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  1. Loriens

    Open Beta Information

    New deck button in the left corner of Forge interface.
  2. Loriens


    You dont need whole army) Just spawn your cheapiest unit and let him behind). Another tip that helps me - click on chest, than click on ground, than cick on chest again.
  3. Loriens

    Card Database Duplication for PvE and PvP

    Great idea!
  4. Just watched your awesome videos on Youtube. It  so good to see pure Nature PvP replays with so decent commentaries!

    1. Darian DelFord

      Darian DelFord

      Thank you Thank you.....

      Soon as I get my feet about me I will be doing some more.  Been out of the game due to school and its time to get back into BF :O)

  5. Loriens

    RPVE help

    Why Spitfire isnt decent choice? I always thought it's best there - Siege, Long range, simultaneous AOE attacks on air and on ground, knockback, decent hp and damage, even useful at t4.
  6. Loriens

    Playable neutral cards units and structures

    Twilight Pikeman instead of Ghostpears is what we need for twilight deck. And Twilight Whisperer as healer with special ability. and Hug(instead useless Nightshade Plant).
  7. Loriens

    PvE New Defensive Game Mode

    I mean that someone can just take this map and change it to infinite defense mod, like modders did in Starcraft 2 with Outbreak mission of WoL campaign.
  8. Loriens

    PvE New Defensive Game Mode

    Defense of Hope?)
  9. Thanks, very important guide.
  10. Loriens

    nerf amii monument

    Absolutely right - Ami Monument and Enlightment deserves nerf. These cards shouldn’t be deleted from the game completely, because it's always bad to cut off existing strategies from the game. Mb Devs should add temporary option for Amii monument - for example: It gives orb only for 20 seconds. Charge time is 60 seconds. No void power back. Only one for map is available. Or just make it cost more. Last option isn’t interesting though. I think Devs as professional players can come up with better ideas. Same for Cursed Well 15 energy loose vs 100 and +1. Very lame. Many cards require rebalance - for example Shadow and LS has a lot of OP cards, while Nature really suffers in PvP in T1 (that was my main reason to leave old BF). T2 is balanced better, I admit. Shadow has some OP cards for PvE too - everyone knows them. This faction idea was to be risky but in fact it's the easiest, even newbie player with some experience in RTS can notice that's "risking" shadow cards are easier to play. In the meantime real risk is Nature and Frost t1 in PvP. In PvE Shadow has so many options too and LSS was designed by Phenomics only for more microtransactions. Game balance between cards was designed very badly. I know - there is no chance to make game absolutely balanced, especially cards based game, but now it's very far away from OP Protoss Fleet balance in SC2.
  11. Loriens

    The Guns of Lyr - 2 players farming

    How you do solo Dwarven in 16-00?
  12. Loriens

    The Guns of Lyr - 2 players farming

    Thans a lot for replay.
  13. Loriens

    Dwarven riddle replay

    24:58 (even with some mystakes and spare actions at very end) with cheaper cards 25m.pmv
  14. Loriens

    Top 50: Underwhelming cards in the game

    I propose to rebalance Nightshade Plant - awful twilight version of Grimvine with worst stats and useless ability. It costs more then Abomination with better stats and very decent ability; it has no Siege like Grimvine and it requires 2 fire 2 nature orb. It seems this card was designed by old devs just to show that they realy do something at job.
  15. Loriens

    Dwarven riddle replay

    Thanks so much for strategy and tricks. With your strategy (but with some another cards - I have no Enlightment and some other important cards of your deck) my last result is 2minute 40sec worse than yours. Mb because of my bad micro or some mistakes with buildings - tried to build 2 SoMs while demons destroyed my wall. However it seems I found some improvements for the very start (run to the fortress) I had no Shaman, so had to find another way and choosed for my t1 Werebeasts and Dryad(blue) instead of Swiftclaw and Shaman. With Werebeasts and another path between enemies it's possible to use Root 2 times and Surge of Light only 1 time before reaching north cavern. So you have an opportunity to spawn Dryad and 3 Windweavers in next seconds. Werebeasts is better tank than Swiftclaw against 2 towers - no need to heal them under Dryada's aura. And idea for the end: it seems Skycatcher is better choice than any other dragon because he has "secret" siege ability. It doesnt mentioned in card description but it works and everyone can check this in the Forge. If I have another affix of Skycatcher I better add him too instead of Wyrm. Canons - you can rotate them before start to build with ctrl+mouse wheel. So they will attack enemies faster. I add my last replay in description so I hope we can discuss differences between our first 5 minutes. dwarfenriddleWerebeasts.pmv

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