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  1. RadicalX

    rPvE map of the month rankings January 2019

    If you are willing to share your strategy I will cast the replays for sure!
  2. RadicalX

    rPvE map of the month rankings January 2019

    First attempt for the 2 player map here, pretty slow but at least we got that 6000 gold in the end ^^ Gonna edit this once we improved it Navarr + RadicalX 27:19
  3. RadicalX

    Creating a PvP Match?

    I can't create a PvP match after finishing 1 player rPvE Matches as I remain unteamed in the lobby. That can be fixed by either relogging or starting a new PvE lobby just to leave it properly. I don't know If that ist related to your problem though.
  4. RadicalX

    rPvE map of the month rankings January 2019

    map of the month - 1 player 29:48 Edit: Went for a second attempt: 27:10 Edit2: 27:01 now Edit3: 24:48 Edit4: 22:37 Edit5: 21:03
  5. RadicalX

    Church of negation

    Here is just a short overview of counter methods against CoN 1) Curse Well As Church of Negation takes out 150 power out of the void flow, this means hitting power wells with Curse Well makes it even more effective. The bound power makes counter attacks less frightening 2) Earthshaker This is more of a 2v2 thing and got mentioned here already, but Earthshaker is a very good counter for Churches for a similar reasoning. The Church Player is slowed down due to his defence so he can't punish T4 properly 3) Supression/Sunstriders Guess that got discussed already, so I won't comment on that any further. 4) Abuse the slot instensity Church of Negations requires alot of slots to work (2Nether Warps + Kobold Trick + Church + 3 T3 cards minimum). This means regardless of a Shadow Frost or Pure Shadow T2, the decks well lack some important early cards (Just to name some potential ones: Nightguard, Phasetower, Stormsinger, Knight of Chaos, Frostbite). I've seen Abaaama with a 12 card T3 while trying to get through T2 with Shadowmage and Netherwarp + Aura of Corruption. 5) Win by Score If everything fails, you still can try to setup a solid defense, especially when playing a frost splash, to stall up until 30 minutes. You will most likeley posses a higher score as the churches imply alot of bound power, that can't go through the void circle, which affects the score in a negative way on the long run.
  6. There are quite a few cards, that dominate the meta game and completely prevent variety in the PvP environment. Only Fire and Shadow T1 are viable once people reached a decent level and that is quite unpleasant. We are in a turret T1 meta, where Frost and Nature can't compete. Turrets do have insane damage and tankiness, higher range and don't reward micro management at all. Phasetower -> 900 damage for 60 power is way more than any T1 unit could offer. Due to the splash you can take center wells vs Frost and Nature without any advantage. -> Even after the teleport 900/600 stats remain insane especially since there are no Siege units in T1. -> 40m range can force you to engage into the turrets as they can be placed at the edge to attack your power wells while your units can't reach them. -> Even Fire T1 can't beat Phasetower without stationary turrets itself, which is a disaster as Fire should be the faction, that can deal with turrets. The most reliable counter to Phasetower ... is Phasetower. -> 50m teleport range every 30s is faster than some Frost units (you can kite activated Imperials with Phasetower ...) -> Archers are sometimes bugged against Phasetowers. Their damage rotations apply about 2 seconds later (probably as the projectiles travel to the initial position of the tower). This makes it much harder to burst down aggressively placed turrets with your ranged units. -> While other turrets are risky and require initial map control and safetly to be built, Phasetower can be constructed at a much more safe spot and Teleport into the important areas or just jump over cliffs to remove some natural safety provided by the map. Mortar -> 1575/700 stats for 50 power is still viable in some T3 scenarios (this may be slightly exaggerated as it requires all shots to hit) -> if splash is included, the tower has a 55m range, which gives huge zoning potential, strong siege potential for close well situations and can be abused over cliffs. -> Center Well + Mortar is gg against Frost on map control based maps and forces nature to play more aggressive unit compositions, that are weaker in combat The Frost nerfs -> After Ice Guardin and Homesoil got nerfed Frost requires at least 8 T1 slots in order to stay relevant. -> Map Control issues still may kill the faction as you can't rush against Mortar -> Frostmagespam outperforms IGs on big maps in mirror matches and against nature. That results in stationary gameplay that is quite boring to play I personally would like to see harsh nerfs to Phasetower & Mortar in the future & maybe a revert of the IG nerf as it is more micro rewarding than a homesoil revert. Feel free to discuss!
  7. RadicalX

