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  1. Link to the discord is not advertised? I didn't get a manual invitation to the discord, and no notification that the forum post was edited. I had no idea the discord even existed until I stumbled onto your comment on another channel. Came here to check if it was public or staff-only.
  2. Probably obvious, but t4 must be obtained by building the monument, not using amii monument, right? And per @pierakor's question. You could finish the map with all master archers and then build t2-4 when the archers are already amassed, right? As long as you don't summon more of them by the time t2 is available. Do we even need to beat the map or can we quit once t4 is up and chests are open?
  3. Unfortunately, there are many maps that require ranged attacks to beat (for example, the boss on Oracle can't be accessed by melee units). While it's probably possible to beat these maps by spamming spells and buildings, that sounds more tedious than challenging ๐Ÿ™‚
  4. The people have spoken! Next up is pure shadow, with a slightly amended deck list.
  5. Howdy folks! As many of you know, I've been streaming my "One Deck" Challenge recently, and I'm almost done with Pure Frost! If you missed these and want to catch up, you can find them in the livestream tab of my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/@Eirias_h4/streams At some point I'll probably clip these videos into their own Youtube videos, but for now I'm just linking them in a spreadsheet, in case you're interested in checking out a specific map. The rules of the challenge: Beat all Expert campaign maps with the same "Pure" deck (no modifications betwee
  6. Hey Eirias,


    Thanks a lot for the offer to get some coaching/feedback on streamed sparrign matches. I donยดt think you have a scheduled stream right? You do so spontaneously i assume, based on some of your videos.

    Besides that i got some sparring matches vs ElemenG and Arno in the last 2 days. That helped already vs some match ups a bit. I even won a few games. But they are both (far) better player in the end and are more consistent etc.

    Your kind and helpign the community with your time. Truly appreciated

    Best regards




    Btw. im kind of busy this weekend. So i wont be available the next 2 days most likely

    1. Eirias


      Awesome ๐Ÿ™‚

      Yeah stream is spontaneous for now, maybe I'll get into a schedule though. We can plan ahead if that's something you're interested in.

      Also totally happy to review replays on stream/video if you want to send any of those ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. LichterLoh


      Then ill have to start saving some replays .. ;D )or keep an eye out for halfway decent ones.

  7. You're alive! Hope to see you ingame again ๐Ÿ™‚ No extra advice to @LichterLoh but if you want to stop by the stream sometime we can get some sparring games with live coaching!
  8. Hope you enjoy! If you join the balance discord ( https://discord.gg/FyeYNpsE ) and comment/attach replays with thoughts on certain card before they go to the real server, you can also get rewards sent do your real server account (obviously don't need them in your test server account). Plus if you like trying broken combos, the test server is exactly the place to find out if certain cards are overtuned/undertuned!
  9. In the early early days, we decided that for most players, the "grind" was the fun part. A lot of players said that they played until they unlocked everything, then quit. That said, there's also the test server. You get everything unlocked, fully upgraded, and can even test new cards/balance changes before they go live on the main server. Unfortunately, most people don't log onto the test server, so you'd have the coordinate with someone on discord ahead of time. But if you want to play PvP with unconventional decks, the "grind" is still at most a couple hours, all of which can be spent d
  10. No, as soon as you know what color your opponent plays, there's no need to stall. Each color tries to achieve different things (map control, early t2, etc). It doesn't matter if shadow's first card is nox trooper or dreadcharger (spoiler, it will always be dreadcharger), nature does not want to play swiftclaw vs shadow because nox trooper can be played at any time. If nature sees that their opponent is frost, swiftclaw is perhaps the most useful unit in the deck. You don't need to wait to see the first unit, if you know their t1 color you already know what cards they have access to.
  11. This is a very minor problem, but it's actually "optimal" to stall for the 1st minute. If you are nature, the starting unit depends a lot on what deck your opponent plays. For instance, you usually want to start swiftclaw to contest map control, but shadow's nox trooper make swiftclaw a bad choice. So a nature player usually waits to see the opponent's deck, before deciding to start swiftclaw or something else. There was actually a funny game where radicalX put a t1 nature card preview into his deck which actually started t1 shadow, to trick his opponent into starting with the wrong card.
  12. What counts as a "faction" card? Would firedancer be allowed in the bandits faction (e.g. if I played fire fire shadow shadow?) Or is it literally only pure nonsplash cards, so fire stalker would not be allowed either?
  13. Fun event and nice idea, but I really dislike that tiebreakers were decided by submission time ๐Ÿ˜• This gives such a huge advantage to players who know about the event beforehand, and heavily penalizes people who don't have the availability to play every day.
  14. Or implement it somewhere in the deck itself, so your orb auto-builds even faster at the start of the map (e.g. pre-define that I want my first orb to be fire). This has a few advantages 1). New players don't accidentally start with the wrong unit and thus build the wrong orb 2). PvP stalling is reduced (this is a strategy where neither player wants to play the first card, because they decide this based on what the opponent is playing. In fact Radical recommends this to 100% of nature players) 3). No problems with half orbs or neutral orb creatures in t1 4). Additional searchability (e
  15. As in, higher elo bans 1, lower elo bans 1, higher elo bans 1, lower elo bans 1? The typical way to do this is ban order 1-2-1 and it's generally considered that the player banning last has the advantage. Since leagues are specifically trying to match elos, I wouldn't use that as the basis of granting an advantage. I would recommend using "/roll 1" to generate a random number 0 or 1, let other player choose which one wins (it's just a coin toss). Player who wins the roll gets to choose whether they ban first/last or mid, in the 1-2-1 format. Who hits "ready" first?
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