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  1. For me it is the expert difficulty, mastering all of the pve maps this hard.
  2. I like the details you gave her chest
  3. Yeah lets try to get RBTV to show it of! https://forum.rocketbeans.tv/t/skylords-reborn-das-neue-alte-battleforge/84981/26
  4. Sounds totaly fine to me, nice idea! But it has to be restricted to one building per player?
  5. I have to aggree, the thrill to manage to get maps at expert to get specific upgrades is lost with the gold alternative. It makes it meaningless to learn AND play specific maps, so playtime and variety is suffering, but also ecconomy, because you don't have any interest in getting special cards for some maps/strategies, so those cards are worthless (which would otherwise have some usages). All in all, especially longterm, this gold thing is hurting this beautiful game more then it helps.
  6. I experienced not a single DC, playing from Austria about a week now.
  7. Sebu

    Booster packs

    Thats a nice feature, didn't saw that, thank you!
  8. Sounds nice, except the part with the shared resources. Don't see this working well...
  9. I would love to see something like this
  10. Sebu

    Booster packs

    In my oponion they are totaly. Green > all and Green/Blue > every other combination. Maybe Green/Red. I never managed to get something without green to work on higher levels without pain in the ass. I just talking about PvE no PvP.
  11. Sebu

    Booster packs

    Is there really no booster with better loot chances then others? I mean... colors are obviously imbalanced, and so are prices for cards of those colors. You know supply and demand...
  12. Great job, but isn't it kinda useless? Farming random generated maps, rewarding huge amount of golds and buying these upgrades makes all this meaningless?
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