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  1. Hmm...contacted the people who put the link up in the first place many years ago.
  2. @MephistoRoss (or @Kaldra if you're still around) Looks like these links no longer work. Do you have an updated link?
  3. Eirias

    Shadow Mage spam + Green Nether Warp counterplay?

    One simple fix to the "glitch" would be to set a minimum distance needed to travel? I guess you could walk back to the start but then even nature could root the mages away from the portal.
  4. Eirias

    Synthc's Balance Proposal

    Regarding fire/frost vs nature....today I tried a fire/frost deck (rageclaws instead of mounty) and had a pretty easy time against a pure nature player that I sometimes struggle against as fire-nature (my best deck). Not saying the mu isn't in nature's favor, but at my level it definitely seemed that way.
  5. Eirias

    BF Music Parodies

    It's not a necro if it's off-topic, right? I ended up finishing the lyrics to "ELO to us All" This is what you think makes a good deck? I’m sorry: you’re a fool. Put all these cards back o’er there Into the card pool. What is this? You can’t play Dreadnought and Giant Wyrm along with Death Ray Don’t you know that orbs don’t work that way? Don’t feed ELO to us all. Let’s remove Grim Bahir, Grimvine, Overlord, and Fire Sphere. Take my guidance, you don’t want fourth tier. Don’t feed ELO to us all. Let’s start with a noble faction And build a deck with flair. You’ll need a strong tier one: With these seven slots take care! You want cards with low cost: Thugs, scavenger, sunstriders. Add mortar tower and a sunderer. No free ELO for us all. There’s only two more cards you lack To finish your tier one: The Infused Firesworn And handy eruption. In tier two You’ll prevail Just remember you must Bring females Gladiatrix for a ranged assail You’ll take ELO from us all. [no singing] Lavafield, for knockback Healing comes from ra-a-vage. Scythe fiends grant S damage Now look at your advantage! Skyfire, enforcer These will shelter sieging fire dancers Now you have an offensive answer Just don’t lame over a waaall. Deadlier than a wildfire Spawn undazed with rallying banner Juggernaut, kill those wells Disenchant to break these cc spells. Virtuoso bids that base farewell Giant slayers end the braaaawl. Stop taking ELO from us (5x) aaaaaallllll To tune of this song:
  6. Updated with a few more guides that I noticed. Let me know if I missed anything!
  7. I'm not sure these cards should be able to earn up to 4x charges. Maybe you can complete each achievement 4 times and you have to choose which cards to get (so 1x reward for all colors, or 4x for all fire but none of anything else, etc.) We should balance the specific card rewards, but I think part of the charm of getting a powerful rare card (for example, my wife getting soulshatter) is that you know that the card is rare and not everyone has it. She doesn't feel the same satisfaction when playing giant wyrm, for example. She started with it and everyone has it. Soulshatter feels unique to her deck.
  8. Eirias

