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  1. Ghostrider

    Titans and Empire Boss

    This happened 3 times and 2xs o n Empire. I havent played it since i will include replay if it happens again
  2. Ghostrider

    Titans and Empire Boss

    In both of these maps the actions needed to fight bosses are not happening. Titans Rogan never moves from the bottom after viridya is killed. In Empire Mo does not start the fight to initiate Red King battle.
  3. Ghostrider

    We're Releasing Q4 2020!

    This all sounds wonderful and Im excited, but currently I and many others can not get into the game as we are receiving errors that files are missing, launcher.exe missing, and worst yet Trojan virus of severe threat is now on or was on my computer and every time I try to log in it appears again ,not happy about that so what is being done to fix these problems?
  4. Ghostrider


    sooo can not get into the game now anybody know why?
  5. Ghostrider

    [Important] Open Beta Delayed

    I cant wait any longer lol J/k you guys are doing great keep up the good work looking forward to playing and If I have to wait a bit longer then so be it as the saying goes " Good things come to those who wait:

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