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  1. Well, we can call them Ghosts of Amii
  2. Yeah, this idea is already undery discussion in balancing channel about Unity.
  3. I cannot agree that economy is bad, but so far it seems for me that rate of obtaining new cards is quite slow now. I mean, I played from ~10 of january and still got only cards for speedruns, no cards to play with Pure Decks at all. And there is no way to accelerate this.
  4. Have no idea how you already got all promos, I have 0, and still miss a lot of cards
  5. "Ruin Curse Well" Facepalm, did we actually played same game? It was desire of majority of players who tried PvP. Mountaineer was also broken onemanarmy in PvP, this change can be considered as suficient nerf, but let's see how it will be. it's so funny to hear something about mainstream, when you are talking about Curse Well and Mountaineer which both were mainstream core and broken cards for years. Actually with Curse Well PvP was played by the book - go T3, spam Curse Well, gg. When I played Fire Frost in PvP I never used Mountaineer only because it was broken OP toxic as nothing e
  6. What I really propose - if only pure colours are allowed - every collour should have it's own competion, it's really important. Otherwise some decks won't be good choice for most of participants. Separate contest for every colour. Also would be nice to have in game notifactions about tournaments.
  7. omg why I sold all pure cards for speedrun cards?
  8. Promo Cards for achievements of this kind cannot really affect ecnonomy. Most of playerbase will never try to finish these achievements - it's not easy to play pure decks on most of Expert maps and can take a lot of time. Same for Solo Expert Achievement - it will be real challenge for most of playerbase - though it will also add interest to participate in this challenge.
  9. Yeah. but what we will have, for example - Promo Sunderer only from playing every map on Expert with Pure Fire deck, Promo Frost Mage for Frost etc. And there will be no chance to get them from boosters. I see no downside of it for economy.
  10. Dont think so, because It will be hard...but I also think it's even better to give unexisted promo Fire card.
  11. What do you think about something like - complete all maps on expert with Pure Fire deck - receive promo Firedancer/special avatar/ new promo fire card (you can take really good recolours for this) Though Im not sure is it technically doable to check cards in deck for this. Also, continuing idea of this challenging achievements - complete all maps where it's possible on Expert solo?
  12. Just write in LFG chat - BH +3 normal run. It's not so hard and long to find players.
  13. Loriens

    The rpve Willzapper

    Bloodhorn fire affinity. Supression. Frenetic Assault nature affinity.
  14. Zyna said - it's not high priority.
  15. Last year 18th of December Skylords was released and everyone's progression was reset. This means everyone had to start with a fresh account. This is something developers have always said we would do at release. В прошлом году 18 декабря Skylords вышла в релиз и прогресс всех игроков был обнулён. Это означает, что каждый должен начать с чистого листа. Разработчики постоянно сообщали об этом задолго до релиза. И на этом форуме принято использовать только английский язык.
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