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  1. I think this wouldn't be enough. Maybe that would help in specific situation in PVP, but that would do fu*k all in RPVE, as Frost Mage spam will always prevail. The idea here is to give Frost another starter, like Fire can go for Nomads or Nature can go for Mana Wings. With shields, using Master Archer & other T1 units to save some money would be viable. As for Imperials, they each cost 70 + 20 for their active, which is really expensive. I mean look at nature, they have Dryad which gives a flat 25% resist to all surrounding friendly units, and can sleep any unit at pretty decent rang
  2. Solid 8/10. I would just argue that it's not "I never used this card" but more "I've never seen anyone using it in rPVE or missions and I also think it's bad" and not "Let's make it awesome" but "let's make it viable at the very least". For the rest, can't argue.
  3. I think this idea was proposed on the Discord and I think it could be a good idea. It could indeed destroy a lot of cards and BF. I added your idea to the main post.
  4. Hi everyone, I'd like to address Frost Sorceress and more generally Shields among the Frost faction. I have never seen people using shield in RPVE, and I myself find them to be really cumbersome and expensive to use. I would love it if Frost had more units like Avatar of Frost, with poor HP but regenerating shields. The current Frost Sorceress does really poor damages. Her actual use is the shield ability, which will cost you 20 Power for each unit shielded. The shield stays for 30 seconds. While really annoying when used by AI, nobody dares to use it for it is micro intensive and wi
  5. Maybve I should have been a little bit more specific. The reason I did that is because I initially had a quest to do Nightmare Shard in advanced, which I thought I would do later after doing other stuff. Eventually, after couple games, I realized I had 0 motivation to do those maps that gave me PTSD in Expert, so I just rerolled the quest and got the 12'000 power one. If I had rerolled first, I sure could have done that more easily. Still, I don't think we spend that much power per game, so spamming was easier.
  6. I think you need to read the thread completely. The point is that I have no reason nor interest in redoing a mission in whatever difficulty now that I have finished the game in Exepert. So instead of doing things I like, I have to do my dailies in the easiest possible setting to get rid of it ASAP so I can finally do what I wanted to do when I started the game, and have some BF to buy cards.
  7. I'm not asking devs to remove the quests. We're asking to be able to earn BF on our intended gamestyle. While I agree that there is no rush, having quests that force you to spam cards on 5/10, or do mission on advanced that you already did in Expert is pretty pointless, irritating at best. Hell, I once had a quest asking me to spawn 12000 worth of power... What I did is play a 5/10 map with Resource Booster, Juice Tank, Furnace of Flesh, Decomposer, Breeding Grounds Offering, Rifle Cultists, Ravenheart, Mo and other T4 units. I sat there for 15mn building T4 units, killing them, offering
  8. I did a thread on that matter : Multiple rerolls is option 1 and the easiest to implement.
  9. Daily missions represent 150BF, which means that even if you drain all your reserve, it's still 27% of your daily income. If you're late game or you just wanted to do one deck and that's it, you're fine, you can just ignore them. But if you want to play and progress, doing those missions is necessary. I would love some statistics on how much people drain per day from their reserve, but I assume we rarely go below 100 or so, which brings us to a daily mission income of 33%. That's 1/3 of your income gone because you refused to do annoying overtime ? Well I'm glad my boss isn't like this !
  10. I don't know if you did that achievement to get below 25BF in the reserve, but oh god no I'm not doing that again, unless not on purpose while tryharding a mission in Expert. I do agree that putting everything in playtime is not necessarily the best option (although I don't see why not, beside saying "it's too easy", which, as we established, translate more into "it's not annoying enough"), but I maintain that there is probably 0 downside as to let people chose their dailies. The whole "getting out of your comfort zone" is straight out from some HR bullsh*t that should stay far away from
  11. I'm pretty sure that some people are making BF only on market prices. If pages of windweavers or stuff like that start to disappear, they will be the first to notice and start selling them for 10BF or so. Also, people can still WTB in chat (which the average Joe is totally NOT gonna do). In other words, no, I have no way of knowing if it's gonna be enough But I would totally sell my basic cards if I can make 5-6BF on them with a supply cut in half.
  12. No one is forcing me to wake up in the morning to go to work either. Too bad I kind of need that since it's a huge part of my income ! Why would I need to get out of my comfort zone in a game like that ? There are plenty of hardcore games to do that, I don't think being annoyed and forced to do tasks I don't wanna do is getting me out of my comfort zone. I already plan in doing a shadow deck for instance, and to do the game in expert. And don't get me wrong, the reason I wanna try shadow is not because I've been forced, again and again, to spawn 50ish cards in a 5/10. It's because I've
  13. Hi everyone, I'd like to know what you think of being able to manually choose your daily missions ? Today for instance, I wanted to try some new decks in solo rPVE, only to find that my daily quests are : As I'm pretty new (not to the game, but to this rebirth), I need those BF, so guess what I'm not doing tonight ? That's right, not what I wanted to do. Instead, I'll go and do the chores : Defending Hope, which I already did in Expert. Thanks for the waste of time. Try and find another player that has the same chores as I do to do The Insane God in Advanced.
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