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  1. Valkyrie Complete the Insane God on expert while only damaging Urzach with gladiatrix. Mono a Mono Kill Brannoc in Titans on expert using only a single Harvester (no other units damage him)
  2. The way to get cards in this game is to do your two quests every day, play for at least 45m, and buy your discounted booster for 350. Then sell this booster for 420. Don't open boosters yet. Pick a deck or style that you like and buy every card you want for it from the AH until you have a deck/s that can complete everything in the game and easily farm rpve9. Message me in game (Laertes) or in discord (laertes) and I will give you a shaman to help you get started. Good luck!
  3. This is a great idea for a series. I'm excited to watch some of these. Altar of Chaos is a card I've never seen!
  4. for 10s phoenix is still ubiquitous, used in the main deck for teaching new players, right? Anyway, I think Windhunter has the right idea, there are so many units and strategies that are *worthless* for clearing the t3/t4 camp in 10s. I'd like to see some of those made useful before anything gets nerfed. I thought it was kinda telling and unfortunate that Kapo has to use nomad/mine/phoenix and infect/frenetic in his off meta series just to avoid potentially being a burden to his allies.
  5. Amazing answers, thank you! This is motivating for me to try to learn some maps better. many of the all time records are hard to imagine how they are possible! One of the coolest things about this game is seeing some interesting trick to make a very difficult problem manageable efficiently. It's a strength of Battleforge that they made A-moving fairly sub-optimal in most maps, so you're encouraged to think of interesting cards/strategies.
  6. I had a question about this. Rather than make my own thread I will ask it here, since it seems relevant. I hope that is okay! Are the all time records considered attainable on current patch in any case? I had just assumed some of the All time records were on previous patches, with nightguard strategies that no longer exist (for example). My questions are: 1) have the leaderboards been reset, and when, and is it map specific or global 2) will they be reset, and if so are there specific criteria 3) are current records either created on current patch or considered attainable o
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