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  1. Eirias

    Thumbnails for Replays

    @Cyber here's that ping or for anyone else who wants to help, I already have branoc, burrower, deathglider, dreadcharger, forsaken, dryad, harvester, juggernaut, lost grigori, magma hurler, master archers, windweavers, nightcrawler, nox troopers, scavenger, scythe fiends, sunderer, sunstrider, and war eagle. So I appreciate anything else
  2. Eirias

    Fire/Frost deck

    Oh,sorry, must have missed it. Giant slayers are (possibly) the best 1-card t3, because they're fast, can spread out over many places, and rush quickly. They can also easily be supported by spells, but that's a bit more useful in fire-nature than fire frost. GS are not so good at high power levels though. However, timeless one is a super strong card because of its defensive abilities. That lets you last into very high power levels. Silverwind lancers are similar to giant slayers, but with more health and lower damage. Tremors are good for the high dps. Sun reaver < Virtuoso << tremor Silverwind lancers < giant slayers (barely) Plus the benefit of timeless one.
  3. I think there's several problems here. First, which t3 cards out-power t4 cards? You have to realize that different cards to different things, and that the game is balanced for U3. Windweavers are literally designed to destroy S units. Rifle cultists are not. Rarity levels are just about how often a card drops in booster. Power level affects demand, rarity affects supply. So even though WW have a large supply, they have a larger demand. Making them rare would not make the price seem "fair," it would make the price 10x. The only way to reduce the cost of windweavers and other highly essential commons would be to reintroduced the 1bfp booster. Additionally, boosters are re balanced from before. Commons are less than half as common as they used to be (factoring in that the boosters drop fewer commons, 1bfp boosters don't exist, and there has been less time for everyone to accumulate a dozen extra commons beyond what they want for their deck).
  4. Eirias

    Fire/Frost deck

    probably storm singer actually? But tbh timeless one, silverwind, and tremors are probably a better t3.
  5. Eirias

    From Pure Fire -> To Other Fire Decks (PvP)

    Well, I guess it depends on your playstyle. My usual gameplan is to play a passive/defensive t1, get relatively high power, and defend against early t2, then use my high power t2 to overrun my opponent. If you want to stay t1 vs t2, firesworn is very important against mountaineer. It's probably possible to defend against vileblood, lost reaver, and deep one without it, but it's hard. Firesworn is also kinda good vs nature (and frost) because he can't be hurricaned. Not an expert on the nature matchup though, so idk how important that is. With fire-nature, if I lose in t2 it's almost always because I get rushed by a ton of darkelf assassins. Ghostspears are just not good enough against them. You can use cc's and hurricane to survive for some time, but your opponent will just build up a power advantage. I agree with you in principle--for a long time I played fire-nature without hurricane OR scythe fiends, but once someone figures out that you're helpless vs DA, the game is short. Using thugs is another philosophical question. RadicalX built his decks around the highest-skill meta. If you're super good and your micro is flawless, I believe there are several players who proved you don't need thugs. But they're a nice crutch for those less micro-inclined.
  6. Howdy! For those of you who are not aware, let me direct you to the Skylords Reborn Community YouTube channel. Despite our laziness in uploading, this channel has grown quite a lot! As a result, we are eligible for monetization. We were previously prohibited from profiting from our early access, but now that everyone can play the game, that rule is gone! Our plan is to begin monetizing (and posting) soon, but we're making some changes. I'll detail those changes in an upcoming video (along with an experiment I want to try), but here is a preview and call for content creators. Our main goal is to increase the size of our YouTube channel, and thus increase the visibility of this project. I've had great success in my personal channel, which I've recently been posting to, to see how much you guys are interested in BattleForge content even though you can now play for yourselves . I've had at least one person comment on my video, remarking that the game looked cool and he wanted to know how to play. Our changes: 1. We want to increase the number of videos on this channel. Ideally, we'll get to one video per day. And we'll try to stick to a regular upload schedule 2. We want to increase the number of "regular" creators on this channel. So comment below if you want to be a part of this--we'll hold some sort of review process to join the team. 3. We want to increase the number of "featured" creators on this channel. This is less of a commitment, and a good way to gain exposure. These videos can be stream highlights, etc. 4. We want to broaden the content of the channel. Most of our videos are PvP--we want this to be a representation of ALL of Battleforge, so we want to host gameplay of everything. 5. We want to fulfill more viewer requests--i.e. if you send us replays, we want to cast them. So for me personally, I'm going to try to post one video per week on the community channel, and more videos on my personal channel. We're looking for other creators to commit to a certain schedule, and we'll try to fill in the gaps with featured videos. Of course, we won't hit one video per day for a while, but I just want to put that out as our goal. We're still in the process of organizing our behind-the-scenes, so consider this post as an announcement and a place to express interest. We still need to figure out how we're going to organize voting, expenditures, and accepting creators, so these changes will probably not roll out for a few weeks. If you are interested in being a "regular" creator, however, you'll need to be consistent (we're trying to atone for our sins). That means that to be accepted, you'll need a certain number of banked videos. We'll decide on that number later, but if you're excited now, just start recording and saving them for the channel relaunch! So, what will we do with the money from monetization? Originally, I thought we'd directly donate to the devs, but some other members had better ideas. We really want to set up some kind of replay repository, and if the devs don't want to do that, then we can use this money to host it ourselves. We might have other things we can try doing (perhaps like some paid software to manage the channel, or advertising, or giveaways). We need to talk to the devs about the ethics of this, but we MAY be able to take the advertising money and offer irl rewards for tournaments. And of course, any leftover money will go straight to the devs. So while we may not directly donate money to the servers, NO ONE on the community channel will financially profit from monetization. All proceeds will go directly to support the game's revival in one way or another.
  7. Eirias

