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  1. Is it doable to get Xp and Bfp if u do Community Maps? Like normal maps? or is it already changed? Cause i wanna play the fun maps in Community but if i get nothing from it just Gold or i dont know exactly atm what u get cause i hadnt played for a week What i mean is i dont have much time to play and when i play i wanna get smth for the time so most of the time i just do rpve to get my dailies :DD and its getting boring
  2. Ohh thats nice to hear ye ofc u read everything from us cause u are great devs But i didnt found a topic with this title so i though i just make one :/ But i hope u will to progress in that and tkae your time as u took with the Game too Thanks for the reply
  3. Ohh damn it ye a Tower Defense would be sick or some sort of Chess Mode would also be nice Im mean im having a lot fun even if i just play Rpve9 trying new decks But your Ideas are very good Devs maybe see this
  4. Hey, First of all i want to thank u that u did this for us Really nice to have this game again and u can even play it better cause its free2play I love this work thank u very much But because i love this work i just dont want it to die .,..... and i know its hard but how about some new content to create Im not a game Designer or something else but maybe some Players have a Idea to help this game not to die Cause i realized that the Game isnt so popular as it was 3 Months ago and the Playerbase isnt so high anymore :/ Just add any Idea u have to make this Game not Die
  5. I want to Play Battleforge best game! :)

    1. Ladadoos


      It is indeed the best game and we do also want to play it again :bf:

    2. SunOfBF


      soon realy soon :kappa:

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