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  1. A UI dev will be able to help in lots of areas guys, we need you 🙏
  2. thanks everyone, i appreciate the love! i tried to share some on instagram a few years ago, but couldnt post consistent work so it kind of died at some point. i will try to share some work now at instagram while i work here on the project so feel free to check my page at tweeto.art beside instagram i have a small page on ArtStation where i intend to share only my best work so it can act as a portfolio - tweetoart https://www.artstation.com/tweetoart https://www.instagram.com/tweeto.art/
  3. Thank you! Not exactly, i made a rough edit of the textures to resemble something similar to the new design. it works in game but its far from polished ^^ here is another update, bit more details and better contrast against the background:
  4. we are gonna start it all over ^^ designing the whole faction, as before i shared the progress on discrod. here is what we ended up with for the first unit (ami phantom redesign) and here is a quick (not final) texture mock up: with that said, the dancer an knight i did before are not relevant anymore and ill probably re-do them entirely to fit the new design
  5. been working on a knight lately, posted some of the progress on the discord channel here is where we at now: still got much to do before its finished ^^
  6. Tweeto


    consider this as a suggestion for an in-game emote system (similar to LoL). i choose to post it here cause im going to design more emotes over the time and ill add them to here. even if the feature suggestion will be declined by the devs ^^ anyway, here is the first one: leave your ideas for cool/funny emotes here and ill consider making them ^^
  7. so yea i took another look on our dancer today, and oh my the background looked terrible.. and the colors were dead well thats what happens when i work on a single image without switching to some other project :\ anyway, glad i re visited her after a few days. i think with the new background and fixed colors she fits way better into the Battle Forge Amii fantasy ^^ New one in the middle as always, let me know what you guys think ( i fixed the lettering this time ! )
  8. I actually used that ^^ that's why im too lazy to change any part of the card itself at this point. Anyway i didnt mean to make it a full fledged card, only to show how the art would fit in a card. You guys are more than welcome making card out of the art i made. You probably have better ideas than me for the balance and abilities she should have.
  9. thanks guys ^^ i hear you (too lazy to change much about the card beside the Edition though XP) @Ladadoos totally agree about 1, for 2 i think the smoothness can be gone if ill add more details like you said in 3 but i want to be cautious with the details as i had quit a lot in the original which took it too far from BattleForge style. how about this version? i added more details to the background, and de-saturated the reds in the picture. didn't touch the character yet (i would like to avoid adding details to her if possible). new one on the left
  10. And we are done! (crits are more than welcome) Let me know if you guys have any preference on which model i should try to paint next (this time ill probably do few concepts before) and here as a card next to other cards, might need some minor color adjustments and maybe some details in the left part of the background
  11. im not sure if it was already suggested or discussed here before, How about making some kind of re-roll system where you place like 5 cards of the same rarity and you can re-roll into another random one of that rarity. can be also done for factions, like 5 of the same faction into 1 random of the same faction. this could fix the overflow of cards, and people might want to try their luck more by buying from the auction house some cheap rare cards and re-rolling them trying to get something expensive. making them use more BF on cards that they probably wont otherwise. this system probably have some issues but i think it can be fixed if we discuss it more, maybe capping the amount of re-rolls a player can do every day or making the pool of cards which can be made from the re-roll be more limited maybe also change the pool once in a while or adding a BF fee you have to put extra on top of the cards (maybe even make the fee greater with rarity) another way to make it more interesting by adding some kind of special reward that can come out very rarely from the re-rolls we can think on rewards 1 idea i have for a reward is like a super mini booster - which is a mini booster with rare cards. this can be also linked to the promo shop that was suggested here, where you could buy them with some new currency that is super hard to obtain only by re-rolling cards. maybe something like 50 Skylords Points for a promo, but getting 1 point is very unlikely and super hard (only from re-rolls). so yea let me know what you think this just came to my mind now and its probably not the best solution but might give some ideas to the devs.
  12. so after a good night sleep i decided to redo the face entirely plus got lots of progress today i think were getting there ^^
  13. alright guys i think i see what you mean, how about this face? made it more stylized now and changed the expression slightly
  14. thanks here is a small update, started rendering the face and chest, fixed some anatomy issues (colors will be back at the end)
  15. yo guys, i saw around here the developers mention they currently only able to reskin current models in order to make new units. so i was thinking about it and actually most of the factions have similar models already, with maybe minor differences but generally most of them change the texture and call it a new unit. with that said i took upon my self a little project to try and design new Amii cards that can be made in game with only changing textures hopefully that could give the devs some direction. ill keep updating this Topic as i get more progress, so let me know what you guys think for now here is the first sketches of an Amii Sorceress card art based on the fire dancer/frost sorceress model btw if you have better name im all ear lol, was thinking either Amii Sorceress or Night dancer, but they sound generic af :\ Done!! and as a card:
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