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  1. RadicalX

    Top 50: Underwhelming cards in the game

    @doomsword1 If that's your concern don't worry. There won't be any changes any time soon since there are different priorities than balancing right now. Also these changes are mostly minor ones, that don't change anything in the current game. It just makes some cards/decks a little bit less weaker since some cards aren't used by any person like most anti air turrets to give probably the best example. I've seen cards in the AH that noone would buy for the lowest price possible, because noone wants to play them at all. Big changes do require alot of time (maybe with a special testing server) and a good balancing team that also interacts actively with the community to allow open discussions and offers transparency.
  2. RadicalX

    Top 50: Underwhelming cards in the game

    Alot of good and interesting points! @Navarr I agree with you, that most cards would need a rework to be fully viable. That requires much more work though compared to changing some simple numbers. I also do think your Shatter Ice idea is better than mine. I just don't believe that Emberstrike would be op in 2v2. Earthshaker (+Bloodhorn) will remain as the superior T4 choice and even that is just semi viable. @Mirosius Adding pure faction cards at some point in time would be a great addition for the game. I guess it will take some time up until this gets possible. The only problem I still do see with this is Enlightment. In order to make pure Cards worthwhile they need to either be simply stronger than other cards or add a unique strength to the faction. Enlightment can circumvent this barrier and will allow even stronger combinations for the superior splash decks. Also you are right that Revanants and twilight transformations are rarely used. I think Revanants @Eirias @ here you go Mutating Maniac is a rather weak card that could've been part of the list as it's outclassed by Fathom Lord, who is cheaper and more versitile due to his great ability. You could give it a small buff and the card would still remain as a weaker XL counter than Fathom Lord or Vulcan in the PvP environment. @Chibiterasu Bandit Stalker would be my main target to buff the Bandits faction as it could fit its gamestyle, which is about proactive defence and snowballing. It is a swift unit with good damage, but as you mentioned there is no reason to pick it over Nightcrawler. I would like to see the slow ability on the unit (similar to Scavenger) which allows you to intercept attacks earlier or at least force out cc. The card could be great to pick up burrowers with their bonus damage against beasts. Also you are right about the Rocket Tower, but I don't know how hard it will be to change the attack accuracy. Regarding Fire Sphere and Blood Healing I do understand your point and I agree that these cards are worth a slot in a pure Fire deck. But this also states how weak pure Fire is in PvE. I feel like there are alot of good damage sources in here with some great units, but without proper support (especially the lack of proper healing) the deck is simply inferior to other decks. This is why I would target Blood Healing as a support healing spell and Fire Sphere (requires 3 Fire orbs and isn't available in splash decks). Void Maw in T3 would be somewhat OP in PvP with such a powerful ability. A simple cost reduction would make more sense if you want to keep the card as an ability bot. It could remove a key unit in big camps and be a better supporter for the deck. Shadowworm was probably one of the most tricky cards as he simply isn't worth the effort for a pure Shadow deck while a disintegration buff would make him just stronger for the Enlightment deck. An implemented self heal after successful disintegration would be quite interesting, but requires work to find accurate numbers. That could also circumvent any over the top buffs for Enlightment decks. Right now I just wanted the Shadow Worm to be more versitile and suggested the dmg buff, since this would give him use outside of the disintegration. His current stats are underwhelming for a pure Shadow card.
  3. RadicalX

