates Check the wiki for the amount of gold you'd receive: https://skylords-reborn.fandom.com/wiki/Gold
  2. Just like the others entioned; the transformation is not really worth it The only reason for transformation is just as a breeding grounds alternative with lower initial power cost (90% of the original unit's power flows into the void and the transformed unit e.g. abomination would only bind 165 power instead of 220, would then return 90% of the 165 into void). For your t4 either transform your creepers or just use a breeding ground, sunken temple is not worth it as transforming uses charges. Beware, when transforming they will stay at the same percentage of health, meaning tran
  3. Timer

    rpve Twilight Deck

    First of all thanks for the feedback! I've never really considered hurricane in rpve, although its use as cc could come in handy in non-lost souls maps The spirit hunters themselves should be replaced by a better tier 2 unit as lost souls map with their L/L units are quite a force to deal with Twilight creepers have always been a lifesaver in all sorts of tier 4 camp struggles, removing them would most propably give me even more problems in the early game I'll try implementing hurricane and thunderstorm instead of frost crystal and spirit hunters, maybe I'll h
  4. Timer

    rpve Twilight Deck

    Back in the day I always wanted to use Twilight, so now with the given opportunity I designed a pretty good deck I use in rpve 9 (rpve 6 is just too easy and not gold efficient anymore) (most cards don't cost a lot so it's pretty easy to build) Tier 1 - Nomad (green) and Mine pretty much carry up to the tier 3 camp depending on the map - Eruption just in case a lot of units survive the Mine - Thugs if my base gets attacked while waiting after my Nomads died (S counter) Tier 2 - Vilebloods to rush the spawn buildings - Oink, Surge of Light an Ravage
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