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  1. Gnougnou

    [Gamemode PVE+PVP] Survival

    BF is not an exception, I just don't have has much free time as I used to have back in the days... Life happened, priorities changed. Well if the community maps work with the BFP gain, then we at least got that. I had no clue and frankly didn't expect "unofficial" missions to give any "official" reward. If the team doesn't want new maps or/and game modes before release then this thread can be deleted.
  2. Gnougnou

    [Gamemode PVE+PVP] Survival

    Ahhh yes. You and your "" smileys that don't bring anything to the conversation except useless sarcasm. FYI I almost always used the map editor of whatever game I played. Hammer Editor on CS and CSS, UE4, Unity, Red Alert 2, C&C3, C&C Generals, AoE, CryEngine on Crysis, etc... including a lot of scripts, not only static maps. Not trying to flex, just saying that I know what these kind of editors usually look like, and that if it's not coded like complete crap, it should not be to hard to make simple maps and spawning scripts. Also note the quote on "easy" because I don't know this specific editor, I'm relying on my knowledge of other games editors. I'm not talking about good level art, for which I'm indeed terrible. I'm really talking about level design. I bet some players are artists in the making and could make good looking maps out of those mechanics. I didn't know. Well, this is even better if maps like these already exist ! The goal here would be to make them official with a dedicated gamemode that would be added to the PVE rotation. People, including me, tend to play maps only if they bring you rewards, since the game is mostly based on grinding your cards and buying more. I take that those non-official maps do not give you any reward, do they ? (I could be wrong, I actually really don't know). If this game was built like really old games where stats didn't matter and you got nothing to unlock, it would be fine. Now, think of Battlefield and the Ranked servers. Almost everyone always want to play on a ranked server to get stats, medals, unlocks, etc... This is the same here. If these game modes (I'm talking in general here, not only survival) were to become official, be displayed on the forge page, and be a way to get the daily rewards, that would be even more content for the game, and more things for the player to play with. If I have X amount of games to play to be able to deplete my BFP pool, I'm certainly not gonna play 3h on maps that are not gonna bring me anything ! Sure I would get some fun, but I above all would have lost a lot of time during which I could have earned BFP, to buy new cards, which is half the fun of the game ! I'll be honest, I stopped playing Skylords a couple months ago because I got really tired of those offensive PVE missions. I know that 2 friends of mine quit for the same reason. That means that probably other players are also experiencing this frustration. I'm here to propose a solution. If the community is already doing other game modes, maybe it could be interesting to bring them to life officially.
  3. Gnougnou

    [Gamemode PVE+PVP] Survival

    Hello everyone, I don't know if it has been suggested yet, but I'm here to propose a new gamemode that could be fun to play : Survival. The player(s) spawn at the middle (or side) of the map, and have to protect a neutral building against waves of NPCs. While this gamemmode isn't especially original, it brings some good content to the game : New meta : The way you play this gamemmode would drastically change from your usual offensive PVE/PVP decks. Here, you have to defend, so building and slow movement cards, which are not used that much, would be for once of great help. Those cards would gain some value on the market. More diversity to the game : In addition to the missions and PVE skirmishes, this would be an additional gamemmode to earn credits. Also, as stated before, we would see more cards played. Maps would be "easy" to make : You don't need cinematics, voice acting or whatnot. Once you have the spawning mechanics and the winning/losing events set up, you only need new maps (where the community could help) to copy/past those events on. Some maps could have the neutral building in the middle, while some could have it on a side with enemies all coming from the other. NPC faction could change depending of the maps. In addition to the difficulty level that would increase the toughness of the waves, another difficulty switch could limit the player orb level. Instead of having 4 orbs, some maps could limit the player with only T2 or T3 units. Victory condition could be either based on wave amount (you win after x waves), or, you are FORCED to lose at some point, and you earn credits based on how long you survived (could be probably exploited so maybe not the best solution). Also, a PVP variant of this gamemode could be fun : One player, with a huge pool of resource, is in charge of spawning the waves with his own cards or/and has an interface similar to the Forge where he can spawn and control NPC factions. The attacking player is out of reach and vision from the defending players, so they don't see what's coming, and from where. Again, the attacking player might use some cards that are almost never played, since he is basically attacking a huge base, and has a lot of time and multiple angles (depending on the map) to execute his attack. The only issue I see with this mode is the potential lag of all the blobs of units. But if the game is able to handle it pretty well, then it is, to me, a good addition to the game. Considering the blobs we see in the current skirmishes and how well the game is able to run, I'm guessing this could work. What do you guys think ?
  4. Gnougnou

