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  1. I really like this Idea for PvP. You could play a double T1 and choose based in the matchup with which one you wanna start. But I think it gets kinda OP in T2 because giving a strong splash deck like stonekin or fire/nature acess to SOM or EP just sounds crazy to me. It could open up a a whole PvP era, where no one really plays T3 but rather use pure cards to boost your T2. Sonething like shadow/frost with harvester or shadow/nature with shadow mages and heal spam and so much more. While it sounds increadibly interesting, I think it would be to strong in PvP with void manipulation.
  2. No worries my friend. People love our toxic relationship ❤
  3. Actually this is kind of the same mechanic that was in the original game. Phenomic introduced playtokens at some point, which you could also have farmed and is basically the same system as with gold rn. I am not sure anymore, if you needed a small fee of about 100BFP to be able to disentchant for tokens but this was actually the most effective way for upgrade farming and more rewarding than the current system. So the concept is nothing new, just different package.
  4. I wanna say something as a pretty much PvP only Player. While I enjoy the gameplay of PvP the most, I have to admit that the card collecting aspect became almost irrelevant for PvP Players like me. And this is quite the defining aspect that makes this game what it is. While I absolutely diagree with taking away ones free PvP Deck after a certain time, I think that a derease in accessability (is that a word?) to free PvP Decks would certainly help to encourage the card collecting aspect more. The biggest issue I see with the current system is a) it lets you choose 2 Decks and
  5. Very nice of you! So no BFP for the kindhearted Dallarian *check* I will wait for your Replays. No pressure!
  6. Good evening fellow skylords, As some might recall @Eirias and I did some commentaries on PvP matches quite a while ago on Eirias YouTube Channel and on the Official SkylordsReborn Channel. Since the game has entered the realm of the living again, it is also time for me to wake up from my slumber and start annoying Eirias again. Sadly our only way of communication is through the commentary of PvP Replays. I am currently still pretty rusty and even though I played some games against top 20 players, many weren't that interesting. Because there is no real source of new Repla
  7. When the game is released, will you create smurf accounts with cursewords in their name just so that @Eirias will have to curse when hosting replays of you? :kappa:

    1. Ultrakool


      damn that would be evil, and dope.

  8. The Beta Testers have spoken. They want you to help me commentate the craziest game we've ever played.

    @Geradon @RadicalX @John No spoilers :)

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    2. Geradon
    3. Tam Hawkins

      Tam Hawkins

      Tell us when it is up^^


    4. Eirias


      For those of you wondering, the recording is done :)

      I'll post a link here when I've finished editing.

  9. I feel like you people are in need of something... 

    You need the love I spread ❤

    Take my love and give it to all the people you know ❤❤❤❤

    (Yes, I am alwaya like that)

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    2. YaBro0


      Well.... this is far away from the love I expected...

    3. sylvix95


      @Eirias I founded a new religion for your gif.

    4. Eirias


      @sylvix95:) I drew that myself, btw.

      If you want 5 minutes of stuff like that it will go up here at some point....

      I was going to try to upload it 2 weeks ago, but it's not quite done and I'm busy for the next two weeks, so fingers crossed it will go up by Valentine's Day.

  10. @LagOps Well the fire T1 is obviously the "better" choice since it has no downsides in T1 compared to the sometimes map gamble frost T1. I agree with Radical in the Harvester part. While disentchant on a buffed harvester is great, a very versatile distration is much better. The harvester is easy to kite for stormsingers and drakes so the harvester has to go for the well and lightblade stops him from the best he can. But overall I don't think that this matchup is so horrible for fire/frost that having a lightblade in T2 is a huge upside compared to gladiatrix. Against a strong shadow
  11. My goal -> After a long desease finally doing the 220 pounds squats again
  12. Are you sure? I thought I remembered always battling in between 8:50 - 9:10
  13. Does anyone remember the fastest Soultree time? I was playing that map for so long and I believe that I made the fastest time but not sure.
  14. I was playing for quite a while but I am a bit inactive right now. Currently at 4000 trophies.
  15. Don't worry my children! Your savior has finally arrived! He is blessed with an angel's voice and the courage to bring love to all our ears! Step aside and listen to @LagOps!
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