    Top 50: Underwhelming cards in the game

    Feel free to point out everything you don't agree with. I'm fine with discussing everything I've mentioned here since I don't want to go overboard with any suggestion here. Regarding your points: In PvP I can assure you, that Strikers are useless even with their looter ability. For PvE I admit, that I'm not that experienced at using them. I guess the looter ability buff has proven, that Thugs and Strikers are somewhat sensitive cards regarding balancing, so I can understand your point here. That's why I went only for the -5 energy cost buff. Slaver's ability is garbage. The bomb doesn't do alot damage and damagewise the card simply isn't worth anything from my point of view. Also the range of the bomb ability is nonexistent (15m won't be able to hit anything) and when you kite slaver he's gonna be nothing but food in every PvP game. Banditos are T1 units in terms of their basic stats. I meant ONLY their ability makes them somewhat useful and lower power cost enhances the possibilty to use that ability (at least the green ones). Since they are small melee units, which is the worst unit type possible, they need strong combat stats in order to be useful. Sure, adding Corsair for more units and damage is nice, still Corsair is a T3 unit and you won't be able to use Banditos in T2 the way they are now. Haven't seen any successful Banditos user in PvE, if you do have a replay that shows me otherwise I would be interested to see that. Twilight Hag in a viable spot for PvP would be very annoying indeed, but right now she's way to vulnerable to any source of AoE damage and even with 900 hp a T3 nasty simply clears the board if you spam her. I can understand your objection here though. Fireworm just ooks weak in comparison to Batariel and Fire Dragon. His hp pool is very small, therefore he requires a good amount of attention and micro to be used to his full potential. I still don't see how he could be overpowered with a slight damage buff onto his weak basic attacks. Uhm are we talking about the same card? Battleship doesn't even use its cannon (only with the active ability, which is very limited). The card is insanely slow and has a lower dmg/power stat than most T2 units. LSS is broken due to it's insane damage potential while attacking multiple targets at once. It's cheaper stronger, more versitile and faster than Battleship. Corsair isn't really busted unless you use it on Titans to solo the map due to their ability.
  4. RadicalX

