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  1. Nature does stand a chance against Shadow when it comes to the late game, but it still starts in T1, where Shadow for instance completely outclasses nature. Nature has slow and expensive T1 units, which can be abused heavily once you've learned how to deal with it. The last time I've lost a 1v1 against a nature player with a different T1 was in 2010 or maybe even 2009. Split attacks and early pressure are more than enough to decide the game. Shadow Mage with Nether Warp is hard to deal with in the early T2 stage due to the healing bug which extends the healing power from 200 to nearly 1000, therefore you need to stall and wait for your SoM activation, then you can take control over the game. Harvester definitely isn't a big issue as long as you stay even, it's just useful in this matchup to snowball advantages. @BFlove123 I definitely recommend switching Parasite from your Deck, the card is not very useful, because it can be dodged by proper micro management. Swamp Drake also isn't too powerful due to its low dps.
  2. I guess my response is a little bit late, sorry for that ^^ In a different environment (tournaments, sparring games) you have alot of variety in terms of deck choice, to add some special counter cards (One of the most obvious examples would be something like global warming against pure Frost), but for classic ranked games you want to have a deck, that is solid against every color (or at least the popular meta decks). This sort of makes some decks superior due to their consistency or their special strength against popular decks like pure Fire or Shadow Frost. Sure, skill is definitely the most important part and therefore the players strength will decide the outcome of the game most of the time, but some decks have clear weaknesses, that can be abused in certain matchups on the highest level of PvP. Also pure decks are definitely not weak at all. Pure Nature is very inconsistent, but Frost and Shadow do very well in almost every matchup and pure Fire is arguably the strongest deck in PvP. Mixed decks are superior in PvE though.
  3. Best cards in the game (?!)

    (1) Depends on alot of variables, cards like curse well & timeless one are quite broken, but since alot of games don't even reach the T3 stage, my choice will be Phasetower (offers clear advantages in every possible scenario & freewins against a good amount of decks) (2) Amii-Monument makes PvE way too easy and offers more than every other card in the game. Nothing else can get even close to it (3) Most enjoyable card to play for me was Mo, because his ability animations were spammable, which looks so cool (4) From a PvP perspective I'd say Ashebone Pyro, who is playable and viable in almost every deck and every possible scenario, otherwise cards like Windweavers & Frostmage or Shadowphoenix do very well in both gamemodes. Same goes for Cultistmaster FoF voidmanipulation (5) Portal Nexus, for me the most enjoyable card to play in PvP when mastered. Allows to make powerful strategic moves and teleporting allows units to dodge almost every ranged attack projectile
  4. Which was most exciting for you, PvP ot PvE

    PvP was definitely not pay to win (if you were a master at trading there was no need to invest one cent). Once you've got one decent deck with upgrades it's more than enough to hit the highest PvP rank. Someone who invested 20€ for instance had no disadvantages compared to someone who invested 500€. Some of the Strongest Decks in PvP like Shadow Frost were playable without a single expensvie card. But I can see how some people thought PvP is pay to win, because there used to be an entrance barrier (you actually had to get a proper deck with upgrades and that takes time), so everyone who ran into PvP immediately, just saw himself running with his U1 werebeasts against all these fancy and powerful cards. But if you managed to overcome this entrance barrier there were no advantages given due to money and the winner in PvP was decided by skill.
  5. PvP and PvE Wombo Combos

    That's wrong, Portal Nexus only does damage to friendly targets. You guys are probably referring to the information on the allcard cardbase, but its card description for portal nexus is incorrect.
  6. Shadow T1 PvP Guide by RadicalX

    Oh I see, thanks! Fixed that
  7. Shadow T1 PvP Guide by RadicalX

    - Added some additional information about Thugs - Went a little bit more in depth on some map descriptions I will go and look through my replay folder soon to get some replays that showcase some of the things I tried to describe. I will expand this guide on a regular base if I get more useful information or ways to explain how to share some of my knowledge about the game. Also my nature T1 guide will be finished soon! I hope you'll like it!
  8. Which was most exciting for you, PvP ot PvE

