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  1. RadicalX

    too much grinding ?

    Multiple decks are quite easy to aquire, as alot of cards are used across all decks (Hurricane, Roots, Burrower, Kobold Trick, Lavafield, Nightcrawler, Darkelfassassins and so on). So once you finished your first PvP deck getting the second one will be much easier. Farming the stuff for my PvP decks was still a painful grind though, but for me it was just unpleasent because we had to spam the same thing over and over again. Spam RPvE to get gold Spam Soultree Expert to get gold Spam King of Giants Expert to get experience for the upgrades Repeat From my perspective a solid achievement/quest system needs to be implemented to give us challenges across the board so every map and part of the game has a solid reward rather than just being forced to spam the same map over and over. There is a thread in the forum to collect ideas, so it would be great to get more of them as it grants a higher pool of potentially good quests and achievements. @SunWu II. Once ranked PvP will be back, getting up to rank 10 there should be no problem anymore.
  2. RadicalX

    Cannon tower spam

    Would be useful to see the replay in order to give you more effective tips on how to deal with cannon tower spam. Usually an investment in every single base is very expensive and grants you alot of tools to either pick out one base that is unprotected or brute force through one single spot with Virtuosus since the power pool is split up onto a defence in multiple bases. Also you may want to check if your T3 timing maybe ended up being the problem. It shrinks your void level by 250 and if you do this too early, you end up struggling against a strong T2 spam. So this means even trades end up being in favour of the person, that is on the lower tech level and Eruption for Cannon Tower will favour the Stonekin player. Fire Nature has an excellent T2 with alot of tools to attack with massive power efficency. If you do have a solid power lead in T2, there is a good chance to finish the game there aswell. Your T3 is most likely just a tool to close out games with a huge power lead.
  3. RadicalX

    Building Cards (PvP)

    I can just repeat myself. This change would make the overall gameplay less attractive. Buildings provide long, slow and boring games and that change doesn't do anything against that. If 2 players are in T2 on even terms and one of them choses to pick up buildings, the other player isn't forced to attack at all. He just takes another powerwell ... and wins of that. Because the building user has 60-80 power bound in his building and can't snowball that into an attack. Even if he destroys it with the change, some power still remains in the void and the permanent power loss shrinks the timewindow to destroy the power well. So in the end the building user ends up being down in power wells and will be outscaled in a slow game. If he tries to pick up wells by himself he opens up more clusters, that need to be defended with buildings too (otherwise you can't compensate the power deficite) and sudeently you are down 2 power wells. If buildings become part of the meta, you will see bigger T3s to translate scaling advantages and cards like Lost Vigil to outrange buildings in T3 and set up big sieges with no counterplay. And as I already said, pure Fire just completely circumvents any building buffs, as they can use Firedancer to outrange them in T2. This makes the strongest deck in this entire game apparently stronger. Is this a useful change for the currenct balancing state? No. The majority of buildings should be balanced around PvE and not PvP.
  4. RadicalX

    Building Cards (PvP)

    Most buildings aren't viable in PvP and that is a good thing. Towers in PvP are providing nothing but slow and boring gameplay with no counterplay. They nerfed construction times outside of own powerwells for a good reason. Making a global buff for buildings would just empower the use of cards, that are op anyways (cough Phasetower). Same thing goes for factions. What deck is arguably the strongest right now? Pure Fire. Which deck would benefit the most from such a change? Pure Fire. Playing around these structures will just result into a defensive wellspam with T3 finish afterwards (Lost Vigil was a counter to stonekin players, that abused cannon towers; Juggernaut still crushes buildings).
  5. RadicalX

    Stress Test Open#2(vs2) 17.11.18

    @Hirooo get in here @Toggy Thanks for doing these tournaments! It's awesome. I don't like the map pool though. Yshia is just the worst PvP map that exists in this game. Playing Pure Fire + X there is a default win. Also I think Turan > Zahadune & Danduil > Nadai as starting maps, but that may just be my personal opinion. Just don't pick Yshia into the fixed mappool as the map is not fair at all.
  6. Twilight Brute was used in Fire Nature mirrors and against pure Fire, because both do have attack patterns where Ghost Spears do end up struggling at certain power levels. Especially Scythe Fiends + Wildfirespam in late T2 are insane and Twilight Brute was offering more reliable dps against that. Not worth the slot for me personally though. @ImaginaryNumb3r I wasn't exactly referring to the twilight units itself, it was more about the transformation ability. I mentioned the strong T3 as Bandits can cut a big amount of deckslots in T2 to play 4-5 card T3s. The T2 stays bad even if you invest more slots into it ... Soulhunter is an important tool to crack current Timeless One defences. If Shadow Frost goes Fire in T3 you are at an advantage because disenchant + aura is a reliable XL counter that Shadow Frost lacks since Sunreaver got nerfed. In addition to that Shadow Frost T2 doesn't require Life Weaving so the slot efficency is awful when going for Fire T3. Bandit Lancer & Vulcan do have top notch dmg/power values and shred through attacks while Giant Slayer is empowering your attacks by a wide margin. Since alot of these cards are cheap, motivate makes a big difference I don't play Rallying banner in bandits anymore, but if you do so Cultist Master + Evocators Woe may end up being super strong. Combined with Shadow Insect and Fallen Skyelf that is a very strong T3 too, that requires 100+ APM (sounds easy, but is a really high value for Battleforge) and low latency to be played effectively though. Soulhunter remains as a potential finisher. This T3 is more effective when playing Fire T1 because it isn't motivate reliant like the first one. Timeless One T3 still remains stronger, but Bandits can close out games once you are ahead. That's something alot of T3's in this current meta can't do ... and I guess that's something ... at least. In the meantime Twilight transformation will never give you an advantage. I mean the passive effects of transformations are useless and the only meaning of this ability is to spawn a small unit and transform it into a large one (Twilight Minions -> Vileblood) to bait out wrong counter units. That said most T2 S counters in this game (Darkelf Assassins; Scythe Fiends) are useful as allround counters so this strategy simply doesn't work at all since it is expensive (you have to invest like 170 power to get your vileblood and can't transform at the enemys base if he defends proactively)
  7. I think there were players for all 10 basic colours, that managed to hit rank one at a given time. But this isn't exactly how I'd define success. A deck is being used successfully from my perspective if the deck has actual win conditions and the players ends up winning, because he is using these win conditions. I will give a very simplified example: Take a look at 2 of the most popular matchups Fire Nature vs Shadow Frost. There are 2 simplified win conditions: The Fire Nature player has the upper hand in mid/late T2 while Shadow Frost is superior in T3. Let's say T1 goes even and so does early T2 the Fire Nature player has to use supported Burrower spam to beat the equally skilled shadow frost player. A perfect Burrower spam is very hard to defend without any disadvantage at higher void levels. If the Shadow Frost player managed to reach T3 though he ends up winning unless he's down 3+ wells. This is why alot of people don't like Bandits, because the deck doesn't have a clear win condition in some matchups. It lacks individual strength, but even that deck has some combos (Skyfire + Lifeweaving; Windhunter against pure Nature) and a very strong T3 to play around. I don't see any win conditions for a Twilight deck though, which is based on transformations. And I haven't seen a player win games due to using them. It just looks like a handicap and it seems to be all about having a deck, that looks cool. You could even say Abaaaama played his deck to success, because while his micro was terrible, he managed to annoy alot of decent players (especially in 2v2s). If his T1 ended up being better, he would've been much harder to beat, because his deck at least has a clear win condition in his T3, used to be quite a big one pre church of negation nerf.
  8. RadicalX

