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  1. Much obliged - Skylord from the past and future ^^
  2. I like the ideas in this thread i think hawk and the team really should look it over take some of it see where it can be integrated into the game before open beta, and where some stuff will have to wait till everything is working and stable and build a whole new system . Remove all the old P2W/F2P/P2P elements that remain remove or fix in some way. as for multi accounting , like you said find a way to lock stuff maybe reward a new kind of currency which will be account locked could be done via a third party api like the one they are already planning on making the missions on the website linked to the game database through a router database, so in example in the site you get some points which cannot be traded, but you could buy cards directly with them through the site perhaps, and than the cards should be locked for like say a year ? or perma not tradable , like they did with lord cyrian /moloch and the promo grinder later. that is one way to combat multi accounting.
  3. Is a little pesky flying fire bird with red scales
  4. @japoo oh i c well i guess for a small group thats fine
  5. oh but does it work well like in terms of connection lag and all that? i just have a bad history with hamachi so i always went with tunngle for my gaming needs
  6. why not use tunngle instead of hamachi
  7. Le promo spitfire flying sausage promo! On a serious note i'd like to see a promo batariel, also Promo Tremor , and maybe a promo Dread Charger adding some fiery shadow tracks or something also a promo giant wyrm that would add a golden helmet thingy and maybe a saddle of sorts/armor on its back and head
  8. Not your main battleforge folder where you click on the .exe to start the editor. but the folder that contains persnal data only like configuration of stuffs and all that its in the "My documents" in your start menu and there must be a config with a valid token id that tells the client its activated. The assertion failed error only happend to us when we didn't have a proper file set up in the "Battleforge" folder in "My Documents"
  9. Trying to sleep... zzzzZZzz..ZZzzzzzZZZZzzzZzz

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    2. Ultrakool


      you have a spelling mistake: puttin is actually *putin

    3. Menchrese


      Mhm if that is the only thing that is bothering you in my status lol than you sure are weird.

      still you came here to troll and failed, you've got a long way to master the art of trolling .

    4. Ultrakool


      TUL: that was a troll in itself, but you didn't realize it :P

  10. Hopefully like a level 6 balloon at that!

    1. Ultrakool


      why not level >9000?

    2. veryhasted
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