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  1. Eirias

    [Gamemode PVE+PVP] Survival

    There are already maps like this? Check out the community maps, for example the one called "tower defense"
  2. I think the devs want to avoid giving skill-based rewards. So atm, no. Personally, I think it would be really cool to give gold to highly skilled players (pvp and speedruns) and couple that with my gold-sink-by-voting idea. (Basically, gold becomes useless to experienced players, so we make it useful by allowing players to vote on promo cards by spending gold. We've demonstrated that it is possible to re-skin and add new cards to the game, so in principle we could easily add promo cards every few months. Players could use gold to vote for which promo card to add--it doesn't give a unique advantage to experienced players, but still makes gold feel valuable). If gold were added as a reward, I imagine it could be 1000 gold daily for rank 1, 950 gold for rank, up to rank 20. This would get added at the end of each day depending on current rankings, and perhaps a 10x or 20x bonus for final rankings at the end of the month, with bonus for top 100 or top 200 ranks in pvp and speedruns (maybe pvp bonus should be higher than speedrun bonus, because there are more speedrun maps?) But I agree, atm there is no incentive to play ranked instead of sparring, so it's quite hard for me to find pvp games, especially in my timezone.
  3. If you want to play a cheap starting deck with the most overlap between pve and pvp, I'd recommend shadow nature. The core nature spells (hurricane, root, surge of light, oink) are very strong at all levels. Shadow phoenix, darkelves, and nightcrawler are simply strong cards which are useful in pvp and pve. Nightguard, forsaken, and motivate are a great way to start pvp or pve (if you wanted to play fire pve, you would mostly use cards like nomad and mine which aren't used in pvp). For pvp you should take more t1 cards, and for pve you should take more buildings and t3 spells (embalmer's shrine, breeding grounds, necroblaster, frenetic assault). But in general shadow nature cards are strong, cheap, and there is probably a 50% overlap between pve and pvp, so this would be my recommendation for a starting card collection.
  4. Eirias

    Nature T1 PvP Guide by RadicalX

    Pure fire and stonekin is stronger than pure shadow and stonekin?
  5. Eirias

    Seems like i got banned

    I just had this problem, saw this post and realized I was connected to my work VPN. Turned it off and seems okay now for me.
  6. Eirias

    New Quest - Play 4 Ranked PvP Games

    Imagine how I feel trying to skip every rpve, campaign, and multiplayer pve quests...
  7. Unrelated to my last comment, I really like having boosters every day. I wonder if it's possible to add a cheaper booster as a 30 min daily reward, in addition to the soft cap system. My wife plays this game because I enjoy it, but the part she likes most is opening boosters. She likes feeling that her 30 mins got her something concrete, so now she can have fun opening it. Without this discrete award for X time, I don't think she would be as motivated to play each day. I think replacing the 450 bfp booster with a 100bfp one would be a nice bonus for players like her. This one could be just a couple of commons and maybe 1 card with 60% chance of uncommon, 39% chance of rare, 1% chance of ultrarare. Or it could be that she gets 1 random card for playing 30 mins, with higher chance of it being valuable (personally I like if the market has lots of cheap common cards; new players can feel special if a player just gives them free windweavers or ghostspears or other useful common cards)
  8. A bit late to this, but any thoughts on my suggestion for locked, composed pvp decks? As a pvp player, I am currently quite happy with progression rate. I think it's a sweet spot where I can learn one deck for a month or so while saving up to buy the next one. I think slowing the progression would kill things for many pvp players. However, if locked, composed decks are available to buy in the marketplace, then I can just spend 100 bfp to rent one for pure fire, and now I don't really care that I can't afford 4 juggernauts and fire dancers. Of course if I want to play pure fire, I will want to buy the cards myself and form my own deck so that I can have cards in my favorite hotkey positions/make one or two tech choices, but until I can buy it myself, the locked composed deck would put me on an even playing field with others.
  9. Eirias