    Netherwarp Green bug abuse

    I once made a test to check the actual values of this bug. Nether Warp is supposed to heal for 200 hp, but witch the bug it can get to more than 900, which is quite a remarkable difference. I was in talk with some guys from EA about quite a good amount of bugs. They always told me they would fix them, but never ended up doing so ... For the Netherwarp bug it's probably quite under the radar as just a few decks really suffer from it. All Mages need to be around the same place, which makes them vulnerable against AoE burst damage and you can' t split against cc. The 4 fire splashes do have Lavafield & Shadow Frost can deal with it easily by using high hp nasties (Lyrish Knight to give an example). Pure Frost can use War Eagle to intercept the bug abuse as a scream forces a long range port in oder to dodge it (scream can be cancelled, so there is alot of outplay potential). Shadow Nature can use cc + nasty or an early root aura before the mages get into attack range (you just have to be aware, that oink + phoenix doesn't work before nether warp is played as you can dodge them easily). For stonekin you showcased a pretty solid counter combo by using lyrish knight & Stone Tempest which worked despite a wasted crystal fiend. Razorshard is also a very potent counter against Mages, I personally don't like using them though. The only deck, that really suffers is pure nature as it has no knockback, no burst & no way to rush instant T2 by pure shadow unless you are very close to the orb. I ended up picking up spikeroot in order to survive the early game in this matchup as the ranged attack bursts down shadow mages, which works very well, but isn't really fun to play. Balancing wise it is just a minor issue. That said the Magewarp playstyle is easier to execute than the proper counter strategies. So even though there is reliable counterplay, people that aren't familiar with that kind of playstyle may suffer alot, so a potential fix of this would be definitely a good thing for the quality of games. Your first solution is the one I do support. Just remove the constant refreshing and everything is fine. The second one would break nether warp for defensive uses as it would be a 20s hard cc against enemies. Server wise this shouldn't be a problem as the "permaport" already works once units do have the green dryad buff
  8. RadicalX

    Executor Rework

    Pretty cool idea to give the card an own identity that really fits to an Executor. That said with these numbers a free execute would be quite broken in 2v2 against stuff like Lifeweaving Sunderer and also may be a problem with dazed units as they are spawned with 50% hp. Adding tools for the stronger factions is quite a problem. Nature (in 1v1s) and Frost (1v1 & 2v2) do have a huge problem to keep up anyways.
  9. RadicalX

    Help shadow/nature

    fathom lord + drones + ashebone (+XL unit) is a decent T3 aswell. There are alot of viable options in T3, depending on meta and your personal playstyle.
  10. RadicalX

    Help shadow/nature

    If you look for a shadow nature deck I recommend starting with Shadow T1 as it is more solid overall and easier to learn in the first place. High dps units are nice to provide a strong early game, that synergizes well with the strong early T2 by shadow nature. Just to give a strong deck example for a Shadow Nature deck T1 Dreadcharger Forsaken Nox Nasty Motivate Phasetower Nightguard T2 Nightcrawler Darkelf Assassins Amii Phantom Shadow Phoenix Ensnaring Roots Curse of Oink Surge of Light Hurricane Aura of Corruption T3 Silverwindlancer Ashebone Pyro Shield Building Lost Grigori (Purple) If you prefer playing a 3 card T3, you can pick up Ghostspears in T2 (they are quite useful against pure Fire) or the Burrower for some easier, but slightly less effective attacks. If you have any questions regarding the deck, just let me know.
  11. RadicalX