    Top 50: Underwhelming cards in the game

    I haven't used Northern Keep that often and its ability sounds useful in certain situations, so I was simply unsure about what this card can do when it's buffed. While Ice Shield Tower definitely has some underwhelming combat stats for PvE, his ability is quite useful in PvP and the card is even used in high ranked pure Frost games, because it allows you to survive Phasetower pushes while receiving a decent synergy with your War Eagles later on (the Shield is quite big for 20 power).
  5. With the recent events of implementing the reward system, grinding and the open stress test I got to feel again how underpowered some of the cards in Battleforge were. While there were definitely some overpowered cards there were also alot of super underpowered ones, that never got any attention. I would argue that at least 10-15% out of the cards were almost unplayable. Most of the time you would pick some op cards, build up your deck and start farming tokens, while some cards will be left behind for like ... forever. I'll leave this thread as a simple idea for possible future plans since I'm aware, that balancing isn't priority for the devs right now. The cards and potential changes don't affect the overall gameplay (because they will remain weaker than really powerful cards), but it would lead to more diversity and refreshing playstyles. I will always comment about why changes are necessary. Most buffs would result in buffs for PvE, because even though there are some cards, that would seem great for PvP, this gamemode is more sensitive for balancing. I just included cards, where I'm 100% certain, that they have no potential of being broken after receiving their potential buff. Also most of the changes I suggest are very simple and don't go into any deep or complex mechanic, so it's easier to predict possible outcomes of potential changes. In general there are some things, that are completely underperforming: -> The majority of turrets are underpowered. Outclassed by the top tier buildings like Necroblaster or Church of Negation there isn't much room left for alot of the basic turrets with underwhelming abilities and low dps -> Pure Decks are simply weaker than splash decks. In order to fully solve this problem Enlightment & Amii Monument need to be nerfed, because most pure T4 cards are just used in nature splash decks, because of the superior healing support. But this isn't part of this thread here, because these changes would affect gameplay massively. To add some last words before heading into the list: These cards will probably remain underpowered after their nerfs, but maybe a little bit more fun to play. 1: Strikers Strikers are probably the weakest swift unit in Fire T1. Outclassed by Scavenger and Nomads no one would ever pick them up. In fact they are a nonfactor in PvP because they are too expensive, S units and melee creatures. Buffing them sadly isn't easy, because once they are viable things can go out of hand due to the looter ability (just look at thugs), but a small buff would make them a little little bit less underwhelming. Possible buff: Cost down to 85 power (from 90) 2: Fire Bomb Probably the most unfun card in the game. Takes ages to build up, covers up a small radius and gets destroyed up on activation. While there aren't any QoL buffs, that can make this way easier, at least some additional damage would give that underwhelming card something, that makes it worth to play in PvE Possible buff: Damage up to 950; 2200max (from 715; 1650max) 3: Executor This guy is supposed to execute things. But in PvP he's underwhelming and ends up getting kited forever. To make this card at least a little bit more useful a slight damage buff would help, especially since he has an ability, that muliplies the bonus Possible buff: Damage up to 650 (from 600) 4: Lifestealer Lifestealer is supposed to deal alot of damage, because the turret can't move like Phasetower and also loses hp once it attacks. The idea is similar to what worked for the Shadow Mage. But that card has something to make up for it's weakness, while Lifestealer just has some unspectacular dps. Possible buff: Damage up to 1625 -> 130 per hit; 195max splash (from 1380 -> 110 per hit; 165max splash) 5: Soulsplicer (Red) I think everyone who used to play with the green affinity knows who powerful Soulsplicer can be. Sadly the Red Affinity is completely underwhelming (I think it was the only rare card worth as much as a common in the AH). 25% extra damage is legit useless, especially when you think about what motivate gives to Shadow T1. Possible buff: dmg buff up to 50% per unit (from 25%) 6: Northguards Outclassed by Frosmage and Masterarchers as an S-Counter in every way. Melee units need some benefits over ranged units if they aspire to be useful in any situation. Making Northguards a little bit stronger leaves them as cool stat-monsters for PvE, that will be useless in PvP anyways. Possible Buff: dmg up to 700 (from 630) 7: Defense Tower Its single target dps (680 per 20) is lower compared to some other T1 UNITS with equal cost (like Wrecker). The tower needs more damage to be in consideration for any kind of play. Especially since the other Frost turrets do have some cool abilities, that leave the Defense Tower in a poor spot. Possible Buff: dmg up to 975 -> 78 per hit; 117 max splash (from 68 per hit; 102 max splash) 8: Tunnel I think the Tunnel System offers so much potential. But right now it's just not worth it using the thing, because you have to invest deck slots and alot of power to make combos work around this card. I recommend making this card cheaper since it allows more potential for cross map plays in both PvE and PvP Possible Buff: Cost down to 30 power (from 40) 9: Envenom (both affinities) A pretty situational card, but it has its