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  1. Loriens

    UPDATE: BFP Reserves and Boosters

    There are no GoL hacks only game mechanic.
  2. Loriens

    Battleforge Music remix

    Sounds interesting
  3. Loriens

    Solo/Duo/Trio All-Time fastest speedrun rankings

    Blight duo 13.52.9 ducarev + Loriens
  4. Loriens

    Client doesnt start after pressing Play button

    Probleme solved, somehow "base" forled was deleted, mb by cat on keyboard
  5. For uknow reason when I returned to play again after 2 hours game client doest start anymore. What I had in log before deleting Documents/Battleforge Folder : [04:00:49.423777] [info]: [] Logging initialized build: 09/04/2020 12:57:25,78 [04:00:49.425771] [info]: [Main] Fallback to default starting method [04:00:49.433752] [info]: [Main] Initializing Launcher [04:00:49.446717] [info]: [Main] Game started [04:00:49.447714] [info]: [Main] Game ready [04:00:49.448711] [info]: [...DiscordRpc::ChangeCharacterLocationState] Location: 8 map: 0 [04:00:49.452700] [info]: [...Proxy::Listener] accepting... [04:00:51.449805] [error]: [Utilities::Exit] -1 [04:00:51.450708] [info]: [...Exiting] END What I have now after deleting: [04:09:46.788229] [info]: [] Logging initialized build: 09/04/2020 12:57:25,78 [04:09:46.792224] [info]: [Main] Fallback to default starting method [04:09:46.798204] [info]: [Main] Initializing Launcher [04:09:46.817153] [info]: [Main] Game started [04:09:46.819147] [info]: [Main] Game ready [04:09:46.820145] [info]: [...DiscordRpc::ChangeCharacterLocationState] Location: 8 map: 0 [04:09:46.829121] [info]: [...Proxy::Listener] accepting...
  6. Loriens

    Nature T1 PvP Guide by RadicalX

    Any advices for 2vs2?
  7. Id like to play Pure Fire deck on expert maps, it's very fun. If you are not speedrunning these decks are definitely viable.
  8. Loriens

    Balance changes Balance changes to game

    @Kubik I propose to rebalance Nightshade Plant - awful twilight version of Grimvine with worse stats and useless ability. It costs more than Abomination which has better stats and very decent ability; It has no Siege like Grimvine, it has no good ability. It requires 2 fire 2 nature orb. So - what's the purpose of this card? Decent idea. Btw, looks like it's not BUG on Soultree Moon says: summon 5 orbs. Orbs. Not monuments.
  9. Loriens

    Balance changes Balance changes to game

    btw it's quite good balanced.
  10. Loriens

    Balance changes Balance changes to game

    Friend, it's okay when you return in your old game with some new patches. For example I returned 2 times in Starcraft 2 - and Blizzard even removed some units while I was inactive. Some of their balance changes was huge, but I never saw someone who left the game for this reason. It's even better for the game to have fresh blood in balance and tactic. Main idea of RTS is to find out winning strategy and improve it. So new players will just try to invent strategy, like it always was in any RTS. And it's funniest part of all RTS game, much better than microcontroll) Green nether warp gives constant heal, so Shadow Mage spam+Green Nether warp is really overpowered against Pure Nature and too good against some other decks.
  11. Loriens

    Balance changes Balance changes to game

    No, It's not ok and should be fixed somehow. It's not good design of RTS game when you can just skip 90% of map mechanics. Especially for Sunbridge, it's completely awful. Crusade feature isnt so bad as others in this list. I hoped for all this months that devs would fix these problems later.Later after all necessary work, like bugs, interface improvements and balance fixes. But this thread isnt good place to discuss maps changes. Yeah, isntead of killing one camp you should annoyingly manage your energy, builduings and orbs. That's very cool!(NO) So they kinda approved....for example, absolutely unacceptable balance of t2-t3 twilight units?=) MB that's just because some parts of their team wasn't that good as other parts? And everyone of us knows that this card completely destroy idea of mono decks. This card is best example of bad design decision of old team. Idea isnt that bad, but realisation is awful - this one card affects for whole game more than any other. And also it's not real card like others(spells, buildings, units) - it's additional game mechanic.
  12. Loriens

    Balance changes Balance changes to game

    I do think in this thread we do not talk about really huge balance changes, which can completely change whole balance in Battleforge. We are talking about obvious problems, mostly about PvP, like Phase/Mortar and green Nether Warp. I meant that if balance changes somehow affect speedrun tactic, speedrunners in other game usually simply find out new sequence for best time.
  13. Loriens

    Balance changes Balance changes to game

    I cant understand speedruners who dont want balance changes. Normal speedruners just invent new sequence of actions in this case. Of course, all time records for some maps should be count from last balance/map change patch.
  14. Loriens

    Balance Changes

    Phase and Mortar towers, Shadow Mage + green Nether Warp, Mountaineer, Juggernaut, Twilight units, Lost souls units, Church of negation deck on huge maps, Curse Well... Fire Nature t3, Nature t1 vs Frost t1, Frost on some maps, instant t2 pure Shadow against Nature T1, Bandits deck... Yeah, balance is definitely very good

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