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  1. -> Do you think game would still be in closed beta if every problems were resolved? -> You could've been able to get your access through community activity -> You wait for above 4-5 years? Yeah ... because Battleforge was still available at that time and the project to revive it is just about 2 years old #GetYourFactsStraight
  2. Fair enough. Alot of people, especially freemka, tend to get greedy with powerwells, because Frost actually wants to get them in the matchups against Fire and Shadow. Just something I want to add here: Actually it is possible to stack up mages in a defensive position by using the hold position command. Just keeping that formation to a point where the actual number gets overwhelming is hard to deal with
  3. If I had to make a ranking for the strength of every deck it would be probably something like this: Low Tier decks (you can still reach Prime with them, but the best players will abuse the sh*t out of you) 10. Bandits - No Crowd control - Awful matchups against most meta decks - worst defensive capabilities out of all decks Average Tier decks (mostly with some massive strengths, but without being well rounded) 9. Pure Nature - No reliable M Counter - weak defensive capabilities - Nature T1 can get abused by stuff like Phasetower + deals very well with L units + the pure cards are massive and can turn games around on their own 8. Pure Frost + destroys pure Fire + very high scaling and arguably strongest T3 in the game - Frost T1 is unreliable due to the lack of swift units - T2 is very War Eagle reliant 7. Fire Frost + high snowball potential against decks with weak defensive capabilities + Finally got the much needed reliable M counter (Stormsinger buff, yay) - very hard to play (shield micro has to be on point to apply any sort of pressure against Frost splashes) - Has just a mediocre S counter 6. Pure Shadow + massive dps units in the early T2 stage + Harvester can turn games around by himself + no bad matchups apart from fire nature - unreliable crowd control - Shadowmage-micro is one of the most difficult things to execute perfectly (makes pure Shadow incredibly hard to play when you reach a certain level) 5. Shadow Nature + arguably the strongest early T2 in the game (cheap units + cheap cc) + best colour to play against an extended T1 + destroys pure Frost & Shadow Frost - gets majorly destroyed by pure Fire - falls off late game Top Tier decks (definitely superior in some aspects and therefore ended up getting played very often): 4. Stonekin + Pretty much the strongest T2 in the game + translates well from defense to offense in an overwhelming fashion + scales well into late T2 + combined strength of building protection and crowd control - very slot intensive deck - you are forced to either play nature or frost T1, who are both sort of lackluster 3. Fire Nature + the most well rounded T2 (deals well with S, M, L & XL units) + no bad matchups except for shadow frost - arguably the worst T3 in the entire game God Tier decks (most played & strongest decks for ranked games): 2. Shadow Frost + Low risk high reward deck + perfect scaling curve (You start strong, but you get even stronger as the game progresses) + absurd defensive capabilities (can come back from large deficites, especially in T3) + Insane T3 + easy to play - low outplay potential in T2 (struggles against perfectly excecuted Shadow Nature & pure Fire) 1. Pure Fire + Most aggressive deck in the game (if you are ahead you will be able to destroy your opponent) + Only T3 that can match timeless one defenses + best M counter in the game + Cliffdancers are the most abnoxious thing in the entire game + Wildfire is the most powerful damage spell in T2 - lacks air control - requires a long T1 to prevent snowballing through early L units The differences between the decks aren't as big as you may think, you can do well with every single one as long as you are skilled enough and there are only a few scenarios that result into a true autolose (cliffdancer on yshia hehe).
  4. For PvP I would either choose the Green Dryad, because it has alot of unknown interactions, that can surprise so many people or just Timeless one ... because it's broken really fun to defend at multiple spots with this card. For PvE I would chose the mutating Frenzy, because it could oneshot any boss in the game with enough uses of the ability since it stacks up exponentially.
