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  1. Loriens

    All-time fastest speedrun rankings

    9.25.6 Soultree
  2. Loriens

    Assigned decks for maps

    Any news? Will it be possible?
  3. Loriens

    All-time fastest speedrun rankings

    Soultree 9.28.0
  4. Loriens

    Solo/duo/trio all-time fastest speedrun rankings

    In my opinion records with this bug shouldnt be count in any ranking list. Also Halis's record for 2p rPvE should be excluded. IDK exactly how this bug works, but looks like it's really destroying whole idea.
  5. It's awful idea to give Frost swift t1 unit, because in this case Frost will get dominate in T1 PvP. Better to rebalance some maps like Uro, than make huge balance changes like this.
  6. Loriens

    Solo/duo/trio all-time fastest speedrun rankings

    Playing as 3 player in 4 player maps is really different way and expirience.. Im completely sure you know this. That's very unpolite and unreasonable to write something like this, especially in public. You tried to insult Halis, but this better describes your own feelings. I also watched Halis's streams, and played with him last 2-3 weeks, so I can also ensure you that he has become much better. It's more than normally to become better after some practice. For example IronTits couldnt do Soultree in less than 10 minutes, and now he managed to beat my old record there. P.S. About the bug with energy - I hope it will be fixed by dev team.
  7. Loriens

    Solo/duo/trio all-time fastest speedrun rankings

    I watched replay of Titan, also took a part in these runs, so I want to assure you that new record for Titans was done without anything you cannot determine in game.
  8. Loriens

    Solo/duo/trio all-time fastest speedrun rankings

    For Guns of Lyr Duo can be used this MephistoRoss+Ladadoos replay. Idk exact month. Guns of Lyr duo 1328.pmv
  9. Loriens

    Solo/duo/trio all-time fastest speedrun rankings

    Something like this. There is a lot of place there for this. This simple change can attract a lot of players in PvE competitions (and in game eventually) Also set as default 2players for 2p maps and 4players for 4p maps.
  10. Loriens

    Solo/duo/trio all-time fastest speedrun rankings

    Can you make in-game "Amount of players" tab for this? Would be great for competition between PvE players.
  11. Loriens

    Solo/duo/trio all-time fastest speedrun rankings

    That's defintely what we need, also in game client too!
  12. Loriens

    The Stress Test Open#7 21.04.19

    What do you think about this idea? Fights will be much better and interesting if "towers meta" won't be available.
  13. Loriens

    Please fix the Bell

    Looks like you are too fast for this quest
  14. Loriens

    Boring for beginners

    It's because a lot of players, probalby 90% of playerbase, dont want to play until wipe. So better to do it faster, or abandon the idea of wipe.
  15. Loriens

    Boring for beginners

    If you like the game you have a lot of thing to do - you have at lest 4 different RTS game in one. You can try PvP (it's easy to collect one or two PvP decks, for example Pure Fire and Fire Nature); You can play PvE expert maps (some of them are really challengeable and interesting); you can also try PvE speedruns; rPvE mod is other game too. I agree that progress of obtaining cards is too slow if you want to play both PvE and PvP. I still dont have every needable card for me after ~5 months.

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