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  1. the drider (nr 6) would be very cool..sadly i dont think they have a spider model. i really miss spiders in this game xD
  2. Up the irons! xD Not sure if their song and album names are protected to such a degree..well worth exploring if it is save though. I totally see where you are coming from here and i can also see this as a t3 card. Honestly however i have always found 1 nature and 1 shadow start a bit meh. You give up on all the goodies from 2 shadow orbs (harvy ressource booster undead army befallen's curse, chaos knight etc.) or you give up 2 nature (energy parasite, sunken temple, deep one, living towers and creeping paralysis) You have the mandatory amii phantom if you want to flex and play amii
  3. Hey! Weird_flex here. I have had a chat recently in this forum which inspired me to paint a card illustration for this game. Maybe one day it will be used. I would certainly play it. It is also a thanks for bringing back this fun game =) Just for skylords reborn you can use it as you wish but please do not change the painting. Since i hold the source files, i am anyways the only one who can easily make effective changes. I also added the quick pencil sketch which led to the finished painting. I could imagine this getting based on the giant slayer model. I though
  4. thanks for the info..dunno whats wrong there(or right xD )
  5. I finished an idea and illustration for an AMII unit today. You can check it out here =) Maybe this one fits the lore better.
  6. as t2 units deep one and parasite swarm are nice. parasite swam shines on expert maps while deep one takes care of everything below expert. sunken temple is better than most think..you can also swarm those pesky willzappers with it or simply exceed your pop cap and use them as meatshields if you know there is a tough enemy camp ahead. if you ever build a rootdefense and are short on manpower thanks to pop cap then sunken temples can give you some fun..especially since their units do not bind power. in campaign maps and soem rpve i have had some fun with tunnels..i think there are many ways to
  7. pretty sure people would make big eyes if there was a dude in rpve simply navigating past all the enemies in a total avoidance strategy and then waiting for them to catch up at the last camp with a smug smile on his face xD
  8. swarm the fucker with snapyaw-summons from satanael if you want to keep your pure shadow deck..that and necrofury-siege and frenetic assault green are the only simple solutions that come to mind for pure shadow. there are smarter people than me, who would propably send one unit into range, as soon as it is petrified, use nether warp to gang the willzapper with the rest of their army before its next attack interval. sometimes i do this accidentially and it seems to work...but also sometimes there are two willzappers =_=
  9. shroomion

    Custom cards

    I have had some experience with low resolution cards. You might think downscaling is not a problem, but sometimes it can be tricky and it is best to keep the actual ppi of the used final thing in mind while painting stuff.
  10. shroomion

    Custom cards

    Thanks! So 320x320px is the measurements and i assume 72ppi is the max resolution of the images on the cards? This is what i would have to hand over if i seriously wanted to make an illustration for a card in this game?
  11. shroomion

    Custom cards

    Wuld be helpful to see what the exact measurements and resolution of the card images have to be when looking at this cool app. Looing through the forum right now because i would need them for an illustration ._.
  12. Yeah the whole thing has been pulled in a very different direction xD I am not getting why we don't simply make a poll and leave it at that. Everything has already been said..no matter how often we repeat it, the pros and cons stay the same.
  13. Actually i feel inspired to make a powerslave card now...what are the measurements and the file format for the illustrations on cards? I think i saw it somewhere but forgot to take note ._. Thanks in advance !
  14. How far is it fleshed out? Before i or someone else starts creating cards or brainstorms about them, we should have some kind of red line here. "The Amii are the physical incarnations of the elements, formed in order to free the mortal children of the elements from the subjugation of the skanes and their giant masters. Creating wells and orbs from primal ore to tap into Nyn's power and elemental bonds, the Amii fought on an even footing with the skanes. Unfortunately, the skanes called in their giant kin into the fray, and the Amii were themselves subjugated and reduce to slavery, constru
  15. I know it is a lot of work and the time and ranking and everything is very important to you, but damn...this post does not show you in a very good light tbh.
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