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  1. If it was interesting macro, or any kind of choice was involved (ex. do I spend 100 power to activate the global), then it'd be worth the macro. Meaningful macro/micro adds to the game positively, giving you more to do and more opportunities to git gud. As is, it's just pointless busywork. 2 Shrines and you just have permanent uptime, there's no choice, nothing interesting about it, no meaningful decisions to make about when to activate it. It's not a big deal, control groups let me keep my Shrine of Memory or Cultist Masters or whatever up if no one else is doing void manipulation,
  2. I'm just relaying what Ladadoos (dev) and LEBOVIM both said on discord, in the questions channel a few days ago, shouldn't be too hard to find. Max rank 20, expert dailies unlock at 17. I'm not commenting on how long it'll take to get there, it sounded like it'd be a ways away, just using it as further reasons why I loathe the current setup. Existing dailies requiring Advanced is already obnoxious enough if it rolls a teamwork-required multiplayer map, Expert just guarantees I'm stuck losing BFP to reroll it.
  3. According to devs on discord, they unlock at pve rank 18.
  4. I really just don't like the current daily implementation at all, personally. I'm not going to play Nightmare Shard on expert, and I'm not excited to play some 4p map with an easy fail requirement if allies can't be bothered to follow instructions. Multi-rerolls would make it SOMEWHAT less annoying, but I'd be a lot happier if the daily quest BFP got moved into the 45min playtime BFP, or at least the specific-map quests were nuked. I can live with the boring ones like 12k power or 40 spells, at least those happen over time while I play maps I actually want to play, and don't penalize my BFP in
  5. Really looking forwards to this! I missed Battleforge. Dragging a few friends into it as well.
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