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  1. Yep Here the community discord if you want to make just one video, or even get full admin rights. https://discord.gg/SkRmCcBJFf
  2. Eh....still unlikely that you'll find a game in the US timezone. Even if there's 3 of us (which is 2 more than I usually find atm, lol), odds are that all 3 will be pretty different skill level and the bottom 2 wouldn't queue ranked even if they had a quest, because they know they wouldn't win vs their opponent.
  3. Actually EA already knows about Skylords Reborn. There are a few stipulations in place, like not using the BattleForge trademark, but otherwise we are reasonably safe. @AlexBlade One of the community ideas to spread the word was to focus a bunch of battleforge content creators into a single channel. It ended up that I basically made all the videos, but I still think the channel is a great way to grow the community if you want to share videos or even contribute yourself Also, it seems that a lot of players ended up finding their way to Skylords Reborn because of these videos. https:/
  4. I agree with this one. If ranked, better just to play 2. Hard enough to find ranked matches in the first place.
  5. Anyone else notice that lag is way worse on test server than regular server?
  6. Among other issues, it may not be possible to get the most "bang for your buck" in PvP, especially given the small playerbase. How would a new player feel if they spend 100 bfp to play pvp and no one is on that day? Perhaps next month they are playing on a Saturday at the peak hours and think they might want to try pvp, but then they remembered that they couldn't find a game the rest of the week and they don't want to waste 100 bfp to play 2 PvP games. To create a commitment, I still think a random free deck would be good. You never know what deck you'll have next week so you might
  7. On one hand, I think the symbolic payment would be good to incentivize PvP players to participiate in the market. But tbh I think we will do that anyway because it's less hassle than constantly remaking and rebinding the hotkeys every week. That's enough incentive for actual PvP players. On the other hand, having completely free pvp decks incentivizes newcomers to try them out. 100 bfp might seem like a lot to a new player who doesn't want to waste his income on a game mode he doesn't like. If the decks are free, then these players are encouraged to try pvp. In fact, the biggest re
  8. Can I suggest that the t3 orb should always be the same as the t1 orb? This gives a bit more deck variety (for example, there are no fathom lords except for pure nature) and if all else is equal, it's better to have 2x of your t1 orb. For example: if I play shadow-frost-shadow and you play shadow-frost-frost, if I lose my frost orb I will still have half of my t2 units and all of my t1 units, but if you lose your shadow orb you only have a couple t2 units. If you used the pattern of t3 orb matches t1 orb, the following changes would be made: Shadow Frost: timeless one --
  9. Nightguard ftw Those bandit gunner can be swapped by nightguards. So just keep 2 ng around at all times, swap them when you are attacked. They bind no power so it's easy to get 20+ of them, and you can swamp the map at that point haha. I usually play shadow nature to heal/cc enemies with this strat. ....Oh wait, with only starter cards? Nvm then....I guess I'll leave this here in case anyone has trouble with the map in general. I might try the map with starter cards at some point at let you know if I succeed haha. If you want other challenges, I've been talking to @Weak1
  10. Oh, well thanks for this. I didn't know they still made computers with screens <1080p
  11. By "I was surprised by how many players," how many does that mean? Because more than 5 people a day would be very surprising to me, but I guess the card size can just be shrunk--it's really hard to believe people *can't* play at 1080p. I'd also guess most of the people who play below 1080p just do it because they don't feel like changing the default resolution?
  12. Yes, that is my premise The question is if we want to go there eventually, because making that decision now can influence future balance changes, and the direction of our current prioritizes. Would you like to see a 25 card deck at some point? Assuming a game balanced around 25 cards, not 20. Or do you see some downside with this?
  13. Here I am with another behomoth of a post The idea of a 25 card deck has come up now and again, and with recent interest in heavily reworking nature/frost t1 I think it's time to put together a full case of pros and cons, as well as gameplay analysis. I am personally in favor of increasing card slots, although I could certainly be convinced otherwise. Also, I'm not suggesting that we add 5 extra cards immediately; in the balancing discord there is some talk of a complete rework of multiple core cards in nature/frost t1--such a rework would take at least a year to get right, and if we are
  14. i think castle wars is what i was thinking of, as I said not a fun map 1v1 but some neat concepts and maybe a good starting place
  15. I believe there is already beautiful map like this. I tried playing it 1v1 and it wasn't that fun, but maybe it would be good startling place.
  16. As an update to this apparently it's possible to make it so looter doesn't activate unless the thugs have been attacking (like batariel flames) PvE players want this so looter is preserved as a pve mechanic. If looter doesn't activate unless the thugs have been attacking for several seconds, any pvp player can micro units away from thugs so they don't activate looter. in Pve enemies don't run away. Biggest downside to this is that it's not very clear when looter is active. Imo that's not really a problem since only a couple people know what it does now, so this change could even be done
  17. If you want people to submit results early (and esp so people have an idea of the time to beat) maybe you can set a specific time to tally results, like midnight in GMT+0, and send some small reward for whoever has the current best time by each daily deadline?
  18. We could play on custom maps with all walls remove
  19. Since when? Revenant ability does not define lost souls, and even bandits lifesteal and stonekin armor (actual good abilities) don't define the factions, just give it some flavor. I mean I'm making compromises to choose worse t2 units which also function as t3 units, so at t3 there would be 5 useful units, much more than the 1 or 2 usually used right now The same way I'd consider lifeweaving to be a t2/t3 card because it is never played on t1 units.
  20. I edited my original comment to show some concrete deck analysis.
  21. Both parts haha. But mostly when I open the window. i added like 3-4 new decks this week when I started noticing the issue, but then I deleted them so I guess it's not related to having to load too many decks?
  22. Yeah, fire shadow is a whole different story without such an obvious solution. It has multiple problems, not just one Still we talked a lot about some solutions in the discord... For almost free. The compromise is that you have to use inferior cards. Sundy is almost certainly better than vileblood. Ghostspears are better than Twilight minions. Gladiatrix would be better than the proposd t2 twilight hag. And scythe fiend/hurricane will be better than deathglider even if deathglider is buffed. A t3 S squad doesn't exist, but t3 twilight minions would be worse than bandit lancer. T3
  23. Oh cool Btw something I just noticed today was a lot of lag and hanging when I wanted to change decks. Usually it's like a second or two, but today it was like several seconds every time. Any changes that would have affected that?
  24. Update on this @Zyna was able to make the change i requested in like 1 min But it creates an unbound creature. Right now spawning a bound creature is impossible (update he just said he thought of an idea) So another idea is to just make the transformation unbind the unit power (so unit--> same unit but boundless), but maybe add a 30 sec initial cooldown or something.
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