    The Stress Test Open on 03.11.18

    Prepare yourself, Phasetowers are coming! Btw: After a disconnect a rematch should also be possible if both players agree to it. Sometimes you dc after having a clear lead, where even the opponent realised, that he was losing.
  9. Would be available for some content creation too. Not sure if I will be able to upload on a regular base though, since I also want to keep my own channel. Maybe we could set up little PvP tournaments (with like 4-6 players to make organization easier) and simply cast the games for the channel. This will give us alot of material to show while at least from my perspective tournaments/community challenges were the most enjoyable things to watch. A high ranked player clash in a bo5 or some elegant solutions to expert PvE maps were the things I enjoyed watching the most.
  10. RadicalX

    Decent PvP Players to practice with

    You can always hit me up when I'm online. I'm trying to set up PvP lobbies as often as possible. When we are more than 2 people we could also set up some spectator lobbies which is quite nice.
  11. RadicalX

    Global Warming in Pure Fire to counter Pure Frost?

    I mean it's a viable choice for sure. It helps against pure Frost and Fire Frost to an extend, which are somewhat the hardest matchups in the game for pure Fire. Comes down to personal preference if you like to have this safety card for these matchups (they still remain difficult to play against in T2) or if you like to have another card for T3. Giant Slayer won't be able to defend everything there on his own. I prefer to play a very long T1, so I can drag out the early game to rise the void level. This allows me to almost skip the T2 stage, so I can finish things in T3 with Juggernaut.
  12. RadicalX

    RadicalX PvP Tutorial Series

    I fully agree, that's what I was looking for. Sadly it's hard to find the accurate replays from my replay folder with thousands of files in there. I guess I will invest more time into finding more and better replays. Also agree about the editing part. I guess I will take some time for other section parts and maybe Eirias could support me there aswell
  13. RadicalX

    RadicalX PvP Tutorial Series

    Thanks for the offer! Would be great to do this together. Explaining stuff like the void was something I intended to do in these bonus videos. But with a proper structure and better editing we can make this tutorial much better.
  14. RadicalX

    RadicalX PvP Tutorial Series

    Welcome Skylords Community, today I want to introduce the start of my PvP tutorial series. This is going to be a section for newer players that are interested in PvP. Since there are not many sources, that introduce you into the world of PvP I just wanted to offer something, that maybe useful for some new competitive players, that are interested into this gamemode. Since I tend to make walls of text I decided to go for a video series this time, which is hopefully a little bit more enjoyable. I will add more and more videos over time, so we hopefully end up with a full tutorial series when open beta starts. Right away I want to say: If you have any questions or if you think I miss any important points -> simply message me and I will add videos to give more input. Overall introduction (you can also just skip this video tbh): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=34NyBAZ1Xfw&t=8s #1 Pick your Deck You need to find a deck that you enjoy playing and what fits your playstyle. Every deck has a somewhat unique feeling when you play it, therefore it is useful to find something that you enjoy while playing. If you are a new player I recommend an easier deck (so stay away from Bandits at the beginning), that allows you to learn alot of basic mechanics without beeing forced to read walls of text before winning a single game. 1.1 Fire Nature: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1SUfp3C0yFY 1.2 Pure Frost https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VRNkDzuILFQ 1.3 Pure Nature https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qyj1ZpAH1ws 1.4 Pure Shadow https://youtu.be/CSaFiZ7UjHE 1.5 Pure Fire https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cIbRiH2LR4M #2 Deck Building #3 T1 Basics #4 Deck specific basics - more videos and comments about to appear soon: I will extend this topic as soon as possible -
  15. RadicalX

    Are core pvp cards too rare?

    Yeah, for the traditional nature T1 he is quite essential and you need at least one charge for him, because he is the core unit in nature mirrors unless Treespirits are played.

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