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  1. YaBro0

    Removing Upgrade System from PVP

    @Eirias I have to admit, best solution I've seen so far. Not expected from you
  2. @LagOps Well the fire T1 is obviously the "better" choice since it has no downsides in T1 compared to the sometimes map gamble frost T1. I agree with Radical in the Harvester part. While disentchant on a buffed harvester is great, a very versatile distration is much better. The harvester is easy to kite for stormsingers and drakes so the harvester has to go for the well and lightblade stops him from the best he can. But overall I don't think that this matchup is so horrible for fire/frost that having a lightblade in T2 is a huge upside compared to gladiatrix. Against a strong shadow/frost I'd rather have an aggressive fire T1 than anything else.
  3. YaBro0

    Preventing Multiaccounting: Restrict Trades

    Hearthstone has one 30 min quest per day that gives you around 50 gold which is almost nothing. The gap between players may have been a problem in the past but won't be in the future. The Old BF had no real way to obtain BFP other than just paying for them. Trading is a great way to obtain more BFP but is risky to newer players and requires you to already have a pool of BFP. Having the feeling to be able to advance in the game without ingame purchases is the thing that the old BF missed and destroyed the new player experience. It feels unfair if someone is "pay2win" and instantly gets the BFP for 5 euro that I need to work for for a month. The future gap will be fair. People play more and get more. Why should a casual player be upset about the game when he doesn't have the time to do all the quests everyday? He would be upset if the time he spends would not make him progress because he already reached the limit of possible quests. I still don't see the problem.
  4. YaBro0

    New year resolutions

    My goal -> After a long desease finally doing the 220 pounds squats again
  5. YaBro0

    Preventing Multiaccounting: Restrict Trades

    I still don't see the big problem. With multiaccounts it will never be easier to obtain rewards. If solving my quests takes 2-3 hours and someone else wants to "work" even longer for their rewards and get more so be it. I feel like the game is going in a great direction in terms of rewards due to many great suggestions being made. Normal games have a very short and simple rewardsystem because they want you to pay. Because SR is non-profit you can make the rewards much higher and more time consuming than any other games ever would. That alone will make multi accounting way less worth than in normal games. If someone will use their multiaccounting how will this affect me in any big way? The only thing I can think of is PvP, because you are matched against far more skilled players but PvP multi accounts were never made to obtain rewards faster rather than just testing new decks. If I play 2 hours a day to gain 100 BFP and someone uses 3 Accounts to gain 300 BFP over 6 hours his overall lead will still not be enough to completely rule the market in any way. Just teaming up with other players will still be more efficient. The value of points also won't drop due to packs reducing the overall pool of BFP in the game. I don't know if I am missing something but I don't see how multi accounts would destroy the new player experience?
  6. YaBro0

    Preventing Multiaccounting: Restrict Trades

    I personally don't understand why people are so extremely upset about multiaccounting. Sure it is not a good thing for the game but does it destroy it? What the game will need to survive is a new playerbase and all those measures against multiaccounting are making the game a worse experience for newer players compared to the original game than multiaccounting ever could.
  7. YaBro0

    All-time fastest speedrun rankings

    Are you sure? I thought I remembered always battling in between 8:50 - 9:10
  8. YaBro0

    All-time fastest speedrun rankings

    Does anyone remember the fastest Soultree time? I was playing that map for so long and I believe that I made the fastest time but not sure.
  9. YaBro0

    Clash Royale

    I was playing for quite a while but I am a bit inactive right now. Currently at 4000 trophies.
  10. YaBro0

    Co-Commentator Voting

    @Eirias Already replacing me huh? And I thought it was love... seems like I was the only one feeling that way Fun aside, my computer has been broken for a while now and I have to study quite a bit. So Eirias... I allow you to leave me alone... crying... in the shower... of despair ...
  11. YaBro0

    if we could suprise the oponent

    I personally don't like the Idea for ranked games. Because in Battleforge there are only a few cards that can really counter other decks and those are usually T1 cards. Adding such a system would just abuse the fact that fire and shadow are way too dominant in the meta, because they have a counter to every deck and with the knowledge about your opponents deck there is no risk in playing a huge T1 anymore. For example phasetowers are not in every deck but if you know that your opponent plays nature T1, you basically won the game on the spot or he has to go instant T2, because you can just add in the phasetowers without the risk of maybe playing a fire T1 and having a bad wasted cardslot. Nature and frost on the other hand have very few options for replacements in T1 and are therefore in a very huge disadvantages over the other 2 factions. Frost can possibly play the biggest T1 but only because their cards have high utility even in T2 and not because they are strong in certain matchups. For tournaments that kind of System already exists somehow. I mean if you play people like dekka or freemka in tourneys, you basically know what deck they will play and add in your countercards.
  12. YaBro0

    What will i play?

    I know ... that is why I said it Trololololol...
  13. YaBro0

    What will i play?

    Just listen to the pool and you'l find the answer for sure
  14. YaBro0

    What will i play?

    Maybe I am wrong but didn't you always play shadow/frost? At least as far as I remember it. Play bandits Many people underrestimate bandits because in terms of matchups it is the weakest faction. But its weakness is only the defense but it has incredible offensive potential. A very hard deck to play if you don't play the lame "buff to extiction" deck but incredibly rewarding and super fun.
  15. YaBro0

    The most important poll

    Wow @Eirias... thank you very much but... we are only friends ok? And what does "again" mean?

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