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  1. shroomion

    Shrine of War

    Not gonna look through all the cards again xD I did, but it has already been quite a while ago and i can right now also just remember voidstorm, backlash, time vortex, and the old shrine of martyrs..i had a deck once with these but i honestly can not remember any more cards which build upon a higher voidpool. IIRC there are or there is also a building which does prevent your voidpool from reducing or so...it would be a neat option to get a playstyle like that in the future maybe...versatility etc. but i am not gonna rant about that now haha
  2. shroomion

    Shrine of War

    two fire orbs one neutral and the effect only works for the player using it. that way it will not interfere with cards that gain power when you have a bigger void pool and it might be a reason for the devs to expand on that possible playstyle instead of killing it off like it was done with shrine of martyrs (which is now admittedly not a bad card at all..i just also liked the mechanic and idea of the old one as well)
  3. simple: if you like werebeasts then take them. como it with fountain of rebirth and a few green amazons to boost the selfheal and they can be really good. for flyers use the towers or the amazon ability + sending the flyers into enemie camps to kill them off.
  4. Hey! I have been playing around with the statue of mo. With Mo's Wrath to be more precise. So far i have only found skyelf sage increasing its dmg output. I thought i was smart when i slapped both northstars on it and wanted to pull a combo off with it and mattermastery plus frontier keep (fire aff). I tried it in the forge but the dmg from the northstars did not seem to stack, it left me wondering if there is something else i could combine it with. Can we make some other cards stack with wrath of mo, besides the skyelf sage and thus enjoy some whacky aoe randomness?
  5. shroomion

    Cheap Pve Deck

    You can find many many more in this forum. This thread here recently had some posted. Also some Stonekin(nature/frost) ones.
  6. Whoever replies to this thread gets a code for the mighty necro-pizza-promo.
  7. ..ya'all can call me heavenly master any time no probs!
  8. shroomion

    Cheap Pve Deck

    You have all the cards already. key units are windweaver t1 firestalker+maybe spirithunters for flying units t2 swampdrakes or magmahurlers t3 giant wyrm (maybe riflecultists or emberstrikes if needed) t4 spells you already have iirc: heal t1 lavafield+curse of oink t2 unity and equilibrium t3 t4 unholy hero+regrowth buildings: primal defender t1, breeding grounds+morklay trap t2, necroblaster t3(if you need to defend at t3 then take one shadow orb as t3 instead of fire for unity..if it can wait until t4 then take nature fire fire shadow) as for t4 buildings necroblaster can get
  9. Thanks. My Molochs can live without fear now, but i will try to forget this sobering information and continue to fantasize about the magical place that is hidden in the center of BH, where they have all kinds of candy but no dental problems...
  10. So ..who else tried running a few Molochs through the fire? I tried and failed two times..then someone finished the map before i could start begging for heals or revive spells ._. I like to imagine there is a stonekin spa in the center, where they make little grinders and such..
  11. I understand seeing infect, batariel and enlightenment a lot and getting bored by it, in fact i have sold those 3 cards whenever i got them after the reset as well as LSS and shadow phoenixes+embalmers. I simply choose not to play them any more. While other cards might not be meta, you can still win every map without enlightenment, amii monu etc.. ...but twilight pests? Really? Haven't seen those in a long time. (but also am not playing rpve much anymore) I liked them because they are a choice which is different than summoning XL units in t4, i never played them because they were the opti
  12. Just in case i would apply as artist and my work would fit what you are looking for: How much exactly would be expected from me? One illustration per month? Is there more or less a freedom of choice, considering what i would work on based on a list of things or something? I might be able to spend some free time on a few paintings. However, since i am by far not rich and it would be a no income/hobby kind of work i would sadly have to prioritise my normal job and deadlines for paintings where i absolutely have to deliver to pay my bills.
  13. the drider (nr 6) would be very cool..sadly i dont think they have a spider model. i really miss spiders in this game xD
  14. Up the irons! xD Not sure if their song and album names are protected to such a degree..well worth exploring if it is save though. I totally see where you are coming from here and i can also see this as a t3 card. Honestly however i have always found 1 nature and 1 shadow start a bit meh. You give up on all the goodies from 2 shadow orbs (harvy ressource booster undead army befallen's curse, chaos knight etc.) or you give up 2 nature (energy parasite, sunken temple, deep one, living towers and creeping paralysis) You have the mandatory amii phantom if you want to flex and play amii
  15. Hey! Weird_flex here. I have had a chat recently in this forum which inspired me to paint a card illustration for this game. Maybe one day it will be used. I would certainly play it. It is also a thanks for bringing back this fun game =) Just for skylords reborn you can use it as you wish but please do not change the painting. Since i hold the source files, i am anyways the only one who can easily make effective changes. I also added the quick pencil sketch which led to the finished painting. I could imagine this getting based on the giant slayer model. I though
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