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  1. YaBro0

    Battleforge PvP deck overview - by Hirooo & RadicalX 

    @LagOps Well the fire T1 is obviously the "better" choice since it has no downsides in T1 compared to the sometimes map gamble frost T1. I agree with Radical in the Harvester part. While disentchant on a buffed harvester is great, a very versatile distration is much better. The harvester is easy to kite for stormsingers and drakes so the harvester has to go for the well and lightblade stops him from the best he can. But overall I don't think that this matchup is so horrible for fire/frost that having a lightblade in T2 is a huge upside compared to gladiatrix. Against a strong shadow/frost I'd rather have an aggressive fire T1 than anything else.
  2. YaBro0

    New year resolutions

    My goal -> After a long desease finally doing the 220 pounds squats again
  3. YaBro0

    All-time fastest speedrun rankings

    Are you sure? I thought I remembered always battling in between 8:50 - 9:10
  4. YaBro0

    All-time fastest speedrun rankings

    Does anyone remember the fastest Soultree time? I was playing that map for so long and I believe that I made the fastest time but not sure.
  5. YaBro0

    Clash Royale

    I was playing for quite a while but I am a bit inactive right now. Currently at 4000 trophies.
  6. YaBro0

    BF Music Parodies

    Don't worry my children! Your savior has finally arrived! He is blessed with an angel's voice and the courage to bring love to all our ears! Step aside and listen to @LagOps!
  7. YaBro0

    Clash Royale BattleForge Clan

    Once you reach lvl 3 you can join a clan. Just click on clan at the bottom of the screen, it's the second from the right. On top you can click on "search" and look for "BattleForge". We have around 45 members, just in case if there's another clan with the same name. Just click on it and send us a request. Hope to see you soon
  8. YaBro0

    Clash Royale BattleForge Clan

    Sure, just send a request
  9. YaBro0

    Roses are red, violets are blue...

    @Ladadoos @Eirias Roses are red Violets are blue I hate stormsingers And so should you
  10. YaBro0

    Current Proposal: Rewards

    I can definatly tell you that going T4 in PvP is always the least choice and leaves you with a disadvantage. That being said, nature is NOT the best choice with a starter deck it is actually the worse of all colours. The only thing will be that fire/nature and shadow/frost will dominate the meta even more since those two decks have the cheapest requirements, are one of the best decks and already contain many cards in the starter deck.
  11. YaBro0

    Clash Royale BattleForge Clan

    Isn't it obvious that I'm YaBroo? Imean YaBroo -> YaBro0 Cr4zy is TBPeti btw
  12. YaBro0

    BF Music Parodies

    C'mon!!! You couldn't be more right on that @Eirias So you want this type of song as a parody or is anything fine?
  13. YaBro0

    kill the time till release

    @kingade Patrick would also make a solid Unit don't you think?
  14. YaBro0

    PvE & PvP Tutors & Apprentices

    You could have just written a PM but of course I can. I'll let you know in Skype or PM when I'm finished correcting (if there is something to correct )
  15. YaBro0

    [Forum Game] Rate the song!

    @Treim The one before you would have gotten a clear 100/10 But for the rPvE Speedrun God only a 5/10 just don't like growling... Little story about the following song... That was actually the first song I heard in the old forums Song Thread and ended in me buying every Hollywood Undead album and seeing them live So shoutout to Keksmonster, that was the song he posted 7 Years ago ... ohh nostalgia

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