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  1. Alright soo, Every wave-type (Easy, Advanced, Insane) has a set amount of wave-power. You have an internal wave-power-pool that gets increasingly refilled every minute. Once your 5 minute timer expires, Waves are being spawned until your wave-power-pool is empty. (One Wave-Spawn reduces the wave-power-pool by the wave-power of that wave-type) If you start the altar, your wave-power-pool is reset to a fixed value, which results in a smaller wave power depending on when you start the altar. If you start the alter after a wave, there are 5 minutes of time where you g
  2. Alright.. mhh the question is, am I allowed to decompile the scripts and post the answer?
  3. Hey, I am currently trying to find out how Dwarven Riddle exactly works. What I got so far: There are different types of groups. These groups dont seem to spawn at the same locations and also not with the same amounts: My tries: What I am wondering: Why I sometimes get more spawns than other times? And why they sometimes attack my orb and sometimes not? bergerb
  4. Could you please reset my level tree, maybe I can get the error, I got on the first map
  5. I played Encounters with Twilight the last days a few times.. Here is the whole story No Levels unlocked I Started with Standard. That disconnected me, but I got an Errormessage, sadly my Shadowplay was turned off, so I didn't got this.. Now the second Level (Siege of Hope) got unlocked. I played this one (Standard), and again - disconnect. Then I've tried to do Encounters with Twilight with several different Difficulties. Advanced - no dc, Expert - no dc, Advanced again - no dc As soon as I've played another Standard, my Client again got disconnected.
  6. I played today the first 2 single-player maps. On the first, an error occoured, but sadly I didn't got it, because my shadowplay wasnt running ._. At the second, there was only that weird blackscreen, and after that a disconnect. Both times, I got the Gold but no PvE exp. Maybe the devs can reproduce the error, with resetting the level tree.. EDIT: Tried to play Advanced - worked. Switched back to Standard - again disconnect.. (Everything without using Speedrun)
  7. Hi, This is awesome I'd really like to play promo Mo, I never really played this card - bergerb
  8. @Lord NullPointer Gotta fix this for you.. such a function was already programmed in the allcards script.. So you just need to replace all this data[i].Image = "http://allcards.bfreborn.com/cards/" + data[i].Name.split(" ").join("-").split("'").join(""); if(data[i].Name.indexOf("(promo)") != -1) { var imgName = "http://allcards.bfreborn.com/cards/" + data[i].Name.split(" ").join("-").split("'").join(""); imgName = imgName.replace("-(promo)",""); data[i].Image = imgName; } else if(data[i].Affinity == "(Twilight)") data[i].Image += "-twilight"; else if(data[i].Affinity ==
  9. Hi! My name is Benjamin, I am from Austria (the one without the kangaroos ) Battleforge was the first Game I ever played and after a long time experiencing some other games, I got back to Battleforge and started playing some PvP. I dont remember my ranks but I think in PvE something diamond and PvP silver.. I was very sad when I got the message that Battleforge will be closed, and since then I was looking for a remake, but nothing happened, and then, BFReborn Then I was very happy that there is a development part in the contest, and I started planning an Android Card app
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