    Synthc's Balance Proposal

    Oh boy....haven't been to the forums in a while and didn't see this.... Maybe not the best solution, but certainly reasonable. Wait, I thought you wanted to nerf this card?? You realized that 100% seige is stupid strong? Even with the regular attack at 500 dp20s, that's actually 1000 dp20s for 60 energy? That just makes a toxic card worse. Treespirit is in a weird place because it's really strong, but not actually necessary in a nature deck because the other t1 cards can fill all the necessary roles. In the other hand, pure nature would love a cheap M/M counter. Moving treespirit to pure nature t2 and increasing the stats slightly may be the perfect fix: my main concern is that it will make the root networks too strong. We'll have to see how the numbers look, but I think t2 treespirit solves many problems (for instance, pure nature has no way to kill a windhunter). This might be in the right direction, but I'm not sure if that's enough. I'd personally rather see some sort of short spawn cooldown in addition to a power increase. Also, timeless one + northstar is kinda busted. TBH I don't want enlightenment to be a common 2v2 card. t4 is not balanced for pvp and I wouldn't want t4 to be a pvp balancing consideration. I'm fine with making it pure nature and slightly decreasing the cost for pve considerations, but 150 is too low. I sometimes take earthshaker in 2v2 because I play fire-nature and my t3 is terrible so if we reach super high power levels I know I have a secret t4 win condition. I take 4th orb instead of elightenment because I can't afford the slots and I want to spam earthshaker at several locations. Even then shield building saves the monument and I would generally say that a lost souls t3 with grigori, shield building, curse well, etc is stronger than t4 earthshaker at all power levels. In general, enlightenment is too weak to use even in 2v2. Your goal is to kill wells/orbs as fast as possible, and with enlightenment cost, you can't spam earthshaker. If you play another card, there is no clear benefit. A single bloodhorn is not worth going to the 4th orb because you have t3 stampede options, and tbh playing nat-nat-frost and using mo + shield building is probably better than enlighten + [anything except earthshaker] even with your enlighten "buffs." Nerfing earthshaker would probably kill enlighten in pvp (if it isn't already dead) at top levels while having annoying t4 base trades at a level just below that. Additionally, earthshaker damage is needed to kill rpve spawn camps. I would be okay to the earthshaker changes if the cooldown was lowered to something like 5 seconds. This would allow the card to have continued use in pvp if using t4 (which has huge downsides) while also preventing enlighten abuse if enlighten is buffed. I think the decision to go t4 for earthshaker is interesting (and tbh probably not optimal), which means I have 2 reasons not to change it. Or at least to promote earthshaker being used with actual 4th orb, while enlighten is used for t4 units. I don't disagree with making t4 units a "more viable" 2v2 strategy, especially if people want to have fun with t4 units, but pure nature is already a strong 2v2 deck and I would not want enlighten to be the strongest available option. 390 for bloodhorn is probably too good (considering that it also has a self-disenchant without need for a fire orb). I'm okay with it being a viable "fun" option but if t4 becomes the 2v2 meta, I think we need to reconsider something.
  9. Howdy! As some of you may or may not know, I have recently gotten my wife to play BattleForge with me. So far she's sticking to rPvE and she's having a lot of fun refining and mastering decks. Since I'm observing the NPE first-hand, I thought I could offer a few suggestions and points. 1. She was not interested in the game until she started getting boosters. Specifically, when she got soulshatter in like her 7th booster. Until then, I had to convince her to play. SUGGESTION: implement rewards earlier-on. I know we're trying to prevent multi-accounting, but imo we could take a slower approach. For example, we can keep the 2.5 hour requirement to get boosters, but allow bfp daily quests to start at hour 0 and provide specific cards earlier-on via achievements. We could give an extra copy of MA, SS, forsaken, and WW for the first time a player tries campaign, pvp, rpve, and upgrades something. If possible, I'd like an achievement for players to choose a rare card (or some good uncommons with similar price) to add to their deck. These cards should be powerful and feel good to play: I'd recommend soulshatter, mind control, inferno/earthshaker, ice tornado. Players should get to choose which 1 of the 4 cards they get after they do something like buy a card on the AH. I really want to emphasize this feeling of uniqueness. I think I was lucky that my wife became interested in the game and it was because she got a nice "feel good" card early on and decided to start building her deck around it. 2. She has not been interested in trying new game modes like campaign and pvp. SUGGESTION: First, more achievements. For instance, that "feel good" free card could happen when you clear 5 campaign maps for the first time. I think there should be a general increase in achievements to boost players trying different aspects of the game at least once. Second, seasons. I don't have a better term for this. Basically a week/monthy quest for all players to play a certain map/game mode. New players are not encouraged to play pvp because basically everyone who plays regularly is an expert. When there's 4 people in the queue and they're all in the top 20, a new player is not encouraged to join. I think there should be "seasons" (either 1 day per week or 1 week per month) where a particular 4 player map or pvp is given emphasis. So for instance, on Saturdays (maybe even a 2-hour block on Saturday) there will be a standing PvP quest where players get an extra large bonus (maybe a full booster) for playing PvP. This would encourage all the new players to enter the queue at once, and most would play another new player. TL;DR Create more specific achievements with useful cards as rewards (probably a choice of 4 cards so one doesn't get its price reduced) and have time blocks where specific game modes are promoted, especially pvp as a way for new players to feel like they are playing other new players instead of a pro.
  10. Eirias

    Inflation Incoming!

    Direct trade is already cheaper than AH? And since AH is so empty right now, direct trade is probably one of the bigger ways that cards get traded.
  11. I'm back and just uploaded my first video in a long time! Perhaps it will illustrate some lame t1 strategies in fire and nature.

    Thank you to everyone who's said hello to me in the forge!

  12. Eirias

    Call for Content

    Howdy y'all, As you may or may not know, I've made most of the videos on the largest BattleForge YouTube channel: The BattleForge Creator's Guild. I also made some promises a long time ago about how this was going to change and we were going to upload a lot of videos. And then I disappeared for 8 months and the channel went dead. Sorry about that, and for now I'm not going to promise anything. Real life schedules are unpredictable. I might make a video on my personal channel about what happened. Or maybe not. However, I really want to feature other creators on this channel. That's what it's about: for all creators. So for anyone who streams or records their own gameplay, gameplay of others, discussion videos, or really anything: please let me know if you are interested in contributing to the channel. We can set you up as a guest poster, or if you're interested, we can even give you access to the channel to regularly upload videos. You can join our discord here. Feel free to hang out, contribute, or whatever. If you're interested in making videos but you're not sure how, I've been considering making a short "How to YouTube" series or something like that. If that's something people are interested in, I'd be happy to assist and provide some assets. In general, if you're looking to produce BattleForge content and you want help, feel free to ask me. Personal life permitting, I'll try to upload more videos soon, and we might even get @LagOps and @RadicalX to upload within the next couple months. Hopefully, we'll see some videos from new creators as well! Please comment below or in the Creator Discord if you're interested in making BattleForge content!
  13. I'm pretty sure this is client-sided? I remember this happening a lot in the old days.
  14. Eirias


    No idea why I disconnect ed, but here's the bug report. _launcher_log_2019.08.23_19.log _launcher_log_2019.08.23_19.log

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