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  1. John

    Pssword Issues

    Can you please make sure you are using your e-mail to log in to the game, and not your username?
  2. John

    (Suggestion) Detailed HP Bars

    I will make it a tiny bit smaller Every line you see on the health bar is a very small black widget, I am adding them after the health bar is created. It is optional, yes.
  3. John

    (Suggestion) Detailed HP Bars

    The way I did it right now is to have one big line each for 1k HP (this will also scale logarithmically for 10k, 100k, etc. HP). For the small lines, I will add an option in the options menu where you can choose how much health they represent. In the picture the small lines represent 200 HP. Currently, if there is not enough space for the smaller lines, I just don't add them (see Comet Catcher), I don't know if that's ideal though. This is actually ingame What do you think about the version below? I think that one looks less cluttered. Unfortunately adjusting the total length is only possible for S/M/L/XL units in general. My biggest concern right now is that this feature might be too hard for lower-end PCs, but I tried to make it as performance-friendly as possible. Here is what it looks like for monuments and power wells:
  4. John

    (Suggestion) Detailed HP Bars

    How does this look? I think it looks fine for the S units. I noticed that the health bar of the buildings are quite small, so maybe they should be made bigger
  5. This will be handled better after the next patch. The only case where this bug will still happen is when the recipient does not exist. Ok nvm, will be fixed after the next patch
  6. John

    3-Deck loss

    This bug should occur less often after the next patch.
  7. John

    Connect Failed Does anyone know what this is

    @Sauron Can you right click on your BatteForge folder and make the Read Only (Somente Leitura) checkbox unchecked? On your screenshots it is checked, that could cause crashes in the Launcher.
  8. John

    Too high resolution

    @skynels You could either manually change the resolution in the C:\Users\{username}\Documents\BattleForge\config.xml , or you could also delete that file to reset your settings.
  9. John

    Can't see any units in full screem

    Turning off SSAO in the graphics options should help.
  10. @Skhan Upgrading your OS to Windows 7, 8, or 10 should resolve your issue.
  11. John

    1 - Updater Fail Under Wine

    I unfortunately can't help you with the updater issues, but the crash with the BattleForge.exe can be fixed by disabling Direct X 11. In case you need exact steps: in the terminal type: winecfg Under the Applications tab, click the New Application button Navigate to the Battleforge.exe file and click open Make sure the Battleforge application is highlighted. You will see the title of the window change to "Wine configuration for Battleforge.exe" Under the Libraries tab, we will specify an override setting for the DirectX 11 library In the "New override for library" dropbox, type d3d11 to perform a quick search for the library, then click Add once you found it. Highlight the d3d11 entry in the listbox, then click on Edit. Set the load order to Disable Done
  12. John

    1 - Possible LUA Interface bug

    Then please try to reproduce the issue again and send me your entire log.txt.
  13. John

    My AntiVirus block BattleForge\BattleForge\UAC.exe

    Add an exception to your anti virus, this is a false positive.
  14. John

    1 - Possible LUA Interface bug

    These logs are normal. What do you mean by crash? Do you mean a freeze and then a pop up which says "The client has lost the connection to the server"? This is something which happens if you lose the connection to the server, the game works fine for a while, but when it sends the next packet (usually if you click on certain things in the UI) and the server is not responding, then you freeze and get disconnected.
  15. Please make a screenshot of the issue. Also, send me your Documents/BattleForge/Diag/log.txt after reproducing the bug please.

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