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  1. Hi! I'm learning pure nature (used to play pure fire) and find it ridiculously hard to play against pure fire in the early t2 stage. My games usally have an early skirmish for mapcontrol, then both grab 1 or 2 wells each and tech, And when both hit t2 it feels that i lose despite what im doing. Attacking is pretty easily fended of by Fiends agianst S, Enforcer agianst M and Gladiatrix against L while mixing in wildfire and spitfiredrake. Defending is definitly not an option since firedancers give to much value when attacking. So: how to approch this matchup in early t2? Is it maybe best to ski
  2. Dropping in here to say that without the free PVP decks i wouldn't play the game at all. I used to enjoy PVP and only did PVE for the upgrades; which i don't have time or ambitious for anymore. So the free PVP decks increased the playerbase by 1 (me) atleast.
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