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  1. Hey Sonaris, Thank you for your feedback. We will keep track on pure Nature's performance in PvP and definitely follow up with number changes if something feels off. We do believe some of these design changes were necessary though as pure Nature was creating a lot of scenarios that were not creating a fun experience on both ends. Nature collapsed to any type of well executed early aggression while energy manipulation -> permahealed Deep Ones felt oppressive to play against at mid game on the other hand. We definitely want to keep a unique design approach for pure Nature with Energy Pa
  2. Just wanted to mention single player rPvE 10 is not up to date. Mocaak did beat the record in January 2022 (11:04.0). Replay was also posted on my youtube channel if you look to confirm this (as 1p rPvE ladder isn't fixed yet).
  3. Greetings! Since the 5-power nerf to shadow mage, we have been watching closely the PvP meta to determine if further balancing is required. Unfortunately, we have decided NOT to reverse the power cost of shadow mage. Instead, we will further double it, to a power cost of 110. This opens up a large rework concept I want to present you today. Eirias was so nice to make a short video showcasing all changes to give you a proper impression about what you can expect here. Here is a short summary: To compensate for this major change, we are adding three new abilities. 1. Teleport
  4. I can only make a guess, but with a Werebeast/Treespirit start you might want to cut Swiftclaw/Spearmen. In T2 Burrower/Deep One also end up being less relevant as you apply siege pressure through Spikeroot. Since root network strategies require to accumulate advantages by slowly building up pressure the 100 energy downtime through building Shrine of Memory also grants less value in this set up. This should open up enough slots to play the full root setup without cutting down T3 which would be another option of opening up the deck slots. Attached a root network deck, that I like to play
  5. Made a few adjustments compared to the tier list I posted on discord.
  6. The 50% vs 85% wr comparisons seem to be rPvE 9 ratios tbh. My source might be different and is based on data from may 2021 (data tracking started at full release iirc), but for rPvE 10 they look like this: 1 player 10: 13% winrate (˜14.000 game sample size) 2 player 10: 9% winrate (˜2.500 game sample size) 4 player 10: 22% winrate (˜4.000 game sample size) Take this with a grain of salt since it does not include a lot of variables (faction preset, restarts, MotM impact etc.).
  7. Some issues mentioned here relate to the circumstance, that pure Fire has the most one dimensional T2 structure out of any PvP factions. The T2 only consists of M ground units +Skyfire Drake leaving an ideal trading pattern for Frost if it manages to get rid of the latter one. On top of that the entire pure Fire anti air arsenal (with the exception of global warming <-> area ice shield interaction) is built around splashable cards. Making these stronger would result in unintended buffs towards splash factions (i.e. Fire Nature), that have better synergistic options (i.e. crowd control).
  8. Single player 9 all time Two player 9 all time
  9. You can play T1 without Frostmage as long as you play Glyph to punish hit & run unit stacking strategies (Frostmagespam, Firesworns, Shamans etc.) once power level goes up.
  10. @Xanatoss Thanks for your feedback. To add some clarification towards deck building options, we would like to add another section at some point, that specifically focusses on how to adjust the free PvP decks based on individual preferences as well as matchup performance. I will keep that comment in mind, when writing those. Hope this will be helpful for all of you. Also big shoutouts to @Majora, who really supported us at making this guide look so much better compared to our previous wall of text xD
  11. Updated BattleForge PvP Guide - by Hirooo & RadicalX Hello and welcome! Since this has been requested for a while we made an update for the PvP 1vs1 deck preview Hirooo and I ended up writing more than 5 years ago. The meta has changed since then, mostly due to recent balance changes and the introduction of brand new cards. We also expanded our matchup descriptions a little bit to provide some additional information and hopefully some useful tricks. With the official release of Skylords Reborn, free PvP decks were added to the game. They have replaced our previous "deck examples".
  12. Frostmage did fulfill an important role as a main S counter in pure Frost in both T1 and T2. With the upcoming addition of more powerful S counters in T2 and recent Glyph buffs in T1 it is a completely viable choice to cut her out of pure Frost. You can still edit the deck to your needs if you are not comfortable playing without her. When it comes down to the reasoning: We mostly just included buffed cards, that ended up performing very well in our tests and adjusted the decks around that to be more suitable in the current meta. If you have any specific questions feel free to ask them.
  13. The removal of Wintertide reflect damage opens up many ways of changing Frost towards better design as a PvP faction (map changes already helped here and you can expect more in the future). I can see that people consider the new Wintertide mechanic as uninteresting. But to give you an idea about our thought process and reasoning for this change: Essentially we temporarly "sacrifice" a really poorly designed PvP card with no playrates or strong usecases in PvE to make room for faction improvements and I personally think it pays off so far as the balance in PvP has improved on several aspects.
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