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  1. Help me building a Deck

    Here is a game with Aragorn (prob not the best one, just the first one I found) It's not necessarily that werebeasts have poor stats...it's that they rely on regeneration, which means they need to run away to be effective. Generally if you're running away, you're losing. Good players can utilize werebeasts, but they're not the best in a traditional fight. Additionally, s units are pretty weak. The two most common t1 starting cards will be scavenger and dreadcharger (both s counters) and nature and frost have hurricane and frost mage, which hard counter s units. Werebeasts are potentially a good choice against shadow because shadow isn't great against S units, but still... The green dryad is really a t3 card. I don't recall what it blocks either (so I might be wrong), but I don't think there are many good reasons to use her in t1. So I'd say you should bring her if you have room in t3, rather than room in t1.
  2. Help me building a Deck

    8-10 t1 cards is good for nature. But if you try to play nature t1 without surge of light, hurricane, and ensnaring roots, you'll lose automatically to any t1 fight. dryad is very good (but you probably only want the damage reduction one). Shaman is good. Windweavers are an absolute must (unless you use treespirit). Unfortunately, mana wing just has really, really bad stats. I can imagine it would be funny to try and play some sort of hit-and-run t1 nature, with mana wing and werebeasts, but the other play can just fight you directly and then your units have poor stats. Regarding the swift unit: imo any beginner should use swiftclaw or amazon, and only experiment with werebeasts when they have very good micro (even then, I wouldn't recommend it). If you struggle against fire, amazon is the better pick. If you struggle against frost or nature mirrors, swiftclaw is better. I'm not sure which is better against shadow, because amazon is actually a hard counter to nightcrawlers in t2 (so it's great at defending t1 rush vs t2), but in t1 I think swiftclaw is better. IMO: Must: SoL, Roots, Hurricane, windweavers, dryad (damage reduction), amazon OR switftclaw Good: Shaman, Spearmen, Primal Defender (against phase tower spam) Okay: treespirit, werebeast Poor: mana wing, dryad (not damage reduction) Regarding slots for t1: it depends on the deck. Generally, nature requires a larger number. For fire and shadow, you can probably get away with 5 cards, but I've been increasingly convinced that 7 cards is the real minimum. For a stonekin deck, you'll probably want a smaller t1 than for a pure nature deck, because stonekin has a very strong t2 and t3 (especially t2). Possibly the 2 most famous players for stonekin are @MaranV (who took frost t1 and no t3 so he could save spots for t2) and @Aragorn (who took a super small t1 so he could lame t3 without sacrificing t2)
  3. Wells new upgrade

    Not that I want to discourage you from having ideas, but I don't think this was a good one. Try again next time. (note that I only speak for PvP, but in general it seems like power wells are such an integral mechanic in the game that you may as well create a whole new game if you want to change the mechanic). I think the mechanics of battleforge are some of the best balanced mechanics for a strategy game (cards, maybe not, but well hp and power production: yes). I think even something like reducing the damage of all cards by 10% suddenly makes fire t1 pointless. So yeah, messing with something as fundamental as the wells will completely change the balance of the game. As some sort of mini-game, perhaps it would be cool, but only as a 1-time event to see how well players adapt.
  4. PvP Training Bots

    What I meant by that is that they might not enter PvP as soon as they should. Or perhaps they'll start with bPvP (bot-PvP) and do it for too long, so they get used to it, and then when they first start playing noobs and they get nomad rushed, they think real PvP is broken. Just a thought, not saying I think it WILL happen.
  5. PvP Training Bots

    If you include a bot, it should be a game mode. Something like rPvE, where you click somewhere on a map where you know you are going to play a bot. In general, I agree with @LagOps--the work required to make a bot is probably not worth it. There is definitely some use (for instance, I would like to have something resembling PvP enemies that i could try to micro against if I want to try a new t1, especially if there are not many players online atm). Perhaps a better (or less drastic) solution would be to create a PvE map that essentially acted like a PvP player. It would send a unit out, claim orbs and wells, etc. But overall I think a bot could be a good thing, although it's not a replacement for a better tutorial system. I might be a little worried that new players might only want to play bots, instead of other new players, but there are definitely times when PvP participation will be low and noobs will get matched with pros.
  6. Topics & Suggestions Recap

    If I may, perhaps this proposal can go in here?
  7. Starter kid approach

    @Twinson Perhaps this suggestions is more along the lines of what you're looking for? The basic idea is to randomly give each player some completely made PvP decks (they change every 2 weeks) that are locked, and so can't be traded or used in any other deck. If you're looking to get competitive in PvP, this should allow you to do well enough until you get enough rewards to make your own custom deck. If you're trying to get competitive in PvE, I don't think there's any solution (because an inherent part of being competitive in PvE is unique card choices for each map).
  8. The NPE (New Player Experience)

    Here's an assortment of all the guides we've created as a community: There's a dictionary in the "general beginners' guide" section, although I'd recommend Elendil and Kaldra's guide if you want to do more than just look up a word.
  9. hardest pvp deck

    lol The honorable mention was because I knew stuff (and iirc, that was super early on in the forums....I think @xHighTech was the only other player on the forums who consistently played fire-nature). The point of that thread was the find a list of people who are publicly known for having lots of knowledge about a particular faction, and a willingness to share knowledge about it. For that, I'll still list myself But as a general PvP player, no And the joke was that I talked really big before I got into beta and then when I did, I realized my micro was entirely gone and I can't play this game anymore
  10. hardest pvp deck

    It's cute that you think I'm still a top PvP player . Not that I mind, of course, but I think @RadicalX is the best player with access to beta right now. But thanks for the reminder that I should update my guide Well, generally I'd say bandits is the worst deck, so that's probably the hardest to play at a high level. But if you can consistently win t1, I think you stand a good chance. So my actual answer is Pure Nature, because you have to be really good to execute the t1 correctly and even then it has some terrible matchups. But at lower levels, where players don't pressure in t1 as much, factions like frost, stonekin, and nature do much better because they can usually just chill in t1.
  11. Eirias Replay are Back!

    and it's comments like these that make me want to make more I'll see if I can schedule a recording session with @YaBro0 or @RadicalX
  12. Challenges

    Oh, didn't want to be annoying by posting here every video. Guess I will though
  13. Challenges

    Alright, well participation has been quite low so here's one more reminder, and I'll tag some people who have been interested in this. @anonyme0273 @Ultrakool @Riviute @Aegis1020 @Archmystic @EonBen @Archeon @RadicalX @Akaranda @Chimerae @JoseAlmeida There's only been 2 attempts to solve challenge #2, so I'll give it about 1 more day and post the solution video. Challenge #3 has been up for a while and no one has tried to solve it, so I think it's time to end this series and start something new. For those of you who haven't seen challenge #3:
  14. I made a little game...

    sure I'll see if I can find time to post a little youtube video about it
  15. I made a little game...

    So I was bored and I ended up teaching myself how to use this game making program last night and tonight I have a working version of the game . It's a 2 person game, but since I'm using the free version of the software, both players need to be at the same computer (one player uses the mouse and the other uses the keyboard). If you want to try my game out, just let me know . And it's not BattleForge themed, but if someone wants to help me out by making some BF sprites and sounds, it would not be difficult to make it BattleForge themed