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  1. Eirias

    BF Memeville

    I think you should replace "PvP player" with" RadicalX" on this one
  2. Eirias

    Whispering Rework?

    Basically, for the default whisper box to remember what you typed in it, and stop changing channels when you change lobbies. For instance, if I'm in the forge and I get invited to a match in pvp, whatever I was typing will disappear, and if I try to type without manually changing the channels it will go to global. Instead, no matter what channel you were typing into and no matter what lobby you enter, you should continue typing in the channel you were previously typing into (especially since you're usually typing in whisper or group, where it doesn't matter the channel). I guess this could be a problem if people try to type into group/team after the group is disbanded or whatever, but if this happens imo it's better just to spit out an error message like "channel does not exist" than to default to global where everyone sees your accidental message.
  3. Eirias

    battleforge points

    You can't purchase BFP. You can earn it through quests and daily rewards, but you need to unlock that first by playing 2.5 hours (that's to prevent multiaccounting)
  4. Eirias

    The Fire Worm Dilemma

    Not going to address the rest of this because others got here first, but just so you know, units with rage do 4x damage. So a raged fire worm would deal 1900+ per shot.
  5. Eirias


    Haha, great to have you back!
  6. Eirias

    Offer for Editor on YouTube

    He's back! You okay? I was worried about you!
  7. Eirias

    Church of negation

    Erm, yes it is?....obviously there are still things than can happen (like nether warp) If you're playing pure fire, fire dancers might work. You can also try to overwhelm it with units and use a jugger to stomp it. After this game, I was actually carrying earthshaker for a while because I was so scarred...(that was only like my 3rd video btw, so sorry for low quality)
  8. Eirias

    PvE New Defensive Game Mode

    Well, basically no matter how powerful the enemies are that attack you, shadow worm can paralyze and destroy them (in this hypothetical game mode). Unless they all had leader immunities, but then I guess worldbreaker gun becomes the new op card. Although yeah, it's probably still better to use a bunch of churches and building supports if something like that happens.
  9. As I type this, this Turducken Invitational Tournament is underway! What is an Invitational? Invitational Tournaments are NOT open to the public. They feature top players who qualify based on some criteria, or are "wildcarded" (or invited just because). Typical qualifications might be to have an ELO greater than XX or to have won a tournament before, etc. Since we don't have ranked PvP yet, I invited some players that other top players recommended. It's hard to know who is active, and several people did not respond. But if you feel that you are one of the best PvP players and you want to be invited to the next invitational, just make sure that I know! Who is playing? Johnzyna, SaintStryker, RadicalX, Hirooo, Navarr, SunWu, TopS3cret, Raupy Is there a prize pool? YES! There is a prize pool for the winners, which will be split 50/30/20. There is also an additional prize pool for the most interesting game. IF YOU WANT TO DONATE BFP/CARDS, I am accepting donations to boost the prize pool. I will be investing at least 1/2 of my BFP for prizes, and we already have a donation of 500 BFP. If you want to donate, just send me an ingame mail in the forums with whatever you want to donate, and make sure to mention if you want this to be donated for the regular prize pool or the "best game" prize pool. When will I see the tournament? I will be recording tournament games and I will upload them to the BattleForge Creator's Guild once the rounds are finished! What is the tournament format? Swiss System Rules for Contestants: 1. There are no deck restrictions. 2. Games are best 3 of 5. 3. Pairings: I will randomly seed each player for pairings. Note that the seed doesn't really matter, because it's a Swiss System. 4. Tie-breaks: If necessary, a playoff will decide 2nd and 3rd place. For tie-breaks beyond 3rd place: Solkoff, with direct encounter taking priority. 5. Abuse: If the game allows it, you can play it. Just remember that we are advertising this as the tournament of the best players in the game, and every game is recorded and commentated. You may/will get hate from other players for playing "lame" or abusing something (like phasetowers). I will also be critical in my commentary if I feel you are doing something unsportsmanlike. 6. Prizes: I'll donate from my own supply, but more importantly I'll ask viewers for bfp donations. Winnings will be split 50/30/20 for 1st, 2nd, 3rd. I'll also have a "best game" prize pool, where viewers will vote on the most entertaining game. Both players of that game will split a separate prize pool. MAP SELECTION: 1. Starting map: I will randomly assign each as Player 1 or Player 2. Player 1 bans the first map, then player 2 bans two maps. Player 1 bans the final map. Player 2 chooses whether he would like position 1 or position 2. 2. Starting map options (game 1 only): Haladur, Simai, Elyon, Lajesh, Uro 3. Counterpicks: The winning player bans 2 maps. The losing player chooses from the remaining maps. Additionally, you may not return to the map of your most recent win. [example: if P1 wins on Haladur, P2 wins on Uro, P1 may choose Uro (but not Haladur, so it makes no sense to ban it). However if P1 lost game 4, he may choose Haladur for game 5] 4. Counterpick map options: Simai, Haladur, Elyon, Wazhai, Lajesh, Uro, Yrmia, Lajesh, generated.
  10. Eirias