specific use for PvP tournaments, because the poison negates Ravage healing. A very cool counter against instant T2 rushes from fire splashes against nature. Sadly it's still a 70 power card negating a 50 power spell, that is useless in every other scenario. It's okay, that Envenom costs more than Ravage (it's still a T1 vs a T2 card and the 150 power malus from going T2 needs to be considered), but for a card, that does nothing than a little bit single darget damage 70 power is a high investment. Possible Buff: Cost down to 65 power (from 70) 10: Morklay Trap Pretty much the same useless card as Fire Bomb just with a cooler animation. The ability is quite expensive and the damageoutput for such a high time and power investment is way too low Possible Buff: dmg up to 1100; 3300max (from 880; 2640max) 11: Rocket Tower One of the more outdated cards. It does next to no single target damage and is more of an utility card with it's M-knockback onto multiple targets. I think it isn't suited to be a pure Fire only card and definitly weaker than Pyromanic who fits way more into the pure fire deck. Adding this card into different decks makes it way more interesting for some cool combos Possible Buff: Orb requiredments down to 1 fire + 1 neutral orb (from 2 fire orbs) 12: Eliminator Not just weak in general since it's a casual melee unit without outstanding stats, but also has a useless ability. The buff to a specific unit class is a nice idea, but the values are simply underwhelming, for a 50 power spell Possible buff: Ability cost down to 25 (from 50) + affected friendly units don't lose any hp anymore (from -5hp per second) 13: Ripper They are supposed to be some sticky annoying units with their ability to soak up corpses to regenerate hp. Most of the time they simply die before they can soak up anything though. Makes them feel underwhelming especially when Darkelf-Assassins are around. A bigger hp pool would give them their own identity and also some sweet nasty potential. Possible buff: hp up to 840 (from 780) 14: Mountain Rowdy The damge reduction idea is quite nice, but the radius is waaay to small. You won't be able to make any use of that in a real scenario, therefore there is no reason to play this card. Slow Melee cards without any special abilities tend to be quite useless, so buffing the ability would give some cool additional feature to pure Frost PvE decks Possible buff: Ability Radius up to 40m (from 20m) 15: Phalanx They used to be unique with their reflect ability and setting this up in combination with Lightblade was a pretty funny combo, but apart from their ability Phalanx are just underwhelming and only used in PvP as a nasty bot. Their damage is nonexistent and making them more useful would be a nice addition for some PvE decks, because they are a very intersting card, that is still quite tanky. Possible buff: Damage up to 850 (from 750) 16: Frost Crystal The thing is waaay weaker than cannon tower. So the only reason to use that card is its freezing ability. But that thing has a nonexistent radius. A ranged unit, that is attacking the tower directly is still out of the freezing range. This make this turret totally pointless and without an increased radius I don't see a single reason to use it in any game. Possible buff: Freeze Radius up to 40m (from 25/30) 17: Sunken Tempel The card is producing mediocre units for 200 power. With 120 bound power through the building it would take ages to make it worth it. You would need like 6 or 7 ability rotations, which is impossible to achieve in any game. Making the ability rotations cheaper would allow to at least increase the value over time. Possible buff: Ability cost down to 60 (from 80) 18: Healing Well The card is charging up way to slow. Even though it caps at like 265hp regen per second, the pool is exhausted way too fast and also regenerating at a 20hp per second rate. That means it takes 2 minutes and 30 seconds to charge up ... which is an eternity. Right now this Nature T2 building is completly inferior compared to a shadow T1 building (Soulsplicer) in terms of healing power, which is sad. Possible buff: Recharging speed up to 60 per second (from 20 per second) 19: Twilight Minions Early game Twilight units are simply inferior to some other ones. Just compare Twilight minions with ghostspears (who are more versitile and tankier) and you will realise why noone uses them. Increasing the stat efficency would be necessary so that they can somewhat keep up with their counterparts, allowing people to properly build up some Twilight PvE combos later on) Possible buff: hp up to 840 (from 780) 20: Slaver This guy is an L counter with an awful stat efficency. It is completely inferior to all other L counters Fire Nature has (Mauler, Gladiatrix and even Firesworn). His damage is lower, the guy costs more and it's a melee unit. To make it at least somewhat fair, the unit shouldn't cost more than all these other units, who are even stronger statwise. Possible buff: Cost down to 70 (from 80) 21: Banditos Banditos are underwhelming, because they are S-Melee units with stats that could be equal to a T1 unit. The only thing that makes them somewhat strong is their ability, which allows them to get very good dps values that remains unused though especially for the green affinity. Allowing the card to be spammed easier would enhance its passive ability and make give the card some new fresh power. Possible buff: Cost down to 50 (from 60) 22: Bandit Launcher Another underperforming turret with mediocre stats & a weak suicide ability. But I feel like destroying the building through the ability is more than enough punishment, it simply shouldn't cost additional power. Possible Buff: Ability cost down to 0 (from 20) 23: Skydefender Anti Air turrets are just useful in specific scenarios. Such an expensive & situational