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  1. If you're looking for rPvE tips, you usually don't need shooting towers (maybe in some cases for lvl 10, but at lvl 9 I never use towers). So shrine of memory is good, but living tower is probably not worth the deck slot. In my opinion, ray of light, viridya, and mana wing are a lot weaker than other alternatives (they have niche uses for sure but rPvE is usually about overall power level). Furnace of flesh is not that good without a reliable source of corpses, which can happen in defensive situations on campaign maps but not really common in rPvE. I wouldn't use FoF unless you had culti
  2. At what point does this become PvE though?
  3. First, that's a separate issue. Second, the happy hour would not "flood" resources into the game. Even if there was a significant number of PvP players to actually affect the economy, I'm not suggesting the happy hour should give similar gold/time as bad harvest runs...and anyone can do BH runs at any time. My idea about "emptying the reserve faster" would apply to queue times. Queuing is by far the least interesting thing you can do in this game, and if you're queuing during happy hour, you shouldn't be waiting long, so it wouldn't even translate to much extra bfp. But you have a co
  4. Eirias

    2 VS 2

    Well, the problem with typing something like that in chat is that anyone worse will leave the queue and someone better will come for free ELO (since you're guaranteed to match). There's already enough ranked sniping going on in 1v1 and in that case there's still a bunch of people queuing ranked, whereas in this situation it's literally just the one team.
  5. Since the reset, the PvP scene has been healthier than it has in years. However, matchmaking is still difficult in North American times, and 2v2 ranked is essentially dead, as we've seen by @LordJay trying to self-organize a 2v2 ranked "happy hour." There are a few problems why 2v2 is especially dead. First, there isn't a "culture" of 2v2--most people just play with random partners without voice, and they would rather mess around in unranked than lose to a team organized with voice. The players who do have dedicated partners need to come to unranked in order to find a match . . . and even
  6. Eirias

    2 VS 2

    I'm always up for 2v2 Just find me in the sparring lobby.
  7. Well, looter is tricky because thugs were just changed, and strikers are now considered OP so I guess they'll go the same way as thugs. I agree 100% on rage--I would like a description that says something like "up to 4x damage" or whatever exists on each card. A written value for charge would be nice as well (although I think that's based on the unit damage--maybe 4 secs worth of damage). With lifesteal, burnout, etc I think it's fine as-is. The abilities all work the same but with different values--but since those values are written on the card, I don't see any reason to make a bunc
  8. And if you have given PvP a go and want some feedback, I'm always happy to cast beginner plays in my Rookie Reviews series
  9. The difference is that PvE is not "unfair" if you don't have the right cards. Every expert map can be beaten with common cards--even the free starter cards. Losing against a computer is different than losing against another player. Imagine if every PvE game was "race" against another player. If your "opponent" was faster than you, you automatically lost the game. How soon would a new player quit, if they had to play this situation against someone with full cards and full upgrades? But PvE is not like this, so there is no need to give cards. Furthermore, PvE gives a lot more re
  10. Yeah, I was expecting a larger shift in prices but the impact on card economy was almost nothing, since PvP players are a smaller portion of the population. The only card I can think of that dropped in price was voidstorm, since that has 0 use in pve but is also rare. Players who wanted to use it in PvP could just use the free version, so demand was really small, and prices keep dropping until you can afford it even without the free version. But even cards like harvester, which is used in every pure shadow PvP deck, is used much more often in PvE because there are just more people playing
  11. Does that mean we can't counterpick any other maps, like haladur2n2, simai2v2, or koshan? @Toggy
  12. Any update on the map pool? This implies that there is a loser's bracket. There is an ultimate winner from the winner's bracket (loses no sets) and an ultimate winner from the loser's bracket (loses one set). In a regular double elimination tournament, you only lose once you have lost 2 sets. So if the loser's bracket player beats the winner's bracket player, the match "resets" since the winner's bracket player has not lost twice yet. This means that in a best-of-5 format, you could potentially play a 10-game grand finals. These are super hype imo, so I'm not sure why there's
  13. You could make it something like "trade 10 of the same type of card for 10 bfp." That way you can only trash once you have more than 10 (could also be 5 cards for 5bfp), so there's still some incentive to put these cards on the AH just in case, and you'll probably have some on-hand in case there's a new player in the chat looking to get some commons for cheap. I like this idea--although as a consequence, it would also mean that super-expensive cards like enlightenment or infect go down in value. But I'm all-for reducing the price discrepancy across cards of the same rarity. I guess one
  14. It's already 3 There's just no need for 3, so people just take the 2 strongest. But northguards would be ridiculously busted if they were a fire card, for example.
  15. Actually, I believe roots is unaffected by cc immunity, although it still adds cc immunity. So if you root, then oink, oink will last 1/2 as long. But if you oink, then root, the root still lasts the same duration. So if you oink, then root, then paralyze, although root will still last the full length, paralyze will be 1/4 as long. But you are correct that Rogan's cc neither adds to cc immunity, nor is affected by it. So its a way to set up permanent cc chains by letting the time expire on the other cc's.
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