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  1. Cyruel

    I Love PVE :)

    But pvp is also fun
  2. Cyruel

    Board Rules Ingame

    The balancing issues in pve are that it is possible to fight with a T1 against a T3 Base. And with a T2 against a T4 Base on some maps and rPvE 9 (even on 10 if you play for example with one of the most op pve combos named Embalmers-Phoenix) and you can play a T4 with Lost Souls Ships in spam which makes you invincible, so that no unit dies. There must be balancing changes with enemy entities on some of the maps, rPvE 9 (not the timecounter in rpve has to be changed) and there have to be a few main key card and key combo changes. That must be priority. Many will say now that pve doesn't need changes at all because you will then take out the fun of this and that but this arguement doesn't make any sense and is not passable. As it is in pvp, pve also needs the exact same amount and sensible focuse on balancing changements because if you play with other players in pve they will mostly definitaly destroy your personal fair and balanced playstyle. So i play rarely with a random group in rPvE for example because i know that my mate possibly will play something that will put out the fun for me without any consideration. So to bring it to an conclusion pvp-pve-rpve - everything needs balance and i'd like to mention that at least Battleforge never was so relatively good balanced as it was in the last year of battleforge in 2013. The Threadmaker has to read a few single discussions on balancing changes in pvp topics in order to comprehend how difficult it oftenly is to find a balance that fits in a good shape and synergy.
  3. Cyruel

    ElementG's Battleforge Zergs

    I am for a bugfixing. Can't be state of condition. It's a pure gamebreaker. Logical consequenze is a bugfix. Also it may brings lag to the server. Players can abuse this and bring all but for sure no fun for players like me. It's the same abusing shit as the Embalmer-Phoenix combo, Portal-Nexus, rifle cultists and so on. That is why i did not play Passage for Darkness for instance. Because the trolls went crazy there. It has to be priority change after server is up.
  4. Cyruel

    Battleforge Jukebox

    Payday 2 also has this feature
  5. Cyruel

    LF 2vs2 Mate

    Then i am pretty sure @ElementG is the right mate for you! With kind greetings to you ElementG^^
  6. Cyruel


    http://www.bafocards.eu/ The best card databse site at the moment.
  7. Cyruel

    The New Cardbase and More

    Thank you very much! I was searching for such a site! Creating decks features and advanced filters are missing in the skylords.eu card database.
  8. Cyruel

    Which was your favorite PvE map?

    My favourite maps which i like especially are Guns of Lyr, Raven's end, Empire and Danduil, Fyre, Elyon, Haladur.
  9. Cyruel

    ElementG's Battleforge Zergs

    I am for a bugfixing. Can't be state of condition.
  10. Cyruel

    Discord Guide

    Good guide!
  11. Cyruel

    I Love PVE :)

    The XL Knockback was very amusing! pve can be relaxing but must not.
  12. Cyruel

    Map Editor [Activation Guide]

    Thanks to this!
  13. Cyruel

    BFP rename

    No need to change it
  14. Cyruel

    Cyruel's Decks

    How many h we played these decks and how many h we laughed^^
  15. Cyruel

    Cyruel's Decks

    Heya, Glad that you like them! Well in rpve Altar of Chaos within my lost souls deck is not that good since i play without cultist master and except resource booster without void manipulation (i guess if i can remember correctly the nightcrawlers from the cultist master does count as offering). So in pve it makes more sense and a full max. bomb is as you said deadfull. Therefore i sometimes play it in my pure shadow deck. Well both affinitys of the allmighty Tortugun (which has the highest atk number in the game btw. as you know for sure) are very usefull. One with long range and the other with the brutely XL Knock Back CC which is really funny! I don't want to invest anyway one more card slot in the deck because of offering and rifle cultists which is it just not worth it.

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