card simple isn't worth a slot in every deck. You can simply pick up casual turrets, that are more versitile and have a similar cost stat efficency. By enhancing the unique strength of this building (which should be the high dmg against air units) it simply shouldn't be more expensive than other casual turrets. Possible Buff: Cost down to 65 (from 80) 24: Stone Hurler Another underperforming Turret, that is way too expensive. No one would ever use that thing, just compare it to cannon tower, which does nearly double damage. In order to make turrets more usable simply reduce some of their high cost, because without the high amount of bound power they can be used to cover certain spots and will be picked over units in at least some scenarios Possible Buff: Cost down to 65 (from 75) 25: Tower of Flames The basic stats are fine, just the ability is a little bit underwhelming. You would never spend 50 power to use that thing. Making this ability cheaper would enhance its possibilities, because you could also use it to increase the burst Possible Buff: Ability cost down to 20 (from 50) 26: Frontier Keep 250 bound power for a card that offers nothing but a little bit of defensive crowd control is nothing but a joke. Like noone would ever spend a single bfp for that building, which is in contention of beeing the most useless card in the game. Even a huge buff would leave this card in a place, where no one would consider playing it, if he goes for serious gameplay Possible Buff: Cost down to 150 (from 250) 27: Sylvan Gate The nerfing approach for root network was "nerfing the individual power of some cards like razorleaf, but add some more strength through complexity to the root network system". Sadly it isn't as strong as some other defences and in a weak spot. Buffing the supporting cards around the root network would strengthen its overall power without making some of it's key cards too overpowered. Reducing the cost of this card would also be nice since this big defence requires alot of bound power which often isn't effective. Possible Buff: Cost down to 90 (from 110) 28: Mind Weaver The ability is so underwhelming. Spending 100 power to get control of a mediocre unit for 20 seconds is something that wouldn't be worth it even in T2 or maybe even T1. Just compare it to the other mindcontrol cards and you will realise how outdated this ability is. Making it cheaper and spammable would give some fresh air to this mediocre turret (especially since it's an ultra rare card). Possible Buff: Ability cost down to 25 (from 100) 29: Twilight Hag A sweet card with a nice idea. The ability has potential, but the unit is waay to squishy to be played in any serious way. Most T1 unit do have a better health/power efficency. Possible buff: hp up to 900 (from 785) 30: Stone Launcher Why in the world does the ability cost 70 power? Stormsinger can do the same thing for less power in T2, while she is a mobile unit. Even gravity surge is cheaper. I don't see any reason for this ability to cost any power, because Stone Launcher is just an anti air turret without much use. Possible buff: Ability cost down to 0 (from 70) 31: Boom Brothers The approach of giving the ability XL konckback was nice, but the card still need some survivability in order to survive the T4 stage in any way. Most of the time XL units are way easier to support and scale well with percentage heals, while most smaller units in T4 end up beeing left behind. Possible buff: Hp up to 3000 (from 2555) 32: Emberstrike The M damage for this low cost unit is apparently very good. Still there is the same problem mentioned above for smaller units. They need something to stand out. While I played this unit alot during the last weeks I felt like the card would be way more amazing if you could simply spam the ability, which isn't possible right now with the high cost (even though it is just 50 power it stacks up once you start using it multiple times). The card has the potential to provide fun gameplay, but simply is too expensive in order to do it effectively. Possible buff: Ability cost down to 10 (from 50) 33: Fire Worm T4 Worms feel so underwhelming. They do have such amazing mechanics, that allow some crazy plays, but right now it's simply not worth it, because their damage output is way to low. While I agree with the idea of having a low hp pool onto these high mobility units, there is next to no use for them when they don't do enough damage even though you are able to use its abilities on a high level. Possible Buff: Dmg up to 6000 - 600dmg per hit; 900max splash (from 4800 - 480 per hit; 720max splash) 34: Magma Fiend The dps is quite nice, but the ability is so weak, it somewhat feels like you lose strength, because of the long duration of its animation. I don't see any reason for this ability to cost that much power for next to no benefit Possible Buff: Ability cost down to 50 (from 100) 35: Fire Sphere The card has many downsides. It takes alot of charging time, it even requires 3 fire orbs, it is quite expensive, yet it does just decent damage. Dealing with one of these heavy "weights" makes the card way more interesting to use and somewhat worth it for someone who invests 3 of is orb into fire. Possiblte buff: Cost down to 100 (From 150) 36: Bloodthirst This card is a T4 single target healing spell, which is inferior to Ray of Light unless you've got a dps monster (like Batariel). And Ray of Light is an AoE spell ... and it's cheaper ... and it's a T2 spell. Possible buff: 330 hp regen per 1000dmg (from 165 per 1000) 37: Void Maw This card is an ability bot. It has the combat stats of a decent T3 unit which is simple not enough to be played in higher Tier environments. In order to keep the unit somewhat useful a bigger hp pool would be nice so doesn't end up dying in these big T4 fights. You also could