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  1. Why me? I have less time than in past since family came into my life. I think I have not the energy to be a teacher of playing 2vs2 with different combos. Maybe Cyru is a good partner, he seems to like jokes, too. With kind greetings to you @Cyruel.^^
  2. I remember these decks like it was yesterday. How many h we spent to make these decks?
  3. Hi

    Nope - who are you? Just kidding. Seems that this game collects the old guys.
  4. The infected tower needs fire-nature-orb, and the cultist master needs shadow-shadow-blank-orb. The infected tower only change your own units after death. I tried to use this in pvp with Eridya, but it it costs too much. Better use some T3-tower from shadow + balsam shrine + t3monstrum from shadow to kill bases. ^^
  5. Please no patch. D: This is a very cool strategy to make rpve funny.
  6. And the best: you can use very much spells just because you did not spend energy into this system. My Tier4 was the biggest with this deck. EDIT: maybe you'll find the zerg-topic with this archive website: http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://forums.battleforge.com/forum/*
  7. Cultist Master got nerved in past, so Nightcrawler can not manual forced to die with the kill button. But they die after few seconds, so this technique works fine, even after this nerf. You only have to activate the tower some seconds later after you activate the cultist master. Btw - I'll test the server with this later, when Beta comes. I'll looking forward to find some old posts or pictures. Maybe google find something.
  8. I found my old account on BFcardcreator. But it is in german. I'll translate it into english. click here to see card and costs -> Ergriffen Translation: Collect corpses within 15m to activate a field, where bone hands comes from the ground and reduce 25% speed from enemy units + do less damage. Every 450 HP from corpse create a 5 meter area. The max radius is 20m from this spell.
  9. :'D I closed that mich topics about that in past... But I wish the T4-reborn-spell will be fixed. I remember thst in origin BF sometimes the units only died, snd did not come back. Was a huge waste of power. Same thing with mind control - sometimes it does not work. (no joke)
  10. SoM ist too strong pls nerf!!! Do you miss this topics, too? Good old whine-topics. :-D
  11. I come from germany. Thx to fill up this list. Found some old buddies.
  12. Hi

    Hi guys, maybe anyone remember my name. In past I was a mod in BF forum and tested every thing out (created a techniqe to spam massive bugs with the twilight building to rush through the whole map in pve). Maybe I can contact my mates from past to check this site out. I am very happy that BF will find a second chance. :-D