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  1. My bad eng, I always thought it means "of course".
  2. Of course, best deck for completley new player (and cheapest between top decks) will be Twilight deck, which holds position 4 after 3 top decks and is very enjoyable and not so intensive as Bloodhorn deck for example. Also it provides a lot for game knowledge. You core cards will be Abomination (blue affinity! for example it's ability turns Twilight Infestator into nothing dangerous) which costs ~200 bfp and Twilight Pestilence for sustain(blue affinity - green only useful together with blue one) with ~20 bfp. It's really difficult for enemies to kill your Abominations under Twilight Pestile
  3. Loriens

    German Chat

    I doubt it can make trade or LFG any harder because less than 1% of player base acts so weird.
  4. As non-German I can ensure you that I will never add someone in black list for this strange reason. Usually players just dont care about messages which they dont understand.
  5. "Tremors" Win a campaign map using 4 unique Worm units.
  6. Just a bad old tradition. In every other game there is no problem when speedrunners share their knowledge with others.
  7. Loriens

    Buff Tempest ?

    Im absolutely sure that properly balanced Tempest can replace ND, though also we can get a chance to see at once 3 Frost in PvP, which is now very bad option. For PvP Northland Drake is very weak choice and there is no chance that we will be able to balance him for that purpose.
  8. Loriens

    Buff Tempest ?

    I also dont think it's possible to properly balance Tempest for T4. Though we have better option - we can make buffed Northland Drake T4, which will help us achieve more simmetry between factions also get a chance to buff Pure 3 Frost deck in PvP (it's very hard to balance flying units for PvP). Also I think it's only option to buff Northland Drake. Instead of Northland Drake, Tempest can become T3 unit with 3 Frost requirement and some balance changes. It's a big field for experiments. At the end we will get nice T4 flying unit for PvE and reliable 3 Frost PvP deck.
  9. In PvP it was really toxic, that's the reason.
  10. Collection - Regular mode, Lended decks - Ranked mode, isnt it?
  11. Im absolutely sure for players who enjoy competitive modes - PvP or speedrun PvE - grinding is most annoying part, absolutely horrible and needless part of the game! I dont see right now any possible option for speedrunners, but for PvP probably it would be enough to give free decks only in ranked mode.
  12. Lol stealing ideas ahahah that's crazy. For example when I create idea about balance in BF I never say it's mine, because it's just meaningless.
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