make better preparations for your ability usage. Possible buff: hp up to 2500 (from 2090) 38: Shadow Worm This card is only useful with its ability, which is still worse than the church of negation one. But I don't think buffing its ability would be useful, because this doesn't buff the weak pure Shadow PvE faction, but more the enlightment version. Therefore I do think it would be more useful to buff the damage of this unit, which is underwhelming for a card, that requires 4 Shadow orbs. Also I don't think buffing the raw damage would go over the board in combination with enlightment usage, because you only use the shadow worm in nature splashes for its ability which has to remain untouched as long as Enlightment exists. Possible buff: dmg up to 5500 - 550 per hit; 825 max splash (from 4000dmg - 400 per hit; 600 max splash) 39: Infernal Chain I do think the card has some potential for instance in combination with overlord, who would take less damage while regenerating with its ability, so could make some tank out of it. Sadly the infernal chain costs alot, which makes this kind of play mediocre and is simply not worth the deckslot. But I think with some good micro and a small buff to this card it has potential to be used in some scenarios and would also provide healthy gameplay Possible buff: Cost down to 100 (from 150) 40: Plaque I think this spell is somewhat outdated and it simply doesn't do enough damage even when it's hitting it's max value. A strong damage buff would be nice so this card starts seeing at least a little use in our games. Possible buff: Dmg per target up to 150/s (from 100/s) 41: Winter Witch The card is a nice support card for pure Frost decks, but with its high requirements it is just way to expensive to use it properly in offensive scenarios. The card doesn't do damage anyways, but the shield is not worth the high power and micro investment. In order to make it a decent supporting unit it would be nice to make the Shield ability for free, so it's worth it building up the 3+ frost orbs. Possible buff: Ability cost down to 0 (from 100) 42: Battleship The card is slow as hell, but also doesn't have any special combat stats. Only the ability is somewhat useful, but that doesn't make the card viable at all. It's fine having these slow cards in a Frost deck, but without any strength to make up for that there is no reason to use a card like that. I feel like a nice buff would be a general enhancement of its combat power, so it ends up beeing a stat monster, so you get something for the very high power investment Possible buff: Dmg up to 5625 - 150 per hit; 225 max splash (from 3750dmg - 100 per hit; 150 max splash) 43: Grove Spirit The problem is somewhat similar to the winterwitch, especially since other healing spells are just somewhat op in comparison to what this card offers for the price of alot of power and a deckslot. In order to make it somwhat useful a cost reduction of the heal is necessary. Possible buff: Ability cost down to 40 (from 90) 44: Primeval Watcher An outdated card, that has in interesting mechanic that brings free crowd control into the mix. But in order to offer that crowd control in big T4 fights you need to get into the middle of the fight, which requires a big amount of hp. That's something Primeval Watcher lacks completely. Increasing that hp pool would be nice and add a supporter function to this card, that fits the nature style. The damage output from this card isn't relevant anyways. Possible buff: Hp up to 5500 (form 4650) 45: Artillery I really do like the card, it is cool and fits the bandits style with a big nuke attack, mines and a cool animation. Yet it is a mediocre T4 building and used rarely, because the immobility is a huge problem for T4 buildings anyways. Making it cheaper would be quite nice, because you don't have to invest that much bound power into a non mobile object. Possible buff: Cost down to 170 (from 190) 46: Deepgorge This card has a similar problem. You just don't use many buildings in T4 anymore, that don't have long range (or global) effects/abilities. They just bind power and slow down your overall tempo in through the game. Deepgorge simply isn't worth the power investment. Possible buff: Cost down to 180 (from 225) 47: Earthern Gift The card is rare and you can buy it on the AH right now for 10 bfp. I haven't seen any player in this game use this card once outside of the forge. The effect is cool, but the orb requirements are very harsh. In order to provide more diversity in gameplay you could reduce the orb conditions, so you could really use this card (to support church defences for instance) Possible buff: Orb requirement changed to 1 Frost; 1 Nature & 2 Neutral orbs (from 2 frost & 2 nature orbs) 48: Ravenheart Such a beutiful promo card, but just way to expensive to be used. Investing 350 power for this legendary card feels underwhelming. You can play these cards just once in the game and then you get something that has worse stats than your classic units. The combat stats aren't even that great. Possible buff: Power cost down to 280 (from 350) 49: Shatter Ice I think the idea of this card is nice, because it synergizes with the overall pure Frost gameplay. But even though it does alot of damage it still doesn't feel like it's enough, if you want to go pure Frost with your deck. I think a small damage buff would increase the fun you will have with this card by a big amount. Possible buff: dmg up to 4000 per target; 12000 max (from 3300 per target; 9900 max) 50: Easter Egg Just kidding, Easter Egg is op I feel like these changes would be some big improvements for alot of cards and decks, without touching anything relevant balancing wise. If you disagree with anything or if you think I missed some major points: Tell me and let me know what you think about this
  6. RadicalX

