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  1. Anizi

    downloading the game

    Hi, I used to play this game a lot before they stopped it, and I am really happy that you sort it out and reborn it again. But the problem with me is mow my laptop is mac os 10.13 and I did every thing is written in the download page and still it doesn't work. Even I read one commit that written by a member who is using mac os and I did exactly what he said and still the game won't start, I have dowloaded everything that might help even I paid for rar extract from the apple store just to try to open the game with it, but still I don't know what to do to start the game. I downloaded wine programmes all versions, what should I do to start the game? I really want to play it and its not fair to not being able to play the game on mac. Can you please help me with my issue? My regards
  2. Anizi

    Battleforge on OSX

    I have done all the steps and I downloaded everything listed but still the game doesn't work my laptop is mac ox 10.13 can you explain how to start the game or the next step after doing all the steps ?

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