    All-time fastest speedrun rankings

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-LAzuMCkw2I& There you go
  12. RadicalX

    Pure shadow pvp

    Shadow Insect is a possibility, but requires high micro and a low ping. Otherwise the clunky ability + lag will be quite a pain. I had way more success in the CBT phase with it than right now. Fallen Skyelf combos well with Shadow Insect as you can burst down L units like Virtuosu with its ability. So either pick both or none of them as consistent dps suffers from cc as a hardcounter to this card. Shadow has pretty great Anti Air anyways so it's not like Fallen Skyelf is essential in other areas. Satanael can be very strong, but requires alot of buffs to be played around. You need Blood Healing to make him work with his ability (since you do have Unholy Power already, a pickup could be a good idea) Nox Carrier is bad. Either needs Portal Nexus to work or will never reach your power well. Mutating Frenzy has a bad stat cost efficency and too many stacks will result in a quick death. Wrathgazer needs Altar of Nihil to be viable. This way you could avoid any crowd control as a hard counter. I don't think there is a stronger T3 combo in the game right now than Nihil + Voidstorm as it could not just kill everything of your opponent but lead up to 400+ permanent advantages in one second. Makes pure Shadow from one of the weaker T3s to reaching Timeless One level (In 2v2 it is the strongest T3 you can play if you can coordinate plays with your teammate).
  13. RadicalX

    Cannon tower spam

    Okay I watched the replay and it was pretty much the issue that I assumed earlier. Your void level lowers itself by 250 from picking up T3 and this makes Eruption for Cannon Tower trades more than effective for your opponent. What is more important though: You mentioned, that you outplayed your opponent and were in a good spot to take the T3. That wasn't actually the case. You lost T1 by a wide margin and this shows in the power scaling. You did well in T2, but still you were slighty down in power at the end of your T2 (1805 vs 1824), so there was no lead at all during the time you went T3. Since there was no power lead in the first place you ended up losing as Fire Nature doesn't have the strongest T3 in this game. If you don't pick up such a greedy powerwell in T1 you will most likely be able to win these type of games before any cannon towers hit the ground as your mid game was quite good and it's fire natures strong point anyways.
  14. RadicalX

    too much grinding ?

    Multiple decks are quite easy to aquire, as alot of cards are used across all decks (Hurricane, Roots, Burrower, Kobold Trick, Lavafield, Nightcrawler, Darkelfassassins and so on). So once you finished your first PvP deck getting the second one will be much easier. Farming the stuff for my PvP decks was still a painful grind though, but for me it was just unpleasent because we had to spam the same thing over and over again. Spam RPvE to get gold Spam Soultree Expert to get gold Spam King of Giants Expert to get experience for the upgrades Repeat From my perspective a solid achievement/quest system needs to be implemented to give us challenges across the board so every map and part of the game has a solid reward rather than just being forced to spam the same map over and over. There is a thread in the forum to collect ideas, so it would be great to get more of them as it grants a higher pool of potentially good quests and achievements. @SunWu II. Once ranked PvP will be back, getting up to rank 10 there should be no problem anymore.
  15. RadicalX

    Cannon tower spam

    Would be useful to see the replay in order to give you more effective tips on how to deal with cannon tower spam. Usually an investment in every single base is very expensive and grants you alot of tools to either pick out one base that is unprotected or brute force through one single spot with Virtuosus since the power pool is split up onto a defence in multiple bases. Also you may want to check if your T3 timing maybe ended up being the problem. It shrinks your void level by 250 and if you do this too early, you end up struggling against a strong T2 spam. So this means even trades end up being in favour of the person, that is on the lower tech level and Eruption for Cannon Tower will favour the Stonekin player. Fire Nature has an excellent T2 with alot of tools to attack with massive power efficency. If you do have a solid power lead in T2, there is a good chance to finish the game there aswell. Your T3 is most likely just a tool to close out games with a huge power lead.

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