    Card Balancing and the Future of the Game

    There is a discord where balancing changes were being discussed. Not sure how to invite you though. However, MrXLink has stated that for nostalgic reasons, he wants to full release of the game to have the same balance as when the game died. A few months after full release, balances can happen. Personally I don't see why we can't start making pvp balance changes now and then reset things once full release is ready, but I understand that reasoning for nostalgia.
  10. Eirias

    A Suggestion on how to deal with card surplus

    Ah, you've forgotten about charges. I remember when windweavers and surge of light cost several hundred bfp. In regards to disenchanting commons, the main issue with that is that it becomes difficult to get all cards. I am probably among the richest players in the game because I've been active for so long, but I don't have all commons. I realized not to long ago that for some reason, I had no defenders. Trying to buy them was difficult because no one wanted to put them on the AH. Imagine how hard it would be to find that one common card you've missed when no one even carries extras. Disenchanting only works when it's also possible to craft. I'm not sure it makes sense to make sure every card has a min and max price, but I'm also not sure it would be terrible. More importantly, I think that common cards being really cheap is great to encourage new players. It's easy to give cards to strangers when it doesn't cost you anything but it still means a lot to them.
  11. Mine is super useful for pve because enemies don't dodge it. A common strategy is tto use nomades to run around, bait enemies into mine, and eruption the spawn camps to kill them quickly. Mutating Maniac is honestly a pretty bad card, fathom lord is simply better I would recommend adding surge of light (for t2) and possibly even equilibrium. IMO ray of light is the worst healing spell, you should probably only use it if you already have the other 3 and still want more. Protector's seal is very situational and depends on which map you are on... And in general, I agree you have too many t4 units. I usually take 2 units, one flying and one melee , but maybe 2 flying and 1 melee is also okay. Some good spells you can use instead are enlightenment (with bloodhorn or batariel), cluster explosion, earthshaker, and thunderstorm. (Also wheel of gifts is pretty strong and you already have 2 nature orbs). Of course I am just mentioning some of the strongest options, and your first deck already looks good
  12. Eirias

    Replay Repository

    Remind me and I'll try to make a quick video on this later today
  13. Eirias

    Converting Gold to BFP and Vice Versa

    Wait, the picture is on the wiki page....?
  14. Eirias

    New Quest Suggestion

    So you see, windweaver, master archer, forsaken, and sunstriders is totally reasonable
  15. Eirias

    New Quest Suggestion

    Well, I see a lot of charity in the game anyway. If you get 150 bfp for mailing 100 bfp to someone, not sure why wealthy players wouldn't also give it away. But I still think they'd give away to new players. Is it really to much to make players play 1 game mode they don't want, once per week? I think only wealthy people would sell cards for cheap on AH if there is a reward. New players are more likely to be afraid of selling for too cheap. There could be a bonus for actually selling the card on the AH, but imo just putting it up is the best. I don't sell stuff on the AH because I am too lazy If there were some incentive then I would sell at regular price, that's probably true for most players who have the cards/bfp they need and simply don't participate in AH because of laziness. New players probably spend more time on AH than experienced players, so random cheap cards probably benefits new players anyway. Do you know the most-used fire, nature, frost, and shadow t1 cards (or pure cards?) Maybe you can give me top 3 of each because I'm sure surge of light is used a lot, but that's basically a t2 card. Yes, I have no idea how easy it is to lose on standard campaign maps I did them in the old days on my first try with starting cards (way worse than current starting cards) and no upgrades for the first time I played the game. Even my wife can easily beat the first few maps on standard. I think only experienced players would think to game the system by killing their orb and specifically building t1 archer of each faction. Those players can just build new deck though, so not sure why they would. At the end of the day, it comes down to whether we want to encourage players to step out of their comfort zone and achieve new things. If that's not a priority (sounds like it isn't), then we shouldn't do any of these things. If it is a priority, the current reward system does a poor job of it. (Also, some of these rewards could target experienced players and offer massive amounts of gold, which can be used in voting for promos if we like that system)

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