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  1. they could if there was no violation of the agreement ? damn..well it is EA maybe you are right ^^
  2. I hope you knew you could have been playing the open beta for quite a long time already right? you could be playing right now
  3. Oh you got my motivation wrong here. I am not thinking about you or me or the players really. I just saw their patreon was quite small compared to what they have archieved. I was just thinking about giving some people who enjoy their work a little non-gamebreaking or pay to win kind of incentive to support them..like a last little push. I really would not feel like any second class player. I don't really understand why i would feel that way to be honest. I mostly feel gratitude. Why would someone leak this? For me it is hard to imagine, that people who go out of their way and donate to somethi
  4. damn..that is so evil. is there no smart way to circumvent it legally? Like hidden hints to a secret mission with cosmetic rewards in shared artwork, which is by chance only shared on patreon, or something? edit: I mean it like this: Everyone has access, but not everyone knows it is hiding in some seemingly impossible place with zero hints outside of patreon.
  5. Here is another idea: Use the upcomung release date to boost your patreon (if that is legal) maybe give every patreon supporter a cosmetic bonus at the release or something.
  6. there are many user generated missions which are quite playable. make the pve quest include those to give some incentive to play them. maybe make a pool of some of them which are refined enough and such. <- would be my suggestion.
  7. i am very happy to see the release date! thank you very much for your hard work! playing this game was lots of fun. if you ever make new cards and are for some reason in need of illustrations for them, then let me know. I forgot to ask: Is there any hope of an offline playability? I have REALLY shitty internet sometimes here.
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