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  1. The Beta Testers have spoken. They want you to help me commentate the craziest game we've ever played.

    @Geradon @RadicalX @John No spoilers :)

  2. ?
  3. I think it looks fantastic! (Do magma hurler next? )
  4. You got 200 replays since you joined!? Yeah, I'd love to cast some with you (but not all 200, so choose the best ones ) Also, I'm going to be out of state for the next week, so I might not be able to upload anything. Depends on my internet.
  5. Howdy! I just want to make a place to consolidate all the replays you guys want me to cast (because I KNOW I've lost some in the PMs). So if there's a replay you want me to do, post it here! And I'll try to keep the thread updated with replays I've already done, although it might be few days before the replay gets uploaded. @Beta testers You all are of course welcome to post any recent replays, and if you want to co-commentate any (yours, or someone else's that you liked) just post below!
  6. I finally finished that animation I've been spending so much time on! Take a look at it here: 


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    2. Ultrakool


      What's the background story on this?

    3. Tam Hawkins

      Tam Hawkins

      Really enjoyable, thanks for that^^

    4. Eirias


      @Tam Hawkins Thanks!

      @Ultrakool I was in Japan, internet was slow so I couldn't play BattleForge, and I had lots of free time because no homework :)

  7. @Lukaznid You have any time to photoshop some more?
  8. Added this to my guide navigation thread! Great job, as always @RadicalX
  9. BUT I do think there should be some kind of soft cap. Like the 1st win of the day is worth 10 bfp, and the 2nd is 7, then 5, etc. until it gets to 1. (Just throwing out numbers). Otherwise the strong players will play a TON in the beginning, get really rich, and then dominate the game (and new players will have a hard time entering PvP, because veterans will be both skilled and have good cards).
  10. @DerFahrrad A couple of other people have given you answers, but I just wanted to clarify one point: you always had access to a free tome deck (it changed randomly every 2 weeks), and those cards were usable in any game mode (U2). So it really didn't make sense to buy a "rental" tome deck (because it disappears in 2 weeks), but the free deck was fun to play with in tome mode, and if you didn't have many cards, tomes usually had a few ultra-rare cards, so you could almost base your deck around those.
  11. I think I mentioned something similar to this before. I'm not really sure why the dev team is so opposed to ads, but if they have enough donations to make it work, that's their prerogative. My idea was to give some kind of reward for watching ads (like 5 bfp per ad, up to 30 bfp per day, or something). That way it's optional, and if someone would rather donate a dollar than spend a few minutes watching ads, they have options. I think an ad system like that would also help younger players (who don't have income) to be able to contribute. But of course, I also understand the appeal of having no ads on the page, and it's possible there are legal issues involved.
  12. This is nice. I like this. I'm still not sold on removing the upgrade system (of course I personally am not ambivalent, but I'm concerned about the market effect). This though, allows new players to test and practice whatever they want on sparring. It will encourage playing with friends, and gives them an incentive to play friendlies instead of going straight into the PVP death pit.
  13. I agree with @bobfrog, although with a slight modification. I think each player should have a "hidden" 2v2 personal ELO which affects the base score of the team (alternatively, just use the 1v1 ELO). The starting activity should also be set as 1/2 the average of the two players' "hidden" personal ELO. This way you can never reach the top of the leaderboard just by playing one game with another player who has a high personal 2v2 ELO. So matchmaking is always based on team ELO, but this affects the starting point. Because of activity (and a few other factors) a newly created team should always have a starting ELO lower than their actual strength, but I think this is a good thing. It allows them to be matched with weaker teams and have a few easy games to learn some team synergies. On the other hand, if you lose to a newly created team (of veteran 2v2 player), since their base ELO is high but their activity is low, you won't lose much ELO. This addresses @LagOps's concern about one player boosting or pulling down a team. I definitely think it's a bad idea to leave the team ELO simply as a sum of the individual players' ELOs. Many times you'll see 2v2 teams at the top of the leaderboard where one player is low ranked--sometimes that player just doesn't play 1v1 much, and sometimes the player is much better at 2v2 than 1v1. It would be sad if the team's ELO was constantly dropping because one player lost a bunch of 1v1 matches when the other player was offline. In my system, the only way to reset the starting ELO is if both players don't play together for a long time. Then, when they play again, their starting ELO will be re-determined (as well as W/L ratio?). This rule is probably unnecessary, but I threw it out there because I can imagine a scenario where two players play as noobs, and then never play again--until after a year they are both Legends, so the matchmaking would be more accurate to recalculate the starting point and erase everything from when they were noobs. TL;DR: Matchmaking should happen on a team-by-team basis, although instead of starting a new team at a low ELO, the starting ELO is determined by each players' individual ELO (either 1v1, or something like LagOps proposed). Teams will also start with 1/2 of the average activity bonus (so if each player has the full 10% bonus, then the team starts with a 5% bonus). After the initial ELO of the team is created, the ELO is entirely based on how well the team performs.
  14. I can tentatively volunteer to stream. By the way, Bo3 mean you play 3 games, first to 2 wins, and Bo5 means you play 5 games, first to 3 wins. Bo2 means nothing.