    Current Proposal: Tokens & Gold

    Fixed as in definitive. As the thread is old, maybe you guys have already decided how it will be at release, which amount, etc...
  5. Gnougnou

    Current Proposal: Tokens & Gold

    Quoting myself from another thread : Topic is old, so I dunno if incomes have been fixed by now.
  6. Gnougnou

    Current Proposal: Rewards

    I'm not sure about the "earning BF every 30m, halves every 1h30" thing. 30mn sounds like a lot, and I would rather have half the amount, but every 15mn. It gives a better feeling of constant progression and will allow people to take a break between games to look at the market. But in overall, I would prefer a system based on victories. Something scaled on the level you are playing on. For instance : RPVE : From 1-6, no BF reward. From 7-10, scaling, taking into account difficulty and number of players. PVP : Even tho' i almost never did PVP, I would fully agree on making PVP the best way to earn BF. BF amount would scale based on your elo : the better you are, obviously the better your enemies are, so the match might be harder and more stressful than a rpve or mission. Mission : Like rPVE, easy difficulty won't get you any BF. Intermediate and expert level will increase the amount of BF earned. It could have a soft cap applied to it too. Also, what about gold allowing you to buy a booster for BF incomes ? Like with X gold you can purchase something that gives you 25% more BF on your daily quests and/or winning incomes for a certain duration ? That would allow people to grind gold and then decides between getting some extra BF indirectly if they need cards, or upgrading those cards. That would give gold even more uses.
  7. Gnougnou

    Could some cards get a speed buff?

    Well I honestly don't remember a mission where I told myself "glad I had the construct !". After I switched them for Grinder (legendary that I got from inviting a friend on the game), I never switched back, mission or PVE. Faster, immortal, self healing unit that have 100% siege damage instead of 50%. If I want a slow defensive unit, I rather go for the world breaker gun, and then switch it to artillery mode if I attack. So again, I don't see ANY use for the construct as it is right now. Same for Battleship, I see no point using them while you can have the Corsair with 3 orbs with a cool passive at level I (Inspirational Call), or the lost spirit ship that knock your army like crazy. Like, c'mon, the Battleship doesn't even knock, it's just a slow HP bag... You are right, a unit shouldn't work everywhere. But it should at least fulfill one role, which they don't. The only cool thing with the Construct is that is requires only one blue orb, so you don't have to full commit to the ice faction. Again, their XL knock is pretty useless if your friends are 2km ahead.
  8. Gnougnou

    Could some cards get a speed buff?

    I dunno, there is probably a balance to that. The best solution and the fairest would probably to have an active that cost money and boost your Construct speed for a long enough period to be useful. You could unlock that active at level III for instance. I haven't really compared speed/damage/splash/knock of other factions' equivalent of the Construct, but I've played well enough rPVE back in EA era to know that those units are never used in 9-10. Only dragons, Grinders, Overlords, Lost Spirit Ships... They are sometimes used in 7-8 like I did until you realize you just can't keep up with your mates... Sad time I don't know what to do with the Battleship tho'. It's just a weird card overall.
  9. Gnougnou

    Could some cards get a speed buff?

    While reading the title of the thread, i thought "Yeah like Construct and Battleship". And then I clicked the thread. No joke. That was funny. I'm a big Frost player, and back in EA servers, I craved those units ! When I played solo, I was amazed by the construct, and dissapointed by the Battleship (slow, weak damages). But then I started playing PVE level 7 to 10 and realized that the Construct is just plain bad for team play, because it's way too slow. I ended up selling the Battleship and removing the Construct from my deck and replaced them by giants (I don't remember the name) and other stuff that matched every other factions speed. With those units you are always behind your team, being completely useless. So yeah, speed boost would be really great... Being incapable of playing one of the strongest unit of your faction because you are always behind is really sad. Using the "faction weakness" as a reason to render a card unplayable is plain stupid. I would trade damage for speed to be able to stick with my team... Again, this card is fine as long as you are a lone wolf, but not for PVE with steamrolling clusterf*ck.

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