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  1. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1008684841 You can watch the contest winning replays here. @Toggy If you have the time you might want to upload the vod on youtube before it expires since replays don't work anymore due to the balancing patch
  2. You could either use the card section of the forums and open up a new thread or join the discord balancing server to share your ideas (invitation link can be found in the card section of the forums aswell).
  3. @Ypulse You can try to use the slot advantage in T1/T2 to create advantages more consistently, if that's your kind of playstyle in pure Frost, but snowballing that into a victory can be quite difficult against some decks, when the enemy tries to scale up passively. Shadowsplashes, that use Nightguard against War Eagle/Mountaineer sometimes are really hard to beat before T3, therefore I consider playing towards the strong scaling point of pure Frost as the more consistent version of the deck.
  4. -> The absoluteley unique Voidsystem and the mechanic of passive ressource income, which makes this game less APM heavy and allows you to focus on combat and strategic decisionmaking only -> Full information gameplay allowing you to make alot more precise calculations -> The ability to adjust your cardset and individualize your faction based on your playstyle and strategy -> The possibility of spawning units and spells directly into the battlefield
  5. I think the decision to introduce these lvl 120 decks was awesome. It allows actual PvP matches right from the start and gives me an option of introducing new players into PvP immediately without farming hours of rPvE. In order to build up a solid PvP playerbase over time we need immediate access to the actual gamemode, which is built around U3 cards. Most PvP games are played around lvl 120 decks, the meta got built and balanced around it. I do understand, that some players are interested in grinding for PvP decks in order to have some fun games with more random interactions, but for a
  6. Stream VOD is up on youtube (I also uploaded the last 10 minutes, when the stream had connectivity issues in the end). The Quality might be bad right now, but should be better in a few hours, when the HD version is available.
  7. Ice shields + buffs is a rather inconsistent interaction. For some cards like Ward of the North Ice Shield stacking doesn't work, but single target dmg reductions, like lifeweaving or toggle based dmg reductions (defender, imperials etc.) should work as intended.
  8. Frost Sorc dp20 is lower than displayed (210/225/250/275)* Cannon Tower dp20 is higher than displayed (1750/1825/2000/2085) Stone Tempest dp20 is lower than displayed (750/800/900/1030) Magma Hurler dp20 is lower than displayed (1500/1500/1500/1500) *The four numbers are the different upgrade values (U0/U1/U2/U3)
  9. @WindHunter Corpse explosion plays a big part in pure Shadow to reach consistent results against pure Fire as it provides a reliable and quick removal of the Rallying banner + Enforcer attack pattern, which helps alot in reaching the Harvester breakpoint, that ends up winning the matchup. In addition to that it also helps removing aggressive towers, that are built into an Aura of Corruption, therefore giving you more freedom to use this spell to punish things like stonekin army attacks. I agree, that Corpse explosion might be not the easiest card to use, but it is by far the strongest c
  10. I hope you all like the PvP decks. If you have any questions regarding specific card choices, feel free to ask! I will try to provide our reasonings for the decisions. Our priorities during deck construction were the following ones: -> Create beginner friendly decks, that immediately perfom well in PvP games without any changes and don't require high end micro to be playable in 80k-110k base elo range -> Create competitive decks, that can be played in 110k base elo and above with no to few adjustments -> Provide a solid overview about the current meta, so pl
  11. We might be able to talk about this in a few years, but right now it would create more problems than solutions for balancing. Only a few decks do have sufficient options, that really improve decks at higher slot numbers. If almost every deck has 35+ truly viable cards for PvP, an increase might be an option, but for now most decks would just overload their T3's or add oppressive conditional strategies rather than providing more interesting game dynamics. Stonekin is the only exception right now as it has many different unique and viable T2/3 cards, that are not used for slot
  12. The Award Ceremony is here. I watched more than 100 matches, so things were kind of hard to decide. Alot of replays will be cast on my channel at some point in time, since there were alot of great matchups! Thanks for making this tournament great an I hope to announce another one at some point (can't really tell a date though, might take some months). But let's get to the awards: Award: Most intense match of the tournament #5 Fodasseman (Shadow Nature) vs Showaren (Shadow Frost) (200bfp for both players) #4 Ultrakool (Fire Nature) vs thelight288 (Shadow Fro
  13. Main stream tourney VOD is available now. I will update this post here after uploading the other one to avoid further doubleposting!
  14. I really hope the export to youtube function works, I have to upload 2 15GB files otherwise ^^ btw. I've got more than 100 replays already, thank you guys! I will try to upload some of them on youtube & announce the award winners as soon as possible, might take a little bit of time though because of these high numbers.
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