    Fire vs Frost Tier 1 Rush counterplay

    The swift spam against Frost is somewhat tricky if there is a respectable distance between the main base and your power well. If both players execute it correctly the Frost player will lose a power well but maintain relevant in the game. I recommend avoiding Lightblade at all. Additional well + Light Blade + Taunt = 195 Power. There is no way to win a combat fight with Master Archers anymore and too many Ice Guardians are also a problem, because they never catch up to the swift units that will simply run around your bases. Even if you kill the taunted Scavy, the other ones will run into your main base and destroy 2 power wells in the worst case scenario. Nomads simply destroy the Lightblade in 2 seconds, so that would be even worse. To be successful in this matchup your ressource distribution needs to be thoroughly considered. You need to make sure, that you have some Master Archers at your power well, while making sure, that you have still some power in your backpocket if your opponent decides to go for your main base. If your opponent tries to fight your Masterarchers, spawn more stuff and kite backwards. If he goes for the powerwell play an Ice Guardian and prepare your Glacier shell. Make sure to use it at the perfect timing (which occurs when the power well has around 700 hp left). Keep in mind that red Nomads do have insane damage (Green Nomad spam is easier to play against anyways). You will lose your powerwell without glacier shell. If your opponent goes all in at your powerwell, you should be able to hold your position. Most players will use their swift advantage though to bait out some units and head down to the main base. This is harder to defend and this is why I recommend to hold back 150-200 power as long as possible. This allows your to play one or two Iceguardians + Glacier Shell to buy some time up until your main army catches up. Even when you play it perfectly you may lose one powerwell, but this doesn't mean you end up beeing behind. Most of the time you will remain more units, so you can pick up the power well again without worrying about an incoming counter attack. If you manage to buy some time your additional powerwell will give you 50-70 power and in addition with the 20-30 additional permanent power loss through the dead nomads (your opponent will lose alot during the well focus and 10% of that power is gone aswell) you end up beeing almost even, which is worth it because you didn't lose mapcontrol, which is your main task with Frost on some tricky maps like Haladur for instance. On some maps (Yrmia for instance) the well distance is close enough to pick up a powerwell without having to worry about all that. If you still struggle against Nomad spam, you can try to pick up either Wintertide as a cheese card (the stomp effect can kill the entire Nomad army) or also use Glyph of Frost to buy more time for your units. But both cards can be seen as a double edged sword as a missuse will put you even further behind.
  7. RadicalX

    Replay Repository

    Great idea! Would be nice to have that again since battleforge.gr & bfcards.info aren't working anymore. What's missing in your description would be a PvE section I guess. Some speedruns and creative decks are very interesting to watch in that section. I could try to make a replay compilation out of the matches I've played. But I think I saved up to 3000 replay files so that will take a while
  8. RadicalX

    Favorite Worm

    Worms are the fastest units in the game and do have 50% dmg reduction during their movement. The additional Siege dmg on Coredredge and Deepcoilworm is somewhat nice. It is true though, that the T4 ones are underwhelming. Here is my ranking 1. Core Dredge: Red affinity has 100% Siege dmg & is probably the only worm that is viable in PvP, especially in 2v2 that thing is crazy good once you micro well 2. Deep Coil: Siege and fast movement are decent for PvE, especially against big armies you can use the dmg/knockback mechanic of its movement animation to maximize the dps. 3. Shadow Worm Weak stats and nothing but a disappointment in a pure Shadow deck. Only useful in nature splashes with enlightenment due to the ability. I mean it's cool here, but no one would like to use the card without massive heal support 4. Fire Worm I don't know why these T4 worms are so underwhelming. I'm about to finish a post about these type of cards soon anyways. Fire worm has shitty stats and simply lacks dmg to be effective
  9. RadicalX

    Quest & Achievement Suggestions Megathread

    Just something in general here: What about creating quests around some of the community maps? I think, that some of them are very well done and fun to play. I always had no motivation going through these maps in detail though, because they didn't give any rewards. Changing this would be a nice addition for the entire PvE section in my opinion.
  10. RadicalX

    Modest proposal to make nature t1 less vulnerable to cheese

    Three possibilities seem to be effective from my perspective: 1. Nerfing the damage, because the splash damage is huge against Master Archers or Windweavers, which makes greedy plays for map control possible. Also nature would be able to use its sustain abilities way more to counter Phasetower plays. It makes micro more effective overall. 2. Reducing the port range, which is sitting at 50m right now. The Tower is moving as fast as slow units (you can even kite slow units like activated Imperials for instance) and the translations from defensive to offensive scenarios are way to fast. If you build the tower in the middle on Elyon 2 ports are enough to reach every spot on the map apart from the 2 main bases. On Whazai you can build Phasetowers in your own base and after 2 ports they already shoot over a cliff at the enemies main base. 3. Implementing an initial cooldown onto the Teleport ability. You can pick up power wells or prepare your T2 when you have additional time between the Phasetower spawn and the moment where it starts beeing in range for one of your powerwells. This method would be similar to option 2. I personally do prefer the first choice, because it's nerfing all scenarios at once where this tower simply crushes the other decks. The other methods would still allow the map control plays against Frost & Nature where you pick up a well at an important spot and defend it with that turret.
  11. RadicalX

    Modest proposal to make nature t1 less vulnerable to cheese

    I think Phasetower simply needs a nerf. It's not just nature, that struggles really hard against that tower, frost has exactly the same issue. Instant T2 is something, that doesn't really work against experienced nature players anymore. Instant T2 will end up beeing beneficial in most occasions for the nature player, becaue you weren't forced to build up multiple bases which makes the early T2 defenced pre SoM much easier. Sometimes you can even rush against some factions or if you manage to make a beneficial early trade. Nature struggles way more when the opponent knows how to abuse it in T1 by smart well pick ups and strong split attacks. Windweaver siege damage wouldn't solve this issue.
  12. RadicalX

    Bandits were underpowered.