    Even though I like both ways of playing the game, PvP was the most exciting part for me. It was hard to get into it because there was no source, that actually tells you how the gamemode works at the beginning, but the endgame was outstanding and still the best experience I've had with any game. You can show off your skills with great micro management, yet APM are less important compared to other RTS games, which makes strategic knowledge even more important (especially with no fog of war in pvp). 10 different factions (nearly all of them viable in high ranked) offer alot of strategic diversity and alot of possibilities to find the deck, that fits to your playstyle.
  9. delete

    Putting up a Tier List is quite difficult since alot of cards are hard to compare. You could make a list of cards by the definition of them beeing an "autoinclude": T1: Master Archers, Frostmage, Ice Guardian, Homesoil, Ice Barrier, Glacier Shell Dreadcharger, Forsaken, Nox Trooper, Nasty Dryad (blue), Shaman, Windweavers, Ensnaring Roots, Hurricane, Surge of Light Scavenger, Sunstriders, Eruption, Firesworn T2: Stormsinger, Kobold Trick, Coldsnap (Autoinclude in 3 out of 4 decks), Area Ice Shield, War Eagle Skyfire Drake, Ravage, Disenchant (Autoinclude in 3 out of 4), Enforcer, Firedancer, Wildfire, Lavafield Curse of Oink, Energy Parasite, Burrower (Autoinclude in 3 out of 4), Parasite Swarm, Shrine of Memory Darkelf Assassins, Nightcrawler, Nether Warp, Shadow Mage, T3: Many many viable options, the only autoinclude is Juggernaut & Timeless one (in 3 out of 4 decks). And additional cards, that are incredibly strong in some decks, but not always necessary to succeed: T1: Mortar, Treespirit, Phasetower, Motivate, Nightguard, Sunderer, Thugs, Frost Bite T2: Mounty, Deep One, Aura of Corruption, Harvester, Razorshard, Amii Phantom, T3: Voidstorm, Curse Well, Lost Griogri, Ashebone Pyro, Shield Building, Stone Warrior (Timeless one combo), Cultist Master (+FoF) And even here pure cards are actually somewhat favoured, because they are naturally stronger to make up for the lack of diversity in the pure factions. [above God Tier: EasterEgg (oneshotting powerwells with this card is actually possible!)]
  10. My opinion about skylords

    Uploading beta gameplay is sort of difficult since only a few people do play pvp at a higher level, which means most games are not competitive and uploading my wins against the same people all the time also doesn't feel right. I'm still waiting for another high ranked player to win a giveaway so I can setup a big stream session. Until this happens I may be able to upload some PvE expert runs or PvP matches, where I run around with Easter Eggs to proceed and oneshot powerwells with it, but that's about it. And maybe I get to cast some replays again with @Eirias at some point.
  11. Old name in Battleforge

    wow I'm impressed, you actually played better when you were really drunk That's what I'd call highranked-skill!!!
  12. Old name in Battleforge

    had multiple reasons for it -> had 1 account for each color to get practice with every deck -> made accounts due to the fact, that my internet connection used to be horrible and losing 1.000 base elo for random disconnects was pretty frustrating -> some people in the upper ranks (especially in 2v2) were afraid to play against better players and it was a pleasure to snipe these people with unknown accounts -> won too many bfp through tournaments
  13. Old name in Battleforge

    My old name was RadicalX. What a big surprise ... I had 26 other accounts in the upper ranks though, but I don't even remember all the names so let's keep it with my main account
  14. Favorite Non-Meta Card

    Corsair without a question! Combined with ability + blood healing & Bandit Lancer you get a high dps 50m range self sustainable Siege unit, which is amazing in 2v2 PvP scenarios Apart from that everything around teleport abilities is cool to play and criminaly underrated in my opinion since it's hard to execute tempo plays properly
  15. Frost T1 PvP Guide by RadicalX

    Fair enough. Alot of people, especially freemka, tend to get greedy with powerwells, because Frost actually wants to get them in the matchups against Fire and Shadow. Just something I want to add here: Actually it is possible to stack up mages in a defensive position by using the hold position command. Just keeping that formation to a point where the actual number gets overwhelming is hard to deal with