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  1. Eirias

    "Noob" Question

    Just to add on to what @RadicalX said, termite hill and voodoo shack are potentially more useful in 2v2, where more options are available, power levels are higher, and deck slots can sometimes be looser because your teammate can support a particular weakness. I usually played fire-nature (I guess I used termite hill in 1v1 when I was a beginner and didn't have better cards), but iirc I played 2v2 with a pure frost or stonekin player sometimes (idk, maybe it was even @Morathyls ). In that deck we tried some crazy combinations with buildings so he ran warden's sigil, and I'd try around with mortar, termite hill, twilight bombard, tower of flames, etc. I may have occasionally gone fire-shadow, too. Even/especially in 2v2, there are stronger options than voodoo shack/ termite hill, but they are probably underrated and you can catch opponents by surprise by using these buildings. However, they are fun to play around with and useful if you don't have better cards. Just because they are not as strong as another option, doesn't mean it's not playable!
  2. Eirias

    You know why i cant wait for open beta?

    I haven't played those games actually, but are they PvP? I thought Dark Souls was a campaign-style game only?
  3. Eirias

    You know why i cant wait for open beta?

    Erm, I meant in general. There was something like 29 people online when I wrote that comment. When it's out, I expect something similar. Not need for such hostility. I was just trying to be friendly. I wasn't bragging about my ability to play because the game right now not "playable" for me either. We're testers and in the past, when development was slower because of other things, we had time to play. Now, with a combination of the changing server state (due to good development progress), my time zone, and my insane school schedule, I haven't actually "played" a real game of battleforge since January. Not that I'm disagreeing with RNG only affecting one game not being a big deal (I play hearthstone very casually so I don't really mind, but I'm not interested in competitive play, for this reason among others), I've totally seen some games turn around because of RNG, in ways that you can't play around. Just as an example that comes to mind easily, the recently-removed Barnes could pull Y'shaarj into Y'shaarj by the end of turn 3 (with a coin). Or there was one time I played against taunt quest warrior and, despite my full board to keep his fireballs out of my face, he managed to hit face 3 times in a row. Or what if Blingtron is played and you get cursed blade and now you're at lethal? That's not typical--I just want to point out that sometimes the things that can happen are dumb and you can't just play around them...
  4. Eirias

    You know why i cant wait for open beta?

    Might I recommend chess? I'm in the same boat. Not a fan of RNG. There's definitely an element of RNG in competitive games (for instance poker) and I think you'd find that Hearthstone is actually a game that rewards better skilled player, given enough interactions (i.e. given the same cards after a few hundred games, the better player will have a better winrate). And there's skill to that too--but imo games that rely on optimization/probability calculations that prove a skill gap over many iterations (and computers can probably play "perfectly") don't have the same magic as purely competitive games. For example, computers cannot play chess perfectly. A human will lose to a computer every time (with a few exceptions), but the computer program built next year will beat today's. But for example, card games (like blackjack, for example) can be played perfectly by a bot now by calculating all the probabilities. The probabilities don't change, so the skill cap for perfect play is very small. But anyway, hit me up if you want to play chess, shogi, or smash, because those games have little to no RNG (in competitive play, for smash). Or if you know other non-RNG games (because battleforge is great but no one is on at this hour )
  5. To be clear--this is just when the game starts, right? So you mean when the game starts, the AH will come preloaded with cards and when those expire, it's over? Idk, I think there are pros and cons, but overall it could be worthwhile just to get some cards in the game--I think most people wouldn't want to sell early on, because they're not sure where the prices will stabilize. A more interesting idea would be to have every card available for buyout in the marketplace. Data could be collected the determine the optimal price for each card, and then maybe make the perma-buyout at 1.25x or 1.5x this price. That should prevent price gouging, and also prevent inflation, leading to a more stable market. But it might not be necessary, since I think the market was fine and quickly stabilized in the old days. Perhaps the best way to make the market healthy in the beginning is to give lots of milestones that give booster pack. For example, booster pack at 15 friends, booster pack when beat the campaign, booster pack in win your first pvp game, booster pack when play a sparring game longer than 15 mins, etc. And these quests might only be active for the first month of gameplay--so it would sort of kick-start those players who are joining at the start, and making the game feel fully alive ASAP.
  6. Eirias

    Multiple Accounts

    @DuellLord brought up a good point, that if he sticks to a single color on a smurf he can see how good he is with that color. Previously, i thought it would be good to add multiple character to the game that would not be able to participate in ranked, but . . . What do you think about having multiple characters that function as normal (except they share cards, etc. to prevent quest abuse), but only the highest ranked version shows up on the scoreboards? In other words, if you have 3 characters that are ranked higher than me, on your account you might see rank 9, (12), (35), but I would only see rank 9. Some other person would "actually" have rank 12 and 35. So if I saw my ranking, I'd see the number of people with more ELO on their highest character than me.
  7. Eirias

    Multiple Accounts

    Under the assumption that I would like to play a brand new deck (example: I played exclusively fire nature and my pure frost is so bad that I completely forget about kobold trick and glacier shell), you won't learn anything if you play against top players and get crushed immediately. To properly learn the deck, I should play against players where I have a roughly 30% winrate. I believe this is the ratio for maximum improvement (although 50% is probably more recommended because most people aren't motivated to withstand 70% loss rate). Because you learn from what you did right, what you did wrong, and you can see what you can do better. If I lose in 30 seconds because I don't know how to defend as frost against a very good fire player A). he outclasses me by skill so much that I wouldn't even know what I did "wrong" and B). I would never get to learn how to play t2, t3, or even late t1. Under the assumption that I want to play 2 games (for fun) of a different deck and go back to my main deck: nobody wants to lose 2 games in 30 seconds. That's not fun for anyone.
  8. Eirias

