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  1. You can play T1 without Frostmage as long as you play Glyph to punish hit & run unit stacking strategies (Frostmagespam, Firesworns, Shamans etc.) once power level goes up.
  2. @Xanatoss Thanks for your feedback. To add some clarification towards deck building options, we would like to add another section at some point, that specifically focusses on how to adjust the free PvP decks based on individual preferences as well as matchup performance. I will keep that comment in mind, when writing those. Hope this will be helpful for all of you. Also big shoutouts to @Majora, who really supported us at making this guide look so much better compared to our previous wall of text xD
  3. Updated Version: BattleForge PvP deck overview - by Hirooo & RadicalX Hello and welcome! Since this has been requested for a while we made an update for the PvP 1vs1 deck preview Hirooo and I ended up writing more than 5 years ago. The meta has changed since then, mostly due to recent balance changes and the introduction of brand new cards. We also expanded our matchup descriptions a little bit to provide some additional information and hopefully some useful tricks. With the official release of Skylords Reborn, free PvP decks were added to the game. They have replaced our previous "de
  4. Frostmage did fulfill an important role as a main S counter in pure Frost in both T1 and T2. With the upcoming addition of more powerful S counters in T2 and recent Glyph buffs in T1 it is a completely viable choice to cut her out of pure Frost. You can still edit the deck to your needs if you are not comfortable playing without her. When it comes down to the reasoning: We mostly just included buffed cards, that ended up performing very well in our tests and adjusted the decks around that to be more suitable in the current meta. If you have any specific questions feel free to ask them.
  5. The removal of Wintertide reflect damage opens up many ways of changing Frost towards better design as a PvP faction (map changes already helped here and you can expect more in the future). I can see that people consider the new Wintertide mechanic as uninteresting. But to give you an idea about our thought process and reasoning for this change: Essentially we temporarly "sacrifice" a really poorly designed PvP card with no playrates or strong usecases in PvE to make room for faction improvements and I personally think it pays off so far as the balance in PvP has improved on several aspects.
  6. There is a big difference on how Thugs and Energy Parasite interact with the game. -> Energy Parasites are restricted by very specific orb limitations (double nature has inherent weaknesses, that make up for the strong upside of generating extra power) -> Energy Parasite does not have an impact in combat as the hp pool is basically nonexisting (trade off between combat power and long term power generation) On top of that there was no visual clarity on how much power got looted during fights compared to the flat 25 of EP, which made the Looter mechanic in PvP even more pro
  7. First of all thanks for your feedback, agreeing on many of your thoughts here. To give you some input on the current process as the major aspects you point out are being worked on: - We expect meta shifts with the bigger balancing patches, that will come soon: Pure Frost and Fire Frost design upgrades will go live next patch, Bandits might get an even bigger overhaul afterwards considering the process of devoloping new cards started recently - We will move towards to a seasonal system soon - cosmetic rewards are being worked on, we didn't fully decide on when and how to
  8. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1008684841 You can watch the contest winning replays here. @Toggy If you have the time you might want to upload the vod on youtube before it expires since replays don't work anymore due to the balancing patch
  9. You could either use the card section of the forums and open up a new thread or join the discord balancing server to share your ideas (invitation link can be found in the card section of the forums aswell).
  10. @Ypulse You can try to use the slot advantage in T1/T2 to create advantages more consistently, if that's your kind of playstyle in pure Frost, but snowballing that into a victory can be quite difficult against some decks, when the enemy tries to scale up passively. Shadowsplashes, that use Nightguard against War Eagle/Mountaineer sometimes are really hard to beat before T3, therefore I consider playing towards the strong scaling point of pure Frost as the more consistent version of the deck.
  11. -> The absoluteley unique Voidsystem and the mechanic of passive ressource income, which makes this game less APM heavy and allows you to focus on combat and strategic decisionmaking only -> Full information gameplay allowing you to make alot more precise calculations -> The ability to adjust your cardset and individualize your faction based on your playstyle and strategy -> The possibility of spawning units and spells directly into the battlefield
  12. I think the decision to introduce these lvl 120 decks was awesome. It allows actual PvP matches right from the start and gives me an option of introducing new players into PvP immediately without farming hours of rPvE. In order to build up a solid PvP playerbase over time we need immediate access to the actual gamemode, which is built around U3 cards. Most PvP games are played around lvl 120 decks, the meta got built and balanced around it. I do understand, that some players are interested in grinding for PvP decks in order to have some fun games with more random interactions, but for a
  13. Stream VOD is up on youtube (I also uploaded the last 10 minutes, when the stream had connectivity issues in the end). The Quality might be bad right now, but should be better in a few hours, when the HD version is available.
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