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  1. Upgrade Finder

    Do you mind elaborating? The feature you described is already implemented. I'll make it more clear in the future though. The maps in the Loot-screen are also already sorted by the percentage of (Matching upgrades/Total upgrades).
  2. Upgrade Finder

    Hey everyone, I made a tool which let's you find out which maps have the most upgrades for the cards in your decks. You can also use it to make and share decks, or to search for upgrades in general. You can download it here: https://mega.nz/#F!P9xh1Rob!OVsTb0cQfaaGISE1nxJHmA Note that you need to have Java installed for it to work. If you have any ideas for what I can add feel free to post them Here are some screenshots: EDIT: I just realized I put in the wrong link lol
  3. Poll: Changing the upgrade system

    This is will be an issue either way since you could simply make multiple accounts for the sole purpose of selling the starting cards.
  4. Hello Skylords, the topic of the upgrading system has been quite controversial when it has been discussed in the past. For PvE players the upgrade system presents a long term goal and an incentive to keep playing the game, however, this is different for PvP-only players. At launch the upgrade system will probably render certain decks in PvP unusable (lack of charges), essentially forcing players to grind PvE maps if they want to play their preferred deck. However, this is only one issue. As time goes on people will start to get their decks to level 100+ and everything will be fine since everyone has upgraded decks, right? Wrong. New players will have a very hard time getting into PvP since they have a low level deck, while the players who have been playing for a few months probably have a mid to high level deck. This can cause a lot of frustration and even potentially lead to them quitting the game. Personally, I think in PvP all cards should at least be U2 (if it isn't U3 already) and have two extra charges (if you don't have all three) . This keeps some kind of progression (reaching U3 with 3 charges will take just as long as before) while also immensely improving the new player experience. Additionally, at launch almost all PvP decks will be playable, due to the two extra charges. While this might not be a perfect solution, it's definitely an improvement. (The idea is from Kaliber84) This post from LagOps also makes some good points. He also elaborates three of the change proposals from the poll. Here are some old topics where this was discussed: Seperate PvP from PvE Removing upgrade system from PvP I feel like things might go wrong Making it hard to get all the cards and upgrades My one issue with the BattleForge reborn project - A proposal Why I quit battle forge, and why I miss it. EDIT: Split the poll into two parts.
  5. Logo Winner: Poll

    Maybe the mini logo could be used as an icon for the launcher.
  6. Starting with a promo Harvester would be pretty awesome ... Thanks a lot Ultra
  7. Arena

    I'll implement an option to toggle that when I get home. EDIT: It's done: BFArena 1.2
  8. Arena

    I think a good approach to implementing it would be that you buy-in with gold, and when you are finished, you receive gold based on your wins. Additionally, you could add one-time-only BFP rewards for reaching a certain amount of wins. Also, I don't think your idea to create new maps for this mode makes sense. You might be underestimating how much effort goes into creating a new map. I would love to see this implemented though (probably via a web application). If you haven't checked it out already: I submitted a tool for the drafting process to the last contest (1st place in the development category in the thread below):