    help me with school plz

    ofc this thread is still here. And you don't want to know what I'm doing in my PhD physics classes... @Eddio: @GeorgeHudock is almost certainly a bot, advertising a product.
  8. Eirias

    From Pure Fire -> To Other Fire Decks (PvP)

    7 cards is absolutely doable. I use 5-7 in my fire-nature deck, which I change out depending on my opponents and if they've realized that I don't have something (okay, rn I only have 5 cards because I can't afford the other 2). It also depends on how long you want to stay t1, esp against t2. For an in-depth discussion about t1, you can read my guide--if you want something shorter and more to-the point, RadicalX and Hiroo made a faction overview. But specific advice for you: if you like this deck, you will lose almost nothing by dropping wrecker. It might help you in the frost/nature t1 matchups, but those should be fine with mortar and imo it's a waste unless you need charges are are trying to surprise someone. So that gives you an extra spot. The largest t1 I play is [scavenger, sunstrider, eruption, mortar, firesworn, sunderer]. But I'm more used to playing [scavenger, sunstrider, eruption, mortar, thugs]. After playing with @RadicalX I've really come to appreciate the value of sunderers against shadow, and firesworn helps defend against certain t2 rushes with mountaineer, etc. They're not super necessary imo, unless your opponent has figured out you don't have them. With fire-nature, my biggest advice is to cut down on t3. 1 or 2 cards is enough. Fire nature has the weakest t3, so if you get to a high-power t3 situation, you're probably lost. My most successful decks (back in the old days) took a larger t1 at the sacrifice of t3. I would usually only take giant slayer (and sometimes magma hurler to counter some t2). I'd try to play an early t3 and overwhelm my opponent with giant slayers before he could get t3 going. In 2v2s I'd usually play a slightly smaller t1 (for instance, my partner might be able to have a good S counter or L counter, so I might not need thugs or firesworn) and I'd add in earthshaker. That gave me an option to survive/win super high t3 power levels, where I'd be useless trying to take virtuoso or something like that. Fire frost is something else entirely. But you still don't need wreckers.
  9. Haha, I almost forgot I never finished! Remind me next week, this week is crazy for me....
  10. Eirias

    [Poll] Trading Website

    Would be interested, but I don't know how useful it would be if it was hosted off-server... Might get less than 5% of players on your website, and even then they probably wouldn't be on very often. Could lead to a spiral of death situation... but then again, it might pick up
  11. Eirias

    2 - No team chat

    Well, now you can use "team" chat even when you have no teammates...
  12. Eirias

    Faction symbols

    What do you think of this for twilight? It of course needs someone who can actually draw to rework it. I tried to combine the idea of a twilight insect (the most "common" twilight theme is probably transforming things into twilight insects) with DNA...
  13. Eirias

    Faction symbols

    never noticed this before now, but the original 4 factions look great! Stonekin is also nice, although I'd personally go for more of a diamond shape instead of a heart. Not really feeling lost souls, tbh. Could you post all the icons together, in color and b&w? For the bandits symbol, I think it looks good. You might think about splitting the harpoons up, and putting them a bit out of the frame? Here's an example:
  14. Eirias

    Decks Post your current deck!

    I should have you know that I upload in 1080p! I have a video of building a PvP deck here: You can find some PvE decks on my channel as well, although I'll be the first to tell you I'm garbage at that game mode.
  15. Eirias

    PvP Evening Stream?!

    Make sure to archive it because I probably won't be able to watch it live

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