  5. Here comes my first question about this. Why would you even grab a well in this matchup? Frost doesn't need a powerwell when relying on Frostmages only. That would be a huge mistake already, especially on small maps and I agree with you, if your opponent does this massive mistake you can attack him by using your swiftclaws & win that battle by using superior micromanagement. fully agree with that So what happens if your opponent doesn't do the mistake to mess up his mage formation and give you the opportunities to pick off mages with roots? I mean, I really get your point & I actually know the Shaman vs Frostmage spam matchup, but if both people excecute their strategy properly Frost ends up winning (I mentioned this type of scenario in my unreleased nature T1 guide, because it focusses more on what nature has to do to find opportunities to win this unfavourable matchup rather then what Frost has to do). I probably should've gone slighty more in depth about the importance of unit positioning and usage of the F-key to keep the mages closer to each other and I can edit this in 4-5 days, when I'm back at home. Primal defender for sure is one of the most important cards for Nature T1 to stay alive in this matchup (I don't think Mark of the Keeper saw alot of play in the upper ranks, because you still would've been forced to play Primal Defender anyways in order to survive against Phasetower, who outranges the Mark of the Keeper), but that would lead to a slight disadvantage due to mapcontrol issues as you mentioned already. The overall Problem with this matchup I see here: -> Frost scales better and wins all in fights, so Nature has to initiate and pick off units that are out of position -> This means frost can play defensively for ever (playing at the edge outside of the root range and moving simultaniously to your opponent -> without swiftclaws there is no way to initiate fight as Shamans are just as slow as Frostmages) -> Frost can rush a nature T2, especially when many units are on the board already (-> low void pool on a 2 power well base results in less power available for T2 units or spells) -> even if the nature player manages to reach the T2 stage by setting up something like Primal Defender + T2: As you mentioned Frostmages scale way better into T2 than Shamans, since they remain as pure Frost's major S Counter and deal with stuff like Parasite Swarms while Shamans just get destroyed by War Eagles Maybe I'm a little bit to harsh when I say something like it's an easy win, because mediocre Frost players can end up getting outplayed by making micro mistakes or strategic errors, but I'm still convinced, that an excellent Frost T1 player ends up winning the matchup against nature nearly every time. Would love to play sparrings in this certain matchup anyways! I'm glad to hear that! I got a finished nature T1 guide on my computer, just wanted to wait until open beta to post it, because it would be more relevant at that time I guess.
  6. Just revived this thread
  7. Okay, I just made a PvE video, should be uploaded in about 2 hours I also would love to play T3 and also got so many different ideas (Corsair ). But for some reason most players in the beta tend to play very microintensive decks with huge snowballpotential instead of something like a good old dirty shadow frost deck. Therefore games tend to end much earlier, because mistakes with these aggressive decks are way more punishable. Yeah, playing Shadow Frost with Phasetower and Grigori ._. I feel like the actual challenge is the fact, that I don't want to play this type of deck due to ethical reasons. Probably just gonna do a defensive match with Bandits Okay, I'm gonna try that one!
