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  1. Made you guys some IntelliSense πŸ™‚ https://github.com/bergerb-com/Skylords-Mediawiki-GDSFunctionExport-Documentation-Intellisense
  2. You guys are really putting some hard work into this, amazing! 😁 So many new amazing features, and still some people feel the need to bitch about stuff, it sickens me. AMAZING WORK!!!!
  3. DESCRIPTION: I assume the opening of a gold chest with mo caused that crash. Two people confirmed that they also crashed. Game just died, no error. REPRODUCIBILITY: - SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: - LOG: attached, zipped cause i still have trace_lua_calls enabled^^ ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: - _log_proxy_latest.zip crashdata.mdmp log_gd.txt movie.pmv
  4. log_gd.txtcrashdata.mdmp_log_proxy_latest.zipmovie.pmvmovie_deck.pmv And another πŸ™‚ 27MB of Log-File πŸ˜› let me know, if you want to see those screen recordings aswell, I am doing the same thing as before, just hovering over other users
  5. So sorry for the guys I kicked out of the lobby with the crash😞 definitly reproducable, dont even need to play the game, once there are more than 4 players (unsure if that really is needed? on other maps, <4 player-swipe didn't do anything..), swipe over the usernames, crash Logs attached, exceeds file size limit, so I zipped it πŸ™‚ log_gd.txt crashdata.mdmp movie_deck.pmv _log_proxy_latest.zip
  6. DESCRIPTION: After playing PTD, when I hover over one of the users, the game crashes. I caputured both crashes with ShadowPlay. I got 5 Minutes of the Match before the first crash and the whole Match before the second crash. But I think the last few seconds are most important. Please let me know, if you want to see the rest too. REPRODUCIBILITY: Happened twice, (Videos attached) SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: Crash1: https://youtu.be/wqRkT47vfxg Crash2: https://youtu.be/FNgsxvTkAOA LOG: Crash1: c1* Crash2: c2* ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: In the first video, you can see that I successfully hovered over one user, before I created the lobby. But the Bug happened later anyway. I tried to recreate it with a 4-player map and it seems like it doesn't happen there. But I don't know what exactly causes this, but I am guessing it has something to do with the User-Preview-Function on the "small" User-List (>4 Players in one group). Also: the first game desynced! I don't know if that caused the bug, because I did not see the message in the second game. c1_crashdata.mdmp c1_log_proxy_latest.log c2_crashdata.mdmp c2_log_gd.txt c2_log_proxy_latest.log c2_movie.pmv c2_movie_deck.pmv
  7. DESCRIPTION: We were playing Ascension, I was on Map 2, Some Users left, Game ended, Game crashed REPRODUCIBILITY: - SCREENSHOT: Screenshot (11).png LOG: _log_proxy_latest.log ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Unfortunately I don't have a dump. I guess because I killed the Game (Popup: OK was not clickable) _log_proxy_latest.log
  8. DESCRIPTION: We were playing Empire, and just after we got control over Rogan, the User that had control over Rogan, left - killing Rogan and ending the Game with a "Rogan died" REPRODUCIBILITY: - not tried yet SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: Replay attached LOG: _log_proxy_latest.log ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: I don't know if that even is enough of a Bug to be fixed, but it would be great if the game could continue running with someone else having control over Rogan _log_proxy_latest.log 2023-02-04_11-48-21_Empire_diff1_s21011_bergerb_Szum_Spinxios_TribalDragon_time_0_14_36.4_v260.pmv
  9. DESCRIPTION: Just tried to start a game of Ascension, I don't know if the leader left, or he closed the Map, but everyone was outside the Map-Group (4 Players per Group usually). Game crashed after a few seconds, there was a popup but I can't recall what it said.. REPRODUCIBILITY: - SCREENSHOT: - LOG: _log_proxy_0.log, crashdata.mdmp ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: - _log_proxy_0.log crashdata.mdmp
  10. Alright soo, Every wave-type (Easy, Advanced, Insane) has a set amount of wave-power. You have an internal wave-power-pool that gets increasingly refilled every minute. Once your 5 minute timer expires, Waves are being spawned until your wave-power-pool is empty. (One Wave-Spawn reduces the wave-power-pool by the wave-power of that wave-type) If you start the altar, your wave-power-pool is reset to a fixed value, which results in a smaller wave power depending on when you start the altar. If you start the alter after a wave, there are 5 minutes of time where you gather wave-power. If you start it seconds before a wave, you reset the wave-power and that is the reason why the wave is very weak. (Not saying that this is the best strategy, since you dont have to fight against a wave at all, if you start the altar AFTER the wave :)) The spawnpoints are random. Multiple spawns can occur at the same spawnpoint. By the way, guardians and thos heavy stonekin hammerfalls (and also the bandit lords) are despawned depending on the order of crystals, so your first crystal is the easiest getting harder with the next crystals.
  11. Alright.. mhh the question is, am I allowed to decompile the scripts and post the answer?
  12. Hey, I am currently trying to find out how Dwarven Riddle exactly works. What I got so far: There are different types of groups. These groups dont seem to spawn at the same locations and also not with the same amounts: My tries: What I am wondering: Why I sometimes get more spawns than other times? And why they sometimes attack my orb and sometimes not? bergerb
  13. Could you please reset my level tree, maybe I can get the error, I got on the first map
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