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  1. It's not as simple as just prioritizing game design over faction design. Those are two different departments. The balancing developers could not simply just start working on implementing new concepts. They are neither client nor server developers. As balance developers, they "only" work with our internal balancing tool. For the game design process, we need game designers, client developers and server developers (and also potentially more web developers in the future). So far we managed to add one new game designer, @Eirias, and soon we could add one new client developer, who is currently worki
  2. It all started out with you publicly complaining about the issue of the lack of tournaments. In that discussion you were already showing a somewhat passive aggressive attitude towards @Ladadoos. A few days later, you approached him via his DMs in a rather aggressive way. He told you that he's not ignoring the issue, but not interested in a personal discussion with you, due to your attitude. Normally we wouldn't mind discussing something like this, as long as there's respect and common courtesy. In fact, I discuss topics like this with @Toggy quite often. It is rare that we decide to ignore som
  3. It seems our latest patch does not work with Windows 7. Please download this: https://www.mediafire.com/file/xw52oho41k3s4op/SkylordsRebornUpdater.zip/file Please use this to revert to the old updater for now. Just extract, drop, and replace the files in your BattleForge directory.
  4. On the old dev platform, there were only patch notes for the most part. Since release, we started posting all development updates in the updates section of the forums. Here is the most recent update: That's essentially the replacement for the dev platform. One thing which is currently missing there are the updates for the test server, those are only being posted on discord right now, but we're planning on starting to post them on the forum aswell. For announcements, there's always been the "Announcements" subforum. We're definitely aware that we can substantially improve transparency
  5. Can you press "Wiederherstellen"? We did a small update of the updater today. Unless you want to play on the test server, that file is not necessary. You could previously download that on discord in #dev-updates-test-server, but we added it to the official updater today. You should be able to restore the file from Norton, can you check if that's possible? If not, you can also just reinstall ONLY the updater with our installer.
  6. Generally we read all the topics in the forum and also used the ideas posted here in the past for the game design. All of the things @Danol mentioned are already being worked on or are planned. Obviously everything won't come as fast as you'd expect it from an actual company, but generally these topics are making progress. These things from the list are currently being worked on: "more rpve content", "more cards", "balance enhancements", "bug fixes", "new game modes". The following thing is planned: "events like frequent official tournaments, live-streams". We're currently in the process o
  7. Patch #400026 Greetings Skylords, Skyladies and Skyfolk, this is a minor update that for the most part includes a few fixes for the server crashes which happened during the last couple of weeks, and also the new spectator maps which were published on the test server last week. We also handed out the boosters which were promised for the players who were experiencing issues during the server instabilities back in January, and to the players who participated in Toggy's last tournament with sponsored prizes. We're sorry for the people who had to wait for their boosters until now. If you'
  8. Greetings Skylords, Skyladies, and Skyfolks! we are happy to announce another addition to our team today, @Eirias! As a game designer he will work on designing new quests and achievements, evaluating and improving match rewards and distribution, designing new ways to use currencies (gold being the more prominent currency), proposing improvements for a healthier economy (currency sinks for example), designing new progression systems or features etc. We are glad to have him with us and we are looking forward to his contributions. On a side note, we are still looking for more volunteers!
  9. A bit too late, but here it is: Changes: - Added "Event Organizer" position - Added "Community Ambassador" position
  10. Did you try any of the solutions in this post?
  11. Changes: - Added "Discord Moderator" position - Closed applications for "Faction Designer"
  12. Hey, that library is mostly just for Regular Expressions and we already replaced that library to inject our own network code. The code for loading and processing the pak files is in the BattleForge.exe, and as of right now nobody is actively working on reverse engineering it. We do hook one function related to pak files already, but that's mostly for anti-cheat purposes. That's why this feature is not feasible for us to implement as of now.
  13. Hey, that's not something we can influence. We don't have the source code to the game. I'll be moving this to rejected.
  14. Hello, you bought the booster at 2021-02-13 23:40:52 (UTC) and sold it via direct trade for 430 BFP at 2021-02-13 23:43:58 (UTC).
  15. Feel free to make your own topic and poll in this forum. Although looking at how unpopular the Collection Mode in the Sparring Grounds is, I feel like a poll is not necessary.
  16. The current behavior is the easiest solution, yes. Although I did think a bit more about this since then, and I think you can make the icon green without too much effort.
  17. Could you please try winning the map "Sunbridge" and try again?
  18. Desyncs can happen, and there's not much we can do about it. Empire does have higher rate of desyncs than other maps though. The only thing you can do is to restart the map.
  19. Hello could you please send a screenshot of your worldmap?
  20. Zyna

    booster gone

    You most certainly did not lose the booster. The cards are added to your inventory the moment you press "Open booster" without you having to flip the cards. What does sound like a bug though, is the fact that your "Last booster" window is apparently empty. We will look at the issue, thank you. As far as I can see you opened one booster on the day of your bug report and got these cards. Nightguard Swiftclaw Windweavers Green Peace Sunken Temple Drones Breeding Grounds Witchclaws
  21. The game was made back in 2009 and back then these reslutions were simply not very common. Adding support for these resolutions would be a huge amount of effort for us and it's simply not feasible as of now.
  22. The game is known to crash when the audio device disconnects or changes. Can you make sure that does not happen?
  23. Did you try the solution I suggested in this post already?
  24. Feel free to send the error message. Otherwise we can't really say what the issue is.
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