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  1. BrinCorrian

    The legendary forum game "count"

  2. BrinCorrian

    Spectating for Tournaments. And Prizes

    If there could be a spectator mode, whether through the skylords reborn client or through an extension, that would do well for the game, from a marketing stand point and a game play stand point. I personally would love to spectate and be spectated
  3. BrinCorrian

    Favorite Element

    Ever since i dabbled in all of the elements shortly after joining battleforge, I have mainly been a frost player! My favorite deck is pure frost, and seriously how many pure frost players do you see out there? I also like to play Frost/Shadow and Frost/Nature, but not really Frost/Fire. Overall, all of the elements are cool and I like to play with and against all of them!
  4. BrinCorrian

    Battleforge soundtrack (spotify)

    Thank you for this. I had no idea this soundtrack was on spotify!

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