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  1. The general issue with Nightguard was how she trivialized a variety of expert maps. Convoi and behind enemy lines are some of the best examples here as these maps could be solved almost entirely by spamming Nightguards. Building up an unbound L-unit army while simultaniously turning off any dangerous patrols took the entire challenge an expert cPvE map is supposed to be. After the nerf you can still utilize Nightguard by taking Rageflames and Devastators, but the maps still offer complexity through Stonekin Warriors/Twilight Horrors respectively. In regards to Titans you can just pull th
  2. I looked into your replay and the Urzach ability damage seemed to be in line with its intended value here. My guess would be that what you described is more related to unity (b). The affinity applies its damage reduction twice doubling effectiveness. Combined with the QoL buffs unity received over time (i.e. increased target cap), it might have caused the differences compared to your old experiences.
  3. A few extra comments to the matchup patterns after the balancing changes: - Parasite (the spell) got a large buff and can be used to take down Skyfire Drakes. Also helps with killing ravaged targets, i.e. when you combine it with Spirit Hunter poison. - Creeping Paralysis is really strong to catch/distract Firedancers and keep your power wells healthy in critical moments - Ghostspears got a buff, which increased their value a little bit further. They win direct trades into any Fire unit, just don't use too many of them at once because of Wildfire. Apart from Shrine of Mem
  4. None of the old rPvE boss dps values got changed in Skylords Reborn. If you have a replay with Urzach ability doing way less damage than intended, I could take a look whether there is a potential bug.
  5. Most of the recent/upcoming content is based on community requests, the card contest, balancing discord, forums, our 2022 feedback survey, or just general play-data. We do not ignore constructive feedback by any means, we sometimes just lack the resources to implement ideas quickly, even the ones that are undeniably good for the game. We always need feedback aimed at improving ideas or proposals, helping us to ultimately make better decisions for the game. The responses that some of our staff members have received from a very small group of players have been insulting rather than construc
  6. 1) There was a global reset for speedrun times in September 2022. There are forum posts in the PvE section featuring records before and after the reset. You can also find the times from 2013. 2) The main reason for a full ladder reset would be drastic changes to the meta and a fundamental shift in strategy on a global scale. In September 2022 Decomposer, Batariel and Nightguard all received major nerfs. This changes the strategic approach on at least 10 campaign maps (probably more, I only count the strategies I know for sure), with every rPvE run also being strongly affected. To giv
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