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  1. What counts as a "faction" card? Would firedancer be allowed in the bandits faction (e.g. if I played fire fire shadow shadow?) Or is it literally only pure nonsplash cards, so fire stalker would not be allowed either?
  2. Fun event and nice idea, but I really dislike that tiebreakers were decided by submission time This gives such a huge advantage to players who know about the event beforehand, and heavily penalizes people who don't have the availability to play every day.
  3. Or implement it somewhere in the deck itself, so your orb auto-builds even faster at the start of the map (e.g. pre-define that I want my first orb to be fire). This has a few advantages 1). New players don't accidentally start with the wrong unit and thus build the wrong orb 2). PvP stalling is reduced (this is a strategy where neither player wants to play the first card, because they decide this based on what the opponent is playing. In fact Radical recommends this to 100% of nature players) 3). No problems with half orbs or neutral orb creatures in t1 4). Additional searchability (e
  4. As in, higher elo bans 1, lower elo bans 1, higher elo bans 1, lower elo bans 1? The typical way to do this is ban order 1-2-1 and it's generally considered that the player banning last has the advantage. Since leagues are specifically trying to match elos, I wouldn't use that as the basis of granting an advantage. I would recommend using "/roll 1" to generate a random number 0 or 1, let other player choose which one wins (it's just a coin toss). Player who wins the roll gets to choose whether they ban first/last or mid, in the 1-2-1 format. Who hits "ready" first?
  5. Originally, XP was related to clear times and it was actually impossible to have the max pve rank unless you were a speedrunner. Obviousy the team has done away with that requirement, but just a little FYI about its legacy.
  6. @Volin I think you misunderstand everything I was trying to say lol. My bad. I am simply pointing out that, given unlimited time, 4p maps would essentially have 100% winrate (besides restarts or if all 4 players have no idea what they are doing), while 1p maps will never get there. 1 player can absolutely pull the whole group in lvl 10 if time wasn't an issue, and I suspect that beating 4p rpve 10 with 1 player and unlimited time is actually easier than beating 1p rpve 10 with unlimited time. So, it is "fair" to give 1p essentially unlimited time, and give 4p a time limit such that it w
  7. Lots of other good comments, but I just want to weigh in here: For a player at my skill level, this is exactly the right amount of time for each map, so that I win ~75% of the time? In 4p, its very easy for 1 good player to carry the rest, especially if you use tactics like letting one player go t4 and take all wells while other stay t1, or use decomposer etc. If one player dies instantly because they're rushed, the other player can take their wells/orbs. Or, if you make a mistake and lose some wells/orbs, it's not that big of a deal because there are other players to pick up t
  8. Did you play this on the regular server? I can't run it.
  9. I haven't played this matchup in 1v1 since the buffs to mountain rowdy and white rangers (and nerfs to skyelf templar), but I typically faired decently (actually if I knew my opponent was pure frost, I preferred pure fire compared to fire nature). My usual plan is 1. long t1, try to gain power advantage by making the frost player go t2 early, while you stay t1, then play defensively and get lots of wells. 2. go t2 -> t3 quickly. If you have a lot of wells then it's okay if you lose a few wells here, as long as orbs stay alive 3. juggernaut to initiate base trades and cl
  10. Excellent suggestion and I've added it to QoL queue EDIT: not a confirmation that it will actually happen, as this may not be straightforward to implement.
  11. This is in fact priority #8, according to the last list I sent the devs But there is a shortage of people who can implement changes like this, so feel free to encourage anyone with coding knowledge to apply!
  12. Don't think you need to be concerned about this. The team is not trying to make a big deal about this one way or the other, but you are the one bringing politics to the table. The world has changed a lot since 2009. There are some things (such as the stripper pole artwork) that were acceptable by most people then, but seems in bad taste now. Doubtless, these things will be perceived even less favorably in the future. The best thing to shut down SJWs is to quietly remove their ammunition, as is happening here. We're not making some fanfare to appeal to political demagogues, w
  13. As players become more familiar with the game, I actually recommend building "middle outward." In other words, I start by choosing the most powerful core cards I want, then adjust my t1 to play into those. For example, in rpve I usually value resource booster, shadow phoenix, and frenetic assault as the most powerful cards. So I usually want 2 shadow orbs by t3--which gives me some flexibility about t1. However, if I play t1 and t2 shadow, this lets me use resource booster as fast as possible. Other players might really value mine, shrine of war, and enlightenment, so their firs
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