    Multiple Accounts

    No, I wasn't, but I wasn't making videos then either. I recall in conversations with FarRock (the most prominent BF youtuber in the old era, for other forum readers who might not know) that he would sometimes get annoyed by the frequency at which he was messaged on his main account--and I don't think he even had 1,000 subscribers. He was a large proponent of smurfs, and often used them to escape his "fame." Actually, come to think of it, I did sometimes get annoyed by messages in game. I played a lot of 2v2, many times with much weaker players. So there were nights when 5 or 6 players might ask me to play some 2v2. Most of the time I didn't mind this of course--and i think it would be really cool to get messages ingame from youtube fans. But sometimes I just want to play for 30 minutes and relax after a grueling day of tests, and being guilted into carrying a beginner in 2v2 wasn't what i wanted to do. And then of course I'd feel bad if my main partner came online. It would have been nice to just switch to an account where only my 2-3 main 2v2 partners knew me, and otherwise I'd have anonymity. That's not my main point though. The situations where I'd be annoyed that a beginner contacted me are pretty rare. Mostly I was annoyed because I wanted to play 1 or 2 games of sparring with an experimental deck and even though it was level 20, lower ranked players would kick me from their sparring games. Of course I have no objection if I wanted to actually grind a new deck out, and I experimented with all sorts of things in ranked. But if I just want to play some frost t1 with MA and northguards for 2 games, then go back to my regular deck, I would either have to play against someone that would crush me 30 seconds into the game, or get kicked over and over in sparring.
  9. Eirias

    Battleforge streamers

    Well, the MOST IMPORTANT youtube channel is https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZLtgBj59SBfIZzcYWbxJVg This is a channel that the top battleforge content creators are working together to create a single youtube channel, which will hopefully become big enough that outsiders will see it and become interested in the game. Unfortunately atm, it's mostly just me uploading , although @LagOps has uploaded in the past, and I believe @RadicalX will assist soon... I have a personal youtube channel and twitch as well, which I'd like to give a little more love once we have more people helping. Those channels are: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxf9iCqSdQSr0zc389NYemA https://www.twitch.tv/eirias_bfr
  10. Eirias

    Multiple Accounts

    Just to play devil's advocate here . . . Back in the old days, it was impossible for me to try out a new deck in the sparring grounds against people at "my level." Even though I wasn't in the top 20, beginners could see my rank and would immediately kick me when I tried to join a game. For a while I was trying to learn pure frost (I literally had a deck level 20 without ice guardians) and I wanted to play around with people at a level where I could learn how to play the deck, but they would always get scared and kick me. Or if they did play me and they beat me, the would start chatting to me and telling me how I wasn't any good and I must have cheated to get my rank. Basically it was a pretty unpleasant experience and I could only spar against my higher-ranked friends, but of course they would destroy me if I tried to play a deck I fundamentally didn't understand and that didn't give me much opportunity to learn. As @RadicalX said, in a small community, your name becomes well known very easily. As an important moderator, will you be able to have "peace" and just play the game, or will you be constantly barraged with messages and friend requests and invitations? The same will likely go for top ranked players and prominent forum members/streamers/youtubers. I agree with RadicalX's solution: give each person 2-3 characters. In fact, the best solution would probably be to share all assets between those characters, so the only thing that changes is the name and ELO (this way you can't get extra bfp by multiaccounting). To get even fancier, perhaps those alternate accounts could not have an ELO at all and be prevented from entering ranked games--or if they did have ELO, the calculation of the opponent's score would be based on your highest character's ELO (this might lead to rating inflation though). TL;DR: Playing sparring as a recognizable player is not as easy as it sounds. I recommend allowing multiple characters that all share bfp, cards, upgrades, and quests but are banned from ranked, so that players can test things in sparring with anonymity. Or maybe you can just enable an "anonymous" mode, where your name and rank is hidden but you can't enter ranked. (but then @Anonymos will have problems )
  11. Eirias

    Introducing... Ultrakool, our new Moderator!

    @Ultrakool congrats! And I see you're testing out your new powers
  12. Eirias

    What do you do in life?

    I'm a student. Hoping to begin my PhD studies next semester. @thycarlsagan @Kiliangg would either of you be interested in collaborating on some kind of animated video? My own animation skills are very poor (and limited to 2D), but I think I'm a good storyteller
  13. Eirias

    Community run YouTube channel

    Wow, no one's touched this in a long time.... With the recent influx of PvP players making videos (I've seen @RadicalX and @FlameForge make their own channels), we might want to decide rules for who should contribute to the community channel, etc. I think like 90% of the videos on there are mine right now.... I like awkwardly have 3 youtube channels, and I post most of them to the community channel...which means that most people only watch the community channel ones, and ignore the replays on my Eirias_BFR channel. So I'm trying to figure out if I should cut back on posting in the community channel to let "new blood" into the community channel (which means I'd post 70-90% of my videos on my personal channel, instead of vice versa), or I can continue to post most videos on the community channel, and turn my personal channel into something for strange replays, livecasts, Smash4 and other games, etc. Why do y'all think?
  14. Eirias

    Thumbnails for Replays

    @Lukaznid @lFrostAvatar I haven't seen you guys around recently! We should do something in the forge. Also, not entirely altruistic . Any chance I could get, like windweavers, nightcrawler, and skyfire drake? And/or any others if you have time, but I notice wanting to use those the most
  15. Eirias

    Skylords Reborn Booster Ratios

    My vote for Lord Cyrian is to take him out of boosters and provide him as a starter card. That way everyone gets one (all you need) and players get a strong t3 XL if they really really want one in their deck.

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