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  1. I'm using strategy that Minoxen was commenting, but using time vortex instead of swapping bandit sniper(since nerf you can't use nightguard on him) and it's works fine. My problem comes from shaman/archers that come later at south path. Shaman heals some units and starts to attack templar if i try to relocate templar to redirect aggro from her and use second sigil then whole army start to murder other sigils as well. Same goes with archers, 1 pack just ignores sigil and attacks templar. Any ideas how to improve or just different strategy? I tried building first sigil some pixels to the left/right/up/down, but it didn't help. I gave up after ~40 restarts from the same spot.
  2. Just a minor thing that came across, building hit by Bandit Bouncer get this debuff with missing text (timestamp for replay 6 min 25 sec) 2022-12-09_15-53-04_RPvEFourPlayers_diff9_s10562_sharlajjn_TechnoNenehno_dslay3r_FaZe_Me_time_0_13_55.0_v259.pmv
  3. https://i.imgur.com/mKhExOP.png There is no gap between of and Nature Decided to check other achievement, never mind probably because of font it looks very close
  4. Yes, it works now. Thanks for fixing.
  5. Dudemoo pointed out that Void Maw ability (Void Shear) doesn't work correctly. Unit just dies after ability animation played without doing any dmg to targeted hostile unit. Tested in forge and random bg.
  6. After long time I have ~20-30+ common cards, ~15-20 uncommon cards of each unit, spell, building. Decided to start reforging them, man, this is tedious. First, you have to click 4 times chosen card, second, then drag your mouse to click REFORGE and third, back to click 4 new cards. So my suggestion, is it possible to bind this (https://i.imgur.com/IJKykpX.png) to keyboard button, so you don't have to drag mouse.
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