    PvE New Defensive Game Mode

    Well, the main problem with that is that buildings are way stronger than units, with the drawback that they can't move (obv not a drawback in this mode). So the strat would pretty much become: choose the right combo of buildings and wait. Also when you have things like church of negation or shadow worm, things can become trivialized.... Probably the most interesting way to do this would be to arrange the terrain in such a way that buildings can't be spawned everywhere, turning it into a kind of battleforge tower defense?
  11. Eirias

    Balancing Discussion: The T1 imbalance in PvP

    Well, mortar can only be done in defense (ideally) whereas I could place a mine near your well and prevent you from spawning units on that side of it. And if mortar is nerfed, in 2v2 mine will become the new problem because fire and nature t1 will switch the mortar slot to mine, and hurricane/roots + mortar is pretty rough.
  12. Eirias

    Balancing Discussion: The T1 imbalance in PvP

    Well, the eruption also does 300 damage to the well and any nearby units. But I guess you're right, I'd rather if people didn't make offensive mortars at all, and a mortar in the middle of nowhere can be erupted without hurting anything else. I was concerned with someone running up and erupting the mortar, then running away, but scavengers should be able to intercept and allow the tower to go up. And I do think it will still be viable at 80 power, but there's also mine, which might just be better (bc you can use it in offense as well).
  13. Eirias

    Balancing Discussion: The T1 imbalance in PvP

    I agree with increasing the mortar's powercost. That lets it continue to function as a defense if someone is building a braindead army to attack you with, and it still allows you to punish someone for taking a well that they really shouldn't have. On the other hand, taking a well and instant mortar can get destroyed relatively easily, and now fire can erupt the mortar at any time (possibly the power cost should be 75 to be equal to eruption?). It also still allows defense in fire nature when combined with roots (and fire nature needs all the t3 help it can get). Although again, 75 power might be better so it's cheaper than mine. I don't play phasetower at all (even when trying shadow), so I don't have experience with it. I'm fine nerfing it to unusability, especially because I don't see a necessary role that it fulfils? Alternatively, ice guardians could be given an ability for something like "if this unit is within 20m of a friendly well, all units within 10m of the ice guardian take 20% less damage from structures." Not sure how abusable that is, but that effect might prevent offensive tower attacks.
  14. Eirias

    Suggestions, ideas for EndGame (mostly PvP)

    Erm, part of the point of BF is that there's no fog of war...that's like one of the key differences between this and other RTS games....
  15. Eirias

    Executor Rework

    Like a lot of people have said, Executor is not good because it's slightly worse at something that shadow is already good at. And t1 is very well balanced (esp fire vs shadow) so doing something like making executor an L counter would really upset that balance (because in early t1, fire needs to be careful of mass forsaken dropping a well, and in late t1 shadow needs to be careful of sunderer. In some situations the only way to "defend" a well is to counterrush and drop one of your opponent's). Giving the executor an interesting power is best as long as it's still below the average power level for shadow t1 cards. As long as you keep a 2 orb, 100 power limit, it wouldn't be THAT busted because I can't think of any powerful cards that it eliminates (sunderer, deep one, mountaineer all cost >100 power, so the strongest 100 power ground card is scythe fiends?). But still, I think it should only execute cards that have <50% hp remaining, and it should probably reduce the executor's hp by more than 300 (so that even a U0 eruption would reduce the health enough that the ability can't go off). More thematically, the executor could only execute cards that are cc'd? Ofc that's mostly making it good for doubles, but doubles balance is less fine-tuned than 1v1s.\\ EDIT: I forgot sunderer because 100 power at U3. yeah, in that case the limit should probably be like 90 power, which as I think about, basically really improves the nature matchup....

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