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  1. While I was mindlessly watching some YT videos, I came upon something interesting. I happen to like to watch funny talent show entries, and found a funny comedian called "Piff the Dragon". In America's Got Talent 2015 he came quite far, so I decided to watch some of his performances. But this is where it gets funny: on what I believe to be his third performance I was suddenly hit in the feels, and I didn't know why. But then I heard the epic music, what I recognized as a BattleForge soundtrack. So after a bit of searching I found out that "Piff the Dragon" used Battleforge OST - Northern Steel. Don't believe me? Just watch: Northern Steel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7XslaXmoaIU&t=46s Piff the Dragon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5uFBVwnxRlM (1 min 40 sec) TL;DR A comedian used a Battleforge soundtrack in one of his shows, what i found to be amusing/nostalgic.
  2. plipse990

    which card gives you the most nostalgia?

    I will have to say thugs. I dont know why, but I just really feel bad looking at them because I frekin miss em. This is especially weird because i was a frost main xD
  3. plipse990

    Creating Battleforge Videos: What the community wants

    I will probably only update the thread when there are multiple suggestions, otherwise it will look like I am spamming the "New Threads" section
  4. plipse990

    Creating Battleforge Videos: What the community wants

    @RadicalX That is very awesome, and I am happy to hear! I hope that this ever-expanding thread will be of some use to you some day! Do you mind me using some of you stated goals in the list of tips? As I myself am not a youtube content creator, i hadn't thought of it yet.
  5. plipse990

    Creating Battleforge Videos: What the community wants

    Now hold your horses, the post is not done yet (Posted it on accident xD). You will be mentioned as i said earlier
  6. Hello all! With Battleforge coming back to life, I get more excited every day. And I believe that I am not the only one who feels the hype building up. And a lot of great content creators lurk these forums, waiting for the release of this great game so that they can create new art and videos. But at the moment, Youtube does not contain many good Battleforge dedicated channels (duh, the game is not fully released yet ) . The ones I myself watch frequently are the channels owned by @Kiwi(http://tinyurl.com/z4j35yl), @Eirias(http://tinyurl.com/jrd2j6h) and the Skylords Reborn Community Channel (http://tinyurl.com/zy6xryz). I think many great new channels will arise, and you could be the creator of one of them! We encourage you to create content, and to have fun doing it. But if you are starting out new, it can be sometimes hard to know what the community wants, and what kind of videos are needed. And of course, you should only create the content that you love creating. But I would like to provide you with some tips, just to get all of you making the best Battleforge videos possible! The following list shown below is composed of both my own experience and what i want to see when I try to find videos, and suggestions from the community. I will update this list as frequently as possible! Video topics and ideas: Deck Showcases This is what probably a lot of players search for. A good showcase of a deck, along with a fitting strategy is always, always appreciated. Showing every single card and explaining what they do and why they combine so well is everyone's guilty pleasure . To top it off, you can either play a game or two with the deck in PvE or PvP mode (or both!). Card Showcases Going in-depth in every single card in the game will take a long time, but it is something that can be very rewarding. Being able to find a guide for every card that you want is amazing, and if you are the guy providing the info, you might have struck gold. Making it interesting and complete is a fun project and the community will love you for it. And for those real Lore Lovers, a little bit of a story along side with it isn't that bad of an idea... Cinematics and Montages A little bit less serious (but still high quality) content is perfect for those stressed out moments. If you just want to have a laugh or if you want to be amazed by beautiful images, this is your place to be. The sad thing is: the amount of cool cinematics and montages is limited. Showing off your skills by creating a mesmerizing video will get you appreciation, and the community will have a place to release their stress and just watch some fun videos. Who doesn't love a laugh? Replay Reviews Although there are already a lot of these kind of videos out there, they are all still unique and fun to watch. A great commentator will always stick around and with nice and fun replays come nice and fun comments. Make the video fun and teach those folks a thing or two! Tutorials (credit: @RadicalX) These can range from being a basic PvP guide, to a in-depth guide on how to win. You can make these as crazy as you want! Some good ideas are basic PvP tutorials ( Explaining things like when to take wells or orbs), basic attack strategy (when to create which unit). But tutorials on how to design and create community maps are also a great idea, as it is a bit unknown. I only have 1 tip: if you think you can make a tutorial on that particular subject, just do it! Booster Opening (credit: @anonyme0273) Everyone feels the thrill of opening packs: it is like the lottery! It is a simple and fun way of entertaining your fans. And don't forget that when you are streaming these pack openings, you better interact with the viewers! LiveCasts (credit: @anonyme0273) Who doesn't love 'em? The originality and unscriptedness of these videos are a guaranteed killer! And with a good host, you can learn new strategies and perfect your own play. Perfect! Community Lore (credit: @ikke2902) A good story is loved by many. If you really are that next level writer, show it to us! We'd love to hear anything related to the world of Nyn and, personally, if there is a cool story-telling hub that frequently uploads videos I will be hooked instantly! People with great imagination and talent alike will quickly be noticed by the vast majority of Battleforge players. I cannot wait to hear your stories! As you can see, this list is far from done. Please comment your ideas and this will become a valuable topic for many content-creators. I cannot create a vast and complete list by myself, so everyone counts and every idea will be posted (if it is new and is not alike any other topic listed already). Thank you all for participating. Together, we make this a great community! Philip Garcia Hoogland
  7. plipse990

    No [...] Without [...]

    No worldbreaker cannon without skyelf sage ( @Dallarian )
  8. plipse990

    No [...] Without [...]

    No Innapropriate Chat Without @Kiwi
  9. plipse990

    No [...] Without [...]

    Try to make the combinations! No Frost Deck Without Home Soil
  10. plipse990

    Say something about the person above you.

    Has a beautiful eye
  11. plipse990

    BFReborn Card Creation Tool

    Thanks for letting me know, and what a great idea! If you ever need any help or manpower, i would be glad to help! I will now close this post, thank you for sayin'!
  12. plipse990

    BFReborn Card Creation Tool

    Something like that! But my final idea was to create an output file that can be used (if wanted) for animation creation/inplemention in the game. This means, if the cards are stored in Json format, that you will get a Json file added with it. And as said by Dzodin, it is kinda old. So maybe a new, BFReborn oriented version is in place. But I wont decide alone, this great community can decide if it is wanted. Thank you very much for replying and thank you for telling me about the already existing service!
  13. plipse990

    BFReborn Card Creation Tool

    Dear community, For a long time I have been thinking about creating a simple tool that can create new cards. The tool is meant to be a fast and fun tool so your ideas will not go to waste. You will be able to fine-tune the whole card, from colour to rarity. I hope that this tool will help the community realising and even further expanding this realm of BattleForge. I will need input and feedback, and I want to know if this is needed in the community. If enough people would like it to exist, the programming will start immediately. Here are some specs and ideas: Add picture Choose colour of card Choose card tier Choose card cost Choose card type (building, creature, spell) Enter the atack power Enter the defenisve power Enter counters Add abbilities and corresponding description Choose rarity All of this wil create a card, that you can inspect and edit. ------------------------------------------------------------------- If this gets enough support, it will be created and I would love to see all your ideas and crazy creatures. I hope to see you all soon in-game! Philip Garcia Hoogland

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