    Bandits has the major problem of being the weakest faction in terms of defence. You lack any sort of cc (mostly provided by nature splashes) and building protections (only provided by frost splashes), which forces you to defend proactively. Pure Shadow and Pure Fire don't have these benefits either, but they've got super strong cards (wildfire/enforcer/Firedancer/Shadow Mage/Nether Warp) that make up for this weakness and are stronger in the T3 stage (Juggernaut/Voidstorm). Bandits is less foregiving, you are even forced to create advantages, because most other decks have superior T3's and outscale you. Bandits has some excellent options to snowball advantages, especially when you managed to master the deck, but once you fall behind it's game over.
  13. RadicalX

    Pure Frost PVP Deck

    I'll just go through the most important things with this deck. If you need more information feel free to ask. T1 Glacier Shell is missing. Building protects are quite important to keep your powerwells and orbs alive, which are the most important objectives in the game. I would also recommend playing either Lightblade (purple) or Glyph of Frost in T1. They will help you in certain scenarios and provide alot more safety in many scenarios in the early to mid game T2 Mountain Rowdy out: Slow meelee units are quite weak, because you can kite them Phalanx out: Same problem as with mountain Rowdy, they are only useful in a shadow frost deck in combination with Nasty (Lightblade is also cool in combination with their Payback ability, but this is hard to execute) Kobold Trick is missing as a second building protect here to provide safety against any kind of siege attacks I also prefer Skyelftempler over Gravitiy Surge, but that's personal preference T3 Northland Drake has horrible stats for 240 power and is only somewhat useful against a few decks that lack a proper anti air counter Timeless One is missing here, one of the strongest T3 cards overall and has an amazing synergy with north star Shield Building + Ashebone is strong, when you're going for a shadow splash in T3, otherwise amii ritual is also an option (especially in 2v2s) Curse Well is also an option, but I despise this card, because it's completely broken
  14. RadicalX

    "Noob" Question

    Voodoo Shack & Termite Hill are both quite powerful, but unreliable choices. Termite Hill requires support in form of cc or building protection in order to work. Therefore Bandits & pure Fire don't make any use of that card. Fire Nature has slot issues, so you will have to remove one important card of your deck, which will hurt your general deck balance. So you can play termite hill in Fire Frost, but you require map rng to make good use of it. Without cliffs who naturally protect your buildings, there is next to no way to make the combo work against strong players. Therefore most people prefer Mountaineer in this deck as a siege unit, since he has no rng aspects. Anyways Termite Hill isn't that bad of a choice up to mid elo ranges, because it makes people panic alot, which leads to very good trades for you. I encountered alot of people who immediatly errupted any Termite hill they've seen, which is always a good trade for me, since Termite Hill is way cheaper than an Eruption. Voodoo Shack is great as a card, but has almost the same problem. Pure Fire doesn't need a base nuke, Juggernaut is powerful as hell, Bandits is stronger with 2 Shadow Orbs in T3, Fire Nature can't afford the deck slot, so you can just play it in a Fire Frost T3. I would argue that it's viable here, because it is definitely a good choice against all these double Frost splashes and it's spammable, since 50 power is almost nothing in the T3 stage. In addition to that there are more buildings taken, therefore there is a higher chance to get a great cliff position to build up your building, while distracting your opponent at othere bases. Especially in combination with Giant Slayers Voodoo Shack allows you to play a really aggressive T3, that even works against the double Frost splash meta decks.
  15. RadicalX

    Battleforge streamers

    Depends on how developement progresses. Right now PvP isn't available, so I will just be able to make PvE videos or chose files from my replay folder and cast them. Once everything is fininshed I can give you a time when I stream (Otherwise all streams will be uploaded on youtube anyways, if anyone is interested to rewatch them)

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