  8. Tome decks? Do you actually know how many people played the tome ranked mode? You could be rank 1 in the tome 2v2 ladder after winning a single (!) game. 1v1 didn't look that much better. Sometimes you had to wait about 30 minutes or even longer to find an opponent. Tome actually doesn't do the job. It also offers no strategic diversity due to the low amount of cards you've got and mostly ends up in a simple unit spam. The game experience in this game mode was awful, there are no other words to describe it. And I didn't even mention the fact, that rng in an rts-game is a pretty damn bad thing. Tome is not comparable with normal PvP when it comes to game experience. Battleforge had competitive aspects in PvE and PvP, I agree with that, but that isn't an argument for me why the upgrade system should remain. Just to make this clear: PvP is unplayable without upgrades -> the lack of charges will slow down games by a wide margin (especially spammable spells like Surge of Light are affected) -> mindless strategies have a highly increased efficency -> some of the best cards are just straight up bad without upgrades (for instance playing u0 vs u3 Nightcrawler is actually game over unless your opponent plays very poorly) -> PvP is solely competitive -> the new player experience for PvP is a big problem, because your opponent are more experienced AND got better upgrades (which leads to a horrible game experience) PvE is playable without upgrades -> Every expert map is beatable without upgrades -> PvE is playable without any competitive aspects, you can just relax and have some fun playing with your friends And at this point we get to the actual problem. Speedrunning definitely requires upgrades, but even at that aspect it's a much better situation compared to PvP, because the players who are passioned PvE players can actually grind for upgrades by playing the gamemode they actually like. PvE players can grind for upgrades by playing PvE -> you can just play your gamemode to grind and ignore PvP if you dislike it -> the better you are the faster you'll be (winning in a shorter amount of time with a high reliabilty makes a big difference) seems good and doesn't need a change PvP players can't grind for upgrades by playing PvP -> the amount of Battletokens you get by playing casual ranked games is non-existent -> tome-ranked is awful (even the rework didn't save it) and the rewards are still laughable compared to something like rPvE -> being very good/finishing games fast isn't as relevant (the amount of tokens you get scale up with gametime) This is the problem! So PvP players are forced to play PvE first to obtain their upgrades, which just allows them to start playing the game they want to play. Especially unexperienced PvE players (new players) would need even more time to recieve all their upgrades, which leads to a very frustrating game experience, if you are just around to play PvP.
  9. Thanks for your reply, I can definitely do some videos where I explain general terms & basics of the game or some more beginner oriented stuff in general! I really like that idea. Got some PvE replays of some cheesy expert solo runs in my folder, could definitely upload some of them! I can look for some good pure Frost matches; pure Nature may be a little bit more difficult, because the majority of players in the beta are pretty unexperienced against nature T1, therefore games end before they reach the T2 stage, but I'll try to search for some good games (got over 1000 replays in my folder ._.). Just made a deck for you with Mauler included Let's see if I can make some good use of it I'm always up for challenges! And regarding your offer about the Skylords channel, I would definitely like to make some videos there too, but I want to keep the majority of my content on my own channel!
  10. Hey everyone, RadicalX here! Some of you may already know, that I try to provide as much Battleforge gameplay content as possible and since I'd like to know what you'd like to see I decided to make this thread here. So this is the stuff I wanted to upload on YouTube anyways: -> Some of my best PvP matches (either the closest or clean ones, depends) -> Recent streams with actual gameplay (PvP & maybe some PvE too) -> Replay Reviews from 2013-games (Analyzing either old top level PvP matches or some crazy games in general as long as I have enough replays) -> Random videos about some stuff like specific interactions, that are useful to know to spice up your gameplay (or something like "how to oneshot powerwells with an Easter Egg" ) -> Short deck building videos with short analysis about the 10 different factions Here's the last video I've uploaded recently: Generally speaking I'll try to make a channel with entertaining content, but also educational aspects for those, who want to play the game on a high level in PvP. So let's get to the actual point. What kind of content would you like to see? A specific PvE map (solo runs)? A specific PvP matchup or a special deck in action? Or maybe something like challenges (I think @Eirias made a thread about this once)? I'd appreciate every comment & idea on this!
  11. One of the least played maps in tournaments, yet in terms of balancing one of the best ones. You can play every single T1 on this map without getting punished too hard. Due to the high amount of wells the position in the middle isn't too relevant for map control, which allows nature & frost to get into the game to an extend without getting crushed entirely. That said the map is pretty anticlimatic & reaches late game stages pretty fast, which slightly favours pure Fire aswell as Timeless one decks. To get a little bit more in depth about the T1 on this map and why I think so highly about the balancing here Fire: -> Can use the middle against shadow, because it's full of choke points (which is favourable for Thugs & Eruption) -> Has alot of ways to play around nature (split attacks) -> Can contest the T2 position against Frost T1 if the opponent builds an early well, but isn't really in danger because of the high distance between the wells on the outer sides Shadow: -> Can fall back to the side for a more open field, which is a favourable position to fight against Fire with a fast transition into attacks from multiple angles due to the high amount of possible walking paths -> Can punish an overagressive nature player and has alot of room to go T2 if the enemy decides to stall out -> Can try to deny the T2 position for Frost, but can't punish the missing swift unit entirely -> Can rush extra wells in Shadow Mirrors, because the map has some paths, that allow fast attacks Frost: -> can always take the first well against an aggressive Shadow T1 player -> can always take the second well against Fire & passive Shadow players to save the T2 spot -> you don't lose against nature anyways -> Frost mirrors result in mass wells into magespam/T2, which is boring to play, but not unfair Nature: -> no close well situations allow a really refreshing game against Shadow T1, that requires good unit positioning and micro -> Also Mortar isn't too effective because losing the spot in the middle isn't to relevant -> you have no chance of winning against Frost in T1, but you can zone Frostmages early on and build up the T2 in the back which prevents an autolose Downsides: -> Some walls allow the archers to reach enemies power wells, which can be a turning point in alot of games (due to the fact, that the map isn't symmetrical the walls on the right path are much more dangerous) -> The map slighty favours the meta decks Shadow Frost & Pure Fire due to their great late game scaling -> Spectator map didn't work properly (there was no starting void power) which made this map a non-factor in most tournaments Tips & cards to watch out for: -> Don't contest the middle against Fire T1. Choke points make it harder to fight anyways and even if you get to secure the position your opponent may play pure Fire and you will pay the price if he makes use of cliffdancers -> Simai is a very defensive map, which increases the efficency of cards like curse well
  12. I can show you a game between Hirooo and Aragorn if you're interested. Aragorn loses in 2 minutes with treespirits AND primal defender in his deck x) -> Phasetower has a higher stat/cost efficency compared to Treespirits and also better stats than most T2 units -> Treespirt (green) doesn't apply the poison against buildings; the purple affinity actually doesn't just avoid buffs, but also debuffs, which is absolutely awful against the teleport ability -> Phasetower outranges Treespirits (repositioning takes alot of time for them and they are probably nearly dead before they get to shoot once)
  13. That hirooo quote though ... The deck you are talking about is primarely built around Shadow Insect (which is required to make the card effective). The combined Abilities of Fallen Skyelf & Shadow Insect create enough burst damage to oneshot L units like Virtuosu and also motivated Shadow Insects can apply a good amount of pressure at multiple bases. You can play cards like Cultist Master to make sure enough corpses are around, so your Shadow Insect is capable of using its ability multiple times. Super fun to play and really rewards good micro (probably one of the hardest T3's to play). The biggest downside is just the fact, that abilities in Battleforge aren't very responsive and this makes the deck even harder to play, which was the biggest problem when the deck got played (and it sucks hard against a Timeless one T3). Slighty underrated card for 2v2s, definetly worth a slot to support S units in T1 & T2 skirmishes with a proper deck combination. For 1v1's pretty bad, in T1 and T2 (Darkelf Assassins + Wintertide doesn't work very well, because it forces you to keep your units together, which still leaves you vulnerable to curse of oink. I would just prefer having another Darkelf Assassin squad and split my units in a circle around the enemies power well / monument. Investing a slot into wintertide in Shadow Frost is just a waste.
  14. As I already stated (and some people already gave an answer in this thread) Thugs are good in mid fights with alot of dazed units and also decent at choke points, but unless you play a very T1 realiant deck (aka pure Fire) it's not necessary to include them, because you can win every single matchup without them and use the deckslot to create a much more powerful and versitile T2 or T3. They don't really shift any matchup massively into Fire's favour and are useless against Frost & Nature T1. They are strong without any question, but great micro management can make them unnecessary. Pretty much, because they have great synergy with the entire pure Frost deck, which is built around War Eagles. Your win condition with pure Frost most likely revolves around getting air control and Defenders offer great support due to their L damage, which makes them very strong against Skyfire Drakes (the low dps doesn't really matter in this case, because Skyfiredrake has a pretty low hp pool). By establishing a great basic defence Defenders also transition very well into offense, because they are very durable with an insane hp pool (A single Defender squad with Ice Shield in its defensive stance has more effective hp than a Juggernaut). By splitting your units against spells like Curse of Oink (which most likely gets used against War Eagles) there is no way left to deal with the Defenders. They will be able to threaten Skyfiredrakes consistently and also stay in a position to attack the enemies power well to prevent repairs during CC periods. Overall a great card which does alot of work for pure Frost Playing against pure Frost just doesn't end up well without aggressors. A strong Frost player will definitely abuse the low dps stonekin units by spamming War Eagles with Shield support, which allows him to overload protects or at least get valuable trades since the stonekin player is forced to play multiple spells (cc / building protects) to keep his power wells alive. Stormsinger & Spirithunters are definitely not strong enough to deal with War Eagles on their own. In addition to that Aggressors scale pretty well into the early T3 stage, which allows the stonekin player to extend his T2 without getting destroyed by strong T3 L units. Mauler would do the job against ground units, but Stonekin also needs an at least decent anti air unit. I'll answer this question here. While Defenders were useful to assist the Stonekin defence it's definitely not enough to keep the deck save from the pure Frost matchup, especially in late T2 stages. Defenders have one weakness, which is their low dps and that leaves them as an unreliable L counter. MaranV pretty much got away with this, because no strong pure Frost players were active in late 2013. Especially some pure Frost decks, that revolved around permashielding (Ice Age) would destroy the low dps stonekin defence. It was good for sure, but it just felt a little bit unreliable, because being able to set the combo up costs 180 power at the start (Embalmer + Ability + Phoenix) and alot of time. Playing the Embalmers Shrine too early would show your strategy way too early, because peole can just react properly and avoid taking well clusters and playing it late leaves you at a position, where it just empowers your late T2 which is not that great for most decks. Pure Shadow wants to get Harvester at that stage, Shadow Frost wants to be T3, Bandits is most likely dead, because it's Bandits (the combo would be viable here though ^^) and Shadow Nature can use it, but most likely wants to finish games in the early T2 stage, even though I would assume that Shadow Nature is still the best deck to make use of this combo. In 2v2 the efficency definitely gets higher though and makes the combo viable for sure! I don't know what happend exactly in the match, but an offensive Aura of Corruption + Cannon towers is just super expensive and if you were in the lead it should be an easy task to finish off Shadow Frost with pure Nature in T2, because this matchup is even favourable for nature if you are even in T2. I mean even a Burrower spam should do the job with a big advantage. Using Cannon Towers in the AoC of your opponent is definitely the more efficient and definitely a threat, but high ranked players usually were able to play around this and just didn't even use Aura of Corruption in most of their skirmishes. Honestly if Shadow Frost had a way to deal with cliffdancers Aura would not even useful in this deck, because the deck is more than solid enough to defend everything without it. Highest dps double Frostsplash siege unit with insane speed. A great addition in alot of Frost splash decks to create more pressure (which is usually needed in 2v2 matches). Lost Launcher is straight up better than cannon tower (higher dps for the same amount of power)
  15. -> Streetkings definitely was capable of playing fire/frost, but his main deck was shadow/frost. Killroy & Hirooo had high ranked Fire Frost smurfs too, but it was also not their most played deck -> Windhunter can prevent the stance in a defensive position (to an extend, Defenders are still much cheaper and spammable), but that doesn't remove the problem that Frost can just fall back for a while and outscale the Bandits deck since Frost has a high scaling T2 & the best scaling T3 in the game with Northstar + Timeless One -> Stonekin without Aggressor against pure Frost is an autolose matchup, Spirit Hunter & Stormsinger get entirely destroyed by War Eagles. Cards like Stonetempest saw less play after some time, but there is no way to exclude Aggressor.