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  1. By the way, @YaBro0 I looked at the subscription stats and it looks like we're going to have to remind people to subscribe lol.
  2. Just want to remind people about this youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZLtgBj59SBfIZzcYWbxJVg The BattleForge Creator's Guild was started back in the alpha testing stage, and its goal is to collect content from all battleforge creators to promote the game. Idea is that 1 big channel will reach more people than 10 small channels. Unfortunately at some point it was mostly me making videos and people just associated the channel with me, so I post more on my own channel to give others room to post here. If you are interested in battleforge content creation (especially
  3. I'm always happy to make more rookie reviews Not a very popular series in the past but with all the new players, maybe that will change!
  4. Yeah, this one's funny Since shadow mage knocks back M units, it can be a good way to get a large cc in PvP, if you properly time the nether warp.
  5. My wife has tried playing PvP and so far her strategy was "wow harvester is op" . . . "so I will use harvester" Pure shadow is strong at many different levels. As a beginner against beginners, harvester is a very reliable win condition. It requires almost no micro to use effectively, and it usually requires higher micro to beat it. So if you think pure shadow is fun, go for it! There are free PvP decks so you can try it out at no cost Unfortunately, it can be hard to find beginners to play PvP with, so I'd recommend looking in the chat for other PvP beginners. There's also a r
  6. That's coming out of your wallet
  7. There is a PvE TD mode. Umbawabe TD, I think it's called. But you're on your honor not to play spells and if you don't use spells, you need to play t1 fire or nature (all other towers just miss walking units)
  8. @Toggy Why don't you just make 2 sections?
  9. Although BattleForge is an RTS, I think its PvP is a lot more like real-time chess than typical RTSs. Chess doesn't need fog of war, and PvP doesn't either.
  10. Wait why no bracket reset? Also what happens in a timeout? I noticed the custom maps have a longer time limit on them...
  11. Upgrades will definitely help, but I think it should be possible to beat all campaign maps with the starter cards if you are super super good and know all the tricks for each map. I think there is a youtube playlist out there somewhere of someone beating all expert maps with the old F2P deck (which is worse than the current one). For example, blight expert is beaten by a single player with starter cards here (upgrade 3 and with werebeast instead of spearmen) Imo the card that will help the most on expert is nightguard. A lot of the really hard maps are hard because you get attac
  12. Updated to include Dallarian's Expert map guide, Maze's Marketplace Journal, and lefroost's Rendered artwork.
  13. Edited topic to include felkin's PvP discord
  14. Nice set of balance changes and bugfixes
  15. Ultakool's main point was that the free pvp decks are completely known by your opponent. If you have a fire nature deck, for example, I can build t3 right next to you because I know that you don't have scorched earth. If I'm not sure if you're using the free decks as-is, I should be concerned about that card.
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