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  1. Seems like it was just idea, which never became principle.
  2. Slave Master for example cannot be beaten since previous patch, so it was quite obvious that at least on this patch there will be reset.
  3. It was just forgotten. Already wrote about it in Discord.
  4. Actually! It's probably good idea to add Difficulty columnm for community maps, like it is in some games.
  5. Home | PVE League https://skylordspve.wixsite.com/pveleague Here it is. Season already finished, but new season should be quite soon.
  6. Discord system is simply more modern, you cannot reach such level of engaging with possibility to use voice chats and other possibilities with old forum system.
  7. Well, I understand reasoning behind the idea why Discord used instead of Forum. Forums are quite dead nowdays. What I dont understand - why we dont have completely free and open discussion in community driven project, as it was called long time ago. Why we have secret nerfs of most important cards in game? During first era of balancing open discussions proved to be really well, sadly this era came to and end, because Hanna was busy with a lot of stuff and had no time to follow so many discussions, and test and implement changes by herself. I doubt anyone could imagine back then how it will
  8. It's awful design decision. Now people will simply build T3 Fire orb and change it to for Shadow. Besides slowing game process it changes nothing, same with Breeding Grounds. It's especially funny to hear about design in this case, considering that players doesnt like afk waiting parts of gaming, so noone really want to wait to collect energy. Real game design wise decision would be to make SoW less powerful by making enemies more powerful. Or somehow differently instead of simple slowing game process with orb changing. In community driven project players who were charged by community to ma
  9. Why do we need ugly skip function at all? Let's do it this way - you can click device from the very beginning of dialogue to spawn spell, if you do it outside correct time, ritual is broken and Umbabwe immediately spawns. If you everything correct and in time you get small reward, useless for pro players, like additional Fire Tribes troops around. Or let's say achievement - Perfect Ritual. Thus there will be only 1 time at all, when you will need to complete it.
  10. Retreatin Circle. It's not about defense - but about running away from your enemy. Such possibility allows you to be destructible!
  11. That's even far better idea than my desire to get rid of this randomness completely. Is this kind of scripting hard?
  12. Answer is simple - pushing Egg wasn't this enjoyable. Map was greatly done though, except this part.
  13. I miss this so much, it was great when one Stranglehold provided unbreakable defense against player attempts to take T2 or T3 🤣
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