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  1. Removing daily quests is the easiest way to accomplish that. So, if you're not, I'm asking: Please kill the frustrating, pointless daylies - I've never seen a single game that got better by including daylies and I hate them with a passion for exactly the reasons OP mentioned. Either I adapt my playstyle to the daylies, then I'm not having fun, or I don't, then I'm wasting BFP. Except the situations where a daily asks me to do what I'd do anyways. There is no good choice to be made here, just the lesser of two evils. In the best case the daylies are not having any influence on my games at all.
  2. Danol

    German Chat

    And yet wikipedias List of countries by English-speaking population says that only 56% of germans speak english, so 50% is not that wrong.
  3. Danol

    German Chat

    At first it's a decision not to use english, but after a few years of doing so they just can't use english anymore, because language skills that are not used will be gone soon. Again, most of the applicants to our junior positions are in their 20s and they struggle with basic english. They use only the german speaking internet, watch localized movies, streams in german, don't play with people from other countries (or games that don't require communication to play together, or have german communities ...). It is incredibly easy to not encounter english on a daily basis, so easy that I woul
  4. Danol

    German Chat

    That's completely off. I'm german, live in germany and know a lot of people who don't speak english at all. Or any language besides german. To illustrate my point a bit: My employer regularly hires people for junior positions that require some basic english skills, so a very simple test of their english language skills is included in the hiring process. About 50% of the applicants fail miserably. They're not able to translate a small email (5-6 sentences, plain english with only a few technical terms - relevant to their job - thrown in) or write one by themselves. They struggle in a 2-3min ver
  5. That's completely besides the problem. I'm from germany and german is my native language, so I definitely can stand hearing or reading german. But i think it's incredibly disrespectful to join an international community and then refuse to use a language everyone else understands.
  6. Viridya is a great card, but only one player can use her. I'd not recomment building decks that rely on her.
  7. I don't want other players to kill my units, no matter their intention. Plus it's unbalanced: If one player has Offering, everyone in the Team has it (potentially). Spam some cheap T4-Cards for unlimited charges for everyone ... doesn't sound balanced at all.
  8. Adding Nature could be a great boon, because Nature allows you access to healing spells or buildings like Healing Well or Healing Gardens, making your units able to soak more damage when defending. You get access to Tunnel, which allows for swift repositioning of your Units (good for defending multiple locations). Some Nature Units are good defenders, like Thornbark or, if you want to go 2/2 Frost/Nature, Razorleaf. Especially with their root network, these units can deal a significant amount of damage. Support them via Root Nexus. Some of the Stonekin-Cards are very
  9. It's very unfortunate that many cards just don't have any use in RPVE. Most of them are defensive cards, like Razorleaf, Stronghold and the like, but also some very slow units like Battleship. This is mostly because these Units/Buildings are stationary, slow or mostly geared towards defense, while RPVE is all about offense. To counter this, I suggest adding a new RPVE-Mode where you have to mostly defend youself against waves of enemies, unlocking access to new orbs and generators by defeating boss waves. I know that this is hardly